Friday, March 26, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 3

It was quite late by the time Kelly Ann and Olivia dressed to go home, looking a little wobbly on their legs with goofy, satisfied smiled on their faces. Jessica wrote out a check and handed it to Kelly, saying “Obviously I can’t keep writing you a check every day. But anytime you feel like dropping by, either one of you, you’ll be welcome. Isn’t that right, Marie?”

Marie licked her lips, which were still well-coated with pussy juice. “Oui.”

Kelly and Olivia walked together for two blocks, whereupon their paths diverged. They hugged briefly, feeling suddenly awkward, and went their separate ways.

Walking in her front door, Kelly Ann tried to sneak upstairs to the shower without anyone noticing her, afraid that the smell of sex on her was unmistakable. She was almost at the top of the stairs when she heard her mom call “Kelly?”

“Yeah, Mom.” Kelly stood at the top of the stairs looking down at her mom, who had come to stand at the bottom. People always said they looked alike. Kelly’s mom was older, of course, but she was still a very good-looking woman.

“Where have you been?”

“I was out fundraising for the squad. I got to talking to this nice lady, and time just slipped away, I guess.”

“You’ve been out a lot lately. Are you keeping up with your homework?”

Kelly Ann wrinkled up her face in a classic teenage expression. “Yes, mother. I’ve got it all under control.”

“Well, OK, then,” said her mom. “I know you’re busy, sweetheart. Let’s go shopping this weekend, just the two of us, alright?”

“Sure, mom,” answered Kelly, relieved that at no point in the conversation had her mother come within smelling distance. She showered quickly and crawled into bed with her chemistry book. Truth to tell, she had been neglecting her schoolwork somewhat. She tried very hard to concentrate on the text, but kept getting distracted by thoughts of Jessica, of Olivia, of Marie, of the things they’d all done together. What did this mean for Kelly Ann? Was she a lesbian now? It sure seemed like it — and a promiscuous lesbian, at that; she’d made love with three women that day, and loved every minute of it.

Before long, her lack of sleep the night before caught up with her, and she fell peacefully asleep with the chemistry book still open, face-down on her chest.

* * *

The next day Kelly Ann and Olivia saw each other several times at school, and then of course at cheerleading practice, and each time they exchanged knowing looks. Really they were both thinking the same thing: Would they be going back to Jessica’s tonight? How could they? How could they not?

After practice they both hung around after everyone else had left, and without ever really making a decision, started walking in the direction of Jessica’s house. They were still in their uniforms, of course, because they knew that was what Jessica would want.

Jessica was not at all surprised to see them. She knew that what they had experienced had had a powerful effect on them. They were hers now, and there was no need to be polite and nice anymore.

As soon as they were inside, Jessica barked at them, “On your knees, in the living room, now.” Kelly and Olivia scrambled to obey, their pussies moistening at the thought of what Jessica might have in store for them.

Jessica blindfolded the cheerleaders and handcuffed their hands behind their backs. It made for quite a beautiful sight, the two of them on their knees there, totally submissive and vulnerable.

Jessica picked up the phone and called Janice, the horniest and kinkiest of the local housewives. Janice had a voracious sexual appetite that got no satisfaction at home, so she was always up for a frolic.

“Those girls I was telling you about?” Jessica said. “They’re here.”

“I’ll be there in five,” responded Janice.

Hanging up the phone, Jessica fixed herself a drink and returned to the living room. As an added touch, she fastened a leather collar around each cheerleader’s neck and clipped on a leash that hung down in front. Soon Janice arrived and Jessica let her into the house. She was a thin woman with sharp features, dark brown hair, and small breasts.

Seeing Kelly Ann and Olivia, Janice exhaled sharply. “Oh my goodness,” she said. “That’s just amazing.”

“They’re all yours,” Jessica told her, sitting down with her drink to watch.

After considering for a moment, Janice picked up Kelly Ann’s leash and led her on her hands and knees over to the couch. Once there Janice slipped off her jeans and panties, spread her legs, and used the leash to pull Kelly’s head into her crotch. Smelling and feeling the wet pussy in front of her, Kelly Ann extended her tongue and went to work.

So it’s come to this, Kelly Ann thought. Now I’m blindfolded, handcuffed, and licking the pussy of someone I’ve never even laid eyes on. I’m really a slut now. But at the same time it was incredibly delicious, and her panties were absolutely soaked. She had never been so aroused in her life as she was at this moment, being used and degraded.

Janice liked to talk dirty. “Lick my cunt, bitch,” she instructed. “Put your tongue in me and make me come, you little whore.”

When she came Janice dug her sharp nails into Kelly Ann’s shoulders, hard, and then lay back on the couch with the girl’s head resting on her thigh. After a couple of minutes she handed Kelly’s leash to Jessica and turned her attention to Olivia. “Can I fuck this one?” she asked.

“By all means,” answered Jessica. She pointed to the coffee table, which had a top that lifted up to reveal a storage compartment inside. Inside Janice found a big blue strap-on, which she quickly fastened around her waist.

Walking up behind Olivia, she pushed the girl’s head to the ground so her ass was sticking up in the air.  She lifted Olivia’s skirt and pulled her panties down and off. Jessica, meanwhile, had removed Kelly Ann’s blindfold so she could watch her friend being fucked.

Janice tested Olivia’s wetness, which was significant, with a couple of fingers, and the cheerleader moaned animalistically. Before yesterday she hadn’t had anything inside her for months, and was desperately in need of a good fucking. Today her need was less acute, but still quite intense. She grunted and bit her lip as Janice entered her. Janice tested the waters with a few shallow strokes, then plunged all the way in, pulling on Olivia’s leash to arch her back. Olivia screamed like she had been stabbed — which in a way she had.

“Take it all, bitch,” yelled Janice. “Take that whole cock in your slut pussy.”

Jessica watched Kelly watching Janice and Olivia. Her mouth was hanging open and her breath was coming hard. Jessica wet a finger in her own pussy and slipped it into the girl’s mouth.

Just then Marie appeared in the doorway, naked and yawning. She had been napping, but apparently Olivia’s screams had woken her. Surveying the scene, she saw immediately her place in the scheme of things. She slid underneath Olivia so Olivia could lick her pussy while continuing to get fucked from behind.

Kelly Ann dearly wished that she could reach her own pussy, which was absolutely on fire. The sight of Olivia, still in her cheerleader uniform…blindfolded, handcuffed, and collared…being pounded by Janice while servicing Marie, was the sexiest thing she had ever seen in her life. Every time Janice slammed into Olivia, her face was pushed into Marie’s wet pussy.

In the end it was too much for poor Kelly to watch; she turned away and burrowed her head between Jessica’s legs. This was quite OK with Jessica, who pulled her panties to one side so the girl could lick her.

By the time Kelly was finished there, Janice was back on the couch looking tired, Marie had gone to the kitchen for a cold drink, and Olivia was laying alone on the floor, still handcuffed and blindfolded, her face shining with the afterglow of ecstasy. Jessica pulled off her blindfold and introduced her to the woman who had just fucked her.

“It’s nice to meet you,” answered Janice. “Now crawl over here and lick your slut juice off this cock.” Olivia did as instructed, a look of the most delicious humiliation spreading over her face.

Watching this, Kelly Ann again wished she could reach her clit. She let out a little whimper of frustration that Jessica did not miss. “That’s right, you haven’t gotten to come yet, have you?” Kelly shook her head. “You poor thing. We’ll have to do something about that.”

Jessica disappeared for a minute, and when she returned she was carrying a heavy wooden board with an enormous plastic phallus protruding from the top. She put the thing down on the ground and turned to Kelly Ann. “Well, have at it.”

Kelly Ann approached the contraption tentatively. After pulling off Kelly’s skirt and panties, Jessica returned to her seat and called for Marie to come and watch. Janice and Olivia were looking on as well as Kelly Ann slowly lowered herself down onto the giant dildo. It was not easy to keep her balance with her hands cuffed behind her back, but she was able to do it, and when she felt the thing enter her she let out a tremendous sigh of relief. She began to eagerly hump up and down on it, trying to angle herself so as to stimulate her clit.

As Kelly began climbing the hill toward orgasm, she forgot everything around her, forgot that four women were watching her, forgot that she was handcuffed and half-naked in the living room of someone she’d met just two days ago. She forgot everything but the light inside her head, so when she came, letting out a piercing shriek that could be heard a block away, she was surprised at the spontaneous round of applause from the four observers.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 2

Kelly Ann didn’t sleep much that night. She tossed and turned restlessly, images of her experience at Jessica’s house flashing through her head. Part of her was deeply ashamed, but another part was utterly elated. It was like discovering a whole new world; she had never known that that kind of pleasure even existed.

Toward dawn she masturbated furiously and finally managed to drift off for an hour or so. All that day at school she was completely distracted, unable to pay attention either in class or in her social interactions. All she could think about was, would she go back to Jessica’s? “Come back tomorrow with a friend,” Jessica had said. Was this possible? And even if it was, wouldn’t it be terribly wrong? During cheerleading practice that afternoon, Kelly Ann found herself looking around at the other members of the team, picturing them naked, imagining them engaged in decadent lesbian acts. She got so soaking wet that she was afraid someone would notice, and toned down her dancing so there was less chance of her underpants being exposed. This caused her to get yelled at by the coach, Ms. London, who was not bad-looking herself: mid-30s and a little butch but in a cute way, like Rachel Maddow. Soon Ms. London too was naked in Kelly Ann’s imagination, with one cheerleader licking her pussy and another sitting on her face.

Kelly found herself wondering, well, if I did try to get someone to go to Jessica’s with me, who would it be? Her best friend on the team, Katrina, was an extremely beautiful girl, but Kelly had no idea how to broach the subject with her; and besides, if she ended up having sex with Katrina, how weird would that be? They’d been friends since third grade.

