Saturday, July 31, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 17

Ella was the first to make a move, taking Kat and Kelly Ann – one by each hand – and adourning to a back bedroom. There she allowed the two cheerleaders to undress her and explore her beautiful body with their hands and tongues, but she had more than this in mind. She knew her way around Jessica’s house so it was easy for her to find three pairs of handcuffs, which she used to attach Kat’s right hand to the left bedpost, Kelly’s left hand to the right bedpost, and Kat’s left hand to Kelly’s right.

Ella stood back for a moment to admire her handiwork. She wished she had her camera on her to record this wonderful sight, but she didn’t, so she did her best to fix it in her mind: two naked teenagers, bound for her pleasure. Then she walked over and sprawled herself across the two girls diagonally; tall as she was, she was able to do a sort of crossways 69, tasting Kelly’s red-haired pussy as her legs straddled Kat’s head. They went at it this way for a while then switched around, Kelly lapping away at Ella as the blond housewife pleasured the blond cheerleader.

Finally Ella stood up again and stood looking down at the two girls, straightening and arranging her disheveled hair. “Wow,” she said. “Wow.” And with that she went to refill her wine glass, leaving Kelly and Kat alone.

“It’s kinda weird knowing my mom is out there,” said Kelly.

“Yeah, kinda weird,” agreed Kat. “But kinda hot, too.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah! I mean, I don’t want to fuck my own mom,” said Kat, smiling devilishly. “But I’d love to fuck yours.”


“Well, I’m sorry, she's beautiful! What, you don’t think my mom is sexy?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” admitted Kelly.

“Well then,” said Kat. “Let’s just see what happens.”

* * *

On her way to the kitchen Ella walked through the living room, where Jessica was fucking Janice doggy-style with the enormous dildo. Janice was sweating profusely, holding on for dear life, shouting every dirty word in the book as Jessica hammered into her. In the kitchen, Marie was splayed out naked on the kitchen table, covered in chocolate that Jackie London was in the process of licking off her. Ella paused to take a taste off one of Marie’s breasts, refilled her wine, and helped herself to the bowl of warm chocolate that Marie had heated up in the microwave.

Walking back through the living room Ella nearly stumbled over Adriana, whom she hadn’t even noticed the first time. Ana was still trussed up in that same awkward position, watching Jessica give it to Janice. Ella felt sorry for the girl, and was eager to have a go at her anyway, but Jessica’s instructions had been very clear. So she left Ana as she was and returned to her two cheerleaders. She ran lines of chocolate up and down Kat and Kelly with her finger, paying special attention to the strategic locations of course, and went slowly about the process of cleaning them off. Then she uncuffed one of Kelly’s hands so the girls could lick each other as well.

When they were completely clean, and had come a couple more times for good measure, Kelly asked to be excused so she could go to the bathroom. Ella obligingly uncuffed her and she ran hurriedly to pee; she had been holding it in for a long time.

As she was walking back Kelly noticed that a door to one of the bedrooms was ajar and peeked in. What she saw amazed her: there was her mother on her hands and knees on the bed, her face nestled between Samantha Bowman’s legs as Olivia fucked her with a face-dildo from behind. It felt wrong to watch, but Kelly couldn’t tear herself away; she spied there from shadows for a few minutes until Samantha suddenly opened her eyes and looked right at Kelly. A look passed between them, a look that Kelly knew meant something, though she couldn’t say exactly what; then Samantha pulled Kelly’s mother’s head tighter against her crotch and threw her head back in ecstasy. Kelly walked away feeling shaky on her legs, like a young deer.

When Kelly came back into the room Kat had turned the tables on Ella, who was on her stomach with her hands cuffed behind her back and one long leg cuffed to each bedpost, spreading her wide. “Where’s Olivia?” Kat asked Kelly. “I wanna see Ella eat her pussy.”

“Um, she’s kinda busy, I guess,” answered Kelly.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw her in the other bedroom with our moms.”

“,” said Kat. A quick succession of very exciting images flashed through her consciousness.

“Hey Ella,” said Kat. “You ever fuck Kelly’s mom?”

“Of course,” answered Ella. “Many times.”

“What’s she like?”

