Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 66

Jenny didn’t have a final on Thursday so she spent the day in Bowmore’s main library, where she hunkered down in a comfortable chair with a stack of books on European history. That was the subject of her last final, which would be the next day; she thought that by doing some research she could give herself more context and hopefully improve her grade.

When she arrived back at ABD she went into the living room and stood next to the fire, trying to shake off the chill she’d gotten walking home. She’d been standing there for a minute when Sasha appeared, looking relieved to see her. “Miss White’s been looking for you,” she said.

Jenny furrowed her brow, trying to think if she’d done anything lately that she shouldn’t have. “Is something wrong?”

Sasha shrugged. “She just said she wanted to see you.”

Jenny hung up her coat and made her way to Miss White’s office, where she knocked on the door. “Who’s there?” came the commanding voice from inside.


“Ah,” responded Miss White, “good. Come in.”

Stepping inside and closing the door behind her, Jenny was confronted with something she had not expected to see: Linsday and Hana were bent over Miss White’s desk, naked, ball-gagged, hands bound behind their backs. They both looked over at Jenny, their eyes reflecting a mix of emotions — fear, excitement, trepidation, anticipation.

“I’ve been getting some disturbing reports about what these two have been up to over the last few days,” Miss White told Jenny. “I wondered if you might have anything you’d like to add.”

Jenny thought for a few seconds. As always, she wanted to please Miss White. But in the end she decided that the smart move was just to stay out of it; betraying Lindsay could earn her an enemy for life within the sorority, one who ranked well above her in the hierarchy.

“To be honest, Miss White,” said Jenny, “I’d really rather not talk about it. If that’s OK with you.”

Miss White nodded, appreciating that Jenny didn’t want to snitch on another Sister. “I understand, Jenny,” she said. “Anyway, I know plenty already.” At this point she picked up the paddle, which had been sitting on her desk, and rested the business end in her palm.

“Um,” said Jenny somewhat nervously, “what’s that?”

“This,” answered Miss White, “is an Alpha Beta Delta relic from way back. I wondered what had become of it. If these two had brought it to me as soon as they found it, they might not be in this position.” With that she hauled off and gave Lindsay’s ass a good, solid whack; Lindsay winced and moaned into her gag as a visible tremor went through her. Miss White followed that with a slightly less harsh blow to Hana’s rump.

Jenny was curious what else the two of them had done. Only later did she learn that they had cut quite a swathe through ABD’s freshmen and sophomores during that week, and that one freshman who had been punished a little too enthusiastically — as well as being kept away from her studies for several crucial hours — had complained to Miss White.

But more than that Jenny was worried about herself. After a few minutes of awkward silence she found the courage to speak up. “Am I in trouble, Miss White?”

Miss White shook her head. “No, Jenny, you were just following your Oath of Obedience. You’re free to go,” she said. “Or to stay, if you prefer.”

Jenny pondered. She did sort of enjoy the idea of seeing Lindsay and Hana get punished, and she know how these things tended to go; it could end up being quite enjoyable. But that morning she’d promised herself that she’d abstain for the day — she wanted her appetite to be sharp when she got together with Kristin the next night.

“I guess I’d better get going.”

“OK,” said Miss White, adding as Jenny turned toward the door, “Could you ask Sasha to come in please?” She held the paddle up in the air. “As Sergeant-at-Arms this rightfully belongs to her.”

Jenny did as she was asked, then went to get some food. After eating she wandered the halls for a few minutes, not sure what to do with herself. Suddenly she was overcome with a powerful desire to see Kristin — just for a minute, just to say hi, then Jenny would let her get on with her schoolwork.

But when she knocked there was no answer. The door swung open and she peered inside; it was dim in there, the only light coming from the half-moon hanging outside the window. Not quite knowing what she was doing, or why she was doing it, Jenny stepped into the room. Moving stealthily, feeling like she was getting away with something, Jenny tiptoed over to the bed, slipped into it, and pulled the covers up over her head.

Inhaling deeply, Jenny savored the scent of her senior lover. There was a trace of her own smell there as well. Jenny thought about how much she had changed in the course of the semester; her old self would scarcely recognize the new one. She was also acutely aware that she’d be flying back to Texas for Christmas in just a couple days. ABD was so much her home now, it was hard to think about being away from it.

After a pleasant reverie that lasted maybe a half-hour, Jenny decided that it was time to go. As she swung out of bed her eyes alighted on the face dildo Miss White had given her. She probably should return it ... and she was curious what might be transpiring in Miss White’s office.

After washing and drying the toy Jenny returned it to its box and headed back downstairs. When she knocked on the door this time, there was a pause before Miss White’s voice said, “Yes.”

“Jenny again,” she said. She could hear a quiet moaning coming from inside, and began to feel a little trickle between her legs.

“Come in,” said Miss White. Opening the door, Jenny saw Sasha leaning back against Miss White’s desk with her legs spread. Lindsay was on her knees with her face buried in Sasha’s crotch; her butt, which was pointing in Jenny’s direction, was glowing bright red from the punishment.

Miss White was sitting in her chair behind the desk; from her angle Jenny couldn’t see Hana, who was under the desk with her head between Miss White’s legs. Jenny sat the box down on the desk and Miss White smiled. She had been feeling an itch deep inside that Hana’s tongue couldn’t quite scratch, and so Jenny’s appearance was quite fortuitous. “Thank you, Jenny,” she said, as she lifted the face dildo from the box and began to fasten it to Hana’s head.

Once again Jenny was torn. Of course she wanted nothing more to join in the action; her pussy was begging for a little attention. But remembering her promise, she just said “You’re welcome,” and turned to go, careful not to look back.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 65

Waking up alone in an unfamiliar bed, Jenny panicked for a moment. She could tell it was late and was worried that she had slept through her Lit class. All she had to do was hand in her paper, but she needed to be there to do it.

But it was only 1:30 and her class wasn’t until 2. She pulled the covers up over her head and breathed in the smells underneath, thinking back to her delightful tete-a-tete with Eva. Jenny had been with quite a few women by then, but Eva was really something special: a generously curvaceous body, deliciously soft skin, and an insatiable appetite.

Jenny was tempted to rub one out before getting out of bed, but knew that she really needed to get going. After getting dressed she grabbed a cup of tea and a scone, quickly printed out her paper, and headed out to class. She felt elated as she handed in her paper, confident that it was the best thing she’d written in her young life.

Afterward she immediately got to work studying for her Econ final the next day. She already knew the material, but she had gotten fired up with the idea of not just doing well, but doing the best she possibly could. She studied until 11 P.M. and then turned in, wanting to get a good night’s sleep.

She plowed through the Econ test quickly and confidently, had lunch, and then hunkered down to study for her Biology final the following day. By the time she had finished that test, late Wednesday afternoon, she was ready for a break. She walked into town and treated herself to dinner at a cheap Italian place where she and Kristin had eaten together a few times.

She also treated herself to a couple glasses of red wine — though she was underage, she never had a problem getting served at this particular restaurant. So as she walked home she felt warm inside despite the frosty temperature. She felt even warmer when she thought of what awaited her when she got back to Alpha Beta Delta: a cozy house full of friendly females.

Suddenly she felt so horny she could barely stand it; she quickened her pace and got back to ABD House in record time. But when she stepped through the door it was deathly quiet. All the Sisters were either holed up in their rooms studying, or at a library or cafe, or God knows where doing God knows what. There was no one in the living room, no one in the kitchen.

Jenny headed for the basement hoping to find April. Her pussy was dripping as she imagined feasting on her ex-roommate’s naked body. But April wasn’t around, and Jenny threw herself down on the couch, frustrated and annoyed. She was about to give up and just start playing with herself when she remembered Lindsay.

Rousing herself, Jenny began to climb the stairs. Wen she passed Kristin’s door she paused, wondering if there was anyone inside. She put her ear to the door; no sign of life. Just as well, she thought; she wanted to give Kristin space this week.

After climbing the last flight Jenny knocked on Lindsay’s door. No answer. She waited a minute and tried again, and was just turning to go when she heard a voice behind her.

“She’s not around right now.” The voice was familiar; spinning back around, Jenny was surprised to see Hana leaning in a doorway at the end of the hall.

Feeling suddenly shy, Jenny shrugged. “I’ll come back.”

“You can come wait in my room,” said Hana.

“Oh,” said Jenny, “um, that’s OK.” She wasn’t quite sure why she said that, but something about the way Hana was looming there in the darkened doorway intimidated her. She had started to leave when Hana spoke up again, louder this time.

“I really think you want to come in here.”

Jenny hesitated. As a non-Sister, Hana had no authority over her. At the same time, something in her voice compelled Jenny to obey. After a few seconds she reversed course and walked toward Hana, who stepped back from the doorway to allow her to enter.

The show Hana had played a few nights before had been the final one of her tour, and since she had no clear next destination, Lindsay had invited her to stay at ABD for awhile. The room she was crashing in had been used as a storage closet for the last few years; she had cleared out enough space for a single mattress and small desk.

Immediately upon entering Jenny felt her hands being pulled behind her back and tied there. Hana pressed up against her from behind, squeezing her breasts, running one hand down to her crotch. “Up here for a little booty call?” she purred into Jenny’s ear. “Pussy a little hungry maybe?” But before Jenny got a chance to answer she felt a ball-gag being pushed into her mouth.

After tying off the gag, Hana bent Jenny forward over the desk, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties down around her knees. Jenny sighed and surrendered herself; she had put herself in this position, and there was no point being a baby about it.

Hana disappeared for a moment and when she came back into Jenny’s line of sight, she had something in her hand: a piece of wood about three feet long, with the Greek letters for Alpha Beta Delta carved into it. Jenny’s eyes went wide when she saw it, and Hana smiled. “I just found this in a box back there,” she said, nodding her head toward the far corner of the room. “Nice, isn’t it?” she said, smacking it loudly against her palm.

Jenny studied the implement curiously: It wasn’t the kind of heavy paddle you might see at a fraternity, but more a kind of glorified ruler, maybe a quarter-inch thick at its widest point. Hana touched it to Jenny’s exposed ass, then tapped it against her a couple of times — measuring the blow, and making Jenny think about what was coming.

Just then they heard footsteps coming down the hall, and then Lindsay’s voice approaching. “There’s nobody around at all,” she was saying as she came closer. “It’s weird.” What Jenny didn’t know was that, over the last few days, Lindsay and Hana had been indulging their appetites with various underclassman who had no choice but to comply. But today Lindsay’s fishing expedition had come up empty.

When she turned into the doorway and saw the scene before her, Lindsay froze. “Look who came to say hi,” said Hana.

“Well, well,” answered Lindsay. “Our favorite freshman.” Seeing the paddle in Hana’s hand, she asked, “What’s that?”

Hana held it up. “I found this in a box over there.”