Kelly Ann looked around the room and her eyes settled on Olivia, a tall Asian girl with a spectacular body. Olivia was known to party hard and had a reputation for being adventurous — maybe even a bit promiscuous. Kelly felt a tingle between her legs. Olivia was the one, she was sure of it.

After practice Kelly approached Olivia somewhat nervously. Was she really going to do this? What had gotten into her? She almost walked away and forgot the whole thing. But thinking of the orgasms she’d had the day before, she felt a desire burning inside her that overrode her misgivings.

“Olivia, are you going out fundraising tonight?” asked Kelly Ann.

“I was thinking about it,” answered Olivia. “Why?”

“Well….” Kelly paused, thinking of how to put this. “Last night I met someone who’s ready to give us a nice amount of money. But she wanted to meet more of the squad. I was wondering if you might come with me.”

“Hmm.” Olivia pursed her glossy lips and pondered momentarily. “Well, if it’s good for the team, sure, I’m in.”

Jessica’s house was walking distance from the school, so Kelly Ann and Olivia strolled together as evening began to fall over the town. Olivia was very chatty, and Kelly tried her best to keep up the conversation, but all she could think of was what was about to happen. She knew she should tell Olivia that there was a different agenda at work here than just raising money for the squad. But she couldn’t quite figure out how to do it, and in fact the idea that Olivia was going to walk unaware into a den of sexual depravity was turning Kelly on tremendously. By the time they reached Jessica’s house Kelly Ann’s heart was pounding in her ears and seemed about to burst out of her chest as Olivia chattered on obliviously.

Jessica answered the door wearing a very chic, low-cut black dress. “Well hello, Kelly Ann,” she purred. “It’s so nice to see you again. Won’t you girls come in?”

As Kelly and Olivia walked past her into the house, Jessica took the opportunity to appreciate Olivia’s big breasts and perfectly rounded ass, which were displayed to great advantage by her uniform. Two cheerleaders knocking on my door to offer themselves to me, Jessica thought, shaking her head. What a world.

“And who is this you brought with you?” Jessica asked Kelly Ann.

Kelly was so nervous she could barely speak. “This is, is, um, Olivia,” she stuttered.

“I’m delighted to meet you, Olivia. You girls have a seat and I’ll bring you something to drink. Lemonade? Iced tea? Arnold Palmers, maybe.”

“That sounds great,” said Olivia, and Kelly nodded her assent.

A minute later Jessica returned with the beverages and the three of them sat and talked for a while. Jessica asked Olivia some questions about herself, like what grade she was in (12th) and how long she’d been a cheerleader (since she was a freshman). Kelly Ann kept looking around for Marie, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Finally Jessica asked Olivia, “So Kelly Ann told you about our meeting yesterday?”


“What did she tell you exactly?”

“Well,” said Olivia, slipping into fundraising mode, “she said that you were very generous and that you wanted to help the squad, and that you wanted to meet more of us.”

“She told you that, did you?” Jessica clucked disapprovingly, but without malice. “Well, I’m not surprised. Will you girls come with me, please? There’s something I’d like to show the both of you.”

Kelly and Olivia followed Jessica down a short hallway. At the end of it was a door which Jessica opened, ushering in the two cheerleaders ahead of her.

It was a bedroom dominated by a king-size bed, and on the bed was Marie, completely naked, her wrists and ankles lashed to the bedposts at each corner. Her legs were spread wide apart and her mouth was gagged with a red rubber ball.

Jessica stepped into the room behind them and closed the door. She spoke calmly and commandingly. “Kelly, I finally had to gag Marie because all day long she couldn’t shut up about how much she loved her first taste of cheerleader pussy. She’s just dying for more. Which one of you girls wants to help her out?”

Kelly Ann and Olivia both froze. Kelly looked over at Olivia to gauge her reaction; there was excitement in her eyes, and she showed no sign of wanting to get away.

Jessica removed Marie’s gag and pinched one of her nipples. “Kelly, I think you’d better go first. Just to shut her up, you know?”

Kelly Ann found herself mechanically obeying. This woman had cast some kind of spell on her, and she was powerless to help herself. Somehow she knew exactly what Jessica wanted her to do, as if the images were being beamed directly from Jessica’s brain to hers. She stripped off her skirt and panties and climbed onto the bed. Turning around so she faced Olivia, she slowly lowered her crotch down onto Marie’s eager tongue.

Olivia looked on absolutely stunned. She’d always thought that Kelly Ann was something of a prude, but obviously she’d been mistaken. Jessica, meanwhile, had walked around behind Olivia and wrapped her arms around the younger girl’s waist. Together they watched Kelly Ann bounce up and down seductively as she ground her pussy into Marie’s face, and soon Jessica’s hands found their way underneath Olivia’s skirt and into her panties.

Kelly began to moan as her orgasm approached and Olivia was panting sexily as Jessica penetrated her with a finger. The finger then traveled from Olivia’s pussy to her mouth, and she sucked it hungrily as Jessica smiled to herself. She’d pegged this one as a slut from the moment she laid eyes on her.

Gripping Olivia tightly in her arms, Jessica bent the Asian cheerleader forward until her head was between Marie’s legs. Olivia didn’t need to have a picture drawn for her; she obediently began lapping away at Marie’s cunt.

Jessica already was wearing the strap-on under her dress, and a minute later she had pulled off Olivia’s panties and plunged in. Soon the room reeked of wet pussy and Kelly, Marie, and Olivia were all howling like wild animals. Finally all three came almost simultaneously and collapsed into spent heaps. Jessica surveyed her handiwork with great satisfaction: three gorgeous, happy, sweaty girls who would now do whatever she told them.

After giving them a few minutes to catch their breath, Jessica untied Marie and returned to the kitchen to fix herself a real drink, a cold, dry martini. This she enjoyed on a comfortable chair in the living room, with Marie skillfully eating her pussy as she watched Kelly Ann and Olivia 69 on the couch.

The two cheerleaders were a little tentative with each other at first, but they soon warmed up to the task at hand. Jessica enjoyed watching Kelly Ann, who had been a complete novice just the day before, finger-fuck her friend while rhythmically flicking Olivia’s clit with her tongue. Taking a long drag on her martini and pulling Marie’s head in tighter against her crotch, Jessica reflected that life really couldn’t get much better.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 1

From the outside, Glenview Drive appeared to be an ordinary suburban cul-de-sac. It was a relic from another time, the sort of place where the men went off to work in the morning, while their wives got the kids off to school, then cleaned house and met for coffee in the afternoons.

This wholesome veneer, however, concealed a hotbed of lesbian activity that was centered on the house at 420 Glenview. Located at the very end of the cul-de-sac, 420 was slightly larger than the other houses and set back from the street, mostly concealed by trees and a wooden fence. It was the property of a 35-year-old divorcee named Jessica Braden. Tall, blond, athletic, and beautiful, Jessica was a provocative mystery to the men in the neighborhood. As far as they knew, she lived alone in her spacious home and was rarely glimpsed on the streets.

The housewives of Glenview Drive, however, knew Jessica Braden as a highly intelligent, dominating woman with a voracious sexual appetite. They also knew that her house had another inhabitant, a 20-year-old dark-haired French girl named Marie. Marie had come to live with Jessica and her then-husband several years earlier as an exchange student. When the school year ended, Marie — who had been unhappy at home — had not returned to France; instead, it was Jessica’s husband who left the household and moved to another state. Without a visa, Marie lived secretly in Jessica’s house as her maidservant and sexual plaything.

Early one September evening, Jessica was relaxing with a book in her living room as Marie floated naked on an inflatable lounge chair in the backyard pool. When the doorbell rang, Jessica assumed that it was one of the neighborhood wives, feeling horny and looking for some action. Her nipples began to stiffen as she went to the door, anticipating what enjoyment might be in store.

But when she opened the door, what she saw was a gorgeous 18-year-old redhead dressed in a powder-blue cheerleader uniform. Jessica blinked her eyes hard twice to be sure she was really seeing this; it was like some wild fantasy come to life.

“Hi,” said the girl. “My name is Kelly Ann Collins, and I’m a cheerleader at Clinton High.” She had a dazzling smile and huge green eyes; Jessica imagined that she was very popular at her school.

“Jessica,” said the homeowner, extending her hand. As she did so, she looked Kelly Ann up and down as subtly as possible. The girl had wonderful curves that were shown off nicely by the short skirt and tight sweater. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, as you might have heard, we’ve had some big budget cuts at the school this year. Both the football team and the cheerleading squad are in trouble, and we’re asking people in the neighborhood to lend their support.”

“Is that so?” answered Jessica. “I’m sorry to hear that. Why don’t you come in?”

As Kelly Ann came inside, Jessica’s mind was racing. This girl was stunningly hot and Jessica wanted her badly. Did she dare try to seduce a teenager? What would happen if she failed?

“Would you like some lemonade?” Jessica asked the cheerleader.

“That would be great,” said Kelly Ann, flashing an innocent smile that warmed Jessica’s heart and her pussy at the same time. Jessica offered the girl a seat, making sure to place her in a chair where she would be able to see the pool out of the corner of her eye.

A minute later, Jessica returned with drinks for both of them and sat across from Kelly Ann. She engaged the girl in chitchat as they sipped, amazed at her good fortune. Kelly Ann was clearly braless under her sweater, and her breasts jiggled provocatively every time she moved. Jessica realized that it was a brilliant fundraising strategy to send out a cheerleader in uniform — if she ever caught a man without his wife at home, he would empty his bank account to spend another minute with this tasty little morsel. It said something for their town that a girl who looked like this could feel safe going door to door.

As they talked, Jessica watched carefully to see if Kelly glimpsed Marie in the pool. And sure enough, after a few minutes Kelly Ann couldn’t help but notice that there was a naked woman nearby, glistening with sweat, her magnificent breasts and black pubic triangle on full display.

