Monday, November 7, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 146 1/2

On her way to the kitchen Jessica passed through the living room, where Janice had organized a game of “Name That Pussy.” Ella, Ana, Sara, Jackie, and Janice herself were lined up, naked, on the two couches. The two contestants in the game — currently Kat and Kelly — were on their knees, blindfolded, moving from one pussy to another, trying to guess by taste which one belonged to whom.

This was a highly entertaining spectacle, but Jessica’s stomach was growling, and she had a very specific craving for some leftover pizza that she knew was in the refrigerator. In the kitchen she found Olivia and Lexi licking whipped cream from Serena’s tits and thighs; she joined in for a quick taste before heading for the fridge.

After putting her pizza in the toaster oven Jessica headed for the dining room to see what was happening there. Jane had been bound to the dining room table with rope; Jessica could tell from the quality of the work that it had been Marie’s. After being tied Jane had been outfitted with a strap-on and a face dildo, making her basically a piece of furniture to be used by anyone so inclined. Right now Tara was bouncing up and down on the strap-on while Claire made use of the face dildo.

Marie was sitting back in a chair sipping a glass of white wine and watching the action. Jessica joined her for a minute, then remembered her pizza and went back to the kitchen. Lexi was now sitting on Serena’s face while Olivia was bent over eating Serena’s pussy. Jessica munched her pizza with one hand while reaching over to finger Olivia with the other. Olivia squealed and looked up momentarily from between Serena’s legs to smile at Jessica.

“You sure know how to throw a party,” she said, and returned her attention to the yoga teacher’s cunt.


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