Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 82

Sated and exhausted at last, Olivia, Claire, and Lexi retreated to the quiet kitchen for a cold beverage. Then Claire led the way up the side stairs to a rooftop hot tub, where they soaked and looked up at the stars. Claire lit up a hand-rolled cigarette and offered it to Olivia, who passed, then to Lexi, who took a big draw and coughed a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke into Olivia’s face.

Maybe a half-hour later they heard footsteps on the stairs and Emily appeared, looking mildly frantic. “Oh, there you are,” she said. “I’ve been looking all over for you three. The mistress would like you to join her for a glass of champagne.”

Claire snorted. “Isn’t champagne usually for the winners?”

Emily shrugged. “I just work here.”

Slipping into robes, they followed Emily downstairs. They found Mimi in an enormous, sparsely furnished room where one big round table was surrounded by a circle of sofas and end tables. The light, which was rich but muted, came from wall sconces and again one wall was completely covered by a mirror, making the room seem to extend off into infinity. The other walls were decorated with whips, chains, riding crops, and other instruments of punishment.

Sylvia was there, champagne in hand, next to Mia, who had earlier been wearing pajamas but was now in a kimono, as was Mimi. Mimi gestured for the new arrivals to sit, and Emily poured them all glasses.

“Valiant efforts, all of you,” said Mimi, raising her glass. “Cheers.”

They all drank, and Mimi then turned her attention to Lexi. “What was your name, sweetheart?”


“And you came with Olivia, yes?” Lexi nodded. “How do you two know each other?”

“We go to school together.”

“Where do you go to school?” asked Mimi.

Lexi answered, and as the conversation continued, it eventually came out that she and Olivia were cheerleaders. Mimi immediately froze, here eyes wide. “Are you really cheerleaders?” she asked. Lexi and Olivia both nodded. “Oh, my,” said Mimi, sitting her glass down. Her eyes shot over to Emily. “Do we have any cheerleader uniforms?”

“I think we do,” answered Emily.

“Get them.”

Emily went off on this mission while Claire took the two girls to a bathroom, where she washed and blow-dried their hair. Emily appeared some time later with two sets of pom-poms and two cheerleader uniforms. They didn’t quite fit and didn’t match – one was maroon and yellow, the other blue and gold – but Lexi and Olivia looked quite sexy in them anyway. When they returned to where the others were, Mimi’s eyes lit up.

“Well well well,” she murmured, sipping her champagne, looking the girls up and down. “OK,” she said at last, “cheer for me.”

Olivia and Lexi complied, doing a short routine that ended with them leaping in the air, waving their pom-poms overhead. Neither was wearing a bra, so their breasts continued moving for several seconds after they finished.

Mimi and the others applauded, after which Mimi picked up her half-full champagne glass, downed it in one gulp, sat it down again, and stood up. “Now come over here.”

When they complied Mimi spun the two cheerleaders around, positioned them on their knees, and motioned to Mia, who returned shortly with two blindfolds, two ballgags, and two pairs of handcuffs. Soon Olivia and Lexi were both bent over the sofa, gagged and blindfolded with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Mimi lifted their skirts, pulled their panties down to their knees, and reached for a riding crop.

“I’ve always wanted to punish cheerleaders,” said Mimi as she landed the first blow on each ass in turn. “The ones in my high school were not very nice.” She continued until both girls’ butts were nice and red, then bent down to make sure they were hot as well. While she was there she slid a hand between each girl’s legs, and was pleased to find that they were wet and sticky down there.

At Mimi’s behest Mia and Emily stood Lexi up, uncuffed her, and stretched her out face-up on the table. They tied her wrists and ankles to the table legs so she was spread-eagled as Mimi pulled up her top to expose her breasts and snapped on nipple clamps. Lexi whimpered softly as Mimi slid her fingernails up and down the girl’s soft inner thighs, then moaned helplessly as Mimi ran one finger between her pussy lips while simultaneously tugging on the nipple clamps.

Mimi fed the wet finger to Mia, who sucked it clean then looked at Lexi’s crotch and back at Mimi as if to say “May I?” But Mimi wanted Lexi to marinate a while longer; instead she turned her attention to Olivia, who was wondering what might be going on behind her.

Olivia felt a warmth as Mimi sat down next to her. Pulling off Olivia’s gag, Mimi opened her kimono and drew the cheerleader’s head to her chest. Sylvia, tired of just watching, picked up the riding crop and applied a series of stinging little taps across Olivia’s thighs and crotch.

Mia, meanwhile, leaned over Lexi and played with her nipple clamps while licking up and down her ears, shoulders, and neck. Looking over at Mimi again for approval, and this time getting a nod of assent, Mia unfastened Lexi’s gag, popped it out of her mouth, and replaced it with one breast, then the other. Wanting to taste Lexi’s nipples, Mia now lifted off the clamps and commenced to lick and nibble the inflamed teats.

Mimi guided Olivia’s head down across her stomach and between her legs, which she opened wider to give the cheerleader better access. Directly across from them Claire sat rubbing her pussy with one finger, and behind her stood Emily, moving nothing but her eyes as she took in the scene before her.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 81

Olivia’s head was buzzing; whatever was in those cookies had definitely taken effect, and it was a strange enough scene to begin with. There was Claire, sprawled out at Mimi’s feet with a towel wrapped around her. There was Lexi, on her knees cleaning her own juices off of Calamity’s strap-on. Olivia realized that her own pussy was throbbing, and that without thinking about it she’d been rubbing herself through her dress.

The woman in the hat and suit that she’d been dancing with walked up to The Blonde, and the two conferred quietly for a minute. When they were done The Blonde called for quiet and announced, “Ladies, we have time for one more bout. Who would like to face off against Harriet the Spy?”

Suddenly Olivia felt very hot, like a bright light was shining on her, and a voice in her head was saying “Do it.” She resisted for a minute but when no one else spoke up she finally thought, well, why not? Why the hell not?

“Me,” said Olivia, raising her hand. The crowd applauded and Harriet lifted off her hat – revealing a surprising mane of black hair that was shaved on the sides – and tipped it in Olivia’s direction. Next Harriet slipped out of her jacket and shirt, revealing heavily tattooed, well-muscled arms and substantial breasts held back by a red lace bra. Underneath her pants, which came off next, were matching red lace panties and taut, powerful thighs.

Olivia, for her part, pulled her dress off over her head and spontaneously decided to just go all the way naked. Her panties were soaked through and the bra would just get in the way, she reasoned. She dropped her bra to the floor and tossed the panties to the crowd, which hooted appreciatively.

When The Blonde signaled for them to start, Olivia was surprised by how quickly Harriet was on her. Her reaction time was not the greatest in her current state, but when Harriet grabbed her by the waist and tossed her to the ground she woke up in a hurry. She was already sweating and the sweat flowed freely as she writhed around in Harriet’s grasp, turning herself 90 degrees and getting a hold on Harriet’s muscular thigh.

For awhile there was a stalemate, each woman trying to budge the other, neither making progress. From her position Harriet couldn’t get enough leverage to roll Olivia onto her back, but she could reach Olivia’s nipple with her mouth – so she bit it gently, sucked on it briefly, then bit down a little harder.

The combination of pleasure and pain threw Olivia into a state of confusion and she relaxed briefly, allowing Harriet to turn her over. Thinking quickly, Olivia used that momentum to continue rolling and found herself on top with her naked breasts pressing into Harriet’s stomach. Harriet reacted quickly and violently, pushing herself away from the ground with both hands, and there was a short free-for-all that ended with both wrestlers on their sides, each one’s head clamped between the other’s thighs.

Olivia had a good view of the red strip of fabric between Harriet’s legs, which was slightly askew, revealing one pussy lip. She would have liked to bury her face in it, wrestling match or no, but Harriet’s legs were strong and she couldn’t move an inch. Harriet, meanwhile, was able to slowly move her head up between Olivia’s sweat-slick thighs, licking and nibbling as she went. Gradually Olivia began to lose her grip on Harriet’s head, and on reality.

Finally Olivia felt Harriet’s tongue glide across her vulva and instinctively opened her legs, releasing Harriet’s head entirely. Sensing that the end was near, Harriet jammed her tongue deep into Olivia, simultaneously rolling the younger girl over and forcefully sinking her own crotch onto Olivia’s face. Buried in Harriet’s warmth and wetness, the leading edge of an orgasm beginning to rumble through her, Olivia didn’t really notice or care when The Blonde counted her out.

