Friday, April 12, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 71

As Olivia entered the shop, Claire walked over smiling. “I hoped I might see you again,” she said, hugging Olivia and kissing her on the cheek. “Where’s your friend today?”

“She’s, um, she’s busy,” answered Olivia. “How are you?”

“I’m great!” chirped Claire. “I’m really glad you came in. I was just telling the manager about you. We’re getting ready to launch a new ad campaign for the shop – print and web ads, that sort of thing. I think you’d be just perfect for the photos.”

“Gee,” said Olivia shyly, “I don’t know, I’m not a model or anything.”

“Well, you’re beautiful enough to be one. I think you’d look very natural on camera. We’re shooting this weekend, won’t you come, please?”

Olivia hesitated. “Well, OK, I guess.”

“Awesome!” Claire took Olivia’s number and then, noticing that a line was forming at the register, excused herself and went back to work.

* * *

Late Thursday afternoon Annalise had just returned from her volunteer shift at the local food bank and sat down to watch some TV when there was a knock at the door. Her feet were tired and she had left the door unlocked, so she just said “It’s open,” wondering who might be calling on her; she wasn’t expecting anyone.

The door swung open, and in walked Lexi and Adriana, both in their cheerleader uniforms. “Oh, hi,” said Annalise, coloring slightly as she remembered everything that had happened the last time the three of them were together.

 “Hi there,” answered Lexi, her mouth curling into a smile seemingly of its own accord, as if she were hiding a delicious secret – which, in fact, she was.

The two cheeleaders strolled over and sat down on the couch next to Annalise, Lexi on her left, Ana on her right. They sat very close and Annalise could feel their heat and smell their scent, making the juice start to flow between her legs. But for a few minutes the three of them just sat watching a stupid TV show about so-called “real housewives.”

A commercial came on, and as if just looking for something to do, Lexi took hold of Annalise’s hand and placed it on her knee, which was demurely covered by her uniform skirt. Lexi then guided Annalise’s hand up her thigh and onto her pelvis – it was soft, soft, soft, then suddenly hard. Surprised, Annalise looked down at Lexi’s crotch, from which a visible bulge protruded. Grinning, Lexi lifted her skirt to reveal a long, thick, light blue strap-on.

Ana, meanwhile, had taken Annalise’s other hand and placed it on her naked knee, then run it up underneath her skirt until it rested on the plastic shaft protruding from between her legs. Ana too lifted her skirt, and Annalise saw that her strap-on was identical but pink instead of blue.

Annalise gulped; here she was with a cheerleader on either side and a big imitation cock in either hand. She hadn’t been properly fucked in months and the trickle between her legs was turning into a gushing fountain. She slowly stroked each shaft, feeling excited but confused, unable to make up her mind what to do next. Fortunately Lexi solved that problem, putting her hand on the back of Annalise’s head and guiding it down into her lap.

Annalise licked up and down the shaft, then parted her lips to take the head into her mouth. Holding the back of Annalise’s head, Lexi raised her hips to drive more of the dildo in, taking it just to the point where Annalise started to gag. Annalise lifted her head and looked up at Lexi with big round eyes, docile and submissive. Now Ana reached over and pulled Annalise’s head into her own crotch. Annalise happily played along, licking and sucking the pink strap-on as Ana growled, “That’s right, bitch, take it all.”

Lexi, meanwhile, was rubbing Annalise’s pussy through her jeans with one hand as the other hand reached into the bag she had brought with her and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She gently held Annalise’s hands behind her back as she cuffed them, then pulled off Annalise’s jeans and panties.

Lexi repositioned Annalise so that she was on her knees in front of the couch, lips still wrapped around Ana’s shaft. With one hand Lexi gripped her own strap-on and teased Annalise’s pussy lips with the head. The other hand reached under Ana’s harness and penetrated her with a satisfying squish.

When Lexi slid into Annalise the older woman let out a long, slow, helpless moan. Lexi could tell this was something she’d been needing for a long time. Lexi fucked Annalise for awhile, then the cheerleaders switched places, Lexi pounding into Annalise’s mouth as Ana punished her pussy.

When Ana and Lexi traded places again, Ana pulled off her dildo and spread her legs so Annalise could lick her pussy. Annalise was in a frenzy now, howling in pleasure as Lexi penetrated her, stabbing her tongue up into Ana’s cunt. Then she had a tremendous orgasm and lay still, resting her head on Ana’s powerful thigh.

But the cheerleaders weren’t done with her yet. As soon as Annalise was able to walk – though somewhat unsteadily, leaning on Lexi for support – they led her to the bedroom. There they uncuffed her,  laid her face-up on the bed, and tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Annalise looked up with glassy eyes as Lexi removed her strap-on and Ana put hers back on; soon Ana was putting every ounce of her considerable strength into fucking the older woman senseless as Lexi sat on her face.

When the cheerleaders finally left an hour later, Annalise was sprawled on the bed, hands free but ankles still tied, looking limp, sweaty, and thoroughly satisfied.


  1. I see what you did there about the "real housewives" funny. Also I just want to finally see Claire's manager what she looks like who has been spoiling her. Also I want to see more of Serena with Betty and Samantha. Also Kelly meeting Mimi. I just love your stories so much Miss Adon.

  2. How about this what if Kat and Samantha were competing for Serena's attention in a yoga session or with Kelly and Betty competing for Janice's attention. Winners would be the submissive for their respective lady and losers are tied up and forced to watch and be jealous of the winner. Would be a great chapter to read Miss Adon

  3. Its killing me not
    having one to read
    everyday :(
    Impatiently waiting
    for more chapters.