Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 53

Throughout the rest of that Sunday, ABD House gradually filled up with Sisters returning from Thanksgiving break. By early evening the house was abuzz with activity and the voices of girls catching up and telling tales of their travels.

Around 7 Miss White got a call from Dean Wilkins to set up a meeting for the next day. She sighed as she hung up the phone. None of the girls who had “visited” with the Dean so far — Kristin, Jenny, April, and Emma — seemed to have been damaged by the experience. Still, it irked her to feel so powerless in the situation. After resolving to find a way to fix this problem, she decided it was time for a drink.

As she headed toward the kitchen for ice she saw Kristin and Jenny walking through with their suitcases. They looked radiantly happy and it cheered Miss White considerably to see them. “How was your Thanksgiving?” she asked.

Kristin and Jenny looked at each other and giggled. “Fantastic,” answered Kristin. “How about you?”

Thinking back to all that had transpired over the break, Miss White shrugged. “I can’t complain.” She gave each girl a hug and let them go.

After pouring herself a drink Miss White started a fire and sat down with a magazine in her lap, watching the hustle and bustle of the Sisters going by. After awhile things began to quiet down. Jodie appeared and curled up at her feet with a big book of Shakespeare plays. Not long after, Kristin and Jenny settled into a nearby couch with cups of tea and their laptops. Eventually Sasha and several other Sisters filled up all the available spots in the living room.

Miss White tended the fire and even went so far as to bring tea and hot chocolate to the gathered girls. Several of them raised an eyebrow at being served by the usually imperious house manager, but no one complained. The mood in the house was contented and cozy.

It was still pretty early when everyone started to drift off to bed. Only Kristin and Jenny remained when Miss White bid them good night, took Jodie by the hand, and led her from the room. They looked at each other, shrugged, and headed upstairs.

* * *

Monday was a hectic day for everyone and passed quickly. Miss White had a bunch of deliveries to look over and sign for, and several repairs to oversee. It was a bit of a scramble to be ready for her meeting with the Dean at 4:30, but she still took the time to shower, pluck her eyebrows, and put on her best power suit. If she was a few minutes late, so what?

Despite her best efforts, she had been unable to devise some clever way out of this dilemma. It appeared that she would continue to do the Dean’s bidding for the foreseeable future. But she was determined to be as much of a pain in the ass about it as possible.

It was a cold, wet day out, and by the time Miss White arrived at the Dean’s office she was in a throughly sour mood. She brightened a bit when she saw Jodie, who was standing over the copy machine in the corner. Miss White winked, and Jodie grinned, then lowered her eyes and returned her attention to her work.

Miss White approached the Dean’s secretary’s desk but hadn’t yet opened her mouth when the secretary gestured with her head and said, “She’s waiting for you.” Miss White nodded and proceeded into the office.

The Dean was sitting behind her desk, tapping a pencil on its surface with a slightly annoyed look on her face. “Have a seat, Alexis,” she said in a businesslike voice.

Miss White sat. For a few seconds they just stared at each other; it was Miss White who finally spoke up. “So what do you want this time?” she asked somewhat peevishly.

Dean Wilkins gazed levelly into Miss White’s eyes, just a hint of a twinkle playing in the corners of her own. “I want you, Alexis.”

Miss White’s initial response was absolutely not, never in a million years. But before opening her mouth she stopped to think for a moment. And upon doing so she realized that here, finally, was the way out.

“OK,” she said finally, choosing her words carefully. “But after that we’re done. No more.”

Now it was the Dean’s turn to pause and consider. “Fair enough,” she said. At that, Miss White stood up. “I’ll see you at my house Friday at 8,” said the Dean. Indicating Jodie, who had come into the room and was now bent over a file cabinet, she added, “And bring her along.”

* * *

As the week wore on, Miss White found herself growing increasingly uneasy. It had been quite a long time since she had submitted to anyone. And though she had resigned herself to it on an intellectual level, accepting it emotionally was something else altogether.

In her very first relationship, with a woman who was ten years her senior, she had taken the submissive role. And when she’d had her heart broken, she’d sworn to herself that she’d never again give up control to anyone. Through all the years since she’d stuck to her resolution, but now she was going to have to sacrifice it for the greater good. She could get through one night, she told herself, if it meant having this weight off her back.

Everyone around Miss White could tell that she was out of sorts, moody and unfocused and distractible, but only Jodie knew why. This served to deepen the bond that had already been forming between them. Jodie went out of her way to pamper Miss White even more than usual, giving her back and foot massages, bringing her cups of tea and sometimes something stronger.

Although Jodie would have been delighted to relieve Miss White’s tension by servicing her sexually, she dared not take the initiative. Both of them knew that Jodie was Miss White’s to do with as she pleased, but throughout that week the older woman did not avail herself of the privilege.

It was a relief when Friday finally rolled around. At last they were going to get this over with — and though she would have had a hard time admitting it to anyone, even herself, deep down Miss White was excited about the idea of surrendering herself to the Dean. As she and Jodie walked towards the Dean’s house, a mixed feeling of apprehension and anticipation roiled in her stomach and vibrated between her legs. For once she wasn’t going to be in charge, and she had no idea what was going to happen next.


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