“Delicious, of course,” said Ella, licking her lips lasciviously. “I guess it runs in the family.”

“You hear that, Kelly? Ella is a motherfucker. Should we punish her for that?”

After fishing around for a bit Kat located a leather flogger, which she handed over to Kelly. Then Kat climbed onto the bed and pushed her pussy into Ella’s face as Kelly Ann flogged the older woman’s ass and thighs. Ella wasn’t complaining; this was the best time she’d had in months, maybe years. After the punishment, Kat decided that Ella could use a good fucking, but couldn’t find a strap-on in the bedroom. She headed toward the living room to look for one, but on the way she passed the same doorway Kelly had and stopped to look in.

Kat’s mother was the center of attention now; Olivia was pounding her with the face-dildo as Betty Ann sat on her face. Kat was riveted by the sight, getting a good look at her mother’s naked body for the first time in quite a while. She was holding up very well, thought Kat; she hoped she looked that good at her mother’s age. Betty Ann had a great body, too; in fact her breasts were a little bigger than Kelly’s, and they bobbed up and down nicely as she fucked Samantha’s face. Kat couldn’t wait to get a go at Kelly’s mom, and just at that moment Betty Ann looked up, saw Kat in the doorway, and smiled at her. It was a smile Kat had seen many times before, but it had a different meaning now. Betty Ann raised one finger and beckoned for Kat to come closer.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 16

For a moment the mothers just stood watching, fascinated, as Kelly sucked on Kat’s nipples. Then Kelly saw them out of the corner of her eye. She released Kat’s breast from her mouth and whispered, Oh, good, God.

Upon looking up and seeing her mother standing there, Kat had the urge to flee, to run out to the pool, jump the fence, and just keep running, naked or not. But there was no point; they were busted, plain and simple. Kelly Ann, for her part, had no choice since was still tied up.

It was very, very quiet for a moment as everyone calculated what was going to happen here. It was Samantha Bowman, Kats mother, who finally broke the silence. Dont let us interrupt you, girls. That pot smells delicious. Is there any for us?

* * *

It would be a while before Kelly got to talk to her mother alone, but when she did, this is what Betty Ann told her: “Sam and I have been lovers for a long time, since you girls were little. Both of our husbands work a lot, and small-town life can be boring, you know...once you guys were old enough to go to school, we started having a little girl time during the day now and then. A few years ago we met Jessica and we all like to hang out together once in a while. Its not some huge shame, you know. Your dad knows and has no problem with long as I tell him the stories.”

“Youre not going to tell him about me, are you?” asked Kelly.

“I think I’ll leave that up to you, sweetheart. But as far as Im concerned youre old enough to do as you please. All I want is for you to be happy and safe, and at least this way I know you wont get pregnant.”

* * *

“So what did my Kelly do wrong?” Betty asked Jessica.

“Oh, nothing major. I think shes been punished enough if you want to untie her.”

Betty did so and Kelly, mortified, now had a red face to match her red ass. But Betty very maternally took Kelly in her arms and held her while smoothing her hair with one hand. “My poor little girl.”

Kat avoided her mothers eyes; she had never felt more naked than she did at this very moment. Samantha, as the mother of a teenager, knew when to leave well enough alone. Instead she chatted up Olivia, who gamely tried to carry on a civil conversation despite the dominatrix outfit Marie had put her in. Samantha did, however, cast a few sideways glances at Kat; she hadnt seen her daughter naked for several years, and couldnt help but feel proud about what her genes had created.

Jessica asked Marie to put on some music to dispel the tension that had crept into the room. Marie chose an album by the French band Air, which was both soothing and funky. This immediately got some of the ladies dancing, and soon the party atmosphere was back. In truth neither Betty nor Sam had any problem with their daughters indulging in a little all-girl fun. The only complicating factor was the presence of Jackie, who technically was violating about a thousand school rules by being here. But soon it became clear that no one was going to make any unnecessary trouble.

Jessica was still worried, though. Putting the mothers and daughters together like this had been a risk; it might have been a mistake. But something about the idea of it excited her so much that she couldn't resist. Not that she wanted to encourage incest; that was not her idea here. She did have some limits. There was something about just seeing them together, the two generations of women separated by twenty years and not much else, that touched Jessica in a very deep way. Her relationship with her own mother had been tempestuous at best...but she never liked to get into psychological explanations of the things that turned her on. It was enough that they did.