When Harriet finally released her from the pin, Olivia found herself surrounded by Judy, Sylvia, and Calamity, all stroking their strap-ons and and looking down at her. Soon Olivia found herself on her knees with one plastic cock in her mouth and one in either hand as Harriet gripped her hips from behind, aiming the biggest strap-on of all straight at her pussy.

Meanwhile the music had started up again; some of those present were still watching the action on the mat, some were dancing, and some were involved in amusements of their own. When Harriet penetrated her, Olivia arched her back, exhaled sharply, and dropped her head; for a moment she thought she was going to pass out. But then a tremendous rush of energy passed through her and she opened her eyes to see a small butterfly tattoo belonging to Sylvia, who lifted her chin and plunged into her mouth.

From this point on Olivia lost track of what happened when. At some point Lexi came to join them, and she and Olivia ended up in 69 position, dildos thrusting in and out of their holes. Then Claire joined in and they became a writhing mass of bodies. Olivia looked up and there was Mimi, smiling down at them, one hand resting gently on her crotch as she whispered into the ear of the girl in the blue pajamas. Sexy images were being projected on the wall behind Mimi; Olivia saw a naked blonde being flogged by a dominatrix in black leather, then a black-and-white photo of herself and Claire, a quite explicit one.

Somehow this made her feel self-conscious in a way that none of the rest of it had; she briefly wondered what Gina would think of all this. But then the girl in PJs was stepping forward, pulling off her bottoms, and sitting on Olivia’s face as a strobe light began to flash. Soon all was forgotten but the moment and the pleasure.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 80

“Our next grappler is looking for a challenger,” announced The Blonde. “Who among us is brave enough to face… the Predator?”

All attention turned toward a compact, powerful-looking black woman with dreadlocks dressed in a sports bra and very short, tight shorts that hugged her ample rump. She clasped her hands over her head and there was a murmur in the crowd, but for a long minute it seemed that no one was going to step up and take her on. At last Olivia heard a familiar voice behind her assert, “I’ll do it.”

Olivia turned to see Claire coming forward, greeted by a round of applause. Claire doffed her shoes, blouse, and skirt, leaving her in only white lace panties and bra. She looked very skinny next to the Predator, and Olivia was surprised that Claire was willing to take on this formidable opponent. Then again, she reflected, maybe it was a no-lose proposition.

Once again, the outcome of the bout was never really in doubt. The Predator (whose real name, Olivia gathered from the crowd’s shouts of encouragement, was Sylvia) was considerably stronger than Claire, and mostly just played around with her, letting her get on top a couple of times and then quickly reversing. Playing to the crowd, Sylvia held Claire with one hand and pulled off her bra, then her panties, pushing one thick middle finger inside the helpless redhead.

When she felt ready Sylvia just rolled Claire over, sat on her face, and held her down until The Blonde counted three. She smothered Claire with her sweaty crotch for a while longer, then stood, pulled off her shorts, and accepted the strap-on that The Blonde handed her. As Sylvia tightened and adjusted the harness Claire spread her legs wide and opened her pussy lips with her fingers, obviously ready for what was about to happen. Sylvia did not disappoint, plunging in hard and not letting up until Claire lay panting and drained.

Claire was helped up by an Asian girl a little older than Olivia, wearing light blue pajamas that made her look much younger. She led Claire over to a chair, sat her down, and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. Claire grinned and reached down to cup her own crotch, which was perhaps a little sore from the treatment it had just received.

“Next up we have Calamity,” said The Blonde. “Calamity, are you here?”

Up to the mat strode a woman who was somewhat on the older side — her long brown hair was liberally streaked with gray — but in magnificent shape, with a lean, muscled body encased in a red, white and blue bikini. “I’m ready to roll,” said Calamity. “Who wants to tussle?”

Calamity began to walk through the crowd, surveying faces and bodies, until she ended up standing on front of Lexi. “How about you, Blondie?” Lexi shook her head shyly. “Oh, come on, sweetheart, I don’t bite. Much. What’s your name, hon?”


“Well come on, Lexi, what are you afraid of?” Calamity began to lead the crowd in chanting Lexi’s name, and finally Lexi shrugged and let Calamity take her hand and lead her to the mat. There the girl in PJs pulled Lexi’s dress up over her head and off. Lexi was wearing a black thong and no bra, so that left her practically naked, prompting whistles from the crowd.

Lexi and Calamity circled each other for a minute, but soon they were down on the ground, struggling and grunting. Lexi was stronger than she looked; though her arms were skinny she twice got Calamity onto her back and almost pinned her. Only by concentrating hard, her biceps and neck muscles straining visibly, did Calamity escape Lexi’s grip.

But as the match wore on Lexi appeared to get tired and Calamity found her footing, slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. Calamity also fought a little dirty — several times she pinched Lexi’s nipples, and once even bit her on the neck, though not very hard. Finally, jamming her knee into Lexi’s crotch, Calamity rolled her full weight onto the young blonde and pinned her.

Keeping Lexi down, Calamity gripped her thong and began to rub it up and down across the younger girl’s well-lubricated pussy. Lexi began to moan and the moans increased in volume as Calamity finger-fucked her, then leaned down to taste her. Calamity pulled the thong off and spread Lexi’s legs wide open, her pink inside now visible to everyone watching.

Next Calamity rolled Lexi over onto her stomach and gestured to The Blonde, who approached with a pair of handcuffs and a strap-on. After cuffing Lexi’s hands behind her back, Calamity took her sweet time getting into the strap-on, pausing occasionally to slap Lexi on the ass. Lexi just laid there with her eyes closed and mouth open, breathing quietly, butt in the air; she was plainly in heat. Finally Calamity was ready; she opened Lexi with one hand and eased into her ever so slowly.

Lexi threw her head back and from her throat came an eerie sound, a low wail that gradually increased in volume as she was penetrated further. The room grew quiet as Calamity patiently built Lexi to a crescendo, reaching down to rub her thighs and stroke her clit. When Lexi came with a deafening shriek, the applause was thunderous.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 79

Olivia tugged at the hem of her skirt as she climbed the stairs out of the museum. She had decided not to wait for Claire and Lexi — she really needed to pee, and anyway she sensed that Claire and Lexi might not be done with each other.

As she neared the top of the steps she heard music in the distance, something bass-heavy and dancy. Feeling her pulse accelerate, she quickly found a bathroom, relieved herself, and went off in search of the source of the music.

After climbing several sets of stairs, the music growing louder and louder, she finally found herself walking into what looked what a nightclub: a cavernous room, dimly lit but strobing with color, dancing bodies all around. One wall of the room was taken up by an enormous mirror that made the space look even bigger than it was — almost infinite.

Olivia moved in among the dancers and felt her body begin to move of its own volition. Looking around, she saw that she was surrounded by women of all ages, sizes, and colors. There were no men in the crowd as far as she could tell — one sharply dressed figure in a suit and hat turned out, upon further examination, to have visible breasts and the softest-looking skin Olivia had ever laid eyes on.

After dancing nearby for a minute, Olivia decided that she simply had to touch that skin, see what it felt like. Working her way over behind the mystery woman, Olivia stared briefly at the back of her neck; her hair was swept up under the hat, revealing a soft and shapely nape. Olivia gently reached out and touched it; an electric shudder ran through her and the woman turned around, looking surprised at first, then favoring Olivia with a knowing smile.

The woman grabbed Olivia and pulled her close, and the two began to dance. Olivia didn’t have much formal dance training, but her partner led forcefully, whirling Olivia around the dance floor, dipping and spinning her. At one point as she hung upside-down, feeling a little dizzy from the twirling and the strobe light, Olivia caught sight of Mimi. She was sitting in one corner of the room in an enormous chair that to Olivia looked like a throne; on either side of her were small groups of women in slightly lower chairs.

One of the chairs was empty and at that moment it looked very appealing to Olivia. Between everything that had happened that day, being swung around and held upside-down, and whatever had been in those cookies, she was feeling unsteady on her feet. She whispered thanks into the ear of her dancing partner and stood looking indecisively at the empty chair, wondering if it would be a faux pas to sit in it.

Suddenly there was a commotion on one side of the room. A tall blonde Amazon in a bikini was moving the crowd away as a crew of three other women in bikinis dragged a big blue mat into place and unfolded it. The music stopped and the Amazon began to speak in a booming voice.

“Welcome, everyone. Tonight’s first bout will feature Judy from the Jungle — ” here she gestured to one of the ladies in bikinis, a short, stout brunette — “versus Penny Pretty.” A thin blonde with short hair, dressed in black lace bra and panties, waved her hand. “The match will begin in three minutes, so get your wagers down now.”