What Jessica couldn’t have known was that Kelly Ann was in a sexually vulnerable state. The girls on the cheerleading squad had taken a vow not to have sex with their boyfriends after a rash of pregnancies among the previous year’s seniors had decimated the team. Kelly managed to keep her boyfriend Jeff mostly content with the occasional blowjob, but he didn’t make much effort to satisfy her. The sight of the nude girl in the pool gave her a funny feeling, one that she didn’t quite know how to interpret, and her face began to redden.

When Jessica was sure that Kelly Ann had seen Marie, she excused herself to get her checkbook. When she returned to the room, she stood behind Kelly Ann and watched her watching Marie. There was no doubt that she was interested in what she was seeing. Jessica took a deep breath and decided to go for it.

Walking up behind Kelly Ann, she leaned down and whispered suggestively in the girl’s ear. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Would you like to get a closer look?”

Kelly Ann was frozen. The warm breath in her ear made her feel dizzy, and she didn’t answer the question, just kept staring straight ahead.

Jessica decided to take that as a yes. She put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and called to Marie, who opened her eyes and looked up groggily. Jessica gestured to her, and Marie slid off her floating chair into the pool. She swam over to the side and climbed out, entering the house dripping wet and gloriously naked.

“Marie, this is Kelly Ann,” said Jessica.

“Nice to meet you,” Marie answered in her alluring French accent. Kelly Ann was still silent, staring helplessly at the exposed body now just two feet in front of her: the full breasts, the rounded hips, the dark hair disappearing between the slightly parted legs.

This was the moment of truth. Jessica nodded to Marie, who knelt obediently in front of Kelly Ann. Marie knew well what was expected of her in this situation, and without hesitation she lifted the cheerleader’s skirt and began to slide her panties down over her legs. Kelly Ann didn’t resist; it was all like a dream to her, it was all so unexpected and strange, yet she was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life.

Marie pulled Kelly Ann’s panties all the way off and tossed them aside, then slipped her hands between the girl’s thighs. Jessica craned her neck for a better look as Marie eased Kelly’s legs apart, revealing a moist and succulent red-fringed pussy. Marie ran her tongue from the inside of one knee all the way up Kelly Ann’s thigh, and when it reached her crotch, Kelly jumped in her chair as if she’d received a powerful electric shock. Jessica tightened her grip on the girl’s shoulders to keep her still, then watched hungrily as Marie skillfully worked her tongue in and around Kelly’s slit. The cheerleader was soon moaning helplessly; Marie was a very gifted pussy-licker, and Jessica was certain that no teenage boy had ever given her this kind of pleasure.

Marie held off on stimulating the girl’s engorged clit, but when she did, Kelly Ann came almost immediately, gripping the sides of the chair and throwing her head back with her eyes closed. Marie looked up at Jessica, grinning wickedly with her mouth smeared with Kelly’s juices, then dove back in again. Jessica kissed the cheerleader’s neck and ears as Marie made her come twice more, after which Kelly Ann lay absolutely still in a state of semi-conscious bliss.

When Kelly Ann finally opened her eyes, there was a new surprise in store for her. Jessica was naked now except for a long, plastic imitation phallus that dangled from her crotch. Marie was on her knees running her tongue up and down the shaft to moisten it. Kelly had an inkling of what was about to happen, and she was both excited by the idea of that thing inside her and frightened at the sheer size of it.

Feeling more aggressive now, Jessica pulled Kelly Ann somewhat roughly down onto the thickly carpeted floor. She lifted the girl’s sweater up to expose her breasts, then sucked eagerly on the stiff nipples. Kelly had D-cups, and Jessica took as much of them as she could into her mouth before stripping the girl’s skirt off and spreading her legs. Opening Kelly Ann with one hand, Jessica smiled down at her while easing the first couple inches of the strap-on inside. Kelly Ann let out an extremely sexy little gulp when she felt the penetration. This was exactly what she’d been needing. She surrendered herself to the experience completely now — it didn’t matter that she was getting fucked by someone she’d just met, and by a woman no less; what mattered was that she was getting fucked.

Jessica started off with slow thrusts, then picked up the pace as Kelly Ann responded enthusiastically, grinding her hips against the older woman. Marie, meanwhile, pulled the redhead’s sweater off and began to suckle on her breasts. Kelly Ann closed her eyes in ecstasy, and when she reopened them, yet another surprise awaited her: Marie’s wet pussy was just inches from her face, demanding her attention. Kelly swallowed hard. Good girls like her didn’t do things like this; but then again, they didn’t do anything she’d done in the last half-hour. The smell of Marie’s arousal was overwhelming. It was familiar, of course, but she’d never experienced it quite this way before. Kelly Ann extended her tongue and got her first taste of another girl’s pussy. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, it was so bad, but she had to admit that it felt good.

Marie leaned forward to suck on Jessica’s nipples as she rode the cheerleader’s face. Kelly Ann was eager to give pleasure but not so skilled at cunnilingus, so Marie reached down to finger herself as well. A minute later both she and Kelly Ann had simultaneous, long, loud orgasms.

When the three of them untangled Kelly Ann dressed sheepishly, embarrassed at the intimacy of what had just happened, but also glowing with post-orgasmic joy. She excused herself to wash up as Jessica wrote out a very generous check to the school. When Kelly Ann returned, Jessica — still naked but without the strap-on—handed her the check. “Come back tomorrow with a friend,” said Jessica, “and I’ll write you a check for twice as much.”

Kelly Ann thanked her and made her way unsteadily to the door. Jessica watched her cute little ass wiggle down the driveway, then closed the door when Kelly was out of sight. Marie knew that the mistress of the house would want her needs attended to now, and was waiting on her knees by the couch. Jessica sat and spread her legs wide, pushing her servant’s head down between them, savoring the pleasure of the moment, and the pleasure yet to come.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 47

As the special guest Jenny had gotten to choose the first movie, and she picked Mean Girls, one of her favorites. Nicola was next and she chose Bridesmaids. By then the vibe in the house was pretty raucous, with lots of laughter and commentary; Carol had rolled a joint that they’d all shared, and they were on their third bottle of wine.

Kristin found herself repeatedly looking over at Lina Santini, thinking of what she’d seen the day before. She couldn’t now unsee it, not that she necessarily wanted to; though strange and surprising, it retrospect it was also sort of sexy.

And Lina was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. She was taller than her daughter, with longer hair and bigger breasts. Kristin started daydreaming, imagining that she took Lina upstairs for a little private time, while down here Carol, Nicola, and Jenny got to know each other a little better....

“Kristin!” said Carol, and Kristin started. Had her mother read her mind, learned about the scandalous things that went on there? “I said can you pass the popcorn.”

“Oh, sorry,” said Kristin and handed her the bowl, laughing to herself at her own silliness. She tried to stop fantasizing and focus on the movie, but her mind kept drifting back to sex. She was soaking wet between the legs and her pussy was crying for attention.

Finally Kristin excused herself and went down the hall to the bathroom. After closing the door she shucked off her jeans and sat down on the closed toilet seat. Spreading her legs wide, she pulled her panties to one side and began to urgently finger herself. In her mind’s eye she pictured a scene where, the moment she’d left the room, all four of the other women had torn off their clothes and gone wild. She saw Nicola 69ing with Carol on one couch while Jenny was with Lina on the other; Jenny lifted her head into the air, mouth formed into an “O” as Lina eagerly tongue-fucked her....

Kristin was just on the point of orgasm when the door opened and Nicola poked her head in. “I thought so,” said Nicola, smirking as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

Leaning back against the sink, Nicola lifted her skirt; she had gone commando underneath and immediately began to rub herself. After watching for a few seconds Kristin shrugged and resumed as well. They looked into each other's eyes while masturbating until they both came, Kristin first and Nicola a minute later. Then they composed themselves and went back to join the others.

Seeing them together, Jenny felt a twinge of jealousy. She knew that Kristin didn't like her to be possessive, and she didn’t mind sharing, but hated to be left out.

Carol and Lina looked at each other knowingly. They’d known for years that their daughters were lovers, but had never shared their own secret until now. Thinking about it, Carol wondered why; it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. She had worried, she guessed, that the girls would see it as a betrayal of their fathers, but both of the husbands knew and didn’t mind. All the secrecy seemed kind of silly now.

Truth was, the weed had made Carol extremely horny, and Lina was looking especially sexy today, wearing a low-cut blouse that showed off her magnificent cleavage. The credits of Bridesmaids were running now, and Carol leaned over and whispered something into Lina’s ear. Lina looked surprised but nodded.

“Will you girls excuse us for a few minutes?” said Carol. “You can go ahead and start the next movie.” She took Lina by the hand and they left the room together.

* * *

As Luz came closer Miss White scrutinized her. She looked much the same as she always had, with flowing black hair, long legs, and a regal bearing. But there was one change that was immediately noticeable, one that Luz hadn’t mentioned in their email exchange: She was visibly pregnant, though not hugely so; Miss White guessed seven months.

Opening the door, Miss White stepped out onto the patio to greet her guest. “You look amazing,” she said, and it was true. Doing justice to her name, Luz appeared absolutely luminous; she was glowing with health and vitality. She was also, Miss White couldn’t help noticing, a full cup size larger than she’d been before; her swollen breasts were pushing against the top of her dress.

“You too, Alexis,” said Luz, and they hugged. Luz smelled fantastic too, like sandalwood, cedar, and cherry. They held the embrace for a good while, memories flooding back of times they had had together.

Finally they stepped inside, where Miss White had Jodie waiting with a tray of champagne glasses. “I guess we won’t be needing this,” said Miss White, glancing down at Luz’s belly.