“Give it to me,” ordered Lindsay, and Hana handed it over. Lindsay turned the paddle over in her hand and wobbled it in the air. “Hmm,” she murmured. “Well, seeing as how I actually belong to this sorority, I think I should get the first turn.”

Hana shrugged. “I can’t argue with that.”

Jenny quickly learned that although the paddle didn’t look like much, its thinness made it flexible, and it really stung. She moaned into her ball-gag as Lindsay and Hana took turns punishing her. What made it worse was that she hadn’t actually done anything. When you knew you had done something wrong, punishment could be satisfying; this was just random.

Even so, Jenny found herself responding in the usual manner. Her pussy had already been wet, but now the liquid was streaming down her thighs. When the punishment was over, she experienced a feeling of relief bordering on ecstasy. She sat back on her haunches and closed her eyes, the pain of the spanking transmuting itself into a kind of warmth.

When she opened her eyes again, Hana was laying on the mattress naked with her legs spread wide. Her pink pussy was open and beckoning, and Jenny didn’t need to be told what to do; she spun around on her knees, bent down between the older girl’s legs, and began slurping away with gusto.

After a minute Jenny felt movement behind her, then her legs being kicked apart. She glanced over her shoulder to see Lindsay standing over her equipped with a long, upward-curving pink strap-on. She tried to relax as Lindsay sank down to one knee, grasped her by the hips, and plunged in.

Now Jenny found herself in the exact opposite of her position of a few days previously: Eating Hana’s pussy as Lindsay fucked her from behind. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware that Lindsay was violating ABD rules by using a strap-on; only seniors were supposed to have them. But at the moment she didn’t care. She was a creature of pure, wanton pleasure, reduced to nothing but her tongue and her cunt.

Next thing Jenny was aware of, she was laying with her head on Hana’s chest. Hana was stroking her hair and both of them were sweaty, sated, and a little drowsy. But Jenny’s work for the night was not done yet; soon she felt Lindsay’s hands gripping her shoulders and rolling her over onto her back. A few seconds later Lindsay’s warm, wet crotch descended onto her face and she obediently stuck out her tongue, pushing it up between the soft folds above her.

Hana took this opportunity to go down for a taste of Jenny’s pussy, which was every bit as delicious as she remembered. After a few tentative licks she found herself diving in with abandon, spreading Jenny’s legs wide, penetrating her with fingers and tongue, and lapping at her clit.

It was getting late by the time Jenny finally staggered back downstairs to her bed. She’d gotten everything she was looking for and then some, and had no problem slipping off to dreamland.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 64

Jenny woke up with a funny feeling between her legs, then realized that she had fallen asleep with the business end of the face dildo inside her. It felt pretty nice but she needed to pee, so she slid it out before emerging from under the covers.

Kristin was already at her desk, typing away furiously. She looked away from the screen briefly as the naked freshman came closer. “Morning Jen,” she said.

“Morning,” answered Jenny, smiling and yawning.

“I had an idea for a whole different approach to this paper. Came to me in a dream. I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing, but it’s going to be way better.” Even as she spoke she had already resumed typing.

After relieving herself Jenny put on a robe and asked Kristin, “Can I grab you anything?”

“Sure,” said Kristin, continuing to pound away at the keyboard.

“What do you want?”

“Anything,” said Kristin with a wave of her hand. “Thanks.”

A few minutes later Jenny returned with a cup of coffee and a ham-and-cheese croissant. She sat them down next to Kristin, who was sitting intently with her chin in her hand, reading something on the screen. The look on her face told Jenny that it was time to go. As she tiptoed away Kristin said, “Thanks, Jen.”

But only when the door opened did Kristin turn her head and look straight into the younger girl’s eyes. “Really,” she said softly and sincerely. “Thanks.” Jenny broke into a wide, beaming smile. “Come give me a kiss,” instructed Kristin.

They shared a long, lingering, wet kiss and then parted. Kristin swatted Jenny on the rump and said, “Now get out of here.”

* * *

Inspired by Kristin’s example, Jenny sat down to reread One Hundred Years of Solitude. She had already written her paper on it, but thought that by revisiting the material she might be able to make some improvements.

By the time she finished the book, it was mid-evening and she had realized that everything she’d said in her paper was wrong. After scarfing down dinner she got to work rewriting. Focused and inspired, she didn’t even look at the clock until she was done with her revision; only then did she realize that it was after 3 A.M. But rather than tired, Jenny felt exhilarated; her paper was really good now, she thought, and she could hard wait for her professor to see it.

She realized suddenly that she was desperately hungry, and decided to go down to the kitchen. Even though it was the middle of the night, it was also Finals week, and Jenny found that she was not the only one craving a snack. Sitting at the table digging into a plate of leftover enchiladas was Eva.

Every time Jenny saw Eva she was a little embarrassed remembering their bathroom encounter earlier in the semester. What embarrassed Jenny was not that it had happened — she hadn’t had any choice in the matter — but how much she had enjoyed being molested in a public bathroom by a girl she barely knew. She still vividly recalled the feeling of kneeling on the cool linoleum as she ate Eva’s pussy.

Looking up from her food, Eva said, “Hi, Jenny.” Her lustrous brown mane was tied back in a somewhat careless ponytail, and she was dressed uncharacteristically conservatively in old-fashioned pajamas. Even in this state she looked radiantly lovely, and her big brown eyes were warmly welcoming; but at the moment Jenny’s entire being was focused on her stomach.

“Hi,” said Jenny, eyeing the delicious-looking Mexican food. “Is there any more of that?” Eva jerked her head toward the refrigerator and resumed shoveling food into her mouth. She too had been ravenous — though seeing Jenny reminded her that she hadn’t been laid in far too long.

In took a minute for Jenny to find what she was looking for; then she loaded up a plate and popped it into the microwave. She was standing there idly, letting her mind wander, when she felt arms wrap around her from behind. She also felt Eva’s breasts pressing into her back, Eva’s lips on her neck; it was delightful, and she melted back into the older girl’s embrace.

Eva’s hands began to explore Jenny’s body, one groping her breasts, one sliding down to her crotch. Jenny whimpered, feeling her motor go from 0 to 60 in no time flat; her nipples sprung to attention and her pussy began to gush.

Just the the microwave dinged. Jenny was caught between two appetites, but after a few seconds she said, “Eva, I’m really absolutely starving. Couldn’t I just, um, eat first?”

“Suit yourself,” said Eva, giving Jenny’s a quick squeeze before her. Jenny carefully carried her hot plate over to the table and sat down. She took a big forkful of food and started blowing on it, but she hadn’t even gotten a bite into her mouth when Eva disappeared under the table.

Crawling over between Jenny’s legs, Eva lifted Jenny’s skirt and pulled off her panties. “I still owe you one,” she said by way of explanation, as she spread Jenny’s legs. Jenny, shrugging, began to eat her enchiladas as Eva ate her pussy. It was a little distracting, but not at all unpleasant, to have both things happening at the same time.

In fact, after the first few bites settled her stomach, Jenny found herself in a very happy place indeed — taking leisurely, sensual bites of the cheesy cuisine as the beautiful Eva serviced her. When she was finished eating, 15 minutes and three orgasms later, Jenny sat back rubbing her stomach. Licking her lips, Eva stood up and took Jenny by the hand.

Back in Eva’s room, Eva pushed Jenny onto the bed — not too roughly but not gently either — stripped off her clothes, and climbed up to straddle Jenny’s head. Jenny found that Eva’s sweet, creamy cunt made for a wonderful dessert.

Jenny and Eva made love until the first hints of sunlight appeared in the sky, then drifted off into a deep and contented slumber.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 63

Jenny slept on into the early afternoon, and when she finally woke up there seemed to be a buzz of activity all around her. She sat up in her bunk and looked around; all of the freshmen girls were there at the same time, a very unusual occurrence, especially on a weekend afternoon.

Seeing Jenny awake, April came walking over. “It’s about time,” she said. “I was starting to think we were going to have to throw a bucket of water on you.”

“What’s going on?” Jenny asked, rubbing her eyes and trying to clear her head.

“I’m not sure,” said April. “Miss White wants to talk to us all together.”

“Is everything OK?”

April shrugged. Rousing herself to action, Jenny hopped out of her bunk and quickly headed downstairs. She grabbed a cup of tea and a muffin and got back to the barracks just as Miss White began to speak.

Seeing Jenny arrive late, Miss White fixed her momentarily with a stare that made her blood run cold. But then the moment passed, and Miss White turned back to the assembled group and continued.

It turned out that she had gathered them to brief them on a longstanding ABD tradition called the “Study Break.” On this day, always the Saturday before Finals week, the freshmen were assigned to distract the seniors from their studies.

“I know it might seem counterintuitive,” said Miss White, “that we want to interrupt their studying. But it’s important to avoid burnout. We believe that while being prepared is certainly important, heading into the last week of school with the proper mindset is also important. You all should keep this in mind for yourselves as well.

“Your mission tonight, should you choose to accept it” — and here Miss White paused a beat to reinforce what they all knew, that there was really no choice at all — “is to show your seniors a good time, help them relax, and make sure they get a good night’s sleep.”

Miss White didn’t say in so many words that they were to seduce the seniors, but as soon as she was done talking the freshmen began to discuss what they were going to wear. Lingerie was discussed and compared, and the room began to take on a distinct sexual charge.

Jenny didn’t own anything that seemed to fit the bill, so she ended up borrowing a pink-and-white lace teddy from Maura, who was almost the same size as her. Jenny’s breasts were a little bigger, but having the fabric stretched tight across the chest made for a pleasing visual effect.

After showering, shaving, and powdering herself, Jenny put the teddy back on and went to find April. “How do I look?” she asked.

April looked Jenny up and down, then spun her around. “I’d fuck you,” she said, grinning slyly. “As a matter of fact,” she continued more quietly, “how’d you like to come downstairs right now?” They still had some time to kill before sundown, which was when the Study Break officially began.

Jenny was tempted. The day’s events had her in state of heightened sexual tension and anticipation, and April was looking scrumptious in a teddy similar to Jenny’s, but red and black and even more revealing; its plunging neckline that went all the way down to her navel. But after considering for a moment Jenny decided that she wanted to keep herself clean and fresh for Kristin.

“Yeah,” agreed April, “I guess you’re right. But what should we do instead?”

Jenny told April that she was starving, and suggested they go downstairs for a snack. Before doing so they put on bathrobes, not so much out of modesty as for comfort — the barracks were nice and warm, but the downstairs areas of ABD could be drafty.

Walking into the kitchen, they were treated to the sight of Jodie’s bare ass sticking out of the oven as she scrubbed inside. In this position the short skirt of her uniform covered nothing. Miss White was sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop and a cup of tea.