There was a murmur among the crowd and Olivia saw Mimi lean over to one of the women sitting next to her and gesture toward Judy from the Jungle. The other woman nodded and held up three fingers.

Judy and Penny moved to face each other in the center of the mat and when the three minutes had elapsed the Amazon (who was known to most at the party simply as The Blonde) rang a bell. The two women grasped each other by the shoulders and began to grapple. Judy got Penny down very quickly and the outcome of the match was never really in doubt. Penny struggled valiantly but soon it was clear that Judy was just toying with her, stretching out the match for the entertainment of the crowd.

Holding Penny down with one hand and a knee, Judy reached down and pulled off Penny’s bra, then her panties, drawing bursts of applause and hoots from the audience. Rolling Penny over, Judy spanked her on the ass once, twice, three times, then turned her onto her back and pinned her.

Judy stood and clasped her hands over her head, drinking in the cheers of the crowd. The Blonde approached and held one of Judy’s hands over her head to declare her the winner, then handed her a strap-on and helped her into the harness.

Judy turned to face Penny, who had risen to her knees, and put a hand on her head. Penny obediently began to lick the strap-on, running her tongue up the bottom and along the top, and kissed Judy on the abdomen before taking the plastic shaft into her mouth. Judy thrust her hips forward, driving the dildo deeper into Penny’s throat and drawing a round of fresh cheers.

After giving Penny a good face-fucking Judy bent her over and gestured to The Blonde, who was holding a riding crop that she now handed to Judy. After whooshing the crop through the air a couple times, Judy brought it down hard on Penny’s ass, making a resounding “thwack” that echoed through the suddenly quiet room. Judy punished the other cheek, then alternated back and forth until Penny’s whole rear was crisscrossed with red marks. Only then did Judy get down onto one knee and guide the strap-on into Penny’s shaved pussy.

Judy forced the riding crop into Penny’s mouth and she bit down on it as Judy fucked her, slowly at first, then with increasing ferocity as the crowd shouted encouragement. Soon Penny was face-down on the floor, her breasts being pressed into the mat as Judy gripped her by the waist and pounded away. Penny’s face was twisted in a grimace of ecstasy and the riding crop fell from between her teeth as she began to pant visibly.

Mimi stood and walked to stand right in front of Penny, who lifted her head slightly to kiss Mimi’s black boots, then let out a primal moan as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her. Judy pulled out and left Penny in a sweaty heap on the mat; The Blonde and another woman then lifted Penny and carried her over to a chair, where she sat back with a contented smile and a faraway look in her eyes.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 78

Arriving home, Olivia found that she had a hard time sitting still. The idea of going to Mimi’s party intimidated her; something about the vibe in that house made her wonder what kinds of things might go on there at night. At the same time, she was intensely curious. For awhile she just rested in bed, feeling indecisive, vague images of the day’s events floating through her head.

Then she remembered that Mimi had said to bring a friend. If I can find someone to go with me, Olivia decided, I’ll go.

The only person to respond to her text was Lexi, who was on her own for the night and more than willing to go out. So now Olivia approached her mother.

“Mom, I’m going to a party tonight.”

“Oh, OK, honey. Whose party?”

“One of the girls from school,” Olivia lied. “Can I use the car?”

Olivia’s mom looked confused. “You can’t walk?”

“Um, well, it’s actually at this girl’s cousin’s house, which is a little out of town,” Olivia deftly embellished.

“Oh. Well, sure. No drinking if you’re driving, though, honey.”

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Yes, mother. You know I don’t really like to drink anyway.”

* * *

On the drive over Lexi asked Olivia, “So how do you know this person?”

Olivia flushed. “I...err...um, it’s a long story. But it’s a beautiful house and I bet she’ll throw an amazing party.”

* * *

When Olivia and Lexi arrived at Mimi’s house. they were surprised to find only a couple of cars in the driveway. By the pool they found Claire, who was enjoying the last few minutes of sunlight, bundled up against the growing cold.

“You’re actually a little early,” said Claire. “Festivities here start fashionably late.”

Olivia introduced Claire to Lexi, and the two of them sat down to chat while Olivia went to the kitchen to look for something to snack on. She hadn't had anything to eat since the spaghetti and she was starving. In the kitchen the first thing that caught her eye was a big plate of fresh-baked chocolate cookies. She helped herself to one and it was incredibly delicious, though with a little bit of a funny aftertaste, something she couldn’t quite identify.

Olivia was finishing her fourth cookie as Claire and Lexi came into the kitchen. Seeing Olivia standing next to the cookies, Claire winked and said, “Be careful with those. They’re pretty potent.”

Olivia gulped. Suddenly she was incredibly thirsty. She poured herself a big glass of milk and quickly drained it. For a second she felt panicky; should she make herself throw up? But then she looked at Claire, who had shed her coat to reveal a stunning red strapless dress, and decided to roll with it. What could go wrong?

* * *

Taking Olivia by one hand and Lexi by the other, Claire led them to a door that she opened to reveal a flight of steps leading downward. “Let me show you guys something,” Claire said, flipping a switch that caused lights to come on below them, flickering at first and then burning steadily.

The two cheerleaders followed Claire downstairs into what looked like the lobby of a museum. Directly in front of them was an enormous painting of a naked woman reclining on a bed. Each of the other three walls also boasted a nude, one a smaller painting, one a photograph, and one a sculpture.

“This is Mimi’s private museum,” confirmed Claire. Looking around, Olivia noted that all four pieces seemed to be depictions of the same woman. After further study she decided that the woman was, in fact, Mimi.

For several minutes Olivia got caught up in examining the detailed brushwork on the big painting, and when she looked up Claire and Lexi were gone. There was only one hallway leading off the room, so Olivia went down it, perusing the artwork she saw as she went along. Initially it was all paintings or prints that appeared to be on the older side, female nudes of one sort or another. As the hallway continued, twisting slowly to the left, the images grew more recent and more explicit, with some photographs mixed in. Some of them were quite graphic, and Olivia found herself becoming more and more overheated; it was quite warm down there to begin with.

She stopped in front of an image of one woman spanking another and touched herself for a few minutes. She was just on the point of coming when she heard a soft moan coming from somewhere close by. Turning a corner, she came across a tableau that would stick with her for a long time.

On the far wall was a new addition to the museum, a framed print of a shot of Olivia and Claire. They were in 69 position with Claire’s finger penetrating Olivia, who faced the camera, her eyes closed in rapture. Just in front of the photo was a small table, and bent over this table was Lexi, apparently studying the image intently, her nose just inches from the glass. Her skirt was lifted and behind her stood Claire with one hand wedged between Lexi’s thighs. As Olivia watched Claire knelt behind Lexi, slipped her panties down and off, and gently parted her legs.

Lexi’s pussy was pink and glistening, and Olivia found herself panting slightly as Claire leaned in. A louder moan escaped from Lexi as Claire’s tongue touched her, and her hands gripped the edge of the table. Olivia watched until Claire brought Lexi to a wrenching orgasm. Then, as she leaned back, Claire caught sight of Olivia out of the corner of her eye. She winked and licked her lips.

Stepping forward, Olivia pulled Lexi away from the table and helped Claire to her feet. A minute later Claire was on the table, naked, leaning back against the wall right next to the framed photo of herself and Olivia. Her legs were spread wide and Lexi and Olivia were on their knees on the floor, kissing each other, then nibbling on her inner thighs, then taking turns licking her gently. Finally Claire gripped Lexi’s head and kept it there, rubbing herself on the blonde’s tongue and nose, until she came on Lexi’s face.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 77

Claire and Olivia were sitting in the kitchen in bathrobes, drinking tea, when a tall Asian woman walked through the door. This got Olivia’s attention right away, because there weren’t many Asians in their area. This woman looked Japanese, whereas Olivia herself was of Chinese descent; she struck Olivia as extraordinarily beautiful, with high cheekbones and piercing dark eyes. Her bearing was imperious, almost haughty; this was definitely not someone to be trifled with.

The woman gave Olivia an appraising glance and said matter-of-factly, “Who’s this, Claire?”

“This is Olivia,” answered Claire. “The model I was telling you about.”

Olivia blushed; she didn’t think of herself as a model, and she certainly didn’t look like one at the moment, in this rumpled robe with her hair all mussed. Technically, though, she could call herself a model now, she guessed. Thinking of some of the revealing photos Tara had taken, she blushed even harder.

“Olivia, this is Mimi,” said Claire. “This is her house.”

