Friday, January 25, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 89

Carla and Annabel slept late and lingered over breakfast. Neither one of them said much as they drank tea and ate eggs and toast — in their minds both of them were replaying scenes from the previous night, which had been a long and eventful one.

In the afternoon Carla wanted to go shopping for yoga gear. This was how she was when she had a new passion — she enjoyed the process of acquiring all the necessary equipment. She and Annabel drove to a specialized store where she bought mats, blocks, blankets, and more straps than she really needed. This last item fascinated her, so she had to have one of every kind that the shop sold.

Upon returning home they adjourned to the living room to do a few poses — naked, of course, since at home they had that option. It was a pleasant way to pass the time.

At one point when they were in downward dog Carla did something she’d always wanted to do in yoga class — wriggled underneath Annabel and lay there looking up at her, not touching, just admiring her gorgeous body. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was a little slick, looking wonderfully delicious, but Carla was in ho hurry — she wanted to savor every second of this session. Finally she leaned up and placed one kiss on each nipple and one on Annabel’s blond mound, then returned to her own mat.

They moved gradually through every pose they could think of, ending up on boat pose, with hands in the air behind their backs. Annabel had her eyes closed, as she often did, and so was not aware of Carla coming up to her until she felt something being wrapped around her wrists.

Annabel opened her eyes and looked back over her shoulder at her stepdaughter, who was smiling while tying off the strap to bind Annabel’s hands behind her. Leaning down, Carla rested her full weight on Annabel, pushing her into the ground, planting kisses on her ears, neck, and shoulders. Then Carla abruptly pivoted and came to rest sitting in front of Annabel with her legs spread, presenting her pink, puckered pussy.

Annabel did not hesitate to dive in. She had become highly aroused during the naked yoga session, and was more than ready for some action. She had Carla coming almost immediately, but Carla quickly sent her back to work. Annabel dutifully kept at it until Carla had come twice more and had pussy juice running down her butt-crack onto the floor.

Finally satisfied, for the moment at least, Carla stood up and threw two more yoga straps over her shoulder. She helped Annabel up, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. There she pushed Annabel face-down onto the bed and used a strap to tie each of her ankles to a bedpost — the long way, so that her flexible legs were spread as far as they would go. In this position her lewdly exposed pussy looked like a ripe, juicy half-peach.

Carla dropped to her knees for a taste. She had intended to tease Annabel for a while, maybe including a spanking, but she found herself greedily devouring that delicious cunt. She hooked a thumb inside, stimulating Annabel’s clit with her fingers, her tongue stabbing here and there. Poor Annabel came over and over and over until she was left whimpering quietly, body wracked with spasms that seemed like they’d never stop. And Carla was just getting started.

* * *

Carla left Annabel tied to the bed as she went downstairs for a cold drink. Between the yoga and their exertions afterward, she’d worked up quite a thirst. She realized that Annabel must have too, but it would be hard for her to drink from a glass in her current position, and Carla didn’t want to untie her just yet.

So Carla filled a bowl with water and took it upstairs, where she sat it down near Annabel’s head. Annabel drank gratefully, if somewhat awkwardly. Carla hadn’t necessarily set out to make her stepmother look like a dog, but she enjoyed the sight of it. “Bitch,” she muttered under her breath.

“Hmmm?” said Annabel.

“Never mind,” said Carla. She knew what this particular bitch needed right now. She went to her bedside table and began to rummage through the drawer, looking for the right strap-on for the occasion. She finally settled on a pink one that was not her biggest, but had an upward curve to it that she thought would stimulate Annabel in interesting ways.

After harnessing up Carla stood idly by the window for a minute, stroking the shaft of her cock, letting Annabel think about what was going to happen next. Annabel gazed over at her admiringly, struck by the incongruous silhouette of her ample breasts and enormous phallus. Just for a moment she found herself wishing that it was a real, live, throbbing member. But on the other hand, despite everything, Carla was absolutely and without question a woman. Annabel wouldn’t dare think of changing anything about her.

Carla crossed the room to take up a position behind Annabel, whose eyes tracked her until she was out of sight. Taking a deep breath, Annabel braced herself, but Carla entered her very gently, sliding in millimeter by millimeter.

