Friday, November 25, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 147 1/2

Jessica and Marie ate each other furiously, almost desperately, like it was their first time together and might be their last. Nothing else in the world mattered except the two of them, clinging to each other, coming again and again.

When at last Jessica rolled off and sat up on the table, she saw that Claire and Tara had been standing there watching them, overcoats hanging open, touching themselves. She wasn’t quite sure how to react. Of course, she could hardly have expected privacy, fucking on the kitchen table in the middle of a party. And it was actually rather exciting to think that they’d been watched.

But some response seemed to be necessary. Jessica found herself moving without thinking, acting on instinct, making it up as she went along. She stood up and moved over to where Claire and Tara were, near the door. Wrapping an arm around each girl’s waist, she brought them together so that they were standing back to back. Then, pulling the belt from Claire’s coat, she wrapped it around Claire’s right arm and Tara’s left and pulled it tight.

She used the belt from Tara’s coat to tie their other arms, then fashioned a blindfold out of kitchen rags and tied it around both their heads. When she was finished they were a beast with two fronts and no back, blind and helpless, coats hanging open to reveal four breasts and two bushes.

Looking down at Claire’s nest of coiled red curls, Jessica decided that she wanted nothing more at that moment than to taste Claire’s pussy. So she dropped to her knees, pushed her nose into the downy orange fur, and thrust her tongue forward into the cleft between Claire’s pussy lips. Claire leaned back against Tara and opened her legs.

Marie sat up on one elbow, watching, as Jessica reached around and started finger-fucking Tara. She sighed, feeling a little exasperated; the two of them had been having a moment, then next thing you knew, Jessica was off playing with two new girls. Then again, this was one of the things Marie loved about Jessica — her voracious appetite and her willingness to indulge it. In any case, that was just how Jessica was, and there was nothing to be done about it.

After a few minutes Jessica stood up, slipped her robe on, and kissed Marie with lips coated in Claire’s sweet juices. She took hold of the compound creature that had formerly been Claire and Tara and began to lead it from the room, moving very slowly, as neither of them could see and one of them had to walk backwards. When they were gone Marie buttoned up her shirt and went back to cleaning up.


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