Olivia nodded, unsure what to say. Mimi clasped her hand briefly in a friendly but businesslike way and said, “Charmed, I’m sure.” Turning to Claire she added, “Where’s Tara?”

“In the office uploading.” With that, Mimi turned on her heel and disappeared into the house, and Olivia heard Claire let out an audible breath. Their eyes met and a sympathetic look passed between them; Claire shrugged her shoulders and whispered, “She scares me a little bit.”

* * *

A half-hour or so passed, and Olivia sat staring out the window as Claire did something or other on her phone. She was wondering if maybe she ought to get going, but she had nothing in particular to do, and in this kitchen looking out at the beautiful garden was a pleasant enough place to be. Even so, eventually she decided that she couldn’t just hang out forever, and she had just finished changing back into her own clothes when Tara appeared in the doorway.

“Hey Olivia,” said Tara. “Could you come with me for a minute?”

Olivia said sure, though for a moment she felt like she was being called to the principal’s office, like she was in trouble. But she hadn’t done anything wrong – or at least, nothing that had seemed wrong at the time.

Tara led her to the very opposite end of the house and up some stairs. Walking up the steps, idly watching Tara’s ass wiggle in her yoga pants, it suddenly occurred to Olivia that Tara must have shown Mimi the pictures from that day – all of them. The idea was horribly embarrassing – she felt the redness creeping back into her face – and at the same time more than a little exciting.

They found Mimi in a small, dim room dominated by two huge computer monitors. On one of them, Mimi was poring through some kind of spreadsheet; the other held an image of Claire and Olivia taken in the bedroom; a very sexy shot, but one where they still had their clothes on, Olivia noted with some relief.

Turning, Mimi asked Olivia to have a seat and gave her a thoughtful look. “I’m really, really pleased with the photos you guys took for the store. They’re better than I could have expected. I have a release here for you to sign,” she lifted one hand, which held a few sheets of stapled paper, “and then I’ll write you a check.”

Now Mimi rolled her chair over to the other computer and began pressing a button to scroll through the pictures, which gradually became racier; now Claire was sucking Olivia’s nipple through her bra, now she was licking her way down Olivia’s belly. “Now as for these other photos....” Mimi continued scrolling until she came to a shot of Olivia arching her back as Claire nuzzled into her crotch; then she turned to look at Olivia. “They’re simply amazing. I’ve never seen anything like them.”

“I would like to have these for my private collection,” Mimi continued. She reached for a slightly taller stack of papers and held it up. “I have a release here for that as well. These images would be exclusively for my own enjoyment, and that of my closest associates. They would never appear on the Internet or be used for any commercial purpose, I give you my word of honor on that. And of course I would make it worth your while.

“However, if you would not be comfortable with that, I understand. In that case we will simply erase the images right now as you watch.” Here Mimi glanced back at the screen. “Though it would be a shame.” She handed Olivia the two releases and told her, “Read these, think about it. I have a few numbers to crunch.” With that she returned to her spreadsheet.

Olivia tried hard to read and to think, but it was not easy; her pussy was gushing from looking at the pictures, and from this whole situation, really. Her rational mind told her that letting the X-rated pictures of her get out into the world, under any conditions, would be a big mistake. But her emotions told her that to destroy something so beautiful would be a crime. Finally, she said, “I’ll sign.”

Mimi smiled, and something in her smile told Olivia that she had never doubted what Olivia’s answer would be. “Wonderful,” she said. When Olivia had signed both releases Mimi handed her a check and Olivia slipped it into her pocket without even looking at it. “By the way, I’m having a little party tonight, feel free to come by. Bring a friend. And on your way out, help yourself to anything in the closet that fits you.”

As Olivia stood Mimi nodded and winked, saying “Please do come tonight, I’d love to have the chance to get to know you better.” And again she returned to the spreadsheet.

Claire helped Olivia pick out a sleek cocktail dress and several sets of underwear, then drove her home. Olivia was halfway up her driveway before she remembered the check. Fishing it out of her pocket, she was surprised to see that it was for a thousand dollars. Not bad for a day’s work. For a moment then she was troubled – did this make her a whore? No, she told herself, not a whore – a model.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 76

Standing up on the bed, Olivia peeled off her bra, then her panties, and tossed them away onto the floor. She moved to stand over Tara and gracefully lowered herself down until her pussy was poised over Tara’s luscious mouth. Tara raised both hands to pull Olivia’s pussy lips apart and began to tongue her skillfully and energetically. Olivia’s body shook and her breasts bounced as Tara held her around the waist, driving her tongue as deep inside as it would go.

Claire meanwhile had moved down between Tara’s legs and gone to work there. After Olivia came, spasming forcefully, her whole body felt weak; she let herself sink down on top of Tara and spent a minute running her nose through the older woman’s soft, downy pubes. Then she stretched out her tongue and helped Claire push Tara over the brink.

Rolling off, Olivia found herself drifting into a pleasant twilight sleep. When she opened her eyes again, she saw Tara standing beside the bed holding the camera and wearing a strap-on. Claire was on her knees, sucking the plastic cock as she looked up into the camera. When she had gotten a half-dozen or so shots Tara put the camera down, turned Claire around so her chest was on the bed, and took her from behind.

Olivia saw Claire’s mouth contort into an “O,” her hands gripping the sheets, sweat beading on her forehead. For a time Olivia was content just to watch, and then she scooted closer and pushed her crotch into Claire’s face. Tara smiled, and Olivia saw her glance at the camera, then decide to let it go. Instead Tara wrapped her right arm around Claire’s right leg and pulled her farther open, driving the dildo in deeper. Claire grunted and before long she climaxed intensely, panting helplessly into Olivia’s crotch.

Tara looked up at Olivia, grinning like a wolf. Pulling out of the sprawled-out Claire, Tara stood, took one big step forward, and sunk the strap-on deep into Olivia’s mouth. Taken by surprise, Olivia gagged a bit, but soon adjusted and was even able to take down another inch, bringing her lips almost against Tara’s pelvis. Olivia gazed up doe-eyed as Tara fucked her mouth, then abruptly threw her forward across the Claire’s prone form.

Lithe and catlike in her movements, Tara scampered over behind Olivia, gripped her tightly, and plunged into her. With a few quick, decisive thrusts she brought Olivia right to the edge of orgasm; the Asian girl’s eyes began to roll back in her head. But just at the crucial moment Tara held back, letting Olivia dangle right on the precipice.

Groaning with frustration, Olivia reached down to try to finish herself, but Tara caught her hand and pinned it behind her. The other one soon joined it; then Tara held both of Olivia’s wrists with one hand and continued fucking her – but this time slowly, with long in and out strokes. Speeding up a little, she again brought Olivia right to the point of climax, again denied her. Muttering, almost inaudibly, something that might have been “Goddamnit,” Olivia struggled to escape Tara’s grip, but fruitlessly; Tara had all the leverage and her thin arm was surprisingly strong. And truth be told, Olivia didn’t really want to get away; both of them knew that.

Giving up the effort, Olivia let her head fall, and felt something soft tickling her cheek. Claire’s pubic hair. Her head was resting right on the redhead’s pelvis, so just to give herself something to do, Olivia stretched out her neck, nuzzled into Claire’s crotch, and began to lap away gently. Claire moaned quietly and let her legs fall open; she looked half-conscious, at best.

Using her free hand to give Olivia a solid whack on the butt, Tara once again began moving the strap-on back and forth in Olivia’s pussy, as slowly as she possibly could. Gradually she let the speed build up, and just as Olivia got close again, Tara stroked her clit and she exploded – thrashing, screaming, calling for Jesus – then lay still.

As Olivia lay there looking angelic, eyes closed and smiling dreamily, Tara found the camera and took one last shot – a beautiful portrait, just of her face.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 75

Inside, Claire and Olivia returned to the closet to change into bras and panties as Tara set up her camera in the living room. Tara photographed them lounging around on the couches, watching TV, listening to music, reading. Then they changed outfits and Tara took some shots in the kitchen as they made spaghetti.

At one point Tara had Claire take her top off and stand facing the stove as Olivia stood next to her, reaching down into the pot to sample a strand of spaghetti. It was a highly erotically charged moment, especially when Olivia looked down at Claire’s ripe, rounded tits, the nipples standing up tall and proud. Looking up, she met Tara’s eyes, and the older woman gave her a knowing smile. Then Tara leaned back down to the camera and snapped off a few shots, licking her lips with satisfaction, obviously delighted at the results she was getting.