Even so, it wasn’t long before Annabel was screaming loudly and uninhibitedly as Carla pounded into her. The curved dildo was touching her in some unexpected places and she almost felt like she had to pee; but bound as she was there was nothing she could do about it. And then she was coming, a multistage orgasm that seemed to start somewhere far away and crash over her like a wave.

Annabel closed her eyes for a minute, feeling suddenly empty as Carla pulled out. But when she opened them again the dildo was staring straight at her with its one eye. She gamely opened her mouth and took it in, getting a big mouthful of her own juices. As she sucked Carla leaned over her and began to swat her on the rump, one cheek then the other, back and forth and back and forth.

Carla kept up this rhythm even as she moved back around and slid the strap-on into Annabel’s pussy again, then reached over and untied Annabel’s left leg, pivoting her onto her side for a different angle of penetration. Annabel sighed, then giggled; some entirely new parts of her womb were being touched, and it was a funny, ticklish sensation.

Annabel’s laughter turned to ragged panting as Carla fucked her harder and deeper, holding her hips and grinding with relentless force. She looked up helplessly at Carla and seemed to be trying to say something, but couldn’t get any words out. Carla began to sense that she was on the brink of a truly momentous climax but just couldn’t quite get there.

After changing her angle of entry again, Carla finally gave up, dropped to her knees, and with three quick licks to the clit sent Annabel over the edge. Annabel’s thighs squeezed around Carla’s head, quite unconsciously, but hard enough and for long enough that it was all she could do to pry them apart before she passed out.

Trying to catch her breath, Carla stood up and went to the bathroom for a glass of water. When she came back Annabel was laying there with half-open eyes, gazing vaguely toward the window, but appearing mentally to be somewhere else altogether. She was well taken care of, but Carla herself felt the need to come again before she got on with her day.

She was in the mood for something different, something special. She went to her bedside table and dug through all her toys until she came across her Hitachi vibrator, which hadn’t been out of the drawer in quite a while. She switched it on to test the battery, and got a little thrill when it started to buzz in her hands.

Unharnessing her strap-on and setting it aside, Carla took a seat in the chair next to the window and spread her legs. Annabel looked on in dazed half-consciousness as Carla vibed herself to orgasm, then went for a second, third, and fourth. Finally Carla forced herself to turn off the little machine and put it down. That was the problem with vibrators — they were all too efficient, and next thing you knew you were too desensitized for regular sex. She remembered now why it had been in the drawer for so long.

After washing and drying the vibrator, Carla buried it deep enough in the drawer that she wouldn’t find it again for a while. Contentedly whistling a tune, she untied Annabel’s ankle from the bed, then freed her hands. Snapping the leash onto Annabel’s collar, Carla led her downstairs on her hands and knees. There Annabel set about making dinner while Carla checked her phone. They both were quite content in their roles, and had everything they needed for the moment.


Friday, January 18, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 88

Annabel flushed red and felt, simultaneously, a chill down her spine and a tingle between her legs. She tried to think of what “misbehavior” Carla might be referring to. She couldn’t think of anything, but she had grown up in a religious household and was familiar with the concept of original sin. She knew that what she’d done or hadn’t done didn’t matter at the moment; what was important was what Carla wanted.

Amira extended a hand and Annabel took it, allowing the striking black woman to help her up from the couch. As they walked across the room Annabel had already made up her mind: She was not going to resist but to embrace this moment, make the most of it.

Looking over at Carla, wanting to show what a good and obedient girl she was, Annabel stripped naked and pressed herself against the glass. It felt cool and hard against her erect nipples. Amira gagged and tied Annabel as she had Loren, who meanwhile curled up on the floor at Carla’s feet, availing herself of Annabel’s abandoned snifter.

Annabel took a deep breath and tried to brace herself, but nonetheless she flinched and trembled when the belt dug into her flesh. As Amira disciplined her slowly and methodically, Annabel watched herself in the mirror, hypnotized by the way her breasts bounced with every blow. Carla, meanwhile, had pulled off her yoga pants and started touching herself until Loren, taking the cue, leaned over between her legs.

Did Carla feel a little guilty about having Annabel spanked for no reason? Maybe deep down she did; but for now she was totally caught up in the moment, quite enjoying having her pussy licked while she watched her stepmother get punished.