“Hi girls,” said Miss White. “Ready for the Study Break?”

“You know it, Miss W,” said April.

“Could I get a little preview?”

Jenny and April smiled at each other and untied their robes. Miss White whistled. “Kristin and Emma are very lucky ladies,” she said. Taking a sip of her tea she added, “But then aren’t we all?”

April grabbed herself a banana and Jenny heated up some chicken soup. After eating they said goodbye to Miss White and headed back upstairs.

As soon as they had gone Miss White stood up and walked over to the oven. Balancing on her left foot, she stepped her right leg forward so that her calf was pressed against Jodie’s crotch. Jodie gasped and almost whacked her head against the top of the oven.

Miss White laughed, and then smirked as Jodie began to grind her pussy against the older woman’s leg while continuing to scrub the oven. Tugging on Jodie’s top, Miss White told her, “You can take a break from that. I need you for something else.”

* * *

Just after sundown Jenny knocked on Kristin’s door. “Who is it?” demanded Kristin, not sounding happy to be disturbed.

“Um ... it’s me,” said Jenny timidly.

“Oh,” said Kristin, her tone mellowing. “Come in, then.”

Jenny opened the door to find Kristin sitting at her desk, dressed in sweatpants and a worn-looking school sweatshirt. Closing the door behind her, Jenny approached the desk and said — as she had been instructed — “It’s time for your Study Break.”

Kristin grinned and sat back in her chair, looking the scantily-clad freshman up and down. She had completely forgotten about this tradition, though of course she had taken part of it when she was a freshman. Yes, she could definitely use a break right now. She had been working on her paper all day and made good progress, but her butt and shoulders were sore and her wrists were throbbing.

“Let me just finish this paragraph,” said Kristin. She leaned forward again and began typing; Jenny walked around behind her and began to gently rub her shoulders as she worked. Kristin sighed and exhaled; she could feel her tension dissipating as she typed a few last sentences and then saved her file.

Leaning back once more, Kristin pulled Jenny down over her shoulder for a kiss. Jenny’s lips were soft and sweet and loving. Kristin felt her whole body come to life; it seemed like weeks since she’d even thought about sex, and now here was this warm, willing, wonderful girl. Truly, hers was a charmed life.

They kissed for a good long time before coming up for air. Looking once again at the skimpy lingerie Jenny was wearing, Kristin said, “Aren’t you cold in that thing?”

Jenny smiled sheepishly. “I’m a little goosepimply.” Kristin led Jenny over to the bed and got her under the covers. After turning off the desk lamp and lighting a candle, Kristin slid off her sweatclothes and climbed into bed as well.

After undressing each other they made love tenderly, unhurriedly, but passionately. Afterward they were both ravenous, so they put on robes and went downstairs to the kitchen. Several other senior/freshman pairs were already there, tucking into pints of ice cream they had liberated from the freezer. A few minutes later Miss White appeared with Jodie, both of them sporting JBF hair and blissful expressions. Miss White popped open a couple bottles of champagne and they all drank a toast to a successful Study Break.

For while the kitchen was filled with innocent laughter and girlish giggles. As Kristin was talking to Emma and April, Jenny quietly consulted Miss White. She really wanted to do something special for Kristin; did Miss White have any suggestions?

Miss White nodded and whispered to Jodie, who left the room. When she returned a few minutes later she was carrying a small wooden box that she discreetly handed to Jenny.

When the party began to break up and Kristin and Jenny headed back upstairs, Kristin asked, “What you got there?”

Jenny smiled mischievously. “A surprise.”

When they got back to the room Kristin stripped off her robe and climbed into bed while Jenny went into the bathroom. When she emerged she was naked from the neck down but had a thick black phallus extending from her face.

“Oh my,” said Kristin.

Jenny walked over to the foot of the bed, lifted up the covers from the bottom, and climbed under them. Had there been anyone else in the room they would have seen the silhouette of Jenny’s body as it moved up between Kristin’s legs, then Kristin’s eyes going wide as she was penetrated.

Using the face dildo and her fingers, Jenny made Kristin come several times, fingernails digging into Jenny’s shoulders. Finally Jenny took off the dildo and applied the coup de grace by licking Kristin’s clit. Afterwards Jenny shimmied up next to Kristin and snuggled up with her head on the older girl’s shoulder. “Thanks,” purred Kristin into Jenny’s ear. “I needed that.” And it was true; though she hadn’t been aware of it, she had been desperately in need of a good fucking.

Within minutes Kristin was sawing logs. Jenny was still a little restless, so she fished around under the covers until she found the dildo and then slid it into her own pussy. Once it was all the way in, she fingered herself to two more delightful climaxes before she, too, fell asleep.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 62

Jenny woke up wrapped in a blanket on a couch, groggy and disoriented. It took her a few seconds to remember where she was, but then it all came flooding back.

After leaving the club, she and Lindsay had followed Hana for a couple blocks to an old apartment building, then up three flights of stairs. It took Hana a minute to get the door open, but when she did, they stepped through into a surprisingly spacious studio apartment. It was a little rundown but charming, with antique woodwork, ornate windows, and a skylight.

Jenny went immediately to pee and when she was done, she lingered in the bathroom doorway for a minute, peering around the corner at Lindsay and Hana. They were sitting on the couch, laughing and sipping from full-sized glasses of tequila. Their hair was a symphony of color — Lindsay’s blue with newly added streaks of platinum, Hana’s dark red and jet black.

“This is good stuff,” said Lindsay, tipping back her glass.

“Yeah,” said Hana. “Smooth.”

Jenny herself was a little drunk and extremely horny, which combined to make her feel reckless and bold. She decided that, rather than wait to be told what to do, she would take the initiative; she would act like the wanton slut that Lindsay had advertised her to be. And so when she came out of the bathroom and started walking toward the couch, she was stark naked.

Lindsay and Hana went silent and both sets of eyes followed Jenny as she approached them. She walked tall and proud, feeling sexy and audacious and free. Without a moment’s hesitation she sat down in Hana’s lap.

Hana gave Lindsay a look that might have translated as “You weren’t kidding, were you?” And then she and Jenny were kissing, two pairs of soft lips melting together. Hana wrapped one arm around Jenny’s waist while the other reached out to feel and squeeze her breasts. Jenny shuddered; it felt like months since she had been touched, though it reality it had been only a few days.

Now Hana’s hand began to travel down Jenny’s sternum, across her belly, and down between her legs. Hana’s fingertips traced through Jenny’s soft fur, then explored her sticky inner thighs before finding her pussy lips. Jenny’s sopping-wet hole offered no resistance whatsoever as Hana slid one finger inside, then another.

Jenny squirmed on Hana’s lap as she was being fingered, then moaned into the older girl’s ear as an orgasm overtook her. Jenny felt a wave of warmth and well-being wash over her, and after taking a minute to savor it, she was possessed by a powerful desire to return the pleasure Hana had given her — with interest.

Turning 90 degrees so that she was straddling Hana directly, with them facing each other, Jenny lowered the straps of Hana’s dress and pulled the top of it down. Despite the substantial size of her chest, she was wearing no bra. Her breasts were full, rounded, and luscious, with nipples that were small in diameter but quite long, jutting out at least half an inch in their current fully erect state.

Quickly repositioning herself so she was kneeling on the floor between Hana’s legs, Jenny licked and sucked each nipple, then stretched her mouth wide to take as much mammary gland into her mouth as she could. Hana sank back into the couch, appreciating the kind attention that Jenny was paying to her boobs. But after a few minutes both of them were ready for the next step.

Hana lifted her hips and Jenny helped her wriggle out of her dress, leaving her in just panties and socks. When Jenny got a whiff of the scent of arousal rising up from between Hana’s legs, it went straight to her head; she wasted not a moment stripping off Hana’s panties, spreading her legs, and diving in.

Lindsay lifted her skirt and began to touch herself as she watched Jenny devour Hana’s pussy. Applying all the knowledge and experience she’d gained at Alpha Beta Delta, Jenny made Hana come over and over again, pausing for just the right amount of time after each orgasm before starting up again. By the time she was done Hana was laying back breathless and lightheaded with a broad and silly smile on her face.

Jenny sat back on her haunches and took a deep breath, licking Hana’s pussy juice off her lips. Lindsay handed her a glass and she tipped it back; it wasn’t until she had a mouthful of fiery liquid that she realized it was tequila. She started to choke and almost spit up the booze, but managed to keep it in and swallow it, then began to cough.

By the time she pulled herself together, Hana was gone and Jenny was staring straight into Lindsay’s naked crotch. Gazing down at Jenny, Lindsay spread her pussy lips to reveal the bright pink canal inside. Apparently there was to be no rest for Jenny’s tongue tonight.

Setting down the glass and wiping a hand across her mouth, Jenny dutifully leaned down between Lindsay’s legs and got to work. Occupied as she was, she didn’t see Hana come up behind her her with one hand wrapped around the shaft of the big blue strap-on extending out from her pelvis. Hana winked at Lindsay and said, “I never leave home without it.”

Jenny gasped when the thick head penetrated her and her eyes went wide; she inhaled as the length of the shaft slowly slid into her, then exhaled when it was all the way in. It was a marvelous sensation of fullness that she hadn’t felt for far too long, and she glanced gratefully back at Hana before returning her attention to Lindsay’s cunt.

As Jenny’s head began to clear, this was the moment that stood out most in her memory of the night — lapping away at Lindsay’s dripping-wet snatch as Hana pounded into her from behind. She tingled all over just thinking of it. Such shameless, depraved behavior; if Jenny’s self of a year ago could see her now, she would be shocked and appalled. That Jenny wouldn’t have even had words to describe what she was seeing.

After thoroughly satisfying themselves, the three of them had been sitting naked on the couch, eating ice cream that Hana had stashed in the fridge earlier, when Donna and Haley returned. They had been out making the rounds of local watering holes, and were feeling tipsy and uninhibited. When Lindsay suggested that they avail themselves of Jenny’s exceptional pussy-licking skills, they readily agreed.

And so it was that Jenny found herself on her knees once again as Donna and Haley arranged themselves on one of the apartment’s two twin beds. Naked except for their socks, they laid down side-by-side with Haley’s left leg wrapped around Donna’s right.

Haley’s pubic hair was red and thick, Donna’s blond and sparse. Jenny found herself looking at them unable to decide where to start. Finally she began to kiss the two girls’ legs where they were intertwined, then ran her tongue up each inner thigh, then finally took a deep, satisfying slurp of Donna’s pussy.

After licking Donna and fingering Haley for a minute, Jenny switched, then switched back. At first Hana and Lindsay were content to watch, but after a few minutes they felt the sap rising. Looking at each other and shrugging, they walked over and climbed up onto the bed, Lindsay straddling Haley’s head and Hana sitting atop Donna’s. It was now very crowded on the small bed, but you didn’t hear anyone complaining.

