Sunday, June 23, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 74

Late Friday night Olivia got a text from Claire that said, “Pick u up @ 10?” She hesitated a few minutes before responding, feeling suddenly shy and wondering what Gina would think. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to see Gina for at least a couple days, and in the end her curiosity and restlessness won out. She texted Claire back with “OK” and her address.

Claire pulled up promptly at 10 AM in a cute little red Honda, the Rolling Stones blaring on the stereo. She leaned over and kissed Olivia on the cheek, head bobbing to the music, her eyes hidden by big round sunglasses. “Glad you could make it,” said Claire. “This is going to be fun.”

Together they drove way out to the outskirts of town and followed a long driveway to a beautiful house on a hillside. It was understated but sprawling and impeccably kept, with large and well-landscaped grounds. “This place belongs to the lady who owns the store,” explained Claire. “She and her husband are, um, pretty rich. Maybe you can tell.”

They parked and Claire led Olivia past the house, which was enormous but tasteful in a Victorian style, to a courtyard dominated by a huge circular swimming pool. Loud music was blaring from unseen speakers and a tall woman was standing facing away from them, leaning over to fiddle with a tripod. She was wearing tight black yoga pants that gave Claire and Olivia a clear view of her perfectly shaped ass.

Claire yelled something that Olivia lost in the music, and the woman stood and turned toward them. Olivia was immediately struck by her beauty — she had long, straight black hair, dark olive skin, and enormous golden-brown eyes.

As the woman approached them the music went into a quieter part, allowing Claire to be heard as she said, “This is Olivia, the girl I was telling you about.” The woman smiled and nodded. Turning to Olivia, Claire said, “This is Tara.”

Looking into Tara’s eyes, Olivia was immediately struck dumb. It would have been hard to hear anything she said anyway, because the music had gotten loud again, so she settled for just nodding. Tara moved close and put her mouth right up to Olivia’s ear. She smelled delicious; Olivia sensed immediately that there was something very special about this woman. “It’s nice to meet you,” Tara purred. “You’re every bit as beautiful as Claire told me. We’re going to make some amazing pictures together.”

Again Olivia could do nothing but nod. Tara gestured toward the house and in a loud, clear voice told Claire, “Go ahead and get dressed. I just need a few minutes to finish setting up.”

Claire led Olivia into the house and then to a bathroom the size of Olivia’s living room, where she applied some minimal makeup to both of them. The she took Olivia to an enormous walk-in closet that was virtually an entire lingerie shop unto itself. Claire picked out a bikini for each of them and matter-of-factly began to strip.

Olivia had a flashback to their encounter at the shop and felt her pussy begin to flood. Soon Claire was completely naked, her red bush looking fluffy and inviting in the slanting sunlight. Olivia had an impulse to drop to her knees and bury her face in it, but Claire seemed to be all business; soon she was standing there in her skimpy blue-and-white-striped suit looking at Olivia somewhat impatiently. Olivia hastily stripped and got into her own black bikini, aware of Claire’s eyes on her every moment. Claire smiled and handed her a terrycloth robe. “It might be a little chilly out there.”

When they returned to the pool the music was quieter and a different style, some kind of old-school soul. Tara had them remove their robes and stretch out on lounge chairs, taking just a few seconds to look them over and nod appreciatively before bending down to look through the camera.

It was indeed on the cold side, and Olivia felt her nipples spring to attention as Tara began to click the shutter. Looking down, she saw them protruding obviously from her top and felt a little self-conscious having Tara see her this way, but there was nothing to be done; she tried to just relax and look happy. Tara clicked away for a few minutes, drawling a few encouraging words now and again, then had them stand and pose with the pool in the background.

“Stand closer,” said Tara, taking a few more shots. “Closer.” Claire was right up against her now and Olivia could feel her body heat – gratefully, as a cool wind had sprung up. “Claire, whisper something in Olivia’s ear.”

A shiver ran through Olivia’s body as Claire’s lips brushed her ear. “I can’t wait to taste you again,” murmured Claire. This took Olivia by surprise, and she flushed bright red as Tara continued clicking away.

“Alright,” said Tara, “let’s move inside. It’s freezing out here.” Tara picked up Olivia’s robe and held it for her, gently squeezing her shoulders as she slipped in.


  1. Would you ever do a chapter based on lyrics of a Rolling Stones song with all 3 ladies?

  2. i just want once for jessica to be dominated by jane or tanya (make her a suprise dominatrix) or mistress mimi (the one who dominated kat) i just want jessica to be the submissive one. How did jessica even become a lesbian dominatirx? reveal more about her past maybe she had a mentor who taught her everything she knows