Saturday, August 31, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 79

Olivia tugged at the hem of her skirt as she climbed the stairs out of the museum. She had decided not to wait for Claire and Lexi — she really needed to pee, and anyway she sensed that Claire and Lexi might not be done with each other.

As she neared the top of the steps she heard music in the distance, something bass-heavy and dancy. Feeling her pulse accelerate, she quickly found a bathroom, relieved herself, and went off in search of the source of the music.

After climbing several sets of stairs, the music growing louder and louder, she finally found herself walking into what looked what a nightclub: a cavernous room, dimly lit but strobing with color, dancing bodies all around. One wall of the room was taken up by an enormous mirror that made the space look even bigger than it was — almost infinite.

Olivia moved in among the dancers and felt her body begin to move of its own volition. Looking around, she saw that she was surrounded by women of all ages, sizes, and colors. There were no men in the crowd as far as she could tell — one sharply dressed figure in a suit and hat turned out, upon further examination, to have visible breasts and the softest-looking skin Olivia had ever laid eyes on.

After dancing nearby for a minute, Olivia decided that she simply had to touch that skin, see what it felt like. Working her way over behind the mystery woman, Olivia stared briefly at the back of her neck; her hair was swept up under the hat, revealing a soft and shapely nape. Olivia gently reached out and touched it; an electric shudder ran through her and the woman turned around, looking surprised at first, then favoring Olivia with a knowing smile.

The woman grabbed Olivia and pulled her close, and the two began to dance. Olivia didn’t have much formal dance training, but her partner led forcefully, whirling Olivia around the dance floor, dipping and spinning her. At one point as she hung upside-down, feeling a little dizzy from the twirling and the strobe light, Olivia caught sight of Mimi. She was sitting in one corner of the room in an enormous chair that to Olivia looked like a throne; on either side of her were small groups of women in slightly lower chairs.

One of the chairs was empty and at that moment it looked very appealing to Olivia. Between everything that had happened that day, being swung around and held upside-down, and whatever had been in those cookies, she was feeling unsteady on her feet. She whispered thanks into the ear of her dancing partner and stood looking indecisively at the empty chair, wondering if it would be a faux pas to sit in it.

Suddenly there was a commotion on one side of the room. A tall blonde Amazon in a bikini was moving the crowd away as a crew of three other women in bikinis dragged a big blue mat into place and unfolded it. The music stopped and the Amazon began to speak in a booming voice.

“Welcome, everyone. Tonight’s first bout will feature Judy from the Jungle — ” here she gestured to one of the ladies in bikinis, a short, stout brunette — “versus Penny Pretty.” A thin blonde with short hair, dressed in black lace bra and panties, waved her hand. “The match will begin in three minutes, so get your wagers down now.”

There was a murmur among the crowd and Olivia saw Mimi lean over to one of the women sitting next to her and gesture toward Judy from the Jungle. The other woman nodded and held up three fingers.

Judy and Penny moved to face each other in the center of the mat and when the three minutes had elapsed the Amazon (who was known to most at the party simply as The Blonde) rang a bell. The two women grasped each other by the shoulders and began to grapple. Judy got Penny down very quickly and the outcome of the match was never really in doubt. Penny struggled valiantly but soon it was clear that Judy was just toying with her, stretching out the match for the entertainment of the crowd.

Holding Penny down with one hand and a knee, Judy reached down and pulled off Penny’s bra, then her panties, drawing bursts of applause and hoots from the audience. Rolling Penny over, Judy spanked her on the ass once, twice, three times, then turned her onto her back and pinned her.

Judy stood and clasped her hands over her head, drinking in the cheers of the crowd. The Blonde approached and held one of Judy’s hands over her head to declare her the winner, then handed her a strap-on and helped her into the harness.

Judy turned to face Penny, who had risen to her knees, and put a hand on her head. Penny obediently began to lick the strap-on, running her tongue up the bottom and along the top, and kissed Judy on the abdomen before taking the plastic shaft into her mouth. Judy thrust her hips forward, driving the dildo deeper into Penny’s throat and drawing a round of fresh cheers.

After giving Penny a good face-fucking Judy bent her over and gestured to The Blonde, who was holding a riding crop that she now handed to Judy. After whooshing the crop through the air a couple times, Judy brought it down hard on Penny’s ass, making a resounding “thwack” that echoed through the suddenly quiet room. Judy punished the other cheek, then alternated back and forth until Penny’s whole rear was crisscrossed with red marks. Only then did Judy get down onto one knee and guide the strap-on into Penny’s shaved pussy.

Judy forced the riding crop into Penny’s mouth and she bit down on it as Judy fucked her, slowly at first, then with increasing ferocity as the crowd shouted encouragement. Soon Penny was face-down on the floor, her breasts being pressed into the mat as Judy gripped her by the waist and pounded away. Penny’s face was twisted in a grimace of ecstasy and the riding crop fell from between her teeth as she began to pant visibly.