Now, with the dim gray light of early morning filtering in through the apartment’s windows, Jenny still felt a throb between her legs as she thought of the previous night’s pleasures. At the same time she felt no desire to hang around any longer; more than anything she wanted to be at home.

Tiptoeing past the two beds — Lindsay and Hana were sleeping in one, Haley and Donna in the other — Jenny made her way to the bathroom, found her clothes, and got dressed. She exited the apartment quietly, carefully closing the heavy door behind her. Outside the streets were almost deserted; she saw only a couple of people as she navigated her way back to ABD House. Once there she climbed into her bunk and immediately fell into a deep and blissful slumber.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 61

As promised, Lindsay turned up to collect Jenny a few minutes after 8, wearing a long-sleeved Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirt, a vintage denim jacket, and a short plaid skirt over fishnet stockings. She looked cool beyond cool and Jenny immediately felt like she was out of her depth; but Lindsay had asked her to go, and she had said yes, so what the hell?

They donned coats, hats, and scarves and set off into town. With Lindsay leading the way, they walked all the way through the main square and into the somewhat seedier outskirts on the other side. After traversing a series of increasing narrow and dim side streets, they descended a set of steps to a basement door that had nothing on it but an upside-down question mark.

Jenny had been feeling increasingly worried as the journey progressed. She didn’t really know Lindsay at all; was she being led to some kind of drug den, dungeon, torture chamber? But when they stepped through the door they were in a warm, crowded, music-filled nightclub. Jenny breathed a sigh of relief, though she still felt out of her element and the music was painfully loud.

They found a place along the wall to the right of the stage and Lindsay went to the bar, returning a few minutes later with two beers. For the next couple of hours they leaned against the wall drinking beers (three for Lindsay, two for Jenny) and watching a series of bands  None of them were, to Jenny’s ear, particularly musical, but they all had something interesting about them. And Jenny admired anyone who was willing to go onstage and play; the very idea terrified her.

Finally, though, an all-girl trio came on and immediately there was something different in the air. The singer and guitarist, a small girl in her early 20s with black-and-magenta hair, had presence; before she even struck a chord or sang a word, you could tell there was something special about her.

When the band played their first song Jenny was amazed; she’d never heard anything like it before. It was loud and aggressive but also funky; despite having several abrupt changes of tempo, it was impossible not to dance to. Both Jenny and Lindsay got up from their slouches and started moving, as did everyone in the club.

When the song was over the singer said “Hi!” in a girlish chirp that didn’t seem to match her ferocious singing voice at all. “It’s great to be back,” she said to a wave of applause. “Thanks for coming out tonight. This one’s called ‘Blow You Away.’”

The second song was very different from the first but equally impressive. After that they played one amazing song after another for almost 90 minutes. When it was over Jenny was completely stunned; she’d never experienced anything like it. She was sweaty from dancing and exhilarated, and more than a little enamored of the singer, who waved a blew the crowd a kiss when she said goodnight.

“Wow,” said Jenny as she leaned back against the wall and killed the last swallow of the beer she’d been neglecting.

“I know, right?” said Lindsay. “She’s really talented. Always has been.”

“You know her?” asked Jenny.

Lindsay nodded. “We went to high school together.” As the crowd began to thin out, Lindsay jerked her head and said, “Come on, let’s go backstage.”

There was no security or anything; to get backstage all they had to do was walk down a hallway and through a curtain. Inside the bass player and drummer were curled up together on a small couch in the corner; the singer was sitting on a folding chair with a towel over her head.

“Hey Hana,” said Lindsay.

The singer and pulled the towel up a little and looked at them with big, lively brown eyes. “Linds!” she said. “I thought I saw you out there.”

“Great show,” said Lindsay.

“Thanks. Yeah, I thought it went well.”

Almost simultaneously the two girls in the corner piped up, “Hi Lindsay.”

“Hi Haley,” said Lindsay. “Hi Donna.”

Lindsay then introduced Jenny, who was so nervous she could barely speak. Finally she stammered out, “You were ... amazing.”

“Thanks Jenny. It’s always fun to share our music with new people.” Putting the towel aside she said, “Let’s go get a drink.” With that Hana strode out of the room followed by Lindsay and Jenny. As they left Jenny noticed out of the corner of her eye that Haley and Donna had started making out.

The three of them sat at the bar and the bartender, who knew Hana from multiple appearances at the club, put a bottle of tequila and three shot glasses in front of them. Hana poured them each a shot and raised her glass: “Salud,” she said.

Jenny took her shot and immediately started coughing, unprepared for how strong it was. But soon after a feeling of warmth and well-being washed over her.

For the next half-hour Lindsay and Hana shared gossip about their high school friends — who was dating who, who had flunked out of college, who had never left home and was now working some awful job. In the process several more shots of tequila disappeared down each of their throats.

Jenny mostly sat there studying Hana. Her ethnicity was a bit mysterious, but from her light brown skin and dark, striking eyes, Jenny guessed she was of Persian descent. She was not the most classically beautiful, and was carrying a few extra pounds, but she had charisma; there was just something irresistible about her. She was wearing a black dress that somehow managed to be both frilly and punk, along with knee-length black socks and a leather collar from which dangled an Egyptian ankh.

For some time Jenny had been spacing out the conversation, but it got her attention when Hana asked Lindsay, “So, you’re still living at that sorority?”

Lindsay nodded. “Yup, two years plus now.”

“You know,” said Hana, downing another shot, “I never figured you for the sorority type.”

“Dude,” said Lindsay, following suit, “me neither. But when I started hearing about some of the things that went on there, I had to check it out. And it was all true. And then some.” With that she looked over at Jenny, who had not been matching the others shot for shot, but took one now.

“It’s amazing how they have things organized,” said Lindsay. “They take these innocent little freshmen and turn them into total lezzie sluts.”

Hana laughed. “Is that what happened to you?”

Lindsay laughed too. “Yeah, right. Let’s just say I was a little bit ahead of the curve. But this one” — and here she pointed at Jenny — “when I first saw her, she was as wide-eyed and pure as could be. But right now I bet she’s sitting there thinking about what your pussy tastes like.”

Jenny blushed, embarrassed at the suggestion, and all the more embarrassed because it was not too far from what had actually been on her mind. She was already a little squishy between the legs, and hearing Lindsay say that caused another surge of liquid to flow.

“And they really have to do whatever you tell them?” asked Hana. Lindsay nodded. “Well shit,” said Hana, taking another shot and slamming her glass down on the bar. “What are we doing here?”

As they got their coats on Hana said, “Believe it or not they actually got us a pretty nice place this time, an AirBnB. Just down the street.” Slipping the tequila bottle into her overcoat, Hana led them out the door and into the cold darkness outside.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 60

Jenny spent that night in the dorm, and though she could understand why April was averse to it, she found the constant background hum of activity reassuring. She slept deeply and woke up early, making it downstairs while the house was still and silent.

It was a long day for her, with one class after another, and she was assigned to kitchen cleanup after dinner that night. So it was fairly late by the time she resumed her exploration of ABD House, which had been cut short the previous night after she ran into April.

This time she decided to start at the top of the house, and after climbing three flights of stairs she found herself standing right in front of Kristin’s door. It was closed and light was streaming out from underneath. Jenny pictured Kristin sitting at her desk, blond hair tied back in a messy ponytail as she typed away at her computer.

It was very tempting to knock, but Jenny resisted. She wanted to be independent and self-sufficient, to earn Kristin’s respect. She would be rewarded when next they were together, she was sure.

So Jenny turned and walked all the way to the other end of the hall, where there was a door she’d never paid attention to before. It was open and turned out to lead to a narrow, winding, dimly lit stairwell going up. Jenny climbed it carefully, emerging into a short hallway with just a few doors on it.

She’d had no idea anything was up here. Curious, she walked past a few closed doors, then found herself in front of one that was standing open.

Inside a single candle threw flickering light onto a futon on the floor. On it lay a female form, legs spread wide, touching herself with one hand. Her head was thrown back so Jenny couldn’t see her face; the other hand held a thick pink dildo, which she was pushing into her own mouth.

Jenny stood there stunned. Even at ABD this wasn’t something you expected to see just walking down the hall. She squinted and tried to make out who it was. From this angle she could see dark brown pubic hair and several tattoos, which narrowed it down some, but still she couldn’t be sure.

All of a sudden the figure lifted its head and looked straight at Jenny. She recognized the face as that of Lindsay, a junior who Jenny had only interacted with a few times, and always been intimidated by. She had an asymmetrical haircut that was constantly changing color — at the moment it was blue — and dark, smoldering eyes that were always framed in black eye shadow. She probably had the most tattoos of anyone at ABD, and a long, lean, muscular body.

Staring straight into Jenny’s eyes Lindsay snarled, “What are you doing up here, frosh?”

Jenny struggled to frame an answer; there really wasn’t any good reason for her to be there. She stammered out a few words before Lindsay cut her off. “Never mind, it doesn’t matter. Come closer,” she ordered, and Jenny obeyed, feeling a warm spot begin to form between her legs. “On your knees,” barked Lindsay, and Jenny did as she was told. Lindsay rolled over on to one side, still holding the dildo in one hand.

“Show me your tits,” ordered Lindsay. Blushing slightly, crotch beginning to trickle, Jenny pulled off her shirt, then her bra. Her nipples were jutting out proudly, excited by the situation they found themselves in. “Hold them for me,” said Lindsay, and Jenny did. “Now lick them.”

One at a time, Jenny lifted her breasts toward her mouth and extended her tongue to lap at each nipple. “Good girl,” said Lindsay in a voice grown husky with arousal. “Now come over here and lick me.”

If there was anything Jenny’s time at ABD had prepared her for, it was this. She knee-walked over to the futon and took up a position between Lindsay’s legs.

Lindsay had been masturbating for a while and she was well and truly soaked, her pubis and inner thighs coated with pussy juice. Jenny began to lick it off, teasing Lindsay’s sensitive areas without actually touching her crotch. After a minute Lindsay had had enough of this; she took a firm grip on Jenny’s head and shoved her wet cunt into the younger girl’s face.

Jenny took the hint and went to work, snaking her tongue into Lindsay’s creamy hole. Lindsay writhed and arched her back, pushing her crotch ever more forcefully into Jenny’s nose and mouth. Jenny did everything she could to make Lindsay come so she might be able to get a breath, slipping a thumb into her from beneath, lapping urgently at her clit.

Moving with a sudden sense of urgency, Lindsay released Jenny’s head and spun her around to lay face-up on the bed. Taking a deep breath, Jenny managed to fill her lungs with air before being once again smothered in Lindsay’s hot slit; Lindsay then pulled up Jenny’s skirt, yanked the crotch of her panties aside, and penetrated her forcefully with the dildo.