After awhile Annabel felt herself rise above the pain; the woman she saw getting spanked in the mirror was no longer her. But she thought that woman looked beautiful, strong, and brave despite being bound and submissive. Soon after this Amira dropped the belt and came up behind her, wrapping an arm around her and kissing her neck. Annabel sighed, enjoying the way Amira’s firm breasts and hard nipples felt against her back.

Turning, Amira disappeared into the bedroom for a minute and when she returned, the massive strap-on that she was wearing preceded her into the room. Annabel had leaned forward against the cool glass, closing her eyes and letting the last reverberations of the pain echo through her body. So she was taken by surprise when Amira reached down, pulled her thighs apart, and pushed the long, girthy phallus up into her.

Annabel let out a yell that, even through her gag, echoed through the room loudly (without the gag, it would surely have disturbed Amira and Loren’s neighbors). Loren looked up from between Carla’s legs, a little envious that Annabel was getting fucked before her. Hopefully her turn would come before the night was through.

Amira hunkered down into a wide-legged stance so she could thrust up into Annabel, driving the blonde a little harder into the glass with each thrust. Annabel came like a freight train once, twice, three times, and just when she felt like her insides were being turned into jelly, Amira pulled out.

Loren immediately crawled over and began to lick the strap-on clean. She knew what her mistress liked and hoped that she would immediately be rewarded. But after letting Loren lick and suck for a minute, Amira pushed her away and ordered her to untie their guest, then walked over and took a seat in the big overstuffed chair across from where Carla was sitting.

Carla glanced over at the sizable dildo standing up from between Amira’s legs, feeling an urgent itch between her own. Across the room Loren untied Annabel’s hands and took her arm, helping her to walk somewhat gingerly back over to the couch. As she sat down Carla looked over at her, then back at Amira.

For a long moment it was quiet in the room. Carla knew what she wanted to do, but she didn’t want Annabel to see her do it. First she located Annabel’s yoga pants, which she used to bind the older woman’s hands behind her back. Then she used her own pants as a blindfold, making sure that the rather damp crotch was strategically located over Annabel’s nose.

Satisfied with her work, Carla walked over to Amira and climbed up onto the chair. Placing one knee on either side of Amira’s lap, she maneuvered so that her puckered pussy lips were kissing the tip of the dildo. Her eyes and Amira’s met, and something passed between them; it seemed that they understood each other. Taking a deep breath, Carla slowly lowered herself onto the meaty shaft.

Loren, meanwhile, took advantage of Annabel’s helplessness by pushing the older woman’s head down between her legs. Well-trained as she was, upon smelling a wet pussy that needed her attention, Annabel stuck out her tongue and went to work.

After less than a minute, Carla was shuddering into a climax. For an interval that seemed very long but wasn’t, she was completely still, letting the pleasure pulse through her body. Then she began slowly moving up and down again as Amira pulled off her top and her bra and srarted aggressively squeezing and fondling her tits.

Loren had now moved into 69 position atop Annabel, lapping gently at Annabel’s pussy as she ground her crotch down onto the older woman’s face. Amira took hold of Carla’s hips and lifted her into the air, high enough that only the tip of the dildo was still inside her. In this position Amira was able to reach Carla’s breasts with her mouth, and she took the time to suck and nibble on each nipple before forcefully pushing Carla down again, driving the strap-on all the way up inside her.

Carla howled loudly enough that Annabel, whose head was clamped tightly between Loren’s legs, wondered what was going on. Carla kept moaning through a second orgasm, then a third, as Amira cupped her ass with one hand and used the other to stroke her clit. When she finally climbed off Carla was dizzy and sure she wasn’t going to walk right for a few days, but she was buzzing with bliss from head to toe.

Loren wanted more than anything to take Carla’s place atop the enormous member, but before she could untangle herself from Annabel, Carla had dropped to her knees and unharnessed it. So Loren could do nothing but watch as Carla spread Amira’s legs, bent forward, and started to lick and kiss the black woman’s muscular thighs.

Amira leaned back and picked up her glass of brandy as Carla began to pleasure her, feeling more than entitled to some compensation for all the work she’d done. But after a few minutes Carla paused in her ministrations and stood up. For two days now she’d had an image in her mind of Amira’s bald head burrowing between Annabel’s legs, and she’d been wondering what that felt like.

