Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 120

Kelly’s cousin Sally and her family had arrived that afternoon to stay for the holidays, and as the night wore on everyone gradually went to bed until only the two of them were left. The conversation between them was somewhat awkward; Kelly felt a bit sheepish about what had happened between them the last time they saw each other. She knew that you were not supposed to get sexually involved with relatives. Yes, they were just cousins, and since they were both girls, there was no chance of any two-headed offspring. Still, she felt like she’d gotten a little carried away.

Finally, just for something to do, they decided to head to the video store. (Their town was the kind of place where video stores still did a good business.) Upon arriving they were surprised to find Adriana, of all people, behind the counter. She had recently started a part-time job there, and had stayed behind to work a shift while the rest of her family took off for Christmas. She was supposed to take the train to join them the following day.

“Hey,” said Ana, “everybody’s gone from my house and we close in, like, 10 minutes. Why don’t you guys come over?”

The cousins conferred briefly before agreeing, then killed time browsing the shelves until Ana was ready to go. They walked together to Ana’s house, huddled together for warmth with Ana in the middle, one arm around Kelly and the other around Sally.

Once they got inside, Ana cranked the heat way up, since there was no one there to tell her not to. Then she made some popcorn and took a beer from the fridge for each of them. They settled into the living room couch with Ana again in the middle, Sally on her left, Kelly on her right.

The movie Ana had brought home was a sexy European vampire movie from the 70s. It started with a bang – there were two girls, a blonde and a redhead, naked in bed together. They started kissing, then fondling each other; things were just starting to get interesting when a mysterious figure in black entered the room and shot them both dead. It was shocking – bloody and violent, yet the arousal lingered.

From there the movie cut to a scene involving a young couple and a beautiful hitchhiker, and while this plotline was promising, it moved a bit slowly. About 20 minutes in Kelly looked over to her left and saw that Ana and Sally were no longer paying attention to what was onscreen – they were making out. Ana had turned over onto her side and had one arm wrapped around Sally as they kissed.

Kelly tried to stay focused on the movie, but it was pointless. Ana’s butt was turned toward her, looking delicious in tight denim. By now Ana had Sally’s top and bra off and was sucking on her right breast; Sally’s head was thrown back, eyes closed, mouth hanging open. Kelly reached down and gave Ana’s ass a hard squeeze; Ana grinned back over her shoulder, winked, and moved over to Sally’s other boob.

Kelly used both hands to give Ana’s rear a full and thorough massage; it was a wonderful combination of soft and muscular. She watched as Ana kissed her way down Sally’s chest and stomach, then glanced over at the movie. The beautiful hitchhiker was now in bed with an older man, but this was nowhere near as interesting as what was happening in real life. When Kelly turned back Ana had the front of Sally’s jeans open and was nuzzling into her red pubic hair.

Suddenly there was a loud scream from the TV; fangs were sinking into somebody’s neck, and blood was spurting everywhere. Kelly’s head turned and Sally’s eyes popped open, but Ana was in the Pussy Zone; nothing was going to distract her now. The two cousins exchanged a look; Sally shrugged and then let her head fall back onto the couch. Ana had pulled off Sally’s jeans and spread her legs and was now finger-fucking her through her panties.

Kelly jammed a hand between Ana’s thighs from behind – it was hot in there, and a little wet with some combination of sweat and pussy juice – then she watched as Ana slid Sally’s panties down and off, opened her legs wide, and dove in.

Now loud moaning was coming from both Sally and the TV, where two female vampires were feasting on a helpless male victim. Kelly reached around and unbuttoned Ana’s jeans. They were so tight that it was not easy to get them down over Ana’s hips, but she eventually managed it. As was often the case, Ana wasn’t wearing underwear, so now she was nude from the waist down.

Kelly penetrated Ana with two fingers as she watched Ana continue to service her cousin. It was almost like watching her identical twin get eaten out; she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

The house was getting hot by now. Sweat beaded on Kelly’s forehead as she continued to piston her fingers in and out of Ana, who was licking away hungrily as Sally writhed and moaned. Kelly reached her other hand around to massage Ana’s clit, which was hugely engorged and sensitive. Then Sally was screaming as she came, Ana soon joined in, and yet more screaming came from the television, where another hapless victim was meeting his end.

Afterward they adjourned to the bedroom, where Ana stripped off her top and stretched out naked on the bed. Sally Ann knew that she owed Ana a favor and dutifully took up a position between the black girl’s legs. Kelly just hung back and watched for awhile. She took a seat in a chair facing the bed, lifted her skirt, and touched herself as she watched her cousin’s tongue explore Ana’s pussy.

After a few minutes, though, Ana made a “come here” gesture. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s make a dark meat and redhead sandwich.”

Laughing, Kelly stood and one by one took off her blouse, bra, skirt, and panties and dropped them to the floor. She left on her socks, which were knee-highs with pink and white stripes. Climbing over her cousin’s prone form, she knelt on the bed and knee-walked over to the other side, where Ana’s head was. She held onto Ana’s boobs for support as she maneuvered into position.

For a few minutes it was quiet in the room except for the occasional sigh, moan, or slurp. Then Sally suddenly sat up, frowning. “Jesus,” she said, “I have a, like, tongue cramp.” She stuck her tongue out and moved it around as if to stretch it, then plopped down on the chair Kelly had been in before. “Take over for me, cuz, would you?”

Obligingly, Kelly bent forward at the waist so her head was between Ana’s legs. Ana wrapped both arms around her and held her tight as they 69ed. Sally just sat and watched, tweaking her nipples with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. They all came almost simultaneously, one right after the other like a chain reaction; Ana released her grip on Kelly, Kelly rolled off her, and they just lay there panting for a bit.