Jenny moaned and then sighed; it had been a while since she’d had anything inside her, and it felt wonderful. Her whole body was vibrating with pleasure as she enthusiastically resumed tongue-fucking Lindsay.

* * *

It was after midnight when Jenny finally staggered back downstairs, feeling dazed and lightheaded. Lindsay, it had turned out, was absolutely insatiable; she’d taken everything Jenny had to give and then some. Jenny’s crotch was still tingling but she felt absolutely drained, and it was all she could do to heave herself into her bunk before falling asleep.

In the morning she still didn’t feel right, and after a few minutes she realized that she was actually sick — her whole body ached and she felt a little feverish. Maybe it was a delayed effect from her outdoor adventure two days earlier, or maybe she’d picked up a bug; in any case she decided to stay in bed instead of going to class. Fortunately Jenny knew that all her classes would be doing reviews, and she already felt as prepared as she could be for next week’s Finals.

Then later in the morning her period came on, and between that and her illness she was out of commission for the next three days. Mostly she just slept; the rest of the time she watched movies or lay staring at the ceiling in a semi-conscious state that was not unpleasant. Once a day she managed to drag herself downstairs for a bowl of soup; occasionally the other freshmen checked on her and brought her a glass of water or a cup of tea.

By Friday afternoon she was starting to feel better, and was laying in bed with her eyes half-closed, thinking about getting up, when she heard a voice. “Hey freshman!”

Jenny opened her eyes to see Lindsay standing there with her head cocked. Annoyed at being startled out of her reverie, and at being addressed so generically, Jenny frowned.

“I mean, Jenny,” said Lindsay, relenting. “Are you still with us?” Jenny nodded. “You want to come see some music with me tonight?” It was more of a statement than a question, and before Jenny could even respond, Lindsay said, “Good. Get yourself cleaned up. I’ll be here to get you at 8.”

With that Lindsay turned and was gone. Jenny climbed out of bed and proceeded directly to the bathroom, where she took her first shower in three days. She shaved her armpits and legs and wrapped a towel around herself while she went through her clothes, trying to figure out what she should wear. She hadn’t been to many concerts — or any in fact, unless you counted the prom, which she preferred to forget about. Wanting to look cool and casual, she finally settled on jeans, a black T-shirt, and a loose, slightly tattered black sweater.

At this point Jenny suddenly realized that she was ravenous. She went down to the kitchen, made herself an enormous turkey sandwich, and wolfed it down with a tall glass of milk. With her stomach full she felt fully restored and ready for anything.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 59

When Jenny woke up, she saw that Kristin had fallen asleep with the computer still in her lap. Its battery had long since died, so Jenny took it to the desk and plugged it in, then kissed Kristin on the forehead and tiptoed out of the room.

After breakfast she decided to take her promise to Kristin literally and go explore the campus. It was enormous and there were quite a few parts she hadn’t seen yet, so she bundled up in her warmest clothes, put some snacks and water into a backpack, and set out.

It was still pretty early on a Sunday, so no one else was around. Jenny found herself walking through a pristine dusting of fresh snow about an inch high. Looking at a campus map on her phone, she decided to walk from where ABD House was — which was near the western edge of campus — all the way to the eastern edge, which was mostly undeveloped woods.

In the course of her walk Jenny encountered an enormous abstract sculpture with curvy, feminine lines; an abandoned chapel with amazing stained glass, still mostly intact; the biggest tree she’d ever seen, a towering sycamore; and an old wooden mill wheel. As she continued the terrain grew more and more wild, and for a while she had no idea where she was — though she always had a cell signal, so was never really lost.

When she finally decided to turn back, Jenny got out her phone and reoriented herself. Just as she put it back on her pocket, she saw a pair of eyes looking at her from the shadows. She froze and after a minute the figure of a fox seemed to materialize around the eyes. For a long moment Jenny and the fox just stared at each other, and Jenny got the strangest feeling, like they were kindred spirits of some kind. Then the fox turned and gracefully loped away.

By the time Jenny got home the sun was almost down and the temperature had dropped considerably; even dressed as she was she was starting to shiver and her teeth were chattering. And so when she walked in the door she headed straight to the living room to get close to the fire.

When she got there she found Alexis White sitting with a teacup in her hands, staring thoughtfully into the flames. Everyone at ABD, including Jenny, had noticed a difference in Miss White of late — though no one except Jodie and Miss White herself knew that the change had coincided with their tete-a-tete with the Dean. Many of the Sisters had remarked to each other that she seemed less strict and more friendly.

Upon seeing Jenny, Miss White’s eyes went wide. “Good God, girl,” she said. “You look like an icicle.”

Jenny smiled, which was slightly painful because her lips had been chapped by the wind. “It’s a little frosty out there.”

Setting down her cup Miss White said, “You sit down right here. I’ll bring you some hot chocolate.”

Jenny smiled weakly, in no condition to protest. “Thank you, Miss White,” she said, opening her coat so the heat could get in. She could feel herself starting to defrost by the time Miss White appeared with a huge, steaming mug of cocoa.

“What were you doing out there?” asked Miss White.

“Exploring,” said Jenny, and told Miss White some of the things she’d seen.

“Well, you’re quite the intrepid one, aren’t you? But next time maybe plan things so you don’t risk getting frostbite.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Jenny.

At that moment Jodie walked into the room. Seeing her in the snug, revealing maid’s uniform, Jenny immediately felt a throb in her loins; aside from the previous night’s go-round with Kristin, she’d been relatively sexually deprived lately.

Jodie walked up to Miss White, leaned in, and whispered in her ear. Jenny, like all the Sisters, was quite aware of the close relationship that had developed between Jodie and Miss White. As a result, despite her theoretically lowly status, Jodie was now generally treated with respect, even deference.

After hearing Jodie out, Miss White nodded and took her by the arm. “Excuse me, Jenny,” she said politely, and the two of them left the room.

Jenny shucked off her coat and sat back to finish her hot chocolate. By the time it was gone she felt refreshed, even invigorated. She decided that she would continue her theme for the day by exploring all the nooks and crannies of ABD House, many of which were still unfamiliar to her.

She thought she would start at the bottom and work her way up, and so descended the dimly lit stairs to the basement. The first thing she passed was the small but amply stocked wine cellar, which was clearly a relic of another time. She imagined well-dressed young women from 50 or 100 years ago enjoying fine wines from this cellar; some of the dust-covered bottles appeared to have been there that long.

As Jenny approached the basement room that Jodie had occupied until Miss White brought her above ground, she saw that the door was cracked open. A thin shaft of pale yellow light was emanating from inside, as was the sound of music — something soulful and sexy; was it Marvin Gaye?

Overcome with curiosity, Jenny approached the door and tried to peer through the crack. At first she saw nothing but the furniture, but after a few seconds she made out a figure on the couch with a book in hand. There was something familiar about it, and one by one the details came into focus — smooth, light-brown skin, slightly kinky dark hair, high cheekbones under bright golden eyes — until she finally realized who it was.

“April?” she said, just loud enough to be heard over the music. April looked up from her book, momentarily startled, but she immediately recognized the voice.

“Jenny? Hey, come in here, girl.” They hadn’t seen each other lately, and Jenny had assumed that April was spending all of her time with Emma. But as they talked, Jenny learned that April was in a similar position to herself; Emma was preoccupied with schoolwork, leaving her freshman lover at loose ends. April detested the dormitory, finding it noisy and crowded; so noting that Jodie didn’t seem to be using this room anymore, she had ensconced herself there.

In truth, April had been feeling a bit bored and was delighted to see her ex-roommate. She had previously helped herself to one of the less fancy bottles of wine from the cellar, and now invited Jenny to have a glass with her.

Jenny agreed and soon it was just like old times as they drank and talked, and laughed, and then danced. As it happened the same song that had been playing the first time April had tried to kiss Jenny, back in their dorm room months ago, came on. She tried again now, and this time Jenny didn’t resist, but kissed back eagerly.

One thing led to another, and soon they were both naked, getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies with hands and then with mouths. They made love slowly and tenderly, making use of all the skills they had learned in their time at ABD to bring each other numerous and delicious orgasms. Afterward they snuggled up on the couch, and April pulled a blanket over them as they killed the last of the wine.

Only after the fact did Jenny realize that this was the first time just the two of them had been together, without either of their seniors involved. It was kind of amazing after all they’d been through. Jenny rested her head on April’s shoulder, feeling warm, comfortable, and contented.

But as they were laying there Jenny realized that she and April were really just friends with benefits; there was no deeper connection like she felt with Kristin. In a way this was a relief — there was no conflict about where her true priorities lay. On the other hand, as Kristin had just reminded her, the older girl would graduating at the end of the year. Jenny was going to have figure out how to deal with that.

Well, there was more than half a year to go till then; a very long time, considering all that had happened in the last couple months. Jenny moved her head to rest on April’s chest under the covers and took a deep breath, inhaling the mixed odors of their various bodily secretions. It amazed her to think that, not long ago, she would have considered what she and April had done together that night terribly wrong; what exactly was the big deal?

April invited Jenny to spend the night but she declined; there wasn’t really enough room on the couch for two to sleep comfortably. And more importantly Jenny could easily see herself falling into a routine here. She didn’t want to do that; she had just started exploring.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 58

As the semester entered its last couple weeks the weather turned snowy; Jenny discovered that you had to leave for class extra early to trudge through the heavy coats of white powder. But because she had never lived anyplace that got snow, it was a novelty for her and she bore it with good humor.

What bothered her more was that she saw very little of Kristin, who was spending a great deal of time studying. Kristin felt like she had underachieved during her first couple years in college, and was determined to do everything she could to raise her GPA. Jenny understood this and tried to be supportive, but couldn’t help feeling neglected at times.

For one of her classes Kristin had to write an extremely long final paper, and she told Jenny that she was unable to concentrate with anyone else around — “especially you,” she added, looking Jenny up and down. Naked and collared, Jenny was looking especially luscious that day, and blushed a little at the compliment.

And so, though Jenny would have gladly done anything to help reduce Kristin’s stress level — from making tea to licking pussy — she mostly stayed away, sleeping in the freshman dorm and following Kristin’s example by focusing on her studies. But her classes were generally pretty easy, introductory-level ones, and so she still found herself with a lot of time on her hands.

Kristin had promised Jenny that on Saturday night, they would go to a movie together. But when Jenny arrived at Kristin’s door, dressed up and eager, she found Kristin sitting at her computer in a bathrobe, looking harried and disheveled. “I can’t go, Jen. I just found a whole ton of new material that I have to sift through before my meeting with my advisor tomorrow.”

Jenny pouted and looked like she might cry; then, all of her recent frustration welling up inside her, stamped her foot and said, “I hate this. It’s not fair.”