When the spaghetti was done they decided to sit down and eat, Claire still topless. As she was taking her last bite a big dollop of tomato sauce fell off her fork and landed on her right nipple. She and Tara exchanged a glance, and moving quickly Tara retrieved her camera and recorded the moment for posterity. Smiling, staring straight at the camera, Claire lifted her own breast with one hand and slowly licked it clean.

For a second Olivia thought she was going to faint; Oh my God that is so fucking hot, she thought. She had already been horny and now she felt like she had a temperature of about 110. Tara looked up from the camera and swallowed audibly. “OK,” she said, “let’s move to the bedroom.”

On the way Claire and Olivia visited the closet for another costume change, and this time Olivia yielded to the impulse to lean down and suck Claire’s rock-hard nipples. Claire did not resist, but neither did she reciprocate, instead slipping into black lace panties and bra as she handed Olivia an identical white outfit.

The master bedroom was cavernous, dominated by a canopy bed that looked like something out of 1001 Arabian Nights. Tara arranged the two girls in a state of artful repose on the bed and took some shots. Then she began moving them around with verbal commands. For a while she had them lay on opposite sides of the bed, which was almost like being in two different time zones. Olivia looked over at Claire; she was achingly lovely, her skin glowing in the soft light, her red mane spilling across her back. In her mind’s eye Olivia saw Claire spread her legs, pull the crotch of her panties aside, and slide an index finger into her gushing-wet pussy.

“Move closer,” Tara instructed. The girls scooted closer and Tara clicked a few shots. “Closer.” Click, click, click. “Closer.”

Now they were pressed against each other, spooning. Olivia could feel Claire’s nipples pressing against her back. She was breathing heavily, her own nipples painfully hard against the bra, juice flowing freely between her legs. Claire kissed her on the shoulder and she moaned; a few seconds later Claire had rolled her onto her back and Olivia felt Claire’s lips on hers, Claire’s tongue pushing into her mouth.

As Claire licked down Olivia’s neck and began to suck her nipples through the bra, Olivia was dimly aware, somewhere in the back of her mind, that Tara was still taking pictures. In the moment, it felt perfectly normal and natural. She may not have been thinking entirely rationally, or indeed thinking at all. One of Claire’s hands glided up her inner thigh and cupped her crotch, and she felt a moan rumble through her throat that sounded like it was coming from someone else, somewhere far away.

Claire licked her way down Olivia’s stomach and across her hipbones and thighs. Arching her back, Olivia felt Claire’s tongue pressing into her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties; then Claire moved the fabric out of the way and Olivia felt herself being penetrated.

Looking up, Olivia could vaguely make out, as if through a haze, the shape of Tara, operating the camera with one hand as the other hand moved around inside her pants. Then Claire’s tongue brushed the tip of Olivia’s clit and Olivia cried out, gripping Claire’s head with both hands and grinding against her.

Slowly, by degrees, without ever stopping her work on Olivia, Claire shifted position so that she was on top of Olivia in 69 position. Following Claire’s example, Olivia first kissed and licked her through the black lace, then rearranged her panties to get a taste of the real thing. She closed her eyes and feasted joyfully on Claire’s soft flesh and the nectar flowing from it.

A few minutes later, Olivia sensed something moving near her, and opened her eyes to see Tara, camera in hand, taking close-ups of her tongue-fucking Claire. A flash went through Olivia’s mind – this image on the Internet, and what that would do to her life – and something in her imploring look must have gotten through to Tara, who smiled gently and put the camera down. Tara leaned forward to kiss Olivia, sucking her lips and tongue, tasting Claire on her. Releasing Olivia, Tara ran her tongue across Claire’s slit, and a powerful shudder ran down the length of the redhead’s body.

Now Tara stood and stripped slowly as both girls watched patiently. Her body was taut, elegant, slim with an almost boyish quality, but unquestionably a woman’s body. Her nipples were not wide but very long, and her black pubic hair was wispy and delicate. Tara climbed onto the bed and spread herself out full-length, gazing sweetly into Olivia’s eyes, and without a word being spoken Olivia knew what was wanted.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 74

Late Friday night Olivia got a text from Claire that said, “Pick u up @ 10?” She hesitated a few minutes before responding, feeling suddenly shy and wondering what Gina would think. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to see Gina for at least a couple days, and in the end her curiosity and restlessness won out. She texted Claire back with “OK” and her address.

Claire pulled up promptly at 10 AM in a cute little red Honda, the Rolling Stones blaring on the stereo. She leaned over and kissed Olivia on the cheek, head bobbing to the music, her eyes hidden by big round sunglasses. “Glad you could make it,” said Claire. “This is going to be fun.”

Together they drove way out to the outskirts of town and followed a long driveway to a beautiful house on a hillside. It was understated but sprawling and impeccably kept, with large and well-landscaped grounds. “This place belongs to the lady who owns the store,” explained Claire. “She and her husband are, um, pretty rich. Maybe you can tell.”

They parked and Claire led Olivia past the house, which was enormous but tasteful in a Victorian style, to a courtyard dominated by a huge circular swimming pool. Loud music was blaring from unseen speakers and a tall woman was standing facing away from them, leaning over to fiddle with a tripod. She was wearing tight black yoga pants that gave Claire and Olivia a clear view of her perfectly shaped ass.

Claire yelled something that Olivia lost in the music, and the woman stood and turned toward them. Olivia was immediately struck by her beauty; she had long, straight black hair, dark olive skin, and enormous golden-brown eyes.

As the woman approached them the music went into a quieter part, allowing Claire leaned to be heard as she said, “This is Olivia, the girl I was telling you about.” The woman smiled and nodded. Turning to Olivia, Claire said, “This is Tara.”

Looking into Tara’s eyes, Olivia was immediately struck dumb. It would have been hard to hear anything she said anyway, because the music had gotten loud again, so she settled for just nodding. Tara moved close and put her mouth right up to Olivia’s ear. She smelled delicious; Olivia sensed immediately that there was something very special about this woman. “It’s nice to meet you,” Tara purred. “You’re every bit as beautiful as Claire told me. We’re going to make some amazing pictures together.”

Again Olivia could do nothing but nod. Tara gestured toward the house and in a loud, clear voice told Claire, “Go ahead and get dressed. I just need a few minutes to finish setting up.”

Claire led Olivia into the house and then to a bathroom the size of Olivia’s living room, where she applied some minimal makeup to both of them. The she took Olivia to an enormous walk-in closet that was virtually an entire lingerie shop unto itself. Claire picked out a bikini for each of them and matter-of-factly began to strip.

Olivia had a flashback to their encounter at the shop and felt her pussy begin to flood. Soon Claire was completely naked, her red bush looking fluffy and inviting in the slanting sunlight. Olivia had an impulse to drop to her knees and bury her face in it, but Claire seemed to be all business; soon she was standing there in her skimpy blue-and-white-striped suit looking at Olivia somewhat impatiently. Olivia hastily stripped and got into her own black bikini, aware of Claire’s eyes on her every moment. Claire smiled and handed her a terrycloth robe. “It might be a little chilly out there.”

When they returned to the pool the music was quieter and a different style, some kind of old-school soul. Tara had them remove their robes and stretch out on lounge chairs, taking just a few seconds to look them over and nod appreciatively before bending down to look through the camera.

It was indeed on the cold side, and Olivia felt her nipples spring to attention as Tara began to click the shutter. Looking down, she saw them protruding obviously from her top and felt a little self-conscious having Tara see her this way, but there was nothing to be done; she tried to just relax and look happy. Tara clicked away for a few minutes, drawling a few encouraging words now and again, then had them stand and pose with the pool in the background.

“Stand closer,” said Tara, taking a few more shots. “Closer.” Claire was right up against her now and Olivia could feel her body heat – gratefully, as a cool wind had sprung up. “Claire, whisper something in Olivia’s ear.”

A shiver ran through Olivia’s body as Claire’s lips brushed her ear. “I can’t wait to taste you again,” murmured Claire. This took Olivia by surprise, and she flushed bright red as Tara continued clicking away.

“Alright,” said Tara, “let’s move inside. It’s freezing out here.” Tara picked up Olivia’s robe and held it for her, gently squeezing her shoulders as she slipped in.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 73

Returning from the bedroom with the bag of toys Kat had stashed there, Kelly was pleased to find Sara Valentine enthusiastically servicing her cousin. Sally Ann was stretched out with her eyes closed, back arched and legs tensed, grinding her crotch into Sara’s face. Kelly waited and watched until she saw Sally stiffen, moan, and then relax; then she methodically went about setting up the tableau she had in mind.