“I can have a sip or two,” said Luz, taking a glass from the tray and patting her rounded stomach. “She’ll be fine.” Looking Jodie up and down, Luz noted that her old uniform was a little tight on the younger woman, but she carried it well. “And who is this enchanting young lady?”

“This is Jodie,” answered Miss White. “She’s... well, it’s kind of hard to explain, actually. She only just joined us recently but we’ve all become quite fond of her.” Jodie beamed at the compliment as Miss White sat her empty cocktail glass down on the tray and picked up a flute of bubbly. “Cheers,” she said, and she and Luz clinked glasses.

As they walked to the living room Luz glanced around at the house. “The place is looking wonderful. Have you done some remodeling?”

“A little, yes,” said Miss White. “And some of the art is new. This one was done by one of the Sisters.” She pointed to a sexy flower picture reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe, which had been painted by an art major who’d graduated two years previously.

After inviting Luz to sit by the crackling fire in the living room, Miss White went to see how things were going in the kitchen. “We’re good,” said Sasha. “A couple of things need to simmer for a while but basically we’re ready.”

“Excellent,” said Miss White. “You can all go get ready now.”

Meanwhile, Jodie had been left alone with Luz. “Is there anything I can get you? Water, a pillow, something to put your feet up on?”

“I’m fine, sweetheart, thank you,” said Luz, examining Jodie in more detail. The uniform was really too small for her; the skirt barely covered her pubes and the top crushed her breasts while lifting them, which made for a nice visual effect but had to be uncomfortable. “That used to be my uniform, you know.”

“Yes Ma’am, Miss White said so.”

“Is it uncomfortable for you?”

“Well, um, uh...maybe just a little.”

“Would you like me to let it out for you? Maybe after dinner. Won’t take but a minute.”

“Um...” Jodie looked nervous. “Well, as long as Miss White says it’s OK.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine with it, but I’ll ask,” said Luz. “Don’t get me wrong. You look absolutely gorgeous.

Jodie blushed faintly and stammered, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

“And so polite and well-behaved. I can see why Alexis is fond of you.”

Just then Miss White returned carrying a tray of cheese and crackers. “Am I interrupting something?”

Luz smiled. “Just getting to know each other a little bit. I’d love to take a minute later to make some alterations to that uniform.”

Miss White frowned. “I didn’t ask you here to work.”

“But would be a simple matter and I’d actually enjoy it. I so rarely get to sew anymore.”

“Well, fine then,” said Miss White. “Your wish is my command.”

“Right now I wish you’d hand me some of that cheese. I’m starving.”

“Sorry,” said Miss White. “Try some of the Irish cheddar, it’s fantastic.”

* * *

The next movie was Kristin’s choice, Casablanca. They were just a few minutes in when, during a quiet moment, a high-pitched moan was clearly audible from upstairs. Kristin looked at Nicola. “Did you know?”

“Well...,” said Nicola, “I always had a feeling.” Just then another moan, this one deeper and longer, came drifting down the stairs.

“Wait, what?” said Jenny, looking vaguely in the direction from which the noises were coming. “Oh. Wow.”

“So maybe we should...indulge,” said Kristin. The masturbation had calmed her down for a minute, but she was now more worked up than ever, especially with the sounds of cavorting coming from upstairs. She paused the movie just as Lina’s voice barked out, clear as day, “Oh fuck.”

“Maybe we should go to my house,” said Nicola.

“Nah,” said Kristin. “I have a better idea.” She led the other girls to the guest room, the one where Jenny had slept the first two nights she was there. She’d never had sex in that room; now it was time.

As they passed Carol’s bedroom only a soft murmuring was audible from inside. Once they were in the guest room, all three stripped with great haste and they were on each other like bitches in heat. Their cries and wails must have been heard down the hall, but Kristin didn’t care anymore. She was in a frenzy, pushing Nicola’s head down between her legs and chowing down hungrily on Jenny’s cunt.

They went at it for what seemed like hours, the energy ebbing and flowing, moments of sweet calm interspersed with stretches of frantic fucking. During quiet moments, Kristin sometimes heard more moans coming from her mother’s bedroom. Which was weird, for sure, but also pretty hot.

Later, all five of them went down to the living room in bathrobes to watch the rest of Casablanca. The atmosphere was calmer and quieter now; they wrapped themselves up in blankets and drank hot chocolate, feeling contented and peaceful, all their needs fulfilled.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 46

Jodie had never eaten a pussy before coming to ABD a couple weeks previously, but she’d had a lot of practice since then, and put everything she had learned into a concerted effort to bring Miri maximum pleasure. She found Miri’s cunt unbelievably delicious, somehow sweeter than any she’d yet tasted. Miss White looked on, hand resting lightly on her lap, as Jodie burrowed eagerly into Miri’s crotch.

Miss White found herself feeling a little jealous; though Jodie was generally a quite enthusiastic cunt-licker, she’d never been this aggressive before. She repeatedly stabbed her tongue into Miri’s slit as Miri moaned and played with her tits, all traces of shame or self-consciousness long gone.

When Miri came there was no mistaking it; she let out a deep-throated howl and fell sideways onto the couch. Jodie sat up and looked over at Miss White, her juice-smeared mouth curled into a proud smile.

As Miri lay with legs akimbo, displaying the dark cloud of hair between her legs and the glistening pink beneath, Miss White was surprised to find that she was actually salivating. She knew that she needed to taste that thing sooner rather than later. But she couldn’t just get down on her knees like Jodie had; that wasn’t how she worked.

And so it was that when Miri finally opened her eyes, she was for the first time in her young life confronted with a faceful of pussy. Miss White was straddling her, now naked, her clothes folded neatly on the coffee table.

Miss White was pleased to think that hers would be the first pussy Miri tasted; she was pretty sure that this was Miri’s first lesbian experience. Sexually active as she was, she rarely had this opportunity; it was usually the seniors who took the freshmen’s cherries.

Miri hesitated for a moment, unsure what to do, but then she realized it wasn’t rocket science. She stuck out her tongue and traced it along the curve of Miss White’s thigh, enjoying the way the older woman’s muscles trembled in response. She spent some time on each leg, breathing in the smell of Miss White’s arousal, before finally getting up the nerve to take a taste.

She liked it, but even better was the way the woman above her quivered and sighed. There was a tenderness to it, a sense of pleasure shared, that was new to her. She began to lap away steadily as Miss White slowly bent forward until her head was down between Miri’s legs. Miss White nuzzled into Miri’s luxurious thatch of soft, black pubic hair for a while before spreading her pussy lips and taking a big slurp. It was, indeed, delectable and Miss White devoured it with uninhibited abandon.

Jodie was happy that she’d had a front-row seat for Miri’s first taste of another woman, though she sort of wished it had been her. As Miss White and Miri 69ed Jodie darted around, kissing here, licking there.

Miri had orgasmed three times at the prompting of Miss White’s skilled tongue and fingers before she finally, with Jodie’s help, managed to return the favor. When Miss White climbed off her she lay there, staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily. When she’d woken up that morning, she would never have imagined that she’d end up in a lesbian threesome with one of her roommates and an older woman. But she had no complaints. No man had ever made her come like that; in fact she hadn’t come like that before, ever.

Looking over at Jodie, who had sat down across from her, Miri realized that the polite thing to do would be to return some of the pleasure she had received. She rolled onto the floor and crawled over between Jodie’s legs. Their eyes met and Miri realized that, though they’d been roommates for a while, they hadn’t really known each other. But they certainly knew each other now.

* * *

Setting down her book, Kristin gazed over at Jenny, who was looking particularly beautiful at the moment. She sort of felt like they should fuck, just because they could; but the truth was that they’d already had plenty for one day. Instead she reached over and switched off the light. Jenny cuddled up next to her and soon they were both asleep.

In the morning, though, Kristin woke up horny as hell. Jenny’s first sensation of the day was Kristin’s lips on her nipple; she was still only half-awake when Kristin spread her legs and began to gently tongue-bathe her pussy. Conscious that Kristin’s mother’s bedroom was just down the hall, Jenny tried to be quiet, putting a pillow over her head to stifle her moans.

Kristin had told Jenny that she’d come clean to her mother about the nature of their relationship, but not that she’d caught Carol in bed with Lina Santini. It wasn’t that she wanted to keep it secret, exactly; she just didn’t know how to say it.

When Jenny came her moans were loud, pillow or no pillow; she was feeling particularly sensitive that day for some reason. Kristin immediately popped up and put her robe on; she had caught a whiff of bacon wafting up from downstairs and was suddenly starving. “I’m going down,” she told Jenny.

Jenny took the pillow off her face and sighed, her pussy still spasming from the orgasm. “Be right behind you.”

Kristin found her mother standing at the stove, also in her bathrobe. Carol wished Kristin a good morning and smiled. Kristin wondered if it was obvious that she’d just been licking Jenny’s pussy, if her mother could smell it on her.

Jenny appeared a moment later, looking adorably disheveled with rumpled hair and drowsy eyes. “How’d you girls sleep?” asked Carol.

Kristin and Jenny looked at each other and grinned. “Great, Mom,” said Kristin.

“Yeah, fantastic,” said Jenny. “I feel like a million dollars.”

“So what are you two up to today?”

“We have the film festival later, right?” Carol nodded; this was a standard part of their annual Thanksgiving observances. On Saturday the girls got together for movies and popcorn; each one of them got to pick a film, so this year they would be watching five rather than four. “Guess we’ll go for a walk,” said Kristin, looking out the window at the blazing sunshine. “It’s a beautiful day.”

* * *

At ABD Jodie again brought Miss White breakfast in bed; this would soon become a regular part of her daily routine. Miss White was excited about Luz’s visit that evening. After breakfast she supervised Jodie and the four Sisters who were around in a few hours of deep cleaning; she wanted ABD House to look perfect for their guest.

