Thursday, July 22, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 14

It was getting toward evening on Friday, and Jessica sat alone by the pool with her first cocktail of the night. She was anxious to get things underway; she had a lot of big plans for the weekend. 

The time was now, she thought. This whole situation with the cheerleaders seemed too fraught to last long, especially in light of what Kelly had told her about Kat and her lack of discretion. Young women could be awfully unpredictable, and this was one reason why Jessica usually stayed away from them, Marie notwithstanding. 

Still, these girls were all so sweet and nubile and delectable... at this point, Jessica found it hard to imagine living without them. For as long as this door was open, she intended to make the most of it.

* * *

Kelly and Kat had agreed to meet to walk over to Jessica’s together. Kat was, rather predictably, late, and Kelly was momentarily annoyed with her; but she was in a sunny, ebullient mood that made it hard for Kelly to stay mad. She also looked smoking hot in a short plaid skirt and clingy, revealing crop top. She was carrying a cardigan sweater, anticipating that the evening would turn cool, but didn’t need it yet..

By coincidence Kelly was also wearing a plaid skirt, but longer than Kat’s and checked with green and yellow rather than red and black. Up top she had on a skintight turtleneck that showed off her firm young boobs, her nipples clearly visible under the taut fabric.

There had been a strange moment at the Collins house earlier, when Kelly and her mother had both been getting ready to go out for the evening (her father was out of town). When Betty had asked Kelly where she was headed, Kelly was evasive; and when Kelly inquired as to where her mother was off to, Betty was equally vague. Neither of them pursued it any further; both seemed quite content to leave their real plans a mystery.

As they walked Kat related to Kelly, in graphic detail, the story of her afternoon rendezvous with Ana and Jackie London. Kelly listened with one eyebrow raised, surprised but also excited by what she was hearing. By the time they arrived at Jessica’s, she was squishy wet between the legs and eager to see what the night might hold for them.

* * *

Jessica had just finished her martini when Marie appeared with Kelly and Kat in tow. Remembering her promise to Kelly, Jessica sat the girls down and made a serious face. “Kat, Kelly has been telling me some stories about you.” She gave a brief summary of some of the alleged indiscretions. “Are they true?”

“Well....” Kat’s red face told the whole story.

“Yeah, I thought so. Sweetheart, you need to be careful out there. The reason I’ve been getting away with the things I get away with for so long is that I use discretion. It’s not only yourself you’re putting at risk, do you understand?” Kat nodded guiltily. “Good, now I think some sort of punishment is in order, don’t you?”

Kat reluctantly agreed, and Kelly felt very pleased. She hadn’t forgotten what is was like to have Kat watch her be punished, and the opportunity for turnabout was most welcome.

Jessica led them to the living room, where she had Kat strip down to just her socks, which were long, sexy, blue-and-yellow ones. Then she put a ball-gag in Kat’s mouth and tied her arms so that she was slightly bent over with her ass sticking out.

With the victim securely in place, Jessica disappeared for a moment and returned carrying a cardboard box. She had ordered a special new item for just this occasion, even paying extra for expedited shipping. It was called a “tawse,” a leather spanking tool with its “slapper end split in two, giving the implement its distinctive sting, according to the website. 

Jessica unwrapped the new item and handed it to Kelly Ann. Would you like to do the honors? she asked. You showed some aptitude for this the other day.

This development took both cheerleaders by surprise, and while Kat wasnt too happy about it, there was nothing she could do about it now. Kelly, on the other hand, was overjoyed. She had always been a little jealous of Katrina, and she wasnt entirely thrilled that Kat was proving to be just as much a favorite in the lesbian world as she had been with boys. It would be nice to dole her out a little punishment.

Kelly slapped the tawse gently in her palm to see what it felt like. It had a sting in its tail, alright. She approached Kat just as Marie appeared in the doorway, not wanting to miss this spectacle. When Kelly Ann gave Kat what seemed like a nice, moderate slap with the tawse, her whole body stiffened and she let out a high-pitched yelp. Taking her time, waving the tawse in the air between blows, Kelly gave her friend what she thought was the punishment she deserved. When she was done Kats ass was nice and red, striped with the pattern of the tawse, but not too badly damaged.

Kelly looked over at Jessica, who nodded her approval and moved to untie Kat. Afterward Jessica stood with the gag in her hand and looked over at Kelly. Now, Kelly Ann, we need to talk about your behavior here as well.

Kelly gulped. What do you mean?

Nobody likes a tattletale, Kelly. What you did might have been worse than what Kat did. Now come over here.

Kelly reluctantly obeyed. Jessica was right, of course; she had taken a little too much pleasure in snitching on her friend. Jessica stripped and gagged Kelly, tied her in exactly the same position Kat had been in, and handed the tawse to Kat.

Just then the doorbell rang, and Marie went to answer it. She returned with Janice just as Kats first blow landed on Kellys ass. Janice grinned at the sight of one naked cheerleader whipping another one. So it’s going to be that kind of party, is it?



  1. Any chance that some moms get involved? Great story.

  2. I agree. Get some moms involved; perhaps one of them can be a BBW.