Kristin sighed, understanding why Jenny felt the way she did, but annoyed with her for being so high-maintenance. She looked at the clock and calculated. It was worth taking a few minutes to set Jenny straight right now; it would save time later. And to be honest, she could do with a little break.

Turning her head back toward Jenny, Kristin fixed the younger girl with an icy stare. Jenny immediately felt her guts knot up and regretted what she’d said; it was childish and unhelpful, she knew. She tried to apologize but found that she’d lost her voice; all she could do was gaze back at Kristin with her lower lip trembling.

Kristin stood up and pointed to the bed. “Get over here,” she barked. “Right. Fucking. Now.”

Jenny’s heart was pounding as she obeyed. She had crossed a line and was worried about what the consequences would be, but a part of her was also delighted — at least she had gotten Kristin’s attention.

Bending Jenny forward over the bed, Kristin yanked her hands behind her back and held them there. Whipping off the belt of her robe, she used it to tie Jenny’s wrists together, letting the robe fall open.

Now Kristin lifted Jenny’s skirt and pulled her pink panties down and off. With no further preliminaries she began to spank Jenny good and hard with her bare hand. Kristin poured all the stress and tension she’d been feeling into the spanking, mercilessly whacking one cheek, then the other. Jenny moaned and tears formed at the corners of her eyes, but she also knew that this was right, that it was what she deserved — what she wanted even.

The spanking was cathartic for both of them and when it was over, Kristin rolled Jenny over and climbed on top of her in 69 position. They licked each other furiously, desperately, and lovingly. Afterward Kristin untied Jenny and they snuggled up in bed together with Jenny’s head resting on Kristin’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” said Jenny.

“I’m sorry too, Jen,” said Kristin. “But I’ve told you how important this semester is to me.”

Jenny nodded. “I know.”

“And listen, you have to remember that I’m not always going to be here to look after you. I’m a senior, remember? You need to start branching out and developing an identity for yourself. I don’t own you.” They both smiled at that. “Well, I guess I kind of do. But for the rest of this semester I want you to do whatever you want and fuck whoever you want. It’s fine with me. OK?”

“OK,” said Jenny.

“Good,” said Kristin. “You can spend the night, and tomorrow I want you to go out and start exploring. Deal?”


They brushed their teeth and Kristin brought her computer to bed. She sat doing research as Jenny fell fast asleep.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 57

Approaching Miss White, the Dean stood between the bound woman’s legs, letting the strap-on fall onto her stomach so she could see its relative size. It extended well past her belly button.

Miss White swallowed, her eyes bugging out slightly. Surely the Dean would have some mercy on her, not tear her up inside? She opened her mouth to plead for leniency, but she just couldn’t do it; she still had some pride left. What was going to happen would happen.

The Dean pulled her hips back, letting the giant bulbous head slide down Miss White’s pelvis and come to rest against her puckered, hungry pussy lips. Leaning forward, the Dean braced herself against the table with hands on either side of Miss White’s torso. In this stance she would be able to both watch the dildo go in and see the look on Miss White’s face as it happened.

Jodie, meanwhile, took up a position near the head of the table. From there she had a good view down between the two women, past their breasts, to where the enormous phallus was poised at Miss White’s entrance. Miss White took a deep breath, exhaled it, and tried to go limp; she was as ready as she’d ever be.

The sound she emitted when the head pressed into her surprised everyone in the room: It was high-pitched, piercing, entirely unlike any vocalization she normally made. It was followed by a low, guttural moan of the deepest pleasure. Already Miss White was as full as she could remember, and as the strap-on slid deeper into her, her eyes rolled back in her head and suddenly she was coming — trembling and crying out, pulling futilely at her bonds.

As the intense climax ebbed, a great sense of calm and well-being washed over her, then was quickly replaced by a new sense of urgency as the dildo continued to push up into her. She felt like it was pressing into her stomach, trying to work its way up to her chest, and still there were several inches left to go. Just when she thought she was about to be split in half, the Dean reversed direction and began to slowly pull out.

Miss White felt the strap-on slide out of her until just the head remained inside. Her pussy was throbbing and her heart was pounding, but she felt a certain sense of relief. She’d taken more than she thought she could and survived. But the Dean’s second stroke was harder and deeper, and Miss White felt a sweat break out on her forehead.

Jodie, watching, began to touch herself. At some level it was appalling to see the formidable Alexis White tied, exposed, and ruthlessly fucked. But it was also indisputably sexy to watch.

The Dean gradually increased the tempo of her thrusts, taking great satisfaction in Miss White’s facial contortions and helpless, raw-throated cries. From time to time she tugged on the chain connecting the clamps on Miss White’s nipples, inducing a different combination of expressions and vocalizations.

At this point Miss White entered a sort of fugue state. Everything blurred together: There was a lot of pleasure, and there was some pain; the Dean’s face loomed above her, then Jodie was peering down through her glasses. The Dean was not entirely in control of herself anymore either; her eyes were blazing and her nostrils flaring as she pounded into Miss White again and again, driving the monstrous cock home with complete abandon.

When the Dean reached down and brushed Miss White’s clit with one finger, she came so hard that it seemed like she might tear the ropes holding her right in half. She was still coming when the Dean unsnapped the clamp from her right nipple and pulled it off. Miss White sighed as the feeling began to return to her teat, then whimpered as the Dean’s mouth closed on it.

The Dean resumed thrusting slowly as she popped off the other clamp and moved her mouth to that breast. Jodie, feeling bold, leaned down and began to suck the one she had abandoned; the Dean allowed it. After a few minutes of this treatment Miss White spasmed violently, let loose with an incoherent wail, and lay still; her eyes were still open, but she could not in any meaningful sense be said to be conscious.

When a semblance of awareness returned, Miss White saw the Dean standing near the end of the table where her head was, gloriously naked — no strap-on, no dress, just smooth ebony skin glowing in the firelight. The Dean stood up on her tippy-toes and leaned forward until Miss White’s head was engulfed in her crotch. The musky scent was overwhelming, intoxicating; Miss White nuzzled her nose up between the Dean’s pussy lips, coating it in the other woman’s juices.

As she felt a tongue begin to snake up inside her, the Dean stretched out her arms and began to untie the ropes holding Miss White’s legs. This took a minute, as she had done a quite thorough job, but eventually she accomplished it. Then she freed Miss White’s arms, which was somewhat easier.

Now the Dean slid her hands under Miss White’s ass and lifted her slightly. As Miss White wrapped her arms around the Dean’s legs, jabbing her tongue deeper into the creamy hole above her, the Dean bent forward until her head was between Miss White’s thighs.

When she felt the Dean’s hot breath on her cunt, Miss White thought she knew what was coming next. She was surprised to suddenly feel herself being lifted into the air. Next thing she knew she was hanging upside down with her face in the Dean’s crotch as the Dean’s powerful tongue penetrated her.

Jodie watched in amazement as the two women engaged in a furious standing 69. Miss White’s knees were on the Dean’s shoulders, her arms wrapped around the Dean’s waist, her head gripped between the Dean’s thighs.

Finally the Dean took a few steps to her left and they toppled over together onto the couch, landing with the Dean on top as they continued to feast on each other’s cunts. They were in a frenzy now, all inhibitions gone, racing to see who could make the other come first.

But the Dean was in a much more sensitized state, and when Miss White began to suck her clit she spasmed violently, then relaxed. This allowed Miss White to gain just enough leverage to turn the both of them over. Now the Dean was on her back on the couch, Miss White straddling her head. Holding the Dean’s hips, Miss White lifted herself slightly and began to grind her pussy down onto the black woman’s face. The Dean did not fight back; she just extended her tongue and continued to probe deeper, letting Miss White’s sweet nectar pour into her mouth.

When Miss White felt her orgasm approaching, she let herself fall forward and again clamped her lips onto the Dean’s clit. This time they came together, holding on to each other for dear life, moaning, sighing, laughing, crying. Then it suddenly became very quiet in the room, the only sound the heaving of the two women’s chests as they tried to catch their breath.

Jodie was completely slack-jawed. She knew that she had just witnessed something incredible, something that she would remember for the rest of her life. Even so she had the presence of mind to find the camera and erase the pictures the Dean had taken. She almost couldn’t do it — they were magnificently beautiful images, and she made sure to commit each one to memory before deleting it.

After a few minutes Miss White and the Dean began to slowly untangle themselves. Miss White stepped over to a nearby chair — moving gingerly, like she’d just run a marathon — and sank down into it, sighing and shaking her head. The Dean rolled over and came to a sitting position, staring blankly into the middle distance.

Jodie walked over and sat down on the arm of Miss White’s chair, making it clear where her loyalty lay. Miss White smiled weakly — she knew that Jodie would never look at her in quite the same way now. She hoped, though, that she had managed to retain at least some sense of dignity in the younger woman’s eyes.

Miss White glanced over at the Dean and their eyes met briefly. Certainly they were seeing each other in a different light now; they understood each other in a way they hadn’t before. They weren’t going to friends, or even allies; but they could at least be respectful adversaries.

At last the Dean stood and turned toward the door. “I trust you can find your way out,” she said, matter-of-factly but not curtly. “Safe travels to you both.” And with that she was gone.

Miss White and Jodie retraced their steps back through the drawing room to the foyer, where they found their clothes and dressed. Bundling up tight, they stepped out together into the cold night air.

As they headed home Miss White put one arm around Jodie’s shoulders, partly for warmth, but mostly because she was having trouble walking properly. Jodie felt strange having Miss White lean on her, but also immensely proud, both of herself and of Miss White. She knew that night had been very difficult for the older woman — pleasurable, yes, but also humbling. But now this episode was over, and who knew what might happen next?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 56

Jodie sat down on a corner of the chaise and looked down at the bound figure of Miss White. On the whole she did not appear to be in such bad shape — parts of her body were glowing red, but the skin had not been broken. Jodie screwed the cap off the jar, took a big handful of cream, and began to rub it into the most afflicted areas.

Miss White sighed with relief. “Thanks,” she said quietly, and smiled weakly. Jodie glanced at the older woman’s face, then quickly looked away — tears had formed in the corners of Miss White’s eyes, something that Jodie simply could not stand to see.

Rolling on to her side, Miss White asked Jodie, “Could you get these clamps off?”

Jodie hesitated. Could this be included under the directive to “soothe”? Looking at the direction in which the Dean had departed, she stuttered, “I’m... uh... not sure if I’m supposed to.”

Miss White swore under her breath. Jodie’s submissiveness was a double-edged sword, and in this moment she was more afraid of the Dean than of Miss White. Which was only natural, she reminded herself — the Dean was in charge here, while Miss White was bound and helpless, in no position to be giving orders or dealing out punishment. She decided to let it go; she and Jodie would sort things out when this was over.