Nikki and Polly grumbled to each other as they worked; it was hardly fair, they thought, for them to be stuck cleaning just because they hadn’t left for the break. But neither one of them said a word to Miss White; their asses were still sore from their Thanksgiving punishment, and they were in no hurry for another.

Afterward Miss White gathered everyone together and explained who the visitor was and why she was important. “Luz came from nothing and made something of herself,” she said. “She should be an example to you all. I want you to treat her with the same respect you give me, and I want her to have anything she wants while she’s here. Do I make myself clear?”

Everyone nodded. “Good. Sasha, you’ll be in charge in the kitchen again. You did a fantastic job on Thanksgiving. This time everyone will pitch in,” she said, looking pointedly at Nikki and Polly.

“Now,” continued Miss White, “I want each of you to pick out two or three outfits. I’ll come around later and help you decide which one to wear. OK?” There was a round of “Yes, Ma’am”s from the Sisters and they dispersed.

In the course of the afternoon Miss White visited each Sister in turn and had them model for her. For the first two the decisions were easy — for Polly, a green-and-red striped dress that flattered her slim frame, and white leather boots; for Nikki it was a tight, slinky electric blue gown that showed off her ample boobs and rear.

It took a little time for Miss White to help Sofia assemble her outfit. She looked good in everything, and Miss White rather enjoyed having her repeatedly undress and try on different combinations of clothes. In the end they settled on a white blouse, a beige-and-black plaid skirt, and knee-length white socks.

Miss White spent by far the longest with Sasha. There just weren’t that many appealing options in her wardrobe, which was heavy on jeans and T-shirts. She did have a nice pair of vintage slacks with a flower-print pattern, and for a while she stood there in those and a bra as Miss White tried to find a suitable top for her. Finally, spotting a sharp-looking black suit jacket, Miss White decided that Sasha should just wear that over her white lace bra.

This whole process had gotten Miss White quite worked up, and she fingered herself to orgasm before showering and dressing; she wanted to feel calm, composed, and at ease. Luz was due at 6:30 and by 6:20 Miss White was standing by the front door, sipping a cocktail and looking out the window. Precisely on the dot of 6:30 she spotted a familiar figure coming up the path.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 45

Early Friday afternoon Jodie walked over to her old dorm room to pick up a few things. At ABD she now wore the maid’s uniform full time — when it needed to be washed, she went naked or wore a towel — but she still needed some clothes for when she went to class or work.

She had been living in a triple with two other girls, and was surprised to find one of her roommates at home. “Oh... hi, Miri,” she said, her heart immediately starting to beat faster.

Jodie had been harboring a secret crush on Miri for months now, and always felt shy and tongue-tied in her presence. Miri was self-assured, whip-smart, and beautiful, with bold features, long, lustrous black hair, and glittering green eyes. Even today, with unwashed, disheveled hair, dressed in sweatpants and a loose T-shirt, she somehow looked glamorous.

“Hi Jodie,” answered Miri. “Where have you been lately?”

“Well... it’s kind of a long story,” said Jodie sheepishly. “You didn’t go home for Thanksgiving?”

“Nah, I have a ton of work to catch up on, so I decided to just hole up here for a few days. And anyway Thanksgiving at my house is always a drag... people arguing and all kinds of drama. It’s been nice and peaceful here.”

Just from keeping her eyes open and being around, Jodie knew a lot about Miri: That her full name was Miriam Allison Gold, that she was from Long Island, that her father was a prominent lawyer, that she was double-majoring in Economics and Anthropology. Jodie doubted that Miri knew anything about her, and was kind of surprised that Miri had even noticed her absence; she had always been quiet and retiring, whereas Miri had a big personality.

She also had big boobs that she liked to show off, often wearing low-cut tops and/or going braless. Even now, hidden under the T-shirt, they were a noticeable presence in the room. Many times Jodie had watched Miri traipse around topless, and every time she felt a twinge of desire that immediately turned into shame.

But after spending time at Alpha Beta Delta, Jodie had lost that sense of shame, and was a lot less timid than she’d been before. Suddenly feeling bold, she invited Miri to have dinner at ABD that evening. Miri readily accepted, having in truth been lonely and bored after spending Thanksgiving by herself. Jodie packed a duffel bag full of clothes and walked home whistling to herself, feeling excited and nervous, wondering what Miri would think of her new life.

* * *

After exhausting every position and combination, Nicola, Kristin, and Jenny got dressed and went downstairs. Having brought no clothes of their own, Kristin and Jenny borrowed outfits from Nicola. The dress that Kristin chose was a little tight on her, but she looked good in it.

There was an Elvis movie marathon on, and they settled in with popcorn to watch Clambake. After a while Kristin started to get a hankering: It would be really nice to get high while watching this stupid movie from the Sixties. She knew that her parents always kept a little stash in their bedside table, so she excused herself and walked back to her own house.

Not having been told about Jenny’s encounter with Lina Santini, Kristin expected the house to be empty. Everything was quiet as she made her way upstairs and pulled open the door to her parents’ bedroom. But she sensed immediately that something was wrong; she was not alone.

The light was dim, so it took her a moment to figure out what she was seeing. And when she did, she could hardly believe it.

Lina Santini was stretched out naked on the bed with her legs spread wide. And there between them was the back of Carol Thompson’s blond head. There was no mistaking it — Kristin’s mother was eating their neighbor’s pussy.

Kristin stood there frozen as Carol slowly looked back over her shoulder. Their eyes locked just for a moment before Kristin hastily backed out the door and closed it behind her.

A minute later Kristin arrived back at the Santinis’ looking dazed and shaken. She flopped down on the couch and stared vacantly at the TV, trying to process what she had just seen.

* * *

When Jodie told Miss White that she’d invited a guest to dinner she felt a little anxious, wondering if she’d overstepped her bounds. But Miss White was pleased that she’d taken the initiative, and even more pleased when Miri arrived, looking smoking hot in a powder-blue dress cut low on top and high underneath. Her sizable breasts, unencumbered by a bra, jiggled pleasantly with every step she took; Miss White fought not to stare at them, not wanting to be crude.

If Miri was at all surprised when Jodie appeared carrying a tray of drinks, dressed for service in the very revealing uniform and wearing a leather collar, she managed not to show it. Dinner was mostly leftovers from the previous night, but it was still quite an excellent meal, and they walked away from the table feeling fat and happy.

After dinner Miss White invited Miri to for a drink in the living room and she hesitated for just a moment before saying yes. Certainly something was going on here; the sexual charge in the house was unmistakable. But she was feeling well-fed and warm and adventurous, and decided to see what might transpire.

* * *

When Lina Santini returned home just before sundown, Kristin and Jenny put on their coats and went home as well. Kristin and her friend’s mother didn’t speak to each other or make eye contact; something had changed between them. Certainly Kristin didn’t, in any way, disapprove of what she had seen; that would have been beyond hypocritical. But it had surprised her and it was going to take some getting used to.

Back at the house Jenny headed upstairs to take a shower and Kristin went into the kitchen for a glass of water. Carol was there and Kristin found that she had a hard time meeting her mother’s eyes as well. But after they had exchanged awkward chit-chat for a minute Carol spoke seriously to her daughter.

“I guess we should talk about what you saw today.”

Kristin waved her hand. “It’s fine, mom, it’s... it’s your own business.”

“But I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just weird. But you know,” she said, looking into her mother’s eyes for the first time, “you know Jenny and I....”

Carol nodded. “I know. I could tell by the way you act around one another.”

Kristin brightened, realizing for the first time that this could work to her advantage. “So it’s OK if she spends the night in my room?”

“Of course,” said Carol. “She’s a lovely girl.” Just for a second Kristin was struck by a crazy vision: she walked into her parents’ bedroom just as she had earlier, but instead of Lina Santini laying there naked with Carol’s head between her legs, it was Jenny. Walking out of the kitchen, Kristin shook her head to try to clear it.

It had never occurred to her that her mother had sex with women, but in a way it gave them a new kind of kinship, and might end up being beneficial for their relationship. She wondered idly if her father knew, but wasn’t necessarily bothered if he didn’t. This didn’t seem like cheating, it was more

* * *

As dinner settled in her stomach Miss White chatted with Miri, asking her questions about herself and her studies, all the time sizing her up. She was quite a lovely specimen: a pretty face, intelligent eyes, a gorgeous head of hair, and a shapely body. By the time she finished her glass of cognac, Miss White had made up her mind: It was time for action.

“Excuse me for a moment,” said Miss White. While she was gone Miri fidgeted nervously in her seat; was she ready, she wondered, for whatever was going to happen next? This was all so new and strange, but there was no denying the way she felt right now: her heart was pounding and she felt an insistent warmth in her nether regions.

When Miss White returned, at first she appeared to be alone. It took Miri a few seconds to notice that she had something in her hand, and then for her eyes to trace down the length of the leash to Jodie, who was following Miss White on her hands and knees.

Jodie sat on her haunches on the middle of the room and Miss White stood, twirling the end of the leash in her hand, looking down at Miri. It suddenly seemed hot in the room, and Miri felt beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead. She could sense Miss White’s scrutinizing gaze on her, but could not lift her eyes to return it.

Finally Miss White spoke. “Jodie here has confessed to me that she’s always been attracted to you. Does that surprise you?”

Miri paused before answering. Truth was, she’d caught Jodie staring at her a few times, and wondered. Once or twice she’d even thought about kissing Jodie and seeing what might happen. Though she’d never been with a girl, she’d always been curious.

But to hear it said out loud like that took her aback. “A little,” she said.

“Does it bother you?” inquired Miss White.

Again, Miri took a moment before responding. She shook her head and said, “No.”

Miss White smiled. There had been little doubt in her mind about how this was going to go, but now she was sure. “Would it be OK if she kissed you?”

Miri looked over at Jodie, who was doing her best to remain cool; but when she met Miri’s gaze, there was a look of abject, pleading desire in her eyes. “Sure.”