Afterward they went back downstairs, still naked, took up their previous positions, and started the movie again from approximately where they’d lost the plot. Ana had been in the mood for something sweet, but all she’d been able to find in the kitchen was a bag of chocolate chips, which the three girls passed around between them. But between the heat in the house and the warmth of their hands, the chips started to melt and eventually Ana reached in and pulled out a whole handful of gooey chocolate.

Impulsively, Ana divided the chocolate between her hands and deposited a big glob on each nipple. She started to lick the remainder off her fingers, then changed her mind and gave one hand to Sally, the other one to Kelly. When they were nice and clean she used them to guide each cousin’s head down to the breast nearest her. Looking down and seeing the two red heads sucking on her tits was one of the sexiest things she’d every experienced; it immediately started her gushing between the legs.

Soon the movie was forgotten again in favor of another three-girl romp. When they were finished this time, they wound the movie back again and this time finally watched to the end – which was the same as the beginning, except now you understood why it was happening.

By this time it was well into the wee hours, so Ana invited Kelly and Sally to spend the night. All three of them nestled into Ana’s bed, with Ana again in the middle. Soon she was snoozing, but even in her sleep, she wore the glowing countenance of a deeply satisfied woman.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 119

When she got back inside Jessica found Marie, Jane, and Celeste sitting in bed together, naked. For a moment she was furious. Had they been...indulging without her? She could hardly believe it, and was ready to punish Jane and Marie right then and there, though this was hardly the time or place for it.

Reading the look on her mistress’s face, Marie spoke up. “Celeste said that sometimes people come to the rooms, to take drink orders and whatnot. It would look suspicious if we were all sitting here with our clothes on. This way at least it looks like we might have been, you know, engaged.”

By the time Marie was finished speaking Jessica was barely listening to her, focused instead on drinking in every detail of Celeste’s breathtaking body. Her perfect ebony skin covered a lithe frame that was toned and muscular, but still unmistakably feminine. Her breasts were ample but high and tight, topped by dark brown nipples that were slightly erect – it was a little cold in this room, Jessica realized. Her hipbones were exquisite, both the shape and the color of a violin; her thighs were powerful but not overly thick. A V-shaped thatch of black pubic hair dove down between her slightly parted legs, where just a glimpse of lighter-colored flesh was visible.

So absorbed was she, it took Jessica a minute to realize that Marie was trying to get her attention. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, so what’s the plan?” responded Marie.

“Rocky’s on it. You girls should probably get dressed,” she said, glancing over again at Celeste. “Eventually.”

For Jane and Marie, getting dressed was a simple matter of retrieving their clothes. For Celeste it was more complex. She had no way of carrying anything with her, so whatever she wore would be her only outfit for awhile. It was easy for her to choose her favorite panties and best bra; after that it got a little more complicated. She actually had a fairly extensive wardrobe, as she was expected to look good for the clients.

She started trying on outfits, and the rest of them gave their opinions and made comments. It turned into kind of a fun game, with Celeste as their human dress-up doll giving them a little fashion show. Part of Jessica felt anxious about this. They were involved in serious business here; what they were doing could potentially put their lives at risk. Should they really be playing around this way, giggling like schoolgirls?

On the other hand, another part of her felt oddly calm. Some intuitive sense within her was telling her not to worry, that everything was going to be fine. So she stayed quiet and let things happen the way they were happening. They had time to kill, anyway.

Suddenly Jessica remembered their coats. There was no practical way to retrieve them without looking suspicious. She decided that they would have to be sacrificed – they were just things, anyway – but then it occurred to her, what if there’s something in one of the pockets that could identify us? That would not be good.

After telling the other three to be ready to go when she got back, Jessica headed down the hallway. Turning the corner, she suddenly found herself looking into the eyes of a pretty blonde who was lying face-down on a table in one of the rooms. Her hands were trussed behind her back and there was a black ball-gag in her mouth. Her eyes were wide, with an almost pleading look to them...and then the door slammed shut.

Something about this encounter shook Jessica for a moment, but then she reminded herself to focus, that time was of the essence. She made her way downstairs and told the maid that she had left something in her coat pocket. When she was led to the coat closet, Jessica went carefully through the pockets of all three coats but came up empty. Satisfied, she started back upstairs, passing two security guards who were conferring in hushed tones. The looks on their faces said that something was wrong; Jessica wondered how much they knew.

When she got back to the room, Celeste was wearing a practical all-black outfit – jeans, T-shirt, and sweater. Almost immediately Jessica’s phone buzzed with a text from Rocky: “It’s go time.” She told Marie, Jane, and Celeste to get ready, and put her phone on flashlight mode. A minute later, there was the sound of an explosion somewhere nearby and the lights went out.

The next few minutes were very surreal. Celeste led them out the door, through a hallway, and down the back stairs to the kitchen. It was completely dark in the mansion, save a glimmer of light coming through one skylight. There were sounds of a commotion and raised voices, but they saw only one person in the hallway – and whoever it was paid no attention to them, passing by in a hurry to get somewhere.

For a couple minutes they waited in the darkened pantry, staying completely quiet, hearing nothing but their own breathing and some distant shouting. Finally another message from Rocky came through – it said simply “OK,” indicating that the back door was unguarded.

They exited through the kitchen and out the door. About a hundred yards away something was on fire, and figures were running towards it. Keeping as close to the walls as possible, they moved quickly but quietly around to the side of the house. As arranged, Rocky had the car waiting for them, idling quietly in the shadows.

They all piled in and the car crept away down the driveway, rolling slowly with the lights off. They all held their breaths, expecting the windows to be shot out at any moment; but it never happened. In a few minutes they reached the end of the drive and turned off onto the highway.