* * *

The last to arrive was Adriana, a good hour and a quarter late and dressed for action in tall boots, thigh-high stockings, a micromini skirt that showed off her wonderful ass, and a lace top that was more or less a bra. A big part of the reason she was late was that she had spent an hour and a half trying on different outfits before settling on this one; but she would not be wearing it for long.

Jessica looked at her sternly. “You must be Adriana.”

“And youre Jessica, right?”

“The girls told you about me, I assume.”

“Thats right.”

“Did they mention how I feel about punctuality? About how disrespectful it is to waste other peoples time?”

Adriana was nonplussed. This was not the welcome she had expected; it was a party after all, who showed up on time? She didnt know what to say, and it wouldnt have mattered anyway; Jessica had already made up her mind what was going to happen here.

Jessica nodded to Marie, who knew instinctively what her mistress wanted. Together they quickly stripped Adriana to nothing but her stockings, showing absolutely no concern for her clearly expensive clothes, and put the ball gag in her mouth. Then they bent her over a small table on her stomach with her breasts hanging over one side. Marie lashed Anas wrists to the legs of the table with silk cords; Jessica wrapped lengths of rope around each of her ankles and tied them off to anchors on opposite sides of the room, so that her legs were slightly raised, suspended in the air, and spread apart absolutely as far as they would go.

Adrianas pussy, as everyone in the room could now clearly see, was shaved completely bare. This was not a widespread (so to speak) fashion in this somewhat backward little town, and struck some of the women present as exotic. More than one of them looked forward to finding out what it felt like on their tongue.

As she had the night before, Adriana found herself simply submitting without really knowing why. Something hypnotic in Jessicas eyes sapped her will to resist, and now here she was — bound, helpless, and totally exposed to a room full of women, some of whom she didnt even know. Marie clipped a pair of nipple clamps to Anas hardening nubs; they had a weight in the middle that pulled them down toward the floor, extending her nipples and causing her already ample breasts to hang down even further.

Jessica picked up the tawse and stood for a moment savoring the feeling of its weight in her hands. Then she began to wave it in the air for Ana’s benefit; the whooshing sounded very loud in the quiet room and Ana’s eyes widened in apprehension. Jessica hadnt yet gotten to use the tawse herself, and she was going to take her time and enjoy herself.

No one moved a muscle as Jessica began to punish Adriana. It was almost like a dance the way she did it; Jessica was an artist with instruments of discipline. A carefully calculated slap of the tawse on Adriana’s naked flesh, then a pause that lasted just long enough for her to start to think the punishment might be over. Then another, maybe in the same place, maybe somewhere different; Ana was continually guessing where the next sting was going to come. Jessica punished the girl’s ass, her breasts, her tummy, and her calves, then started working up her thighs – slowly, slowly, listening to Ana exhale after each blow. Then five quick taps directly on her pussy, a mixture of pain and pleasure that made Anas eyes roll back in her head. This time it was over for real, and though Ana was relieved, she was also a little disappointed.

But Jessica had more in store for her. She had another new toy that shed just acquired and hadn’t gotten to test out. It was a special strap-on that was actually a kind of adapter; it came with a selection of different-sized dildos that you could attach to it. Making sure to stand in Ana’s line of sight, Jessica pulled on the adapter part and adjusted it a bit so that it fit her body. Then she opened the case that contained the dildos and began to try them on, starting with the smallest. One by one she slipped on and then discarded six increasingly large plastic cocks until she got to the biggest one, a true monster at least a foot long and proportionately thick with an even thicker head. She watched Ana’s expression change with each one, until now it was just this side of panic.

“Janice, would you warm it up for her?” Jessica asked. Happy to get involved, Janice knelt in front of Jessica and started running her tongue up and down the massive shaft, now just inches from Anas face. Opening her mouth as wide as it would go, she engulfed the head and tried to suck down as much of it as she could. Janice was a talented deep-throater, but she was no match for this giants girth. She got maybe half of it down before she started to gag. Then she stepped back into the crowd to watch, hoping the poor girl wouldn’t get torn apart.