When the Dean returned she was wearing the hugest strap-on Miss White had ever laid eyes on, a thick black monster with a bulbous mushroom head. She’d seen bigger ones in porn, but those had always seemed like jokes, while this one was deadly serious; it loomed larger with every step the Dean took in her direction. Miss White felt a knot in her stomach as the Dean came closer and the dildo’s single eye winked at her ominously.

Sinking to one knee in front of the chaise, the Dean used the chain between Miss White’s nipple clamps to pull her closer. “Open wide, Alexis,” she said.

Miss White took a deep breath and obeyed. What was the point in resisting? She tried to relax as the massive head pushed into her mouth — it barely fit, even with her jaws stretched as wide as they'd go.

Jodie watched, fascinated, as more and more of the strap-on disappeared into Miss White’s mouth. The head was the thickest part, so by relaxing her throat she was able to take down an impressive amount of the shaft — not all of it, but most — before starting to gag. When she did the Dean pushed just a little bit farther in, enjoying the look of wide-eyed panic that flitted across Miss White’s face, before starting to ease out. There was nothing sexy about somebody throwing up.

The Dean fucked Miss White’s mouth both tenderly and brutally as her right hand trailed down the bound woman’s belly, through her pubic hair, and across her thighs. Miss White tried to move so that her pussy would touch the Dean’s hand, but the Dean was having none of it; she simply toyed and teased, further increasing the heat in Miss White’s already-inflamed nether regions.

Jodie could sense Miss White’s need, and would have loved nothing more than to drop her head down between her mistress’s legs and go to work. Certainly that was what Miss White would have wanted; but at the moment neither Miss White’s desires or her own were paramount, so she held back.

Dean Wilkins took great delight in watching the giant dildo move in and out of Miss White’s mouth, but also felt a certain sense of yearning. She enjoyed being a woman, and certainly had no desire to be a man; but still she couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to feel the warm wetness of a woman’s mouth engulfing her cock, then to fill that mouth with semen. She imagined herself dripping a trail of cum across Miss White’s lips, chin, and chest, then ordering Jodie to lick it off.

At that moment the Dean was surprised by a spontaneous orgasm, triggered partly by the friction of the harness on her clit, but mostly by her fantasy. When she pulled out of Miss White’s mouth she half-expected to leave a drizzle of spunk, but of course there was nothing there.

Once again the Dean stood and had a drink while pondering her next move. As she looked around the room, nothing seemed quite right for what she had in mind. Then it hit her. She sat down her glass and spun on her heel.

“Come with me,” said the Dean to Jodie, who obediently fell in behind her. In one corner of the drawing room was a low table, about six feet long and three feet wide. The Dean took one end and Jodie the other, and they moved it through the door into the living room and sat it down next to the chaise.

Freeing Miss White’s legs, the Dean again lifted her and placed her face-up on the table. Miss White went completely limp, allowing herself to be moved and manipulated. She didn’t resist, nor did she offer any assistance.

The Dean arranged Miss White so that her ass was resting on the edge of the short edge of the table and her knees were straddling opposite corners, splaying her wide open. The Dean used a rope to secure Miss White’s legs to the legs of the table, wrapping it around and around until it was nice and tight. Then she untied Miss White’s hands, lifted them over her head, and retied them to the table legs on the opposite end.

When she was finished she picked up her wine glass and stood back to admire her handiwork. It satisfied her deeply to see the mighty Alexis White so helpless and vulnerable — snugly and elegantly tied, legs spread wide, wet pink slit gleaming in the firelight. The Dean walked to a cabinet against the far wall, opened a drawer, and pulled out a camera — the very camera that Miss White had confiscated from Jodie and then returned.

When the Dean began to snap photos of her bound rival, Miss White spoke up. “That wasn’t part of our deal.”

The Dean shrugged. “These are just for my private collection. Nothing to worry about.”

Miss White frowned but didn’t respond. After a few minutes the Dean put the camera down and turned toward Miss White, cradling her gargantuan artificial phallus in one hand. “So is there anything I can do for you, Alexis?”

Miss White gritted her teeth. Obviously the Dean intended to make her beg. And though this rankled — and the prospect of having that thing inside her was a bit intimidating — what choice did she have? She couldn’t stand to go on like this much longer; her poor, long-neglected pussy was dripping, throbbing, burning, screaming for some attention. So she swallowed her pride and spoke up.

“I want you to fuck me, goddamnit,” she growled. “Fuck me hard.”

The Dean grinned wryly. “What’s the magic word, Alexis?”

Miss White sighed in exasperation. “Fuck me, please.”

“Now was that so hard?”


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 55

Leaving the rhetorical question hanging, Dean Wilkins swung her athletic frame up off the chair and came to a standing position. After tugging at the hem and bodice of her dress until a semblance of order was restored, she spun smartly toward the door and, in three long, bold, strides, was gone.

The moment the Dean was out of sight, Jodie found herself caught in a dilemma. She wanted more than anything to go to Miss White, pull off her ball gag, talk to her and/or kiss her. But though the Dean had not forbidden this, neither had she explicitly permitted it, and Jodie knew that if she made the wrong choice, she risked endangering the Dean’s good will and perhaps being punished all over again.

Not that the punishment had been so terrible — in fact the last hour with the Dean had been one of the most thrilling of her young life. But she was now thoroughly sated and physically exhausted, and felt no need to repeat the experience right away. She also sensed that the smart move in this context was to obey the Dean’s every whim, real or imagined. Any other approach risked disturbing the delicate rapprochement they had achieved.

Miss White had been looking into Jodie’s eyes all this time, and had more or less followed her line of thought. Had she been able to speak in that moment, she would have told Jodie that her instincts were absolutely correct. Patience and endurance were the orders of the day.

Nonetheless, it was a huge struggle for Jodie to stay still, and she had just about lost it when the Dean returned carrying a freshly popped bottle of champagne and two flutes. She handed one to Jodie, who gripped it rather awkwardly in her bound hands. Seeing this, the Dean deftly freed Jodie before pouring fizzy liquid into her glass.

After filling her own the Dean lifted it into the air. “To respect,” she said, clinking her glass lightly against Jodie’s. “For others and for one’s self.”

Jodie took a big drink. The wine was bubbly and crisp and she immediately felt pleasantly lightheaded, almost giddy — at least until she glanced over at the exiled Miss White, and immediately felt guilty about enjoying herself so much. After that she sipped judiciously.

The Dean drained her flute in two big draughts, then quickly refilled it, though not quite as full this time. She stood swirling it in her hand absent-mindedly, running through scenarios in her head. She had pretty well planned how this was going to go — she’d been thinking about it all week — but it was important to leave room for improvisation, so she took some time before making her next move.

For years Dean Wilkins had both admired and resented Alexis White, all the more so now that she knew exactly how much Miss White got away with on a daily basis. The temptation was strong to destroy Alpha Beta Delta by any means possible, to put an end once and for all to Miss White’s reign over her lesbian paradise. But on a rational level the Dean knew that this would be pointless; she would get a momentary sense of victory, but nothing more. On the other hand, who knew how much she might stand to benefit by ABD’s continued existence? The possibilities were vague but numerous.

One thing was for sure: She intended to go to sleep that night knowing that she had proven definitively to Alexis White which of them was the stronger.

Abruptly tossing back the rest of her champagne, the Dean set her glass down and walked over to where Miss White was chained. After unshackling Miss White’s ankles, the Dean took hold of her and, without apparent effort, lifted her and slung her over one shoulder.

As she began to cross the room the Dean wrapped her left arm around the backs of Miss White’s thighs. With the open hand of the right she spanked Miss White’s naked rump, once for each step, just because she could. With her torso hanging down across the Dean’s back, Miss White felt like a naughty child, but it was not an entirely disagreeable sensation; her pussy was growing wetter with each slap.

Near the fireplace was an antique chaise longue that the Dean had moved in from the drawing room specifically for this occasion. She deposited Miss White face-down atop it, then took a few seconds to recover herself; carrying a fully grown human being that way was not quite as easy as she’d made it look. Then she used cords to bind Miss White’s ankles to the legs of the chaise. Impulsively she reached one hand between Miss White’s legs to gauge the moisture there — which was abundant. Miss White twitched visibly at the slight touch to her highly sensitized private area, and said a silent prayer for more — but that was all she was going to get, for now.

Jodie stood watching, sipping her champagne and wondering if there was anything she was supposed to be doing, as an increasing charge crackled through the air. Gripping Miss White by the hips, the Dean arranged her so that her ass was up in the air and her weight was resting on her chest. In this position the nipple clamps really dug into her breasts, but she wouldn’t have said anything even if she wasn’t gagged; it was a question of pride.

The Dean picked up two items from the table and showed them to Miss White. “What do you say, Alexis? The cane, or the whip?” Miss White, of course, was in no position to answer, so the Dean turned to Jodie. “What do you think?”

Jodie froze, unable to formulate a response — how could she dare? But the Dean’s expression grew stern and finally she said, “If you don’t choose one, it will be both.”

Jodie did a quick eenie-meenie-meinie-moe, but subconsciously she had already decided. The prospect of seeing the Dean whip her mistress had immediately set her nether regions to throbbing. She lifted one hand and pointed to the whip.

Miss White’s eyes went a little wide, though she didn’t suppose it made much difference — the Dean would deal out exactly as much punishment as she wanted to, regardless. But in all her years of BDSM she had never once been whipped herself. This will be a learning experience — an opportunity for growth — she told herself, as the Dean gave the whip a tentative crack in the air. But she couldn’t prevent her face from showing a trace of fear, much to the Dean’s satisfaction.

The next few minutes were very long ones. The Dean took her own sweet time, letting the tension grow in the room. She wanted to watch Miss White think about the pain almost as much as she wanted to deliver it. But finally she drew the whip back and brought it down on Miss White’s thigh with a crack that echoed through the quiet room for several seconds before dying away.

Despite her best efforts, a grunt escaped from under Miss White’s ball gag. There was simply no way around it. She grunted again as the whip landed on her butt, then her back.

The Dean was skilled with the lash; she was able to place blows such that the tip curled around Miss White’s thigh and between her legs, agonizingly close to her crotch. Miss White almost wished the Dean would go ahead and whip her pussy. Anything would be better than the intolerable burning need between her legs, which was worse in its way than the pain of the whip.

The intensity of the whipping gradually increased, and after awhile the Dean removed Miss White’s gag. Leaning down so her face was just a few inches from Miss White’s, the Dean purred, “Now let me hear you scream.”

And she did. There was no other way to deal with the pain of the whip biting into her flesh. As Miss White let loose with one full-throated howl after another, Jodie gazed on horrified. At one point she tried turning away, only to feel the sting of the whip on her own ass. The Dean pointed at her and barked, “You will watch every second of this. Understand?”

