Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 58

As the semester entered its last couple weeks the weather turned snowy; Jenny discovered that you had to leave for class extra early to trudge through the heavy coats of white powder. But because she had never lived anyplace that got snow, it was a novelty for her and she bore it with good humor.

What bothered her more was that she saw very little of Kristin, who was spending a great deal of time studying. Kristin felt like she had underachieved during her first couple years in college, and was determined to do everything she could to raise her GPA. Jenny understood this and tried to be supportive, but couldn’t help feeling neglected at times.

For one of her classes Kristin had to write an extremely long final paper, and she told Jenny that she was unable to concentrate with anyone else around — “especially you,” she added, looking Jenny up and down. Naked and collared, Jenny was looking especially luscious that day, and blushed a little at the compliment.

And so, though Jenny would have gladly done anything to help reduce Kristin’s stress level — from making tea to licking pussy — she mostly stayed away, sleeping in the freshman dorm and following Kristin’s example by focusing on her studies. But her classes were generally pretty easy, introductory-level ones, and so she still found herself with a lot of time on her hands.

Kristin had promised Jenny that on Saturday night, they would go to a movie together. But when Jenny arrived at Kristin’s door, dressed up and eager, she found Kristin sitting at her computer in a bathrobe, looking harried and disheveled. “I can’t go, Jen. I just found a whole ton of new material that I have to sift through before my meeting with my advisor tomorrow.”

Jenny pouted and looked like she might cry; then, all of her recent frustration welling up inside her, stamped her foot and said, “I hate this. It’s not fair.”

Kristin sighed, understanding why Jenny felt the way she did, but annoyed with her for being so high-maintenance. She looked at the clock and calculated. It was worth taking a few minutes to set Jenny straight right now; it would save time later. And to be honest, she could do with a little break.

Turning her head back toward Jenny, Kristin fixed the younger girl with an icy stare. Jenny immediately felt her guts knot up and regretted what she’d said; it was childish and unhelpful, she knew. She tried to apologize but found that she’d lost her voice; all she could do was gaze back at Kristin with her lower lip trembling.

Kristin stood up and pointed to the bed. “Get over here,” she barked. “Right. Fucking. Now.”

Jenny’s heart was pounding as she obeyed. She had crossed a line and was worried about what the consequences would be, but a part of her was also delighted — at least she had gotten Kristin’s attention.

Bending Jenny forward over the bed, Kristin yanked her hands behind her back and held them there. Whipping off the belt of her robe, she used it to tie Jenny’s wrists together, letting the robe fall open.

Now Kristin lifted Jenny’s skirt and pulled her pink panties down and off. With no further preliminaries she began to spank Jenny good and hard with her bare hand. Kristin poured all the stress and tension she’d been feeling into the spanking, mercilessly whacking one cheek, then the other. Jenny moaned and tears formed at the corners of her eyes, but she also knew that this was right, that it was what she deserved — what she wanted even.

The spanking was cathartic for both of them and when it was over, Kristin rolled Jenny over and climbed on top of her in 69 position. They licked each other furiously, desperately, and lovingly. Afterward Kristin untied Jenny and they snuggled up in bed together with Jenny’s head resting on Kristin’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” said Jenny.

“I’m sorry too, Jen,” said Kristin. “But I’ve told you how important this semester is to me.”

Jenny nodded. “I know.”

“And listen, you have to remember that I’m not always going to be here to look after you. I’m a senior, remember? You need to start branching out and developing an identity for yourself. I don’t own you.” They both smiled at that. “Well, I guess I kind of do. But for the rest of this semester I want you to do whatever you want and fuck whoever you want. It’s fine with me. OK?”

“OK,” said Jenny.

“Good,” said Kristin. “You can spend the night, and tomorrow I want you to go out and start exploring. Deal?”


They brushed their teeth and Kristin brought her computer to bed. She sat doing research as Jenny fell fast asleep.


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