Moving back behind Ana, Jessica reached down and ran a finger between Ana’s juice-slick pussy lips. She was nice and wet, and that would definitely help. Jessica pried Ana’s labia apart and eased just the very tip of the dildo inside. There are no words for the sound that came out of Adriana at that moment, but it resonated deep within the hearts and privates of every woman in the room.

Jessica gently slid in a little more, pulled out a little, went in a little deeper. She had done this maybe a dozen times when she felt Ana’s body spasm with a mighty orgasm. A deeply annoyed look crossed Jessica’s face. She pulled out and walked around to lift Adriana’s chin with her hand. “Did I give you permission to come?” No response from Ana. Jessica slapped her across the cheek, not too hard, but enough to send a message. “Did I?” Ana shook her head no.

“No one touches her till I say the word,” said Jessica, looking around the room to make sure she was understood. Then her stern look changed to a happy one. “OK, then. Let’s get this party started.”


Friday, July 23, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 15

Marie offered Janice a drink, which she eagerly accepted and sat down to watch Kat punish Kelly Ann with the tawse. The sight of the beautiful, naked blonde spanking her friend made Janice immediately hot, and part of her wanted to dive right in; but there was plenty of time, and anyway there was something pure in this moment that she didn’t want to disturb.

Kelly moaned through her gag as Kat let her have it, going a little harder than Kelly had. When it was over Kelly waited for someone to untie her, but no one made a move. She moaned through the gag to try to get someone’s attention, but she was completely ignored as Kat walked over and sat on Janice’s lap. Janice looked at her respectfully. Remind me never to piss you off.” She slid a hand between the girl’s legs; Kat was wet and greasy. Janice eased two fingers inside her and they shared a long, sensuous kiss. Suddenly a though occurred to Janice. Hey, it’s Friday,” she asked Kat. Why aren’t you guys at the game?”

Bye week,” gasped Kat as Janice’s fingertip brushed her clit.

The doorbell rang again; this time it was a tall woman with long, straight light-brown hair. Even in a room full of beautiful women, Ella immediately stood out; she was in her early 40s but still stunning. In her former life she had been a model, dated rock stars, the whole nine yards; but after getting married and having children she had started looking for a quiet place to settle down. That was how she had ended up here, in her husband’s old hometown that he’d left when he was 17. Ella’s husband was an extremely wealthy man and one of the town’s more prominent citizens. This kept him busy, and left her numerous opportunities to hang out at Jessica’s, where the decadent atmosphere reminded her of all the things she’d liked about the life she left behind.

Seeing the bound and naked Kelly, she ran a hand gently down the girl’s marked red ass. Mmm, exquisite,” she purred. Turning to Jessica she asked, So this is one of our special guests?”

Ella, meet Kelly Ann.”

A pleasure to meet you,” said Ella.

Silence from Kelly. Say hello, Kelly,” ordered Jessica. Kelly said hello as best she could through the ball gag. And this is Katrina – excuse me, Kat.”

Charmed, I’m sure.” Jessica extended her hand to Kat, who took it in her own and impulsively kissed it.

The pleasure is all mine,” answered Kat. She thought that she had never seen such an exquisite creature in all her life. She was too young to remember Ella’s modeling career, but she could see that the older woman was proportioned like a model, tall and thin with small but flawlessly formed breasts. Kat licked her lips, hoping that she and Ella would get to know each other better, and soon.

Ella had a seat next to Janice, and soon Kat had wriggled over to lie naked across both their laps. Marie brought out a bottle of champagne and she and Janice toasted each other, toasted their hostess, toasted Marie and poor Kelly Ann, toasted the lovely creature who had draped herself across them. Soon both of them were toasted as well. Kat leaned up to kiss Ella’s elegant, swan-like neck and then began working her way down, as Ella’s hand joined Janice’s in exploring Kat’s nether regions.

The next to arrive was Olivia, who took in the scene before her with cool aplomb. “What did she do?” she asked, pointing to Kelly.

Let’s just say she has kind of a big mouth sometimes,” answered Kat.

Olivia nodded. Jessica picked up the tawse and offered it to her. Would you like to get in a few licks?”