When Kat and Jackie entered the house through the unlocked door a few minutes later, they were greeted by the sight of the two redheads, both naked, each bouncing up and down on a fat dildo. Sally was riding the strap-on harnessed to Sara’s pelvis while Kelly pleasured herself on the dildo protruding from the teacher’s face. The cousins were holding hands, eyes closed, breasts bobbing up and down rhythmically.

For a few minutes the new arrivals just hung back and watched. Jackie was suddenly very glad she hadn’t left town; how many chances did one get, really, to see something so beautiful? Then Kat took Jackie by the hand and pulled her forward. Kat leaned over toward Sally Ann, taking a nipple into her mouth and reaching one hand down to rub Sally’s clit. Jackie did the same for Kelly. The redheads’ eyes flew open, they smiled broadly, and soon after they cried out as simultaneous orgasms rocked their young bodies.

When Kelly and Sally climbed off Sara, she saw Jackie for the first time. They knew each other, of course, and Sara turned bright red at the sight of her fellow teacher. At first Sara felt a rush of fear at being found in this compromising position; then, realizing that Jackie’s very presence here compromised her as well, she relaxed somewhat. She felt her pussy flood even more as she imagined what might happen next.

Kat, likewise, was watching Jackie, wondering what she might do. All eyes were on the cheerleading coach as she stripped naked, climbed onto the couch, and slowly lowered her pussy onto Sara’s face. As the dildo penetrated her Jackie sucked in her breath and rocked her hips from side to side, settling down into a more comfortable position. Kat, Kelly, and Sally watched with rapt attention as Jackie gradually leaned forward until she was able to take the strap-on coated with Sally’s juices into her mouth.

Sinking down onto her knees, Kat crawled forward for a better look, watching the face dildo move in and out of Jackie’s pussy and the strap-on move in and out of her mouth. With one hand Kat stroked Jackie’s clit, with the other she reached down and began to loosen the harness from around Sara’s waist. Pulling off the strap-on, Kat spread Sara’s legs wide and pushed Jackie’s face down between them. Jackie began to slurp away obediently as Kat fastened the strap-on onto herself.

Bringing the head of the strap-on to Sara’s pussy lips, Kat slowly pushed inside as Jackie adjusted her position and began to lick and suck Sara’s clit. It wasn’t long before Sara’s body started to vibrate with a tremendous orgasm, and that vibration translated itself to Jackie, who came violently, sighed loudly, and sat her head down on Sara’s thigh.

Pulling out of Sara, Kat turned to see Sally Ann on her knees, bent over with her ass in the air as she licked her cousin’s pussy. Kat couldn’t resist sneaking up behind Sally and kneeling down, aiming the strap-on at Sally’s crotch as she and Kelly shared a knowing look. Kat plunged in forcefully; Sally was more than wet enough to take the whole thing, and she paused only for a moment – looking over her shoulder with a dreamy expression – before turning back and resuming her work on Kelly.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 72

Friday morning Jessica decided to go to one of Serena’s regular, public yoga classes where people would have clothes on. This way, she figured, she could get in a complete workout that didn’t devolve into an orgy. Not that there was anything wrong with orgies, but she needed to get her exercise somehow.

Marie and Jane hadn’t wanted to attend, and Jessica had been perfectly happy to leave them behind. They had been sort of high-maintenance lately, Jessica thought as she sat in the studio waiting for class to begin.

Being who she was, Jessica amused herself during the wait by checking out the women in the class. (It was almost all women – there were only two men, both much older.) There were several nice specimens, but the one that really caught her eye was all the way at the other end of the studio. There were lots of people between them, so Jessica could only catch a glimpse here and there: dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and smooth, gorgeous alabaster skin.

During the class Jessica continued to check out the brown-haired woman as best she could without appearing to stare. She was tall – almost as tall as Jessica – and had a perfect body that was nicely displayed by her yoga clothes. Her breasts were full and ripe, as big as you’d want them for her body type; her waist was thin and tapered; her butt and legs were toned and contoured. By the time the class was over, Jessica had made up her mind: Somehow or other, she would have this woman.

When the class had filed out Jessica approached Serena and inquired as to the identity of the woman she’d been watching.

“Oh, that’s Tanya,” answered Serena. “Yes, she’s quite beautiful.” Serena’s eyes glittered; she knew exactly what was going on in Jessica’s mind. “Also quite religious, and quite married.”

Jessica smiled. “I like a challenge.”

* * *

Arriving home that evening, Kelly found she had a surprise visitor: her cousin Sally Ann, who was sitting in the kitchen chatting with Betty while Betty prepared for a dinner party.

Kissing Sally on the cheek, Kelly sat down across from her and asked, “So what brings you to town, cuz?”

Sally looked down and answered quietly, “Oh, nothing really. Just bored, felt like getting out of town for awhile.”

But the color that flooded into Sally Ann’s cheeks and the look in her eyes told Kelly the real story: Sally had developed an appetite during her last visit, one she had been unable to satisfy at home. It took Kelly only a few seconds to figure out what to do. Taking her cousin by the hand, she said, “Let’s go for a walk.” A walk that just might happen to take them by Sara Valentine’s house.

* * *

It was the end of a long and strange week for Sara, who sat on her back porch sipping a glass of red wine. The sun was just dipping below the horizon and she was starting to think about getting in out of the cold when she heard the doorbell ring. At first she ignored it, feeling tired and worried about what new degradation might await her. She had been careful to lock the door this time. But the bell rang again, then again, and finally Sara’s curiosity got the better of her.

Opening the door, the found Kelly Ann Collins accompanied by a girl who was virtually her twin, only a little shorter and a little wider, with big boobs that were well displayed by her tight sweater. Without waiting to be invited, Kelly entered, pulling the other redhead along by one hand.

“This is Ms. Valentine,” said Kelly to Sally. Then to Sara, she said, “This is my cousin Sally Ann.”

“Nice to meet you,” responded Sara, taking Sally’s hand and already feeling her pussy moisten at the possibilities this situation offered.

* * *

Jackie London, meanwhile, had been packing again to go out of town, hoping once more to cure herself of her cheerleader addiction. She was almost ready to go when she got a text from Kat, inquiring what she was up to.

Next thing she knew, Jackie had picked up Kat in her SUV and they were on their way to Sara Valentine’s house. Kat had decided that she wanted to spend some quality time together with her two favorite teachers. And these days Kat usually got what she wanted.

* * *

Kelly wasted no time leading Sally and Sara to the den, whereupon she whispered some instructions in Sara’s ear and left the room. Sara blushed bright red but did not hesitate to do as she had been told. Inviting Sally to have a seat, Sara matter-of-factly stripped off her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties, then sank to her knees. Crawling over to where the redhead sat, Sara helped Sally out of her jeans and pushed her legs apart, noting that her blue-striped white panties were already wet with seepage.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 71

As Olivia entered the shop, Claire walked over smiling. “I hoped I might see you again,” she said, hugging Olivia and kissing her on the cheek. “Where’s your friend today?”

“She’s, um, she’s busy,” answered Olivia. “How are you?”

“I’m great!” chirped Claire. “I’m really glad you came in. I was just telling the manager about you. We’re getting ready to launch a new ad campaign for the shop – print and web ads, that sort of thing. I think you’d be just perfect for the photos.”

“Gee,” said Olivia shyly, “I don’t know, I’m not a model or anything.”

“Well, you’re beautiful enough to be one. I think you’d look very natural on camera. We’re shooting this weekend, won’t you come, please?”

Olivia hesitated. “Well, OK, I guess.”

“Awesome!” Claire took Olivia’s number and then, noticing that a line was forming at the register, excused herself and went back to work.

* * *

Late Thursday afternoon Annalise had just returned from her volunteer shift at the local food bank and sat down to watch some TV when there was a knock at the door. Her feet were tired and she had left the door unlocked, so she just said “It’s open,” wondering who might be calling on her; she wasn’t expecting anyone.

The door swung open, and in walked Lexi and Adriana, both in their cheerleader uniforms. “Oh, hi,” said Annalise, coloring slightly as she remembered everything that had happened the last time the three of them were together.

 “Hi there,” answered Lexi, her mouth curling into a smile seemingly of its own accord, as if she were hiding a delicious secret – which, in fact, she was.

The two cheeleaders strolled over and sat down on the couch next to Annalise, Lexi on her left, Ana on her right. They sat very close and Annalise could feel their heat and smell their scent, making the juice start to flow between her legs. But for a few minutes the three of them just sat watching a stupid TV show about so-called “real housewives.”

