Friday, May 17, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 73

Returning from the bedroom with the bag of toys Kat had stashed there, Kelly was pleased to find Sara Valentine enthusiastically servicing her cousin. Sally Ann was stretched out with her eyes closed, back arched and legs tensed, grinding her crotch into Sara’s face. Kelly waited and watched until she saw Sally stiffen, moan, and then relax; then she methodically went about setting up the tableau she had in mind.

When Kat and Jackie entered the house through the unlocked door a few minutes later, they were greeted by the sight of the two redheads, both naked, each bouncing up and down on a fat dildo. Sally was riding the strap-on harnessed to Sara’s pelvis while Kelly pleasured herself on the dildo protruding from the teacher’s face. The cousins were holding hands, eyes closed, breasts bobbing up and down rhythmically.

For a few minutes the new arrivals just hung back and watched. Jackie was suddenly very glad she hadn’t left town; how many chances did one get, really, to see something so beautiful? Then Kat took Jackie by the hand and pulled her forward. Kat leaned over toward Sally Ann, taking a nipple into her mouth and reaching one hand down to rub Sally’s clit. Jackie did the same for Kelly. The redheads’ eyes flew open, they smiled broadly, and soon after they cried out as simultaneous orgasms rocked their young bodies.

When Kelly and Sally climbed off Sara, the English teacher saw Jackie for the first time. They knew each other, of course, and she turned bright red at the sight of her co-worker At first Sara felt a rush of fear at being found in this compromising position; then, realizing that Jackie’s very presence here compromised her as well, Sara relaxed somewhat. She felt her pussy flood even more as she imagined what might happen next.

Kat, likewise, was watching Jackie, wondering what she might do. All eyes were on the cheerleading coach as she stripped naked, climbed onto the couch, and slowly lowered her pussy onto Sara’s face. As the dildo penetrated her Jackie sucked in her breath and rocked her hips from side to side, settling down into a more comfortable position. Kat, Kelly, and Sally watched with rapt attention as Jackie gradually leaned forward until she was able to take the strap-on coated with Sally’s juices into her mouth.

Sinking down onto her knees, Kat crawled forward for a better look, watching the face dildo move in and out of Jackie’s pussy and the strap-on move in and out of her mouth. With one hand Kat stroked Jackie’s clit, with the other she reached down and began to loosen the harness from around Sara’s waist. Pulling off the strap-on, Kat spread Sara’s legs wide and pushed Jackie’s face down between them. Jackie began to slurp away obediently as Kat fastened the strap-on onto herself.

Bringing the head of the dildo to Sara’s pussy lips, Kat began to slowly push inside as Jackie adjusted her position and started to lick and suck Sara’s clit. It wasn’t long before Sara’s body started to vibrate with a tremendous orgasm, and that vibration translated itself to Jackie, who came violently, sighed loudly, and sat her head down on Sara’s thigh.

Pulling out of Sara, Kat turned to see Sally Ann on her knees, bent over with her ass in the air as she licked her cousin’s pussy. Kat couldn’t resist sneaking up behind Sally and kneeling down, aiming the strap-on at Sally’s crotch as she and Kelly shared a knowing look. Kat plunged in forcefully; Sally was more than wet enough to take the whole thing, and she paused only for a moment – looking over her shoulder with a dreamy expression – before turning back and resuming her work on Kelly.


  1. Hot stuff! Keep this orgy going!

  2. I really like your stories. They really get me hot and bothered. I was wondering if you were going to make some of them into couples, like Olivia and Gina, Lexi and Annalise etc...