Hmm, I really shouldnt...” said Olivia. I mean, Kelly’s a really nice girl. I don't have anything against her.”

Surely shes done something sometime that pissed you off.”

No, shes a total sweetheart...wait, she did once flirt with this guy I had my eye on at a party. I wasnt too happy about that.”

Well then.” Olivia took the spanker from Jessica and weighed it in her hand.

Wait, wait,” said Marie. She needs to look the part.”

“Oh, good idea,” agreed Jessica. Marie took Olivia into the back and when they returned, the Asian cheerleader was wearing a studded leather collar, long leather gloves, fishnet stockings, leather boots and garters that led to a leather corset around her waist. Her breasts were naked and her black pubic hair was clearly visible beneath the fishnets. Much better,” said Jessica.

Feeling very theatrical in this outfit, Olivia ran the tawse across Kelly Ann’s cheek, then leaned down to kiss the same spot. While she was there she whispered, Sorry, Kelly” into her friend’s ear.

Kelly’s ass looked like it had been punished enough, so Olivia looked around for another target. She couldn’t help but notice Kelly’s enormous breasts, which were hanging down slightly from this angle. Measuring her blow carefully, Olivia brought the tawse down on Kelly’s left nipple. The redhead let out a squeaky little yelp that told Olivia that it hurt a little, but felt kind of good too. Olivia spanked the other breast in turn, then laid four more blows on each one and felt satisfied with her work.

Anyone else?” asked Jessica. Janice couldn’t resist this opportunity; she reluctantly disentangled herself from Kat and stood up. Taking the tawse from Olivia, she put one foot between Kelly’s and moved the redhead’s feet apart, so that her legs were spread and she was balancing at an awkward angle. Janice repeatedly whipped Kelly’s inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her crotch each time, then stopped and rubbed the tawse lightly across Kelly’s pussy. Kelly moaned appreciatively, having gotten quite excited during all this without being able to to anything about it.

Don’t let her come,” cautioned Jessica. Shes been a very, very bad girl.”

Alright,” said Janice. She tapped the surface of the tawse once, just very lightly, against Kellys clit. That in itself was almost enough to send Kelly over the edge – almost, but not quite. She whined in frustration as Janice moved away.

Jessica felt a pang of guilt. Kelly didn’t really deserve all this – but oh, how delightful it was to punish her. Its always better to punish a nice girl, she thought; they suffer so sweetly. And later...later Kelly would come like she’d never come before; Jessica would make sure of that.

The next to arrive was Jackie London, who felt a sharp pang of jealousy at seeing Kat curled up naked in Ella’s lap. She stopped for a moment to have a talk with herself: Don’t be possessive. Live in the moment and let things happen as they will. Just then Ella pulled her fingers from Kat’s pussy and tasted one, then fed the other to Kat. Jackie sighed; this woman, whoever she was, was spectacular. She took a deep breath and headed to the kitchen to refrigerate the Prosecco she’d brought with her.

“So who else are we expecting?” asked Janice.

“Well, there’s B.A. and Sam, and...Kat, what about that new girl you were telling me about? What was her name?”

“Adriana. She’s supposed to be coming. She has a tendency to run a little late.”

“This is going to be a lot of fun,” opined Ella, running one hand down Kat’s smooth, rounded flank.

“Hey,” said Marie in her breathy, sexy voice. “Hey, does anyone have any herb?”

“Funny you should mention that,” said Ella. “I happen to have just acquired some really superior stuff from Northern California.” She reached for her purse and pulled out an enormous, expertly rolled joint which she handed to Marie. Marie sparked it and took a long, deep puff, coughing and exhaling an impressive cloud of smoke. The joint made its way down the line to Jessica, Janice, Olivia, Jackie, and finally Ella, who sucked in a large lungful and leaned down to put her lips to Kat’s, exhaling into the cheerleader’s mouth.

Kat stood and walked over to Kelly, pulling the gag off her and letting it dangle around her neck. Imitating Ella, she breathed in a hit from the joint and leaned down to give it to Kelly mouth-to-mouth. They shared a lingering, smoky kiss with lots of tongue. When Kelly finally breathed out what was left of the smoke, Kat stayed close and let Kelly suck her breasts. Just then the doorbell rang.