Miss White walked over to Jodie and unsnapped the leash from her collar. Once released, Jodie knee-walked over to where Miri was, while Miss White took a seat to watch.

Jodie leaned in toward Miri and their lips touched. Miri was amazed at how soft the other girl’s lips were; it was a tactile experience unlike any she’d ever had. They kissed for a good long time, softly and sensuously at first, then with increasing fervor. Miri was dimly aware, somewhere in the back of her mind, that Miss White was watching them. And this was a little weird, but somehow just made the situation that much hotter.

Although Jodie had, as always, mentally cast herself in the submissive role — and she was certainly dressed for it — she knew that in this instance she was going to have to take the initiative. She was the one who broke the kiss and began to make her way down Miri’s silky-smooth neck and shoulders.

Miri was shocked at the way she was responding to Jodie’s attentions. Her nipples were rock-hard, pressing insistently into the fabric of her top, and she was squishy wet between the legs. No guy had ever gotten her this ready, this fast.

After lingering over the creamy skin above Miri’s bosom, Jodie at last pulled down first the straps, then the front of her top. Miri’s breasts were absolutely magnificent, both hefty and buoyant, capped with long chocolate-brown nipples. Jodie reached out and took them in her hands; she had always wanted to do that. They were too much for her small hands, but she held them as best she could, feeling the hard buds press into her palms.

How many times had she fantasized about sucking those nipples? And now it was real: She bent forward and took one into her mouth, then the other. Miri sighed. Jodie’s mouth was so sweet and gentle, so unlike the devouring maws of the boys she’d been with.

Miri sat back against the couch, relaxing into the experience she was having. Miss White was watching intently; her expression was neutral, but Miri could sense a hunger behind her eyes. Who was this strange woman that had taken charge of Jodie’s life, and — for the moment at least — her own? She realized that Miss White had asked her a lot of questions without ever revealing anything about herself.

Feeling a tugging sensation, Miri looked down and saw that Jodie was pulling on her dress. She lifted herself up off the couch and wriggled her hips to help Jodie slip the dress down over her hips and off. She was glad that the white lace thong she was wearing was clean, at least, though it was old and had a small hole in it. It wasn’t visible for long, anyway; Jodie hooked her fingers into the waistband on either side and slid it down and off.

Miri had a prodigious nest of thick black pubic curls. She felt a little self-conscious; she had been meaning to trim for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it. Jodie didn’t mind, though; she wanted nothing more than to bury her face in that beautiful bush. So she did.

* * *

When Jenny stepped out of the shower she found Kristin standing there waiting for her. Before she even had a chance to dry off Kristin had wrapped her in an embrace. Which was nice, but took her somewhat by surprise. “What’s up?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing,” said Kristin. In truth, though, it had been an enormous relief for her to get things out in the open. Kristin had never liked keeping secrets from her mother. Of course, Carol still didn’t know the full extent of what went on at Alpha Beta Delta, and probably never would. Kristin herself sometimes found it hard to believe, and would have found it still harder to explain.

Kristin let Jenny dry off and they climbed into Kristin’s bed together with their books, snuggled close together and happy as clams.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 44

Looking over at Jodie, Miss White could see that she, in turn, was looking at the strap-on sitting on the coffee table. She had the itch, obviously, and since she had been good that day, Miss White decided to indulge her.

After snapping the harness into place Miss White took a seat on the couch and invited Jodie to straddle her. Jodie didn’t need to be asked twice; she hopped up and knelt with her legs on either side of Miss White’s, pressing her pussy lips against the tip of the dildo.

Taking a deep breath, Jodie sank down onto the thick mushroom head, then paused for a few seconds; took a couple more inches, then paused again; then sat all the way down onto the enormous phallus. She braced herself against Miss White and rotated her hips a little, savoring the feeling of complete fullness. For a while Jodie moved up and down slowly on the shaft; then Miss White took hold of her hips and began to give it to her faster and harder.

Sasha, meanwhile, had been mirroring Miss White’s actions once again, donning her strap-on and positioning Sofia on her lap. As she was penetrated, Sofia had a far-away look in her eyes. In fact she was thinking of her boyfriend back home; she missed him from time to time. When she came to America she’d never imagined that she would end up in a den of lesbian iniquity like Alpha Beta Delta, and though she was certainly enjoying exploring these new aspects of her sexuality with the Sisters, just for a moment she imagined that it was Giorgio’s cock plunging into her.

Sofia’s reverie was interrupted by Jodie, who began to emit a high-pitched keening sound as she approached orgasm. She moved rapidly up and down on Miss White’s lap, boobs bouncing wildly and glasses hanging askew. Feeling suddenly competitive, Sasha tightened her grip on Sofia’s ass and began to grind into the Italian girl’s pussy with all her strength. Sofia soon forgot about home, and about Giorgio, and about everything except the gigantic climax she could feel coming.

By the time Miss White and Sasha were done with them, Jodie and Sofia were barely able to walk. But it was getting late, so Miss White helped Jodie up the stairs, and Sasha did likewise with Sofia. Before long the house was quiet, another decadent day finally at its end.

* * *

There was a flurry of action at Kristin’s house Friday morning, starting with the Santinis showing up for breakfast bright and early. Jim Thompson and Carl Santini were on their way to a town about an hour away for a football game; they would be gone for the rest of the weekend. Everybody in both families knew that this was just an excuse for them to spend a couple days drinking beer, but no one begrudged them the indulgence.

Kristin’s mom Carol and Mrs. Santini, Lina, always got an early start on Black Friday. By 8 AM all four adults were gone and Kristin and Jenny had the house to themselves. When they had finished their coffee Kristin took Jenny by the hand and led her to the living room.

Kristin removed Jenny’s robe, then her own, and they had a nice morning 69 right there on the living room couch. Afterward they lay naked together under a blanket, savoring the peace and stillness.

But Kristin’s mind had been working and before long she had their next adventure all planned out. Untangling herself from Jenny, she went to the hall closet and got out the matching long black overcoats she and her mother had bought a few years previously. These were fancy items that didn’t see much daily use; they still looked brand new. Standing Jenny up, Kristin held open her mother’s coat and helped Jenny into it.

At first Jenny felt a bit weird being naked inside Carol’s coat, but she decided to think of it as a fun, naughty little indiscretion that didn’t hurt anybody. Kristin draped her own coat over her shoulders and disappeared upstairs for a minute; when she returned the coat was fully buttoned and belted, and she was smiling impishly in anticipation of the fun to come.

Kristin took hold of Jenny’s arm and steered her down the block to Nicola’s. Kristin knew where to find the hide-a-key if she needed it, but the front door was unlocked. She felt no qualms whatsoever about walking into the Santinis’ home as if it were her own; she’d been doing so for as long as she could remember.

They crept upstairs to Nicola’s bedroom, where she was still fast asleep, laying on her back with one arm draped over her head. Kristin and Jenny removed the belts of their coats and each gently took hold of one of Nicola’s wrists. Before she was awake enough to know what was happening, both of Nicola’s arms were tied to the head of her bed.

As it dawned on Nicola what was happening, her nipples sprang to life and her pussy began to lubricate. Kristin rummaged through Nicola’s closet until she found two leather belts, which she and Jenny used to bind Nicola’s ankles to the foot of the bed. Nicola struggled a little, just for show; in truth was she was completely on board with whatever Kristin had in mind for her.

“Morning,” said Kristin.

Nicola looked at Kristin, over at Jenny, back at Kristin. “Um, good morning.”

“Hungry?” asked Kristin.

Nicola smirked. “I could eat.”

Kristin nodded to Jenny, who unbuttoned her coat and let it fall open to reveal her naked body. Nicola bit her lip; she knew what was coming, or at least what she hoped was coming. Jenny slipped out of the coat and hung it up carefully, wondering if she’d left behind any pubic hair or pussy juice.

Jenny had enough experience now to know how to put on a show for her mistress. Facing Nicola — but with her eyes on Kristin — she cupped her breasts, then ran a hand down through her pubic fur and between her legs. She was quite wet down there; she coated one finger and brought it to her mouth.

Nicola licked her lips. She was ready right now, but there was nothing she could do about it, tied as she was. She would just have to wait.

Jenny moistened the finger again, then offered it to Kristin, who sucked it with lip-smacking gusto. Nicola whimpered, and Kristin leaned over and whispered something to Jenny, who nodded.

Moving to the bed, Jenny bent over and kissed Nicola on the mouth. Nicola could taste a little girl juice on Jenny’s lips, and she explored Jenny’s mouth with her tongue looking for more.

Jenny broke the kiss and stood dangling her tits over Nicola’s face, just out of reach. She rather enjoyed being in this position of power over the girl who had been so snotty to her the day before. But her nipples were throbbing, eager for attention, so she gradually lowered her chest down to Nicola’s mouth.

Jenny let Nicola suckle on her boobs for a good long time before she began to trail the rest of her body up along Nicola’s mouth. At last Jenny took up a position straddling Nicola’s head and braced herself against the headboard as Nicola’s tongue wiggled up into her pussy.

With her face buried in Jenny’s crotch, Nicola never knew that Kristin had been wearing a strap-on under her coat until she felt it pushing into her. She gasped and started to beg for mercy; the massive phallus was too much, it was more than she could take. But her pleas were smothered by Jenny’s cunt and before long she had started to relax, the initial pain turning to pleasure as Kristin stroked skillfully in and out.

Once Nicola had been well and thoroughly fucked, Jenny asked if she could be next. Seeing how eager she was, Kristin decided to mess with her a little. “I dunno, Jen, I’m feeling kind of tired,” she said. Disappointed, Jenny looked at her with a pleading little pout. Kristin grinned. “Well, what will you do for me?”