A commercial came on, and as if just looking for something to do, Lexi took hold of Annalise’s hand and placed it on her knee, which was demurely covered by her uniform skirt. Lexi then guided Annalise’s hand up her thigh and onto her pelvis – it was soft, soft, soft, then suddenly hard. Surprised, Annalise looked down at Lexi’s crotch, from which a visible bulge protruded. Grinning, Lexi lifted her skirt to reveal a long, thick, light blue strap-on.

Ana, meanwhile, had taken Annalise’s other hand and placed it on her naked knee, then run it up underneath her skirt until it rested on the plastic shaft protruding from between her legs. Ana too lifted her skirt, and Annalise saw that her strap-on was identical but pink instead of blue.

Annalise gulped; here she was with a cheerleader on either side and a plastic cock in either hand. She hadn’t been properly fucked in months and the trickle between her legs was turning into a gushing fountain. She slowly stroked each shaft, feeling excited but confused, unable to make up her mind what to do next. Fortunately Lexi solved that problem, putting her hand on the back of Annalise’s head and guiding it down into her lap.

Annalise licked up and down the shaft, then parted her lips to take the head into her mouth. Holding the back of Annalise’s head, Lexi raised her hips to drive more of the dildo in, taking it just to the point where Annalise started to gag. Annalise lifted her head and looked up at Lexi with big round eyes, docile and submissive. Now Ana reached over and pulled Annalise’s head into her own crotch. Annalise happily played along, licking and sucking the pink strap-on as Ana growled, “That’s right, bitch, take it all.”

Lexi, meanwhile, was rubbing Annalise’s pussy through her jeans with one hand as the other hand reached into the bag she had brought with her and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She gently held Annalise’s hands behind her back as she cuffed them, then pulled off Annalise’s jeans and panties.

Lexi repositioned Annalise so that she was on her knees in front of the couch, lips still wrapped around Ana’s shaft. With one hand Lexi gripped her own strap-on and teased Annalise’s pussy lips with the head. The other hand reached under Ana’s harness and penetrated her with a satisfying squish.

When Lexi slid into Annalise the older woman let out a long, slow, helpless moan. Lexi could tell this was something she’d been needing for a long time. Lexi fucked Annalise for awhile, then the cheerleaders switched places, Lexi pounding into Annalise’s mouth as Ana punished her pussy.

When Ana and Lexi traded places again, Ana pulled off her dildo and spread her legs so Annalise could lick her pussy. Annalise was in a frenzy now, howling in pleasure as Lexi penetrated her, stabbing her tongue up into Ana’s cunt. Then she had a tremendous orgasm and lay still, resting her head on Ana’s powerful thigh.

But the cheerleaders weren’t done with her yet. As soon as Annalise was able to walk – though somewhat unsteadily, leaning on Lexi for support – they led her to the bedroom. There they uncuffed her,  laid her face-up on the bed, and tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Annalise looked up with glassy eyes as Lexi removed her strap-on and Ana put hers back on; soon Ana was putting every ounce of her considerable strength into fucking the older woman senseless as Lexi sat on her face.

When the cheerleaders finally left an hour later, Annalise was sprawled on the bed, hands free but ankles still tied, looking limp, sweaty, and thoroughly satisfied.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 70

When Jessica and Kat had finished with her Sara lay sprawled across the bed, sweaty and spent, trying to remember exactly how she’d gotten there. Reflecting, she found it hard to believe the degree to which she’d given up control over her own body. Men had always had to work hard to get her clothes off – take her to expensive dinners, buy her jewelry and flowers. But she’d surrendered herself to Jessica almost immediately, like some nympho lesbian slut.

On the one hand it was troubling, and on the other hand she’d never in her life come like she had when being strap-on fucked by Jessica with her face buried in Kat’s pussy. 10 minutes later the spasms were still running through her, and when she felt Jessica’s hands on her she did not hesitate to surrender again to whatever was going to happen to her next.

* * *

Kelly Ann looked up from between Ella’s legs to see Sara being led into the room by Jessica. The teacher was on her knees, hands still bound behind her back, once again ball-gagged. From the collar around her neck extended a leash by which Jessica held her; every time Jessica tugged on the leash Sara lost her balance and could regain it only by crawling forward. In this way they progressed through the living room and out to the back porch, where Samantha and Betty Ann were sunning themselves, sipping on cold bottles of beer.

Jessica handed the leash to Samantha, saying “Kat asked me to deliver this to you.”

Samantha gazed down at the brown-haired, bespectacled, naked woman before her. “Isn’t this the girls’ English teacher?” she asked Betty Ann. “What was her name?”

“Ms. Valentine,” answered Betty. “I always thought she was cute.”

“You want her?” asked Samantha, and when Betty shrugged agreeably, Samantha handed her the leash. Betty yanked on the leash to bring Sara closer, then pulled off the gag and gave Sara a long, probing kiss full of tongue and saliva. Sara’s mouth tasted distinctly of pussy – specifically of Kat’s, though Betty had no way of knowing that.

Kat, meanwhile, had found herself a strategic location and watched from the shadows as Betty used the leash to pull Sara’s head down into her crotch. Kelly crept over next to her friend and they looked on together, fascinated, as Sara began to lap obediently at Betty Ann’s slit.

After taking a long pull on her beer, Samantha held out the bottle and poured the little that remained onto Sara’s back. Leaning over, Samantha ran her tongue down the length of Sara’s spine and licked up the small amount of beer that had pooled in the small of her back. Rolling over onto the warm cement, Samantha positioned her empty bottle on the ground directly under Sara’s crotch. Placing one hand on each of the teacher’s hips, Samantha adjusted Sara so that the top of the beer bottle was pressing against her pussy lips.

Slowly, applying just as much pressure as was necessary, Samantha eased Sara downward until the whole neck of the bottle had disappeared inside her. Then Samantha wrapped her hand around the base of the bottle and began to gently move it around, rotating it from side to side, then pressing it upward against Sara’s lips and clit. Sara went limp for a minute, shaking visibly and dropping her head; Betty Ann had to give a sharp tug on the leash to remind her of what she was doing.

When Sara had made Betty come twice, Samantha took Betty’s place and the leash, and Sara went to work on her. Kat and Kelly, meanwhile, had begun to finger each other, and Kelly felt Kat’s finger stroke her clit as she watched her mother lay down face-up on the concrete, wriggle up underneath Sara, and stick her tongue up into the teacher’s cunt.

Feeling a little weak in the knees, Kelly Ann braced herself against the wall and at the same time felt something brush against her ass. She looked behind her to see Janice, grinning, lewdly stroking the strap-on that protruded from between her legs. Kelly let herself sink to her knees and bent over to present her rear end to Janice. For awhile Kelly continued to watch her mother, Samantha, and Sara go at it as Janice fucked her and Kat rubbed her clit; then she closed her eyes and surrendered to the sensation as Janice and Kat brought her to an orgasm that almost knocked her unconscious.

* * *

Olivia, meanwhile, had been feeling restless and a little melancholy. After practice Kat had invited her to join the expedition to Jessica’s, but she had declined, saying that she was tired. Which was partly true, as she had not been sleeping well, but mostly she just wasn’t in the mood.

After pacing around the house for awhile she finally decided to drive over to the mall, where she wandered around window shopping and thinking. It was foolish of her, she knew, to miss Gina as much as she did. After all, she was 18 and would be leaving for college in the fall; what good would it do her to get attached to a 40-year-old divorcee here in town? There was no future in it, but still there was no denying the truth: Nobody else made her feel the way Gina did, and the bond between them was something more than just sex.

For a moment Olivia thought about calling Gina and asking if she could come over after the kids went to bed, but she didn’t want to be a pest. So she continued ambling aimlessly, trying to think of other things; what she really needed, she thought, was some kind of distraction....

Just then she looked up and saw a familiar face. She had ended up, she suddenly realized, in front of the lingerie shop, and the face was that of Claire, the salesgirl. Claire was smiling at her through the front window of the shop, and waving to indicate that she should come in.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 69

As she watched Annalise’s face disappear underneath Ana’s ample derriere, Lexi was struck with a brilliant idea. Returning to the kitchen, she found Annalise’s purse and searched through it until she found the wallet. Riffling through the credit cards, Lexi selected a Platinum Visa card and repaired to her computer, where she called up an adult website and started shopping.