Olivia answered it and returned followed by two women, a blonde and a redhead, both in their late 30s/early 40s. There was a sharp intake of breath from Jackie, who glanced over at Kelly, obliviously sucking away at Kat, who had her eyes closed in bliss. Olivia might not have recognized these two right away, but Jackie did: They were Betty Ann Collins and Samantha Bowman, Kelly and Kat’s mothers.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 14

Toward evening on Friday, Jessica sat alone by the pool with her first cocktail of the night. She was anxious to get things underway; she had a lot of big plans for this weekend. The time was now, she thought. The whole situation with the cheerleaders seemed too complicated to last long, especially in light of what Kelly had told her about Kat and her lack of discretion. Young women could be awfully unpredictable, and this was one reason why Jessica usually stayed away from them, Marie notwithstanding. Still, these girls were all so sweet and nubile and this point, Jessica found it hard to imagine living without them.

When Marie finally appeared with Kelly and Kat in tow, Jessica sat the girls down and made a serious face. “Kat, Kelly has been telling me some stories about you. Are they true?”

“Well....” Kat’s red face told the whole story.

“Yeah, I thought so. Sweetheart, you need to be careful out there. The reason I’ve been getting away with the things I get away with for so long is that I use discretion. It’s not only yourself you’re putting at risk, do you understand?” Kat nodded guiltily. “Good, now I think some sort of punishment is in order, don’t you?”

Kat agreed, and Kelly felt very pleased. She hadn’t forgotten what is was like to have Kat watch her be punished, and the opportunity for turnabout was most welcome.

Jessica led them to the living room, where she had Kat strip down to just her socks, which were long, sexy, blue-and-yellow ones. Then she put a ball-gag in Kat’s mouth and tied her arms so that she was slightly bent over with her ass sticking out.

With the victim securely in place, Jessica disappeared for a moment and returned carrying a cardboard box. She had ordered a special new item for just this occasion, even paying extra for expedited shipping. It was called a “tawse,” a leather spanking tool with its “slapper end split in two, giving the implement its distinctive sting, according to the web site. She unwrapped the new item and handed it to Kelly Ann. Would you like to do the honors? she asked. You showed some aptitude for this the other day.

This development took both cheerleaders by surprise, and while Kat wasnt too happy about it, there was nothing she could do about it now. Kelly, on the other hand, was overjoyed. She had always had something of a friendly rivalry with Katrina, and she wasnt thrilled that Kat was proving to be just as much a favorite in the lesbian world as she had been with boys. It would be nice to dole her out a little punishment.

Kelly slapped the tawse gently in her palm to see what it felt like. It had a sting in its tail, alright. She approached Kat just as Marie appeared in the doorway, not wanting to miss this spectacle. When Kelly Ann gave Kat what seemed like a nice, moderate slap with the tawse, her whole body stiffened and she let out a high-pitched yelp. Taking her time, waving the tawse in the air between blows, Kelly gave her friend what she thought was the punishment she deserved. Kats ass was nice and red, striped with the pattern of the tawse, but not too badly damaged.

When she was done, she looked over at Jessica. After releasing Kat, Jessica stood with the gag in her hand and looked at Kelly. Now, Kelly Ann, we need to talk about your behavior here as well.

Kelly gulped. What do you mean?

Nobody likes a tattletale, Kelly. What you did might have been worse than what Kat did. Now come over here.

Kelly reluctantly obeyed. Jessica was right, of course; she had taken a little too much pleasure in snitching on her friend. Jessica stripped and gagged Kelly, tied her in exactly the same position Kat had been in, and handed the tawse to Kat.

Just then the doorbell rang, and Marie went to answer it. She returned with Janice just as Kats first blow landed on Kellys ass. Janice grinned at the sight of one naked cheerleader whipping another one. So it's going to be that kind of party, is it?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 13

Kat led Adriana up the stairs to Jackie’s bedroom, where Jackie was laying face-down on the bed. She was naked, gagged, and blindfolded, with all four limbs tied tightly to the corners of the bed.

“What the hell?” said Adriana.

