Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 66

Jenny didn’t have a final on Thursday so she spent the day in Bowmore’s main library, where she hunkered down in a comfortable chair with a stack of books on European history. That was the subject of her last final, which would be the next day; she thought that by doing some research she could give herself more context and hopefully improve her grade.

When she arrived back at ABD she went into the living room and stood next to the fire, trying to shake off the chill she’d gotten walking home. She’d been standing there for a minute when Sasha appeared, looking relieved to see her. “Miss White’s been looking for you,” she said.

Jenny furrowed her brow, trying to think if she’d done anything lately that she shouldn’t have. “Is something wrong?”

Sasha shrugged. “She just said she wanted to see you.”

Jenny hung up her coat and made her way to Miss White’s office, where she knocked on the door. “Who’s there?” came the commanding voice from inside.


“Ah,” responded Miss White, “good. Come in.”

Stepping inside and closing the door behind her, Jenny was confronted with something she had not expected to see: Linsday and Hana were bent over Miss White’s desk, naked, ball-gagged, hands bound behind their backs. They both looked over at Jenny, their eyes reflecting a mix of emotions — fear, excitement, trepidation, anticipation.

“I’ve been getting some disturbing reports about what these two have been up to over the last few days,” Miss White told Jenny. “I wondered if you might have anything you’d like to add.”

Jenny thought for a few seconds. As always, she wanted to please Miss White. But in the end she decided that the smart move was just to stay out of it; betraying Lindsay could earn her an enemy for life within the sorority, one who ranked well above her in the hierarchy.

“To be honest, Miss White,” said Jenny, “I’d really rather not talk about it. If that’s OK with you.”

Miss White nodded, appreciating that Jenny didn’t want to snitch on another Sister. “I understand, Jenny,” she said. “Anyway, I know plenty already.” At this point she picked up the wooden paddle that had been sitting on her desk and rested the business end in her palm.

“Um,” said Jenny somewhat nervously, “what’s that?”

“This,” answered Miss White, “is an Alpha Beta Delta relic from way back. I wondered what had become of it. If these two had brought it to me as soon as they found it, they might not be in this position.” With that she hauled off and gave Lindsay’s ass a good, solid whack; Lindsay winced and moaned into her gag as a visible tremor went through her. Miss White followed that with a slightly less harsh blow to Hana’s rump.

Jenny was curious what else the two of them had done. Only later did she learn that they had cut quite a swathe through ABD’s freshmen and sophomores during that week, and that one freshman who had been punished a little too enthusiastically — as well as being kept away from her studies for several crucial hours — had complained to Miss White.

But more than that Jenny was worried about herself. After a few minutes of awkward silence she found the courage to speak up. “Am I in trouble, Miss White?”

Miss White shook her head. “No, Jenny, you were just following your Oath of Obedience. You’re free to go,” she said. “Or to stay, if you prefer.”

Jenny pondered. She did sort of enjoy the idea of seeing Lindsay and Hana get punished, and she know how these things tended to go; it could end up being quite enjoyable. But that morning she’d promised herself that she’d abstain for the day — she wanted her appetite to be sharp when she got together with Kristin the next night.

“I guess I’d better get going.”

“OK,” said Miss White, adding as Jenny turned toward the door, “Could you ask Sasha to come in please?” She held the paddle up in the air. “As Sergeant-at-Arms this rightfully belongs to her.”

Jenny did as she was asked, then went to get some food. After eating she wandered the halls for a few minutes, not sure what to do with herself. Suddenly she was overcome with a powerful desire to see Kristin — just for a minute, just to say hi, then Jenny would let her get on with her schoolwork.

But when she knocked there was no answer. The door swung open and she peered inside; it was dim in there, the only light coming from the half-moon hanging outside the window. Not quite knowing what she was doing, or why she was doing it, Jenny stepped into the room. Moving stealthily, feeling like she was getting away with something, Jenny tiptoed over to the bed, slipped into it, and pulled the covers up over her head.

Inhaling deeply, Jenny savored the scent of her senior lover. There was a trace of her own smell there as well; the sheets apparently hadn’t been washed for a while. Jenny thought about how much she had changed in the course of the semester; her old self would scarcely recognize the new one. She was also acutely aware that she’d be flying back to Texas for Christmas in just a couple days. ABD was so much her home now, it was hard to think about being away from it.

After a pleasant reverie that lasted maybe a half-hour, Jenny decided that it was time to go. As she swung out of bed her eyes alighted on the face dildo Miss White had given her. She probably should return it... and she was curious what might be transpiring in Miss White’s office.

After washing and drying the toy Jenny returned it to its box and headed back downstairs. When she knocked on the door this time, there was a pause before Miss White’s voice growled, “Yes?”

“Jenny again,” she said. She could hear a quiet moaning coming from inside, and began to feel a little trickle between her legs.

“Come in,” said Miss White. Opening the door, Jenny saw Sasha leaning back against Miss White’s desk with her legs spread. Lindsay was on her knees with her face buried in Sasha’s crotch; her butt, which was pointing in Jenny’s direction, was glowing bright red from the punishment.

Miss White was sitting in her chair behind the desk; from her angle Jenny couldn’t see Hana, who was under the desk with her head between Miss White’s legs. Jenny sat the box down on the desk and Miss White smiled. She had been feeling an itch deep inside that Hana’s tongue couldn’t quite scratch, and so Jenny’s appearance was quite fortuitous. “Thank you, Jenny,” said Miss White as she lifted the face dildo from the box and began to fasten it to Hana’s head.

Once again Jenny was torn. Of course she wanted nothing more to join in the action; her pussy was begging for a little attention. But remembering her promise, she just said “You’re welcome,” and turned to go, careful not to look back.


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