“Anything,” answered Jenny. “What do you want?” They both laughed at that, because they knew perfectly well that Jenny always did whatever Kristin wanted anyway. But it was a fun game to play.

“Go grab me some ice cream,” said Kristin, and when Jenny left the room she looked over at Nicola, who was still tied hand and foot to the bed.

“I take it all back,” said Nicola.

“Hmm?” said Kristin. She had been contemplating her next move, envisioning that she would jam the juice-coated strap-on into Nicola’s mouth, make her suck it for a while, then pull out. Then she would unharness and make Nicola eat her her mind’s eye all this unfolded in a split second, and she was unprepared for conversation. “You take what now?”

“Every bad thing I thought about Jenny. I take it all back. She’s amazing.”

Kristin was both pleased and annoyed. “I know that,” she said. Flashing back to Thanksgiving dinner, she was irritated by Nicola’s bitchiness all over again and felt the urge to give her another spanking. But looking into Nicola’s big blue eyes, Kristin could tell that she was sincerely repentant, and decided to let it go. She reached over and untied the belt holding Nicola’s right hand, which would allow her to free herself, though she didn’t seem in any particular hurry to do so.

Jenny, meanwhile, went down the stairs and stood for a moment on the landing, basking in the warm sunlight streaming in through the house’s eastward-facing window. Then she realized that she was standing there naked in full view of the whole neighborhood, though at the moment no one was around. The thought of being seen there gave her a delightful little tingle all over.

Finally Jenny turned toward the kitchen but as she was approaching the door, Lina Santini came walking out carrying a bottle of white zinfandel. Jenny blushed beet red and tried to cover herself, one hand across her chest and another over her crotch. She felt like she should say something, try to explain herself, but no words came out; all she could do was stutter, “Um...I...err....”

Lina raised her hand to say stop. “It’s OK, honey. Really. Sorry for surprising you.” She met Jenny’s eyes, and there was something in that look that Jenny found immediately calming, and also a little arousing. “It was beyond crazy at the mall, so Carol and I decided to have some fun at home instead. Carry on,” she said, and headed for the front door. She opened it and left, but not before looking back to watch Jenny walk into the kitchen. As the door closed she was shaking her head and muttering to herself.

Back upstairs, Jenny handed Kristin the half-full pint of Ben & Jerry’s she’d found and a spoon, opting not to mention her awkward moment with Nicola’s mom. She still felt a little self-conscious, but the need in her pussy was even worse than it had been before, so she decided to do just what Lina had said: carry on. As Kristin sat down and dug into the ice cream, Jenny mounted her and started bouncing up and down on her cock.

After having a few bites Kristin fed one to Jenny. Seeing Nicola on her knees with her mouth open, Kristin gave her one too, then dabbed a little bit onto Jenny’s clit and had her lick it off.

Jenny came hard, screaming so loudly that she wondered, afterwards, whether Carol and Lina might have heard her two doors down. “Jeez, Jenny,” said Kristin, digging a finger into her ear. “I think I’m deaf in this ear now.”

As she climbed out of Kristin’s lap Jenny blushed again, though not quite as hard as she had when running into Lina Santini while naked. Kristin took off the strap-on, spread her legs wide, and slowly and methodically polished off the rest of the pint as Jenny and Nicola licked her pussy.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 43

Miss White preferred a late afternoon Thanksgiving dinner, and so that was what ABD always had. This year she put Sasha in charge of the kitchen, checking in occasionally to make sure things were being done according to her specifications. Jodie and Sofia were helping, though Nikki and Polly — somewhat to Miss White’s annoyance — were nowhere to be found.

Over the previous day Miss White had been emailing back and forth with Luz, the former ABD maid turned executive. When Luz mentioned that she would be in town on Saturday, Miss White had invited her to come by for dinner, and she had accepted. Miss White found the prospect of seeing her, and introducing her to some of the current Sisters, quite exciting.

At about 3:00 Miss White went to check on progress in the kitchen, and it was apparent that there was no way the three of them were going to finish in time. So Miss White put on an apron and pitched in. With her leadership the work went more quickly, and by 4:30 everything was more or less ready. Miss White dismissed Sasha and Sofia so they could dress for dinner and left Jodie to set the table as she went upstairs to get ready.

Just as they were sitting down for the meal, Nikki and Polly finally appeared. Miss White suppressed her annoyance with them, determined to enjoy this wonderful meal with these beautiful girls. Truly, she had a lot to be thankful for, she thought as she watched the scantily-clad Jodie bring one delicious-looking dish after another.

As Jodie filled their wine glasses, Miss White looked around the table. Sasha, whose usual style was tomboyish, looked quite girly tonight; her brown hair was up, she was wearing a dress, and she even had makeup on. Nikki’s kinky mane had been teased into a huge cloud of hair; her outfit was an elegant white blouse combined with a tight, slinky purple-and-black-striped skirt. Polly was wearing a frilly red dress with decorations that emphasized her Chinese heritage, along with a push-up bra that made her small breasts look much larger. And Sofia looked absolutely stunning in a simple black gown that matched her dark hair and eyes.

Jodie had started at the opposite end of the table and when she got around to filling Miss White’s glass, she bent over slightly, making her short skirt ride partly up her ass. Miss White patted her affectionately on the butt, then slid one hand between her thighs, which were warm and slightly wet. Jodie blushed at being fondled this way in public, but was still a bit disappointed when Miss White took her hand away.

Miss White invited Jodie to be seated and raised her glass to offer a toast. “To the women of Alpha Beta Delta,” she said. “Goddesses, every one.”

* * *

Kristin, Jenny, and Nicola had now made their way to Nicola’s bedroom, locked the door, and put on some music — just on the off chance that one of Nicola’s parents came home. But though they tried to be quiet, many audible moans emerged from Nicola’s room over the next hour.

Feeling now firmly in charge of both of the other girls, Kristin had Jenny stretch out naked on Nicola’s bed, and Nicola sit on Jenny’s face. She watched this lovely sight with some satisfaction for awhile, then knelt down at the foot of the bed, spread Jenny’s legs, and dove in. She hadn’t tasted Jenny’s pussy for what seemed like ages now, and she made up for lost time, devouring the younger girl with uninhibited passion.

When they’d had enough of that position, Kristin had Jenny lick her while she in turn tasted Nicola. Afterward they lay in bed together, naked bodies intertwined, breathing quietly and basking in the afterglow of orgasmic bliss.

* * *

Miss White and her crew had a long, leisurely Thanksgiving meal, lingering over coffee and pie. When it was finally over Miss White assigned Nikki and Polly to clean up, and the rest of them adjourned to the living room, where Miss White had Sasha build a fire while she poured herself a large snifter of cognac.

Taking a seat by the fireside, Miss White sipped her drink and sighed contentedly. Her belly was nice and full; now it was time to turn her attention to other appetites.

Looking over at Jodie, who’d been standing there awkwardly wondering what to do next, Miss White tossed her head in a gesture silent but unmistakable. Jodie was wanted. She happily took up a position on her knees at Miss White’s feet.

Jodie was learning, slowly but surely, to anticipate Miss White’s desires without being explicitly told what they were. In this moment, she knew that she was meant to lift the hem of the older woman’s dress, then pull her panties down and off. Miss White nodded approvingly and opened her legs to reveal a pink, wet, and expectant cunt.

Sasha was watching as Jodie leaned in and began to service their beloved leader. Everyone at Alpha Beta Delta looked up to Miss White, but Sasha absolutely idolized her, and emulated her in every way possible. So after pouring herself a snifter of brandy, Sasha took a seat a few yards away, gesturing to Sofia just as Miss White had to Jodie.

Being just a freshman, Sofia had no choice but to do as she was told — not that she minded. She, too, had been watching, so she knew exactly what was required of her. Sinking to her knees, she lifted Sasha’s dress, slid off the older girl’s panties, and went to work.

When she’d come three times and finished her cognac, Miss White gave Jodie a kiss on the forehead, whispered a quiet thanks, and stood up. Smoothing out her dress, she made her way to the kitchen to check on the progress of the cleanup.

One glance told the story: The kitchen was still a mess and Nikki was leaning back against the refrigerator with her skirt hiked up around her waist and Polly kneeling in front of her. Nikki’s head was thrown back with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open as Polly’s head bobbed up and down between her legs.

Miss White cleared her throat and Nikki’s eyes popped open, a sheepish look creeping across her face. When Polly lifted her head to look back over her shoulder, Nikki’s puckered, glistening slit was visible.

Inwardly, Miss White was delighted. A good punishment was just what was needed to top off the evening. But outwardly she kept her expression stern. “Really, girls?” she said. They both shrugged; they’d been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, there was no doubt about it. “Get this kitchen cleaned up now. Quickly,” ordered Miss White. “Then come to the living room.”

Polly and Nikki scrambled to obey. Before leaving the kitchen Miss White grabbed a handful of spatulas and a roll of duct tape. At the moment it pleased her to use supplies at hand rather than her many custom-made implements of punishment.

Upon returning to the living room Miss White poured herself another brandy. Jodie was now licking Sofia’s pussy; after satisfying Sasha, the freshman had availed herself of the prerogative she knew to be hers, and ordered Jodie to her knees. Sasha looked on, idly dangling her own snifter in one hand.

Miss White shook her head. These girls were really incorrigible. “Yes,” a voice piped up in her head, “and you’re that one that incorriges them.” She smiled to herself at the old joke as an orgasm transformed Sofia’s features, already lovely, into a vision of beatific pleasure.

When Nikki and Polly appeared Miss White ordered them to strip and positioned them on either side of a large ottoman. She had them kneel and bent them forward so their torsos resting on the ottoman, then blindfolded each one with a strip of duct tape and then taped their wrists together, Polly’s left to Nikki’s right and vice versa.