Kat flashed an evil smile. “Here’s your chance, Ana. To get her back for all the crap she’s given you over the years.”

“I don’t know what this is all about, but....” Ana started inching toward the door.

“Oh, come on, Ana. I’ll start for you.” She walked quickly over to the bed and brought her hand down on Jackie’s ass; there was a loud slapping sound and a groan from the gagged woman. “She’s not going to tell anybody, how could she?”


Kat spanked the other cheek. Ana came closer, feeling a strange attraction. With some encouragement from Kat she finally reached out and gave Jackie’s rear a gentle tap.

“No, Ana, like this.” Another hard slap from Kat’s soft hand.

Soon Ana had gotten fully into it, pouring out all her frustrations on Jackie’s poor red ass. When she finally paused, Kat asked “Now didn’t that feel good?” and Ana nodded.

Kat pulled off Jackie’s blindfold. She had tears in the corners of her eyes, and for a minute Kat almost felt guilty. But she knew it was going to be worth Jackie’s while in the end.

“You know what would really drive her crazy? Show her your body. You know she’s a dyke, right? She’s always had the hots for you, you know that, right? That’s why she always hassles you, she’s overcompensating.”

Adriana was not at all sure about this idea, but before she could even answer Kat was pulling her clothes off, and for whatever reason Ana just let her do it. She did truly have a magnificent body: big, firm breasts, smooth mocha skin, and the amazing ass that she was famous for. Kat upped the ante. “You know what would just kill her? Let me eat your pussy.”

Ana did a double-take; had Kat really just said that? Until very recently, this person had been a somewhat shy girl named Katrina. Apparently this was a different individual she was dealing with.

Ana had never had sex with a girl before, but she had certainly thought about it. And she too had been sexually deprived of late; she had to admit that at the moment the idea rather appealed. Ana nodded, and Kat sat her down in a chair that would be directly in Jackie’s line of sight.

Adriana did taste different, and she tasted especially sweet to Kat after all the trouble she’d gone to to make this happen. Every part of her plan had fallen into place, and she feasted on Ana feeling completely deserving of her reward.

Kat was getting pretty good at this now, and she gave Ana two seismic orgasms before coming up for air. The intense pleasure and release of tension had changed Ana’s whole attitude. She didn’t take much convincing to go along with Kat’s next idea, which involved two strap-ons, one of which Kat had borrowed from Jessica that afternoon for this very purpose.

They untied and ungagged Jackie, who was completely docile and compliant. There was a dynamic at work here that Kat had recently figured out and started to exploit: Jackie was so intoxicated with Kat that she would do pretty much anything Kat told her to do.

Kat positioned Jackie on her hands and knees and turned to Ana. “Which end would you like?”

Ana chose the mouth, so she could see the look on Jackie’s face, and the two cheerleaders set about fucking their coach from both ends. After a while they switched places, then switched back again. Kat was in seventh heaven; this was working out even better than she had planned. She felt completely in charge of things, and it excited her in a deep-seated way.

After removing Adriana’s strap-on, Kat rolled Jackie over on her back and encouraged Ana to sit on the teacher’s face. Kat stroked her clit as she watched the dark-skinned beauty lower her pussy onto Jackie’s waiting tongue. “That’s it,” encouraged Kat. “Grind it on her. Smother her in that big ass of yours.” Hearing Kat talk dirty that way excited Ana, who soon had a massive orgasm all over Jackie’s face, rubbing her clit on the teacher’s nose. Jackie didn’t let up, though; she wrapped one arm around Ana’s ample butt and tried to get up inside her ever deeper.

Kat walked over to them, picking up the belt she’d used to bind Jackie’s hands that morning. Taking one end in each hand, Kat wrapped the middle of the belt around Ana’s neck and began to slowly pull her head down into Jackie’s crotch. Ana was not yet sold on the idea of eating pussy, but she didn’t resist too hard, either. She was stronger than Kat and could easily have stopped it from happening, but something in Kat’s eyes made it impossible to deny her anything in this moment.