She understood, but though the whipping had been sexy at first, now she was ready for it to be over. She breathed a huge sigh of relief when the Dean finally sat the whip back down and picked up a jar of cream, which she handed to Jodie. “You may soothe her,” said the Dean, and again strode out of the room.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 54

As they walked across campus Miss White thought back to her meeting with Dean Wilkins the previous Monday. She had gotten the impression that the Dean was fully aware of her relationship with Jodie — which, though undefined, was certainly intimate. But how could that be? Clearly the Dean had ways of finding things out; all the more reason to get this whole thing settled once and for all.

Could the Dean’s source of information be Jodie herself? It seemed unlikely; Miss White felt tremendous confidence in Jodie’s loyalty. But even so....

She was considering broaching the subject when they arrived at the Dean’s front door. Miss White tabled her curiosity and tried to get herself in the right mindset for what was about to come. She took a long, slow, deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Almost immediately the door swung open. The foyer inside was dim, the only light a faint orange glow that seemed to be coming from a great distance. Both Jodie and Miss White felt a prickle of foreboding, but the air coming from inside was nice and warm, while the outside temperature was below freezing. They stepped inside and closed the door behind them.

Miss White caught just a glimpse of the Dean out of the corner of her eye — ebony skin, long dark hair, the gleam of leather, or was it rubber? — before a blindfold came down over her eyes. She fought the urge to resist, reminding herself why she was there.

The Dean went quickly to work and within a minute Miss White stood there naked, feeling all the more exposed for being unable to see herself. She felt her hands being pulled together in front of her and bound; a collar was fitted around her neck, then a ball gag was forced into her mouth. The Dean untied Miss White’s raven hair, letting it fall in coils around her shoulders, then as the finishing touch snapped a pair of clamps onto her nipples.

Jodie, for her part, was treated as something as an afterthought. The Dean offhandedly ordered her to strip and she obeyed, hands shaking a little with nerves as she removed her coat, shoes, blouse, skirt, bra, and panties. In the meantime the Dean made Miss White kneel, clipped a long leather leash to her collar, then pushed her down onto her hands and knees.

Taking Jodie by the arm, the Dean led her into the drawing room. When the leash pulled tight Miss White felt the pressure on her neck and started crawling in the direction indicated. She moved somewhat awkwardly with her hands tied, but was able to make decent progress.

Looking behind her, Jodie beheld at an entirely novel sight: Alexis White bound and crawling. This was unprecedented, unnatural. She felt both the wrongness of it and a powerful thrill at being privileged to witness this singular marvel.

As they proceeded through the drawing room the light grew gradually brighter; the orange glow was emanating from the open door at the opposite end, which led to the living room. Inside a huge fire was roaring in the fireplace, with additional illumination provided by candles in wall sconces. The Dean released Jodie and led Miss White to a corner where a pair of chains were attached to the wall. Each one terminated in an ankle cuff, which the Dean now used to shackle Miss White’s legs.

Once Miss White was securely chained the Dean reached down and pulled off her blindfold. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light, trying to keep her expression calm and neutral, though her heart was pounding in her chest. The Dean looked like some kind of valkyrie, dressed in a skintight one-piece vinyl dress that revealed most of her muscular thighs and substantial cleavage. She was a magnificent sight and Miss White felt a sudden rush of blood to her pussy and nipples, which throbbed under the constricting clamps.

Lifting Miss White’s chin, the Dean gazed imperiously down into her eyes, sending an exquisite chill down the bound woman’s spine. Just the barest hint of a smile curled one corner of the Dean’s mouth as she turned on her heel and walked back over to where Jodie was waiting.

Jodie soon found herself on her knees, hands tied before her, looking up meekly at the towering figure of Dean Wilkins. Submission came easily to her, unlike Miss White. Her mind was clear of any resistance or defiance; she simply surrendered herself unquestionably to the will of the more powerful woman.

For the first time the Dean spoke. Staring coolly into Jodie’s eyes, she said, “I must say, I’ve found your disloyalty... disappointing.” Her hand reached out to a nearby table, where a collection of instruments of punishment was arrayed in neat rows. She picked up a riding crop, slipped the loop around her wrist, and gently traced the leather tip across Jodie’s face.

With a blindingly quick wrist motion the Dean pulled back the crop and slapped Jodie across the cheek. The blow was not hard but took her by surprise. She wobbled a little on her knees as the pain glowed briefly on her face, then subsided.

A matching slap on the other cheek followed, after which the Dean paused to consider with the crop dangling from her wrist. Coming finally to a decision, she took a few minutes to arrange Jodie just the way she wanted. When she was finished Jodie was laying on her side on the plush Oriental rug in the middle of the room. Her arms were lifted up over her head and tied off to a rope leading to the wall, and her left leg — the top one — was being held up by a line running to the ceiling. In this position she was not terribly uncomfortable, but quite helpless and splayed wide open.

Miss White could do nothing but watch as the Dean toyed with Jodie for an extended period of time — sometimes punishing her with blows to the butt, legs, back, breasts, and vulva; sometimes using the tip of the crop to gently caress her, stimulating her nipples, thighs, and pussy. Jodie moaned sometimes in pain, sometimes in pleasure, sometimes in both together; after awhile there was little difference between the two.

By this time the fire was beginning to die down, so the Dean put the crop down and went to add more wood. Upon returning, she gazed down serenely at Jodie’s bound, naked figure and shifted her stance. Balancing on her left leg, she slowly raised her right up to Jodie’s crotch, then penetrated the younger woman with the pointy toe of her black boot.

Jodie moaned again, this time louder and deeper, the sound surfacing from her diaphragm. The Dean pushed the boot deeper inside, fucking Jodie with it for a minute, then replaced it with the other one. When she was done the toe ends of both boots were thoroughly coated with Jodie’s juices.

The Dean now released Jodie’s legs, rolled her over onto her stomach, and instructed her to lick the boots clean. Jodie obeyed unhesitatingly, her pussy pulsating as she tasted her own nectar mingled with the tang of leather. Once the Dean was satisfied with Jodie’s work, she lifted the bottom of her dress to reveal a short but unusually thick strap-on.

The Dean took hold of Jodie’s head and guided it toward her crotch. Jodie didn’t need to be told what was expected of her. She extended her tongue and ran it up and down the shaft, then closed her mouth over the tip. As the Dean gripped her head and pushed in deeper, Jodie stretched her mouth to accommodate the girth, which increased toward the base.

As she sucked Jodie wondered how that thing would feel inside her, and she didn’t have to wait long to find out. The Dean abruptly pulled out, spun her around, bent her over, and drove the dildo home. The impact caused Jodie’s glasses to slide off and fall to the floor, but she didn’t notice, and her eyes were closed anyway as the Dean began to fuck her with short, decisive strokes.

Miss White could feel the fluid running down her thighs as she watched. She desperately wanted to somehow be involved in the action, but obviously the Dean intended to make her wait. Tortured by desire, she kept trying to look away but couldn’t.

With the Dean’s skillful hands working beneath her — cupping and squeezing her tits, brushing and stroking her inflamed clit — Jodie climaxed once, twice, three times. The last time she came so hard that she passed out briefly.

When she regained consciousness, she was looking straight at the Dean, who was sitting on a tall, ornate chair that appeared — from this vantage point, at least — to be a throne. The strap-on was gone and the Dean had her legs spread, revealing smooth, well-muscled thighs and dark brown pussy lips. She had pulled down the front of her dress, allowing her superlative breasts to spill out.

Seeing Jodie’s eyes open, the Dean extended one index finger and gestured for her to approach. Jodie knee-walked over, salivating slightly as took in the full magnificence of the Dean’s amply proportioned body. In the time she’d been Jodie’s boss Dean Wilkins had always seemed so dignified and remote, but now here she was, fully on display, calling Jodie closer.

When Jodie was near enough the Dean leaned down and kissed her on the lips. It was an authoritative, overwhelming kiss, and Jodie felt herself go weak; fortunately she was already on her knees. She leaned into the Dean for support and next thing she knew her face was sinking into the older woman’s cleavage, the supple flesh of the Dean’s breasts warm against her face.

Miss White looked on jealously as Jodie feasted on the Dean’s bosoms, sucking hungrily on the thick nipples, stretching her mouth wide to take in huge mouthfuls of mammary gland. She would gladly have stayed there indefinitely, gobbling tit like a happy baby, but the sudden pressure of the Dean’s hands on her shoulders told her it was time to go lower. She now found herself crouched between the Dean’s legs gazing at the chocolate-brown skin, the nest of black bush, the puckered mahogany lips, and the thin vertical strip of pink visible between them.

Jodie approached respectfully, kissing and licking the Dean’s knees and inner thighs, inhaling the musky aroma as she moved gradually toward its source. Finally she stuck out her tongue and took a gentle lick of pussy. The Dean spasmed visibly, and Jodie felt warmly proud that she had been the cause of such a reaction. She probed in further, parting the Dean’s cunt lips with her tongue, and taking a big eager slurp of the juice gushing from between them.

When the Dean moaned it was a great pulsing vibration, like the purring of a big cat. Jodie extended her tongue as far as it would go and pressed her face forward, trying to find the deepest place inside the Dean that she could get to. For a moment she felt like her whole head was going to disappear inside the soft, wet crevice; suddenly she was short of breath and tried to pull back, but found her head gripped firmly between the Dean’s thighs. Jodie could do nothing but carry on until at last the Dean orgasmed, grinding her clit on the bridge of Jodie’s nose, and loosened her grip so Jodie could lift her head and breathe.

It took a little bit for the Dean to recover herself, but when she did she looked Jodie calmly and evenly in the eye and growled, “Carry on.” This time Jodie took the direct approach, sucking the Dean’s clit into her mouth; in this position pubic hair tickled her nose, but at least she could breathe. The Dean soon came again, this time quite violently, filling Jodie’s mouth with a spurt of sticky liquid. She crushed Jodie’s head between her thighs so tightly that for a moment Jodie thought her skull was going to burst.

But when the Dean released her Jodie felt elated. The look on the Dean’s face told her she had met the older woman’s challenge and proved herself worthy. She peered over at Alexis White, kneeling naked in a corner with her legs chained to the wall, eyes blazing out of the shadows. Their gazes locked and Jodie studied Miss White’s eyes for a few long seconds. There was no anger there, but a passion deep and complex, a fury that Jodie both loved and feared.

Jodie’s attention was returned to the Dean by the smack of a riding crop across her right cheek. But the Dean’s expression was indulgent, almost affectionate, and her face was luminous with bliss. She moved her hand in a gesture of blessing and said to Jodie, “All your sins are forgiven.”

Lifting herself off the chair with her hands, the Dean swiveled theatrically and stared imperiously into Alexis White’s flashing eyes.

“Now,” she said. “What shall we do with you?”