After taking a minute to enjoy her handiwork, relishing the sight of the bound, naked girls while sipping her cognac, Miss White handed a spatula to each of the other girls. Sasha got a big wooden one, Sofia a long red plastic one, and Jodie a floppy rubber one. She kept the square metal one for herself.

Jodie’s heart was beating excitedly. She’d never actually dealt out punishment before; it was thrilling and a little scary. But Miss White looked at her and nodded. Here goes nothing, she thought; she lifted her spatula and brought it down, somewhat tentatively, on Nikki’s ass. The “smack” sound that resulted was faint but still satisfying, as was the whimpering moan that escaped from Nikki’s throat.

Miss White gestured to Sofia, who grinned mischievously as she gave Polly’s rump a good swat. “Mumph,” Polly groaned, and a visible ripple ran through her, then stilled.

Lifting her spatula, Miss White looked at Sasha and held up three fingers. She counted silently, one, two, three, and the two of them simultaneously struck the two as-yet-unpunished butt cheeks.

After that the four of them worked together to deliver a firm, but not cruel, chastisement to the bound girls. Jodie, after starting slowly, soon became the most enthusiastic punisher. At one point she actually started to get a little carried away, and Miss White stopped her hand in mid-blow, indicating that she should cool it.

Once she’d decided that Nikki and Polly had been disciplined sufficiently Miss White disappeared for a minute, and when she returned she was carrying two strap-ons, one of which she handed to Sasha. Sasha accepted it ceremoniously, like she was being given a holy relic. There was a tear in the corner of her eye as she harnessed up.

Sasha waited for Miss White to make the first move. When the older woman got down on one knee behind Nikki, pointing the tip of her dildo toward its intended target, Sasha did likewise with Polly. Miss White took careful aim, and Sasha did the same; again Miss White held up three fingers and counted silently, and when the moment came she and Sasha both slammed their members home.

Nikki and Polly cried out simultaneously, but at slightly different pitches, forming a nice harmony. They continued to moan in unison as Miss White and Sasha fucked them from either side, pushing their heads and shoulders together with each thrust. Sofia and Jodie weighed in from time to time with random whacks of the spatula.

When it was over Nikki and Polly lay panting and spent, sated but also humbled. Miss White took hold of one end of the piece of tape covering Nikki’s eyes, then waited for Sasha to do the same with Polly. She counted down again and they decisively pulled off the blindfolds. The two girls gasped and blinked, looking around and trying to figure out who had been doing what to them.

Miss White began unwrapping the bound girls’ arms on one side, so Sasha did likewise on the other side. They were soon free, but they were by no means finished. Before they were done they were made to lick the strap-ons clean; to go down on Miss White and Sasha; and then to service the other two girls.

This last was humiliating — Nikki was forced to submit to a freshman, and Polly to Jodie, who was below even that. But they did what they had to do and finally Miss White dismissed them. “I hope you learned your lesson,” she said.

Nikki and Polly both smiled crookedly. The lesson, as always at ABD, was that the line between punishment and pleasure was very thin, if not downright nonexistent.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 42

It was a longstanding tradition for Kristin’s family to have Thanksgiving dinner with their neighbors from two doors down, the Santinis, who arrived around noon. Mrs. Santini immediately swept into the kitchen to help with the cooking, while Mr. Santini joined Kristin’s father outside, where he was preparing to grill the turkey.

With them was their daughter Nicola, who had been a year behind Kristin in school. Jenny found her quite striking, with dark hair, incongruously bright blue eyes, and olive skin. But when Kristin introduced them, Nicola just stared right through Jenny, then looked back at Kristin and started telling a story about someone they’d gone to high school with.

That pattern continued through the day; Nicola either ignored Jenny or was icy to her, if not downright hostile. It was the only discordant note in what was otherwise a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, full of delicious food and pleasant conversation. A couple of times Jenny caught Kristin staring Nicola down, giving her a look that said “Cool it,” but it had no effect.

At dessert Jenny asked Nicola to pass the pumpkin pie and Nicola pretended not to hear, continuing to fiddle with her phone. When Kristin reached around Nicola to pick up the pie, Nicola stared daggers at her. As soon as dessert was over Nicola excused herself, none too politely, and went home.

Afterwards Kristin’s father and the Santinis retired to the living room while Carol, Kristin, and Jenny cleared the table.

“Jenny and I will do dishes,” volunteered Kristin. “Right Jen?”

“Sure thing,” said Jenny.

When Kristin’s mother had left the room she said to Jenny, “I’m sorry about Nicola.”

“Yea, what was that all about?” asked Jenny.

Kristin sighed. “Well, she and I have always been pretty close, right? So, when I came home for the summer after my freshman year, I was used to getting laid a lot. But this is a small town and you have to be careful. So as the summer went on I got more and more horny...and Nicola and I were spending a lot of time together...and one thing led to another.

“So we started sleeping together,” Kristin continued. “And it happened again the next summer, and then this last summer. We usually get together at the holidays too. So she’s jealous.”

Jenny thought for a second. “But how does she know we’re....”

“Oh, she knows,” said Kristin. “She doesn’t miss much.” And it was true, Nicola was very sharp. But she’d been a bad student in high school, never studied much or did homework, and as a result when she applied to Bowmore College she’d been rejected. This was one more reason, Kristin realized, for her to resent Jenny.

Troubled by being the cause of this discord, Jenny had been searching her mind for possible solutions. A few possibilities occurred her, and she started to say, “Well, couldn’t we, um....” Then, a little embarrassed about what she’d been starting to suggest, she trailed off and blushed,

Kristin smiled. “I like the way you think. But after the way she acted, I don’t know.”

As they did the dishes, Kristin continued to mull the situation over. It was too bad that Nicola felt the way she did, but no promises had been made between them, and Nicola knew that. There was no excuse for her being a bitch about it.

Kristin asked herself, what would Miss White do? Surely she wouldn’t let this bad behavior stand? No, she would turn this situation around, and she would enjoy herself doing it.

By the time they had finished cleaning up, Kristin had decided on a course of action. She led Jenny through the living room, where the four adults had settled in to watch a movie, to the front door. They put on their coats and walked down the block to the Santinis’ house.

It took Nicola a long time to answer the door, and when she did she looked peevish. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Can we come in?” said Kristin, calmly but firmly.

Nicola stood back from the door and gestured with her arm for them to enter. “Thanks,” said Kristin. “It’s freezing out there.” She and Jenny hung their coats on a coatrack in the foyer and followed Nicola into the living room. Kristin wasted no time in getting down to business.

“I think you owe Jenny an apology,” she said.

“Is that what you think?” Nicola sneered.

“You know you were rude. Now come on.”

“I”m so sorry,” said Nicola with unvarnished sarcasm. That was enough for Kristin. She’d given Nicola a chance to be civil; now it was time for action.

In the blink of an eye, Kristin had moved behind Nicola and seized both of her wrists. Taken completely by surprise, Nicola blurted out “Hey!”, but was powerless to resist; Kristin was much bigger and stronger.

Holding both of Nicola’s hands behind her back with one of her own, Kristin walked her over to the nearby couch. Nicola’s eyes blazed as Kristin pushed her to her knees, bent her over the couch, and lifted her skirt.

“What the fuck...” she started to say, and was silenced by the impact of Kristin’s hand against her butt cheek. “Ow!” yelped Nicola, and then a note of pleading came into her voice. “Listen, Kris...” Smack, Kristin’s hand came down on her other cheek. This blow was harder than the first, and a pained whimper escaped from between Nicola’s plump lips.

Kristin pulled Nicola’s panties down around her thighs and resumed spanking her bare ass. As the punishment continued Nicola’s cries of pain gradually became more like moans, and Kristin’s blows gradually became more like caresses. Finally Kristin ran her hand down Nicola’s warm red ass and between her legs, where she penetrated Nicola with her index finger. Nicola let out an “Oh” that lasted ten or more seconds, arching her back and wriggling her hips.

Kristin looked over at Jenny, who had been watching all this with great interest. “Give her a kiss,” Kristin told her, and Jenny obediently walked over to the couch. She bent down and touched her lips to Nicola’s; they were soft and sweet.

“Now give her your tits,” ordered Kristin. Jenny pulled off her top and bra, then brought her chest down to Nicola’s eye level. Kristin continued to finger-fuck Nicola as she extended her tongue and gingerly touched it to one of Jenny’s nipples. It apparently tasted good, because she proceeded to lick the other one, then take it into her mouth.

Kristin added a second finger to the one already inside Nicola; she was in her element now. She jerked her head at Jenny, who instinctively knew what was wanted. Stripping off her skirt and panties, Jenny positioned herself so her crotch was right in front of Nicola’s face.

Releasing Nicola’s hands, Kristin took hold of her hair and aimed her head toward Jenny’s pussy. “Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” said Nicola, and ran her tongue up the length of Jenny’s slit.

Walking around behind Jenny, Kristin reached both hands around to cup Jenny’s breasts, rubbing the stiff nipples with her thumbs. Jenny moaned and leaned back against Kristin as Nicola burrowed aggressively into her pussy.

Watching over Jenny’s shoulder, Kristin very much enjoyed the sight of her longtime friend and neighbor pleasuring her freshman slave girl. But after a few minutes she needed more. She brought one of Jenny’s hands to her crotch and Jenny obediently began to finger her.

But as Nicola brought Jenny closer to orgasm she had a harder and harder time focusing. She began to pant and leaned back against Kristin, who braced herself to support the weight as Jenny trembled through her climax.

Kristin held on to Jenny until she was able to stand up on her own, then gently released her. Wasting no time, Kristin lifted her skirt, swiftly stepped out of her panties, and positioned herself so that Nicola’s head was between her legs. Nicola dutifully extended her tongue and began to lap up the blonde’s abundant juices.

Jenny and Kristin shared a smile. This was working out well — and they still had a whole long weekend in which to explore the possibilities.