Kat watched closely, wanting to be a witness to Ana’s first taste of another woman. Ana stuck her tongue out tentatively and touched it to Jackie’s clit; the teacher’s thighs quaked and a muffled moan came from between Ana’s legs. “Come on, Ana,” said Kat. “Stick your tongue inside her.” Ana obeyed; there was another muffled moan and Jackie wrapped one leg around Ana’s head to pull her closer. Kat looped the belt around Ana’s neck and Jackie’s leg and cinched it, leaving it just loose enough for Ana’s head to stay where it was. Then she walked around to the other side and used her strap-on to fuck Ana’s pussy, Jackie’s mouth, then Ana’s pussy again, and back and forth until both women were reduced to quivering, cum-soaked wrecks.

Only then did Kat take off her strap-on and sit down at the dresser to wait for her victims to come to their senses. But she wasn’t quite finished with them yet; at her request, they went down on her together, and Jackie coached newbie Adriana on some of the finer points of pleasing a woman. Kat alternated between looking down at them and watching the whole thing in the mirror, thinking herself the happiest girl in the world.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 12

Walking though the hallway between classes, Kat saw Adriana and was struck by a painful pang of lust. Ana was wearing painted-on jeans and a top that really tested the schools dress code, and she had such a sexy sway to her walk. She wondered what Ana would taste like; would it be different from the white and Asian girls she had been with so far? She needed to find out, but how to go about seducing her? How did guys do it? She couldn’t just ask Adriana to the movies and make a move on her in a darkened theater. She needed a plan.

* * *

In cheerleading practice that day, Ms. London was sharply critical of Adriana on several occasions. They had always had a contentious relationship, because Ana thought very highly of herself and sometimes did not work very hard at learning the routines or being on time for practice. She also did not take criticism well, and on this particular day Ms. London was really riding her. At one point Ana almost quit the squad right there and then, and after that Jackie went easier, but she still had a couple of pointed comments about what Ana – and the rest of the girls, for that matter – thought were very minor mistakes.

Afterwards, Kat stuck around until everyone else had left, not failing to sneak a few surreptitious glances at Ana as she changed. Then she went to Jackie London’s office, where Jackie was standing at the printer trying to get a piece of paper unstuck.

“You did a great job, Kat told her. “Actually you might have overdone it a little. But it made me hot watching you piss her off. Come here, I have a reward for you.” Sitting down on Jackie's chair, she lifted her skirt and spread her legs; she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Kelly Ann, meanwhile, had gotten halfway home and then remembered she was supposed to invite Jackie to Jessica’s party on Friday. She couldn’t tolerate the thought of disappointing Jessica, so she walked back to school only to find the door to Jackie’s office closed. She could see that the light was on, though, so she knocked on the door on the off chance Jackie was still in there.

“Who is it?” a voice asked sweetly. It wasn’t Jackie London's voice, though. It was...Kat’s?


“Kelly Ann Collins!” said the voice. “Well come on in!” Then she said something else that Kelly couldn’t quite make out; this was her murmuring “Back to work, you,” and pushing Jackie’s head back down between her legs.

Kelly opened the door and walked in. There was Kat, sitting behind Jackie’s desk with a Cheshire cat grin.

“Where’s Ms. L?”

Kat pointed down at the desk. Walking around to a different angle, Kelly could see that the cheerleading coach was on her knees under the desk, her face buried in Kat’s crotch.

“Jesus,” said Kelly, and immediately closed and locked the door. Her adrenalin started pumping hard. This was so dangerous, but so hot. What should she do? She strained her ears for any sign of activity nearby; the cheerleaders were all gone, and the custodian wouldn’t come until later. 

“Come here, Kelly,” said Kat, patting the surface of the desk. Kelly couldn’t help herself. She splayed out on the surface of the spacious desk and lifted her skirt for Kat, who immediately pulled Kelly Ann’s panties aside and began to lick her as her juices dripped on their teacher’s desk.

* * *

Once Kelly Ann finally went home, not failing this time to convey Jessica’s invitation, Kat embarked on the next stage of her plan. She texted Adriana that there was an emergency squad meeting at Ms. London’s house that evening. This was not unprecedented, and given what had happened that day, might not have been a bad idea. But when Ana arrived for the meeting, she found only Kat waiting for her.

“Where is everybody?” Ana asked.

“The other girls are coming later. But right now, come with me. There’s something I want to show you.”