Thursday, March 11, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 46

Despite a lifetime of yearning, Jodie had never pleasured another woman before coming to ABD a couple weeks previously; but she’d had a lot of practice since then, and put everything she had learned into a concerted effort to make Miri happy. Miss White looked on, hand resting lightly on her lap, as Jodie burrowed eagerly into Miri’s crotch.

Miss White found herself feeling a little jealous; though Jodie was generally a quite enthusiastic cunt-licker, she’d never been this aggressive before. She repeatedly stabbed her tongue into Miri’s slit as Miri moaned and played with her tits, all traces of shame or self-consciousness long gone.

When Miri came there was no mistaking it; she let out a deep-throated howl and fell sideways onto the couch. Jodie sat up and looked over at Miss White, her juice-smeared mouth curled into a proud smile.

As Miri lay with legs akimbo, displaying the dark cloud of hair between her legs and the glistening pink beneath, Miss White was surprised to find that she was actually salivating. She knew that she needed to taste that thing sooner rather than later. But she couldn’t just get down on her knees like Jodie had; that wasn’t how she worked.

And so it was that when Miri finally opened her eyes, she was for the first time in her young life confronted with a faceful of pussy. Miss White was straddling her, now naked, her clothes folded neatly on the coffee table.

Miss White was pleased to think that she would be the first woman Miri tasted (she was pretty sure that this was Miri’s first lesbian experience). Sexually active as she was, she rarely had this opportunity; it was usually the seniors who took the freshmen’s cherries.

Miri hesitated for a moment, unsure what to do, but then she realized it wasn’t rocket science. She stuck out her tongue and traced it along the curve of Miss White’s thigh, enjoying the way the older woman’s muscles trembled in response. She spent some time on each leg, breathing in the smell of Miss White’s arousal, before finally getting up the nerve to take a taste.

She liked it, but even better was the way the woman above her quivered and sighed. There was a tenderness to it, a sense of pleasure shared, that was new to her. She began to lap away steadily as Miss White slowly bent forward until her head was down between Miri’s legs. Miss White nuzzled into Miri’s luxurious thatch of soft, black pubic hair for a while before spreading her pussy lips and taking a big slurp. It was, indeed, delectable and Miss White devoured it with uninhibited abandon.

Jodie was happy that she’d had a front-row seat for Miri’s first taste of another woman, though she sort of wished it had been her. As Miss White and Miri 69ed Jodie darted around, kissing here, licking there.

Miri had orgasmed three times at the prompting of Miss White’s skilled tongue and fingers before she finally, with Jodie’s help, managed to return the favor. When Miss White climbed off her she lay there, staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily. When she’d woken up that morning, she would never have imagined that she’d end up in a lesbian threesome with one of her roommates and an older woman. But she had no complaints. No man had ever made her come like that; in fact she hadn’t come like that before, ever.

Looking over at Jodie, who had sat down across from her, Miri realized that the polite thing to do would be to return some of the pleasure she had received. She rolled onto the floor and crawled over between Jodie’s legs. Their eyes met and Miri realized that, though they’d been roommates for a while, they hadn’t really known each other. But they certainly knew each other now.

* * *

Setting down her book, Kristin gazed over at Jenny, who was looking particularly beautiful at the moment. She sort of felt like they should fuck, just because they could; but the truth was that they’d already had plenty for one day. Instead she reached over and switched off the light. Jenny cuddled up next to her and soon they were both asleep.

In the morning, though, Kristin woke up horny as hell. Jenny’s first sensation of the day was Kristin’s lips on her nipple; she was still only half-awake when Kristin spread her legs and began to gently tongue-bathe her pussy. Conscious that Kristin’s mother’s bedroom was just down the hall, Jenny tried to be quiet, putting a pillow over her head to stifle her moans.

Kristin had told Jenny that she’d come clean to her mother about the nature of their relationship, but not that she’d caught Carol in bed with Lina Santini. It wasn’t that she wanted to keep it secret, exactly; she just didn’t know how to say it.

When Jenny came her moans were loud, pillow or no pillow; she was feeling particularly sensitive that day for some reason. Kristin immediately popped up and put her robe on; she had caught a whiff of bacon wafting up from downstairs and was suddenly starving. “I’m going down,” she told Jenny.

Jenny took the pillow off her face and sighed, her pussy still spasming from the orgasm. “Be right behind you.”

Kristin found her mother standing at the stove, also in her bathrobe. Carol wished Kristin a good morning and smiled. Kristin wondered if it was obvious that she’d just been licking Jenny’s pussy, if her mother could smell it on her.

Jenny appeared a moment later, looking adorably disheveled with rumpled hair and drowsy eyes. “How’d you girls sleep?” asked Carol.

Kristin and Jenny looked at each other and grinned. “Great, Mom,” said Kristin.

“Yeah, fantastic,” said Jenny. “I feel like a million dollars.”

“So what are you two up to today?”

“We have the film festival later, right?” Carol nodded; this was a standard part of their annual Thanksgiving observances. On Saturday the girls got together for movies and popcorn; each one of them got to pick a film, so this year they would be watching five rather than four. “Guess we’ll go for a walk,” said Kristin, looking out the window at the blazing sunshine. “It’s a beautiful day.”

* * *

At ABD Jodie again brought Miss White breakfast in bed; this would soon become a regular part of her daily routine. Miss White was excited about Luz’s visit that evening. After breakfast she supervised Jodie and the four Sisters who were around in a few hours of deep cleaning; she wanted ABD House to look perfect for their guest.

Nikki and Polly grumbled to each other as they worked; it was hardly fair, they thought, for them to be stuck cleaning just because they hadn’t left for the break. But neither one of them said a word to Miss White; their asses were still sore from their Thanksgiving punishment, and they were in no hurry for another.

Afterward Miss White gathered everyone together and explained who the visitor was and why she was important. “Luz came from nothing and made something of herself,” she said. “She should be an example to you all. I want you to treat her with the same respect you give me, and I want her to have anything she wants while she’s here. Do I make myself clear?”

Everyone nodded. “Good. Sasha, you’ll be in charge in the kitchen again. You did a fantastic job on Thanksgiving. This time everyone will pitch in,” she said, looking pointedly at Nikki and Polly.

“Now,” continued Miss White, “I want each of you to pick out two or three outfits. I’ll come around later and help you decide which one to wear. OK?” There was a round of “Yes, Ma’am”s from the Sisters and they dispersed.

In the course of the afternoon Miss White visited each Sister in turn and had them model for her. For the first two the decisions were easy — for Polly, a green-and-red striped dress that flattered her slim frame, and white leather boots; for Nikki it was a tight, slinky electric blue gown that showed off her ample boobs and rear.

It took a little time for Miss White to help Sofia assemble her outfit. She looked good in everything, and Miss White rather enjoyed having her repeatedly undress and try on different combinations of clothes. In the end they settled on a white blouse, a beige-and-black plaid skirt, and knee-length white socks.

Miss White spent by far the longest with Sasha. There just weren’t that many appealing options in her wardrobe, which was heavy on jeans and T-shirts. She did have a nice pair of vintage slacks with a flower-print pattern, and for a while she stood there in those and a bra as Miss White tried to find a suitable top for her. Finally, spotting a sharp-looking black suit jacket, Miss White decided that Sasha should just wear that over her white lace bra.

This whole process had gotten Miss White quite worked up, and she fingered herself to orgasm before showering and dressing; she wanted to feel calm, composed, and at ease. Luz was due at 6:30 and by 6:20 Miss White was standing by the front door, sipping a cocktail and looking out the window. Precisely on the dot of 6:30 she spotted a familiar figure coming up the path.


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