Thursday, May 2, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 72

Friday morning Jessica decided to go to one of Serena’s regular, public yoga classes where people would have clothes on. This way, she figured, she could get in a complete workout that didn’t devolve into an orgy. Not that there was anything wrong with orgies, but she needed to get her exercise somehow.

Marie and Jane hadn’t wanted to attend, and Jessica had been perfectly happy to leave them behind. They had been sort of high-maintenance lately, Jessica thought as she sat in the studio waiting for class to begin.

Being who she was, Jessica amused herself during the wait by checking out the women in the class. (It was almost all women – there were only two men, both much older.) There were several nice specimens, but the one who really caught her eye was all the way at the other end of the studio. There were lots of people between them, so Jessica could only catch a glimpse here and there: dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and smooth, gorgeous alabaster skin.

During the class Jessica continued to scrutinize the brown-haired woman as best she could without appearing to stare. She was tall – almost as tall as Jessica – and had a perfect body that was nicely displayed by her yoga clothes. Her breasts were full and ripe, as big as you’d want them for her body type; her waist was thin and tapered; her butt and legs were toned and contoured. By the time the class was over, Jessica had made up her mind: Somehow or other, she would have this woman.

When the class had filed out Jessica approached Serena and inquired as to the identity of the woman she’d been watching.

“Oh, that’s Tanya,” answered Serena. “Yes, she’s quite beautiful.” Serena’s eyes glittered; she knew exactly what was going on in Jessica’s mind. “Also quite religious, and quite married.”

Jessica smiled. “I like a challenge.”

* * *

Arriving home that evening, Kelly found she had a surprise visitor: her cousin Sally Ann, who was sitting in the kitchen chatting with Betty while Betty prepared for a dinner party.

Kissing Sally on the cheek, Kelly sat down across from her and asked, “So what brings you to town, cuz?”

Sally looked down and answered quietly, “Oh, nothing really. Just bored, felt like getting out of town for awhile.”

But the color that flooded into Sally Ann’s cheeks and the look in her eyes told Kelly the real story: Sally had developed an appetite during her last visit, one she had been unable to satisfy at home. It took Kelly only a few seconds to figure out what to do. Taking her cousin by the hand, she said, “Let’s go for a walk.” A walk that just might happen to take them by Sara Valentine’s house.

* * *

It was the end of a long and strange week for Sara, who was sitting on her back porch sipping a glass of red wine. The sun was just dipping below the horizon and she was starting to think about getting in out of the cold when she heard the doorbell ring. At first she ignored it, feeling tired and worried about what new degradation might await her. She had been careful to lock the door this time. But the bell rang again, then again, and finally Sara’s curiosity got the better of her.

Opening the door, the found Kelly Ann Collins accompanied by a girl who was virtually her twin, only a little shorter and a little wider, with big boobs that were well displayed by her tight sweater. Without waiting to be invited, Kelly entered, pulling the other redhead along by one hand.

“This is Ms. Valentine,” said Kelly to Sally. Then to Sara, she said, “This is my cousin Sally Ann.”

“Nice to meet you,” responded Sara, taking Sally’s hand and already feeling her pussy moisten at the possibilities this situation offered.

* * *

Jackie London, meanwhile, had been packing again to go out of town, hoping once more to cure herself of her cheerleader addiction. She was almost ready to go when she got a text from Kat, inquiring what she was up to.

Next thing she knew, Jackie had picked up Kat in her SUV and they were on their way to Sara Valentine’s house. Kat had decided that she wanted to spend some quality time together with her two favorite teachers. And these days Kat usually got what she wanted.

* * *

Kelly wasted no time leading Sally and Sara to the den, whereupon she whispered some instructions in Sara’s ear and left the room. Sara blushed bright red but did not hesitate to do as she had been told. Inviting Sally to have a seat, Sara matter-of-factly stripped off her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties, then sank to her knees. Crawling over to where the redhead sat, Sara helped Sally out of her jeans and pushed her legs apart, noting that her blue-striped white panties were already wet with seepage.

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  1. Jackie and Sara in the same room xoxox possible tables turned where they are dominant perhaps?