Mimi stood and walked to stand right in front of Penny, who lifted her head slightly to kiss Mimi’s black boots, then let out a primal moan as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her. Judy pulled out and left Penny in a sweaty heap on the mat; The Blonde and another woman then lifted Penny and carried her over to a chair, where she sat back with a contented smile and a faraway look in her eyes.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 78

Arriving home, Olivia found that she had a hard time sitting still. The idea of going to Mimi’s party intimidated her; something about the vibe in that house made her wonder what kinds of things might go on there at night. At the same time, she was intensely curious. For awhile she just rested in bed, feeling indecisive, vague images of the day’s events floating through her head.

Then she remembered that Mimi had said to bring a friend. If I can find someone to go with me, Olivia decided, I’ll go.

The only person to respond to her text was Lexi, who was on her own for the night and more than willing to go out. So now Olivia approached her mother.

“Mom, I’m going to a party tonight.”

“Oh, OK, honey. Whose party?”

“One of the girls from school,” Olivia lied. “Can I use the car?”

Olivia’s mom looked confused. “You can’t walk?”

“Um, well, it’s actually at this girl’s cousin’s house, which is a little out of town,” Olivia deftly embellished.

“Oh. Well, sure. No drinking if you’re driving, though, honey.”

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Yes, mother. You know I don’t really like to drink anyway.”

* * *

On the drive over Lexi asked Olivia, “So how do you know this person?”

Olivia flushed. “, it’s a long story. But it’s a beautiful house and I bet she’ll throw an amazing party.”

* * *

When Olivia and Lexi arrived at Mimi’s house. they were surprised to find only a couple of cars in the driveway. By the pool they found Claire, who was enjoying the last few minutes of sunlight, bundled up against the growing cold.

“You’re actually a little early,” said Claire. “Festivities here start fashionably late.”

Olivia introduced Claire to Lexi, and the two of them sat down to chat while Olivia went to the kitchen to look for something to snack on. She hadn't had anything to eat since the spaghetti and she was starving. In the kitchen the first thing that caught her eye was a big plate of fresh-baked chocolate cookies. She helped herself to one and it was incredibly delicious, though with a little bit of a funny aftertaste, something she couldn’t quite identify.

Olivia was finishing her fourth cookie as Claire and Lexi came into the kitchen. Seeing Olivia standing next to the cookies, Claire winked and said, “Be careful with those. They’re pretty potent.”

Olivia gulped. Suddenly she was incredibly thirsty. She poured herself a big glass of milk and quickly drained it. For a second she felt panicky; should she make herself throw up? But then she looked at Claire, who had shed her coat to reveal a stunning red strapless dress, and decided to roll with it. What could go wrong?

* * *

Taking Olivia by one hand and Lexi by the other, Claire led them to a door that she opened to reveal a flight of steps leading downward. “Let me show you guys something,” Claire said, flipping a switch that caused lights to come on below them, flickering at first and then burning steadily.

The two cheerleaders followed Claire downstairs into what looked like the lobby of a museum. Directly in front of them was an enormous painting of a naked woman reclining on a bed. Each of the other three walls also boasted a nude, one a smaller painting, one a photograph, and one a sculpture.

“This is Mimi’s private museum,” confirmed Claire. Looking around, Olivia noted that all four pieces seemed to be depictions of the same woman. After further study she decided that the woman was, in fact, Mimi.

For several minutes Olivia got caught up in examining the detailed brushwork on the big painting, and when she looked up Claire and Lexi were gone. There was only one hallway leading off the room, so Olivia went down it, perusing the artwork she saw as she went along. Initially it was all paintings or prints that appeared to be on the older side, female nudes of one sort or another. As the hallway continued, twisting slowly to the left, the images grew more recent and more explicit, with some photographs mixed in. Some of them were quite graphic, and Olivia found herself becoming more and more overheated; it was quite warm down there to begin with.

She stopped in front of an image of one woman spanking another and touched herself for a few minutes. She was just on the point of coming when she heard a soft moan coming from somewhere close by. Turning a corner, she came across a tableau that would stick with her for a long time.

On the far wall was a new addition to the museum, a framed print of a shot of Olivia and Claire. They were in 69 position with Claire’s finger penetrating Olivia, who faced the camera, her eyes closed in rapture. Just in front of the photo was a small table, and bent over this table was Lexi, apparently studying the image intently, her nose just inches from the glass. Her skirt was lifted and behind her stood Claire with one hand wedged between Lexi’s thighs. As Olivia watched Claire knelt behind Lexi, slipped her panties down and off, and gently parted her legs.

Lexi’s pussy was pink and glistening, and Olivia found herself panting slightly as Claire leaned in. A louder moan escaped from Lexi as Claire’s tongue touched her, and her hands gripped the edge of the table. Olivia watched until Claire brought Lexi to a wrenching orgasm. Then, as she leaned back, Claire caught sight of Olivia out of the corner of her eye. She winked and licked her lips.

Stepping forward, Olivia pulled Lexi away from the table and helped Claire to her feet. A minute later Claire was on the table, naked, leaning back against the wall right next to the framed photo of herself and Olivia. Her legs were spread wide and Lexi and Olivia were on their knees on the floor, kissing each other, then nibbling on her inner thighs, then taking turns licking her gently. Finally Claire gripped Lexi’s head and kept it there, rubbing herself on the blonde’s tongue and nose, until she came on Lexi’s face.