As the sound of soft moans drifted in from the bedroom, Lexi picked out a couple of strap-ons, handcuffs, leather restraints, nipple clamps, a riding crop, a fur-lined paddle, and a few other things that caught her eye. Because Annalise was her neighbor, she knew the billing address; she put in her own house as the shipping address and, since it wasn’t her money, went ahead and sprang for the expedited shipping.

That meant the goodies would arrive on Thursday. In the meantime Lexi went back to the bedroom, where Ana had spun around and was now on top of Annalise in 69 position. She watched Ana’s thick tongue explore Annalise’s pussy, forcing the lips apart and probing inside, then approached the bed and knelt down to help.

* * *

Wendesday Kat decided that she wanted to share her new prize with Jessica, so she told Sara to wait for her at school until after practice, and then she, Kelly Ann, and the teacher walked together to Jessica’s house. Unbeknownst to Kat, festivities had been underway there all afternoon; Jessica had been in a particularly decadent mood that day, made a few phone calls, and found that many of the local housewives were available and in the mood.

It was Jessica herself, taking a break from the action and dressed in a bathrobe, who answered the door.  She graciously invited them in, taking note of the new face – brown hair, glasses, thirtyish, cute – and immediately her well-used pussy begin to moisten again.

The scene that greeted Kat, Kelly, and Sara when they entered the main house was something to behold. Marie was naked on a recliner, body tensed so that her pelvis and chest were both lifted; Jane knelt in front of her, face buried in Marie’s pussy, as Janice fucked her from behind. Janice’s face was knitted in concentration, her forehead was glistening with sweat, and her breasts bobbed gently as she gave Jane the business. On the couch Ella and Serena were 69ing stretched out on their sides; as they were both blond and long, the effect was almost like watching twins go at it, except that Serena had shorter hair and was more muscular.

Out by the pool, Samantha Bowman was on her back on a deck chair, legs planted and pussy raised in the air. She was being forcefully tongue-fucked by Betty Ann Collins, who was kneeling on the concrete. As they watched Betty Ann reached one hand behind her, pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom aside, and used one hand to stroke her red-haired cunt.

Though Sara Valentine had met Samantha and Betty Ann at school, she didn’t recognize them from this angle; but the cheerleaders certainly did, and both immediately turned bright red. Despite everything, it seemed, they were still capable of being embarrassed by their mothers.

Kat was thrown enough that she forgot to introduce Sara to Jessica, so Jessica did it herself, and promptly took Sara by the hand and led her away. This left the two cheerleaders on their own. Kelly walked over to the recliner and leaned down to kiss Marie and suck her tits. Kat sat down on the couch next to Ella and Serena, initially just watching, entranced by their beauty and sensuality. But after a few minutes Ella lifted her head and leaned over to kiss Kat with lips tasting of Serena’s pussy. Soon Kelly had climbed onto the recliner to lower her crotch onto Marie’s face and Kat was naked and writhing in the embrace of the two blondes.

In the bedroom, Jessica had quickly stripped Sara, dropping her blouse, bra, skirt, and panties into a pile on the floor. She pulled the teacher to her and kissed her hard, groping her everywhere, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, and sliding a hand between her thighs. Abruptly Jessica spun Sara 180 degrees and pulled her hands together behind her back; removing the belt from her robe, Jessica used it to tie Sara’s hands together, letting the robe fall open. Spinning Sara back around, Jessica guided her to her knees and tilted her head upward, feeding her one breast, then the other. A minute later Sara found her face covered with Jessica’s wet pussy, which she serviced without hesitation.

* * *

A while later Kat disengaged herself from Ella and Serena. After having three increasingly powerful climaxes, she wasn’t sure she could take another one. She was curious how Sara was getting on, so she wandered through the house until she heard moaning coming from one of the bedrooms.

Easing quietly into the doorway, Kat saw Sara sprawled out on a bed with her butt in the air as Jessica plowed her from behind. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was ball-gagged, her head pressed against the bed. Her face was toward the door but her eyes were closed; her back was arched as she angled her hips to meet Jessica’s thrusts.

When Jessica grabbed a handful of Sara’s hair and drove the strap-on home forcefully, Sara’s eyes flew open and looked straight at Kat, the white visible on all sides of the pupils, radiating a mixture of fear and excitement. A shiver of jealousy ran through Kat and just for a moment she regretted having brought Sara here. People fell under Jessica’s spell so easily; Kat felt, suddenly, like an outsider in this scene.

Just then Jessica’s eyes met hers, and within seconds Kat had shaken off her mood and felt the familiar tingle between her legs. Climbing onto the bed, Kat leaned back against the headboard, spread her legs wide, and reached down to remove the teacher’s gag.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 68

Returning home, Lexi found her neighbor Annalise waiting on the porch, smiling sheepishly. Lexi wondered how long she had been waiting there.

“I saw your dad on his way out this morning,” said Annalise. “He said he’d be gone a couple of days, so I thought I’d bring you something to eat.” She indicated the casserole in her hands, which appeared to contain roasted chicken.

Lexi felt pretty sure that this was not the real reason for Annalise’s visit. Despite the coldness of the day, the older woman was wearing a light blouse that showed off her cleavage, and her nipples were pointing straight out like meat thermometers. Having just had an intense sexual experience with three fellow cheerleaders and an English teacher, Lexi was not feeling horny for once. But the sight of food made her realize that she was extremely hungry, so she opened the door and invited Annalise in.

They walked together to the kitchen where Annalise sat the casserole down and stood looking expectantly at Lexi, her ample bosom heaving. Suddenly Lexi found the transparency of her neighbor’s desire desperate and annoying, and gesturing with a wave of her hand, she said curtly, “Go wait for me in the bedroom.”

Annalise blinked in confusion for a moment, but Lexi’s tone was so matter-of-fact that it seemed perfectly natural to comply. As she left the room Lexi called out after her, “Naked!”

Lexi pulled the top off the casserole and grabbed a small drumstick. It was delicious but not as warm as she would have liked, so after devouring it in a few bites she turned on the oven and put the chicken in to warm up. Then, after stopping briefly in her father’s bedroom, Lexi continued on to her own.

Annalise had obediently stripped and was lying naked on the bed. Still in her cheerleader uniform, Lexi climbed on top and stretched out with her full weight pressing down on Annalise. When Lexi kissed her Annalise moaned and closed her eyes, and it was the work of a moment for Lexi to secure her wrists to the bedposts with two neckties.

Annalise looked up doe-eyed and uncertain as Lexi tied her ankles as well, this time using leather belts. Then Lexi left her and returned to the kitchen, where the smell of the warming chicken ticked her nostrils.

Deciding that it would be fun to share Annalise with someone, Lexi thought of Adriana. The two cheerleaders had developed a strange bond over the preceding weeks. In some ways they were very much alike, in some ways very different. Sometimes they fought, but they were strangely drawn to each other. “Want 2 come over?” Lexi texted Ana. “I have something really good 2 eat.”

Ana arrived about 15 minutes later, just as Lexi was pulling the chicken out of the oven. In the meantime Lexi had returned to her bedroom and changed from her uniform into a bathrobe, on a whim stuffing her sweaty and juice-soaked panties into Annalise’s mouth. She and Ana dug into the roasted chicken with gusto – between cheerleading practice and their session with Ms. Valentine, they had worked up quite an appetite. They ate with their hands, moaning quietly and licking their fingers clean.

When they were done they just sat digesting for a good 20 minutes. Lexi very much enjoyed knowing that the nude and trussed Annalise awaited them in the bedroom. Picturing Ana sitting on her neighbor’s face, she felt her libido begin to stir once again.

Grabbing a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup, Lexi took Ana by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Ana grinned at the sight of the naked woman on the bed. “Who’s this?” she asked.

“That’s my neighbor Annalise,” said Lexi. “She’s kind of a whore.”

Pulling off Ana’s uniform top and bra, Lexi squeezed chocolate onto both of her breasts and licked it off. It was a delicious combination, so Lexi went for another round, feeling Ana’s nipples stiffen in her mouth.

Now Lexi spread trails of chocolate across Annalise’s chest and nodded to Ana to go ahead. As Ana leaned over to feast Lexi pulled off her robe and dripped the sticky goo onto her own nipples. Lexi pulled the soiled panties out of Annalise’s mouth and replaced them with one chocolatey breast, then the other.

When this course was finished Lexi laid Ana back across Annalise, spread Ana’s legs, and decorated her thighs with syrup. Lexi cleaned most of it off, sliding her tongue gently across Ana’s soft brown skin, then whispered something into Ana’s ear. Ana nodded, spun, and slowly, teasingly lowered her wet pussy onto Annalise’s face.