Carla had always been agile, and all the more so now that she was doing yoga. So it was not too difficult for her to climb up onto the chair and arrange herself upside-down with her knees resting on Amira’s shoulders. In this position she resumed licking Amira’s pussy and was rewarded with the sensation of smooth skin against her thighs and a thick, strong tongue pushing its way inside her.

Loren found this such a lovely sight that she thought it unfair for Annabel to be deprived of it. When she pulled off the blindfold Annabel blinked and her vision was blurry; it was hard for her to tell what she was seeing. But her eyes gradually focused in on the tableau before her, and when they did she gasped; it was an astonishing sight, worthy of being preserved as a sculpture, she thought.

Annabel and Loren sat watching, rapt, as Amira and Carla gratified each other. They seemed to be competing to see who could make the other come harder. Amira had the advantage of her large and powerful tongue; Carla was helped by the fact that all the punishing and fucking she’d done had worked Amira up into a highly excited state.

In the end, you’d have to call it a tie — there was no winner, and certainly no loser.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 87

Carla invited Loren and Amira to join them, and they chatted — for the most part pleasantly — through two rounds of drinks. The only discordant note came when Loren went to the bathroom and stopped on her way back to talk to a tall, willowy woman with short blond hair. When she returned to the table Amira fixed her with an icy stare and growled, “I thought I told you not to talk to her anymore.”

“You’re not the boss of me,” retorted Loren with childish petulance.

“We’ll see about that,” said Amira.

Carla and Annabel both felt uncomfortable witnessing this exchange; they didn’t know that this was a game Amira and Loren played all the time. Amira would make arbitrary rules for Loren, who would then break them so Amira would have a reason to punish her.

But in the moment it felt very awkward, and Carla quickly changed the subject, making fun of the band — they had been downing free drinks throughout their performance, and now sounded like they were playing three different songs. She soon got everyone laughing and the tension was forgotten.

When their glasses were empty Amira invited Carla and Annabel for a nightcap; her and Loren’s apartment was just a couple of blocks away. Carla hesitated for a moment, worried that Amira and Loren’s tiff would continue, or even escalate, in the privacy of their home. But she was curious, a little drunk, and very horny — their little tryst with Dylan now seemed like ages ago — so in the end she agreed.

The four of them walked together through the warm SoCal night to an Art Deco apartment building facing the ocean. This was quite an old building by L.A. standards, and though a little worn around the edges it was quite charming, with high ceilings and ornate windows. Walking right past the elevator, Amira led them up two flights of stairs and down a dimly lit hallway to the door of the apartment.

Once they were inside Amira beckoned Carla and Annabel to sit on the couch. She and Loren disappeared into the kitchen for a minute, and when they returned, Loren was carrying two snifters of brandy, while Amira had a third in one hand and the bottle in the other. Loren put one glass down in front of Carla and another next to Annabel; Amira gently sat the bottle on the coffee table, and, after taking a sip of her brandy, said, “I hope you don’t mind if we conduct a little personal business.”

Carla shook her head no, although she was unsure exactly she was agreeing to; Annabel just stared uncomprehendingly. “Make yourselves at home, please,” said Amira, and Carla and Annabel both picked up their snifters and leaned back to see what was going to unfold.

Amira crossed to the other side of the room, where there was a tall and long but narrow glass table. Loren followed, shedding clothes as she went; by the time she was naked Amira had stood the table up on one end, making it about six feet tall.

Loren now walked around to the side of the standing table opposite the legs and pressed herself against the glass, wrapping her arms around the ends and clasping her hands together on the other side. Amira, after setting her snifter down on a windowsill, used a length of cord to bind Loren’s wrists tightly together.

In this position Loren’s breasts were mashed against the surface of the glass, making her nipples outsized and vivid. There was a full-length mirror on the wall opposite the table where Loren could watch herself, and she did, flexing her hips so that her pubic hair was also pressed against the table. She just loved putting on a show for visitors.

After slipping a red ballgag into Loren’s mouth and tying it off, Amira reached down and pulled off the belt she was wearing. It was a thick, heavy strip of black leather, which she now looped around her hand and snapped in the air.

Loren winced, as did Carla and Annabel. Both of them sipped their drinks nervously as Amira spun, bent her knees a little, and brought the belt down hard on Loren’s tender rump. Loren grunted into her gag; the sound reverberated off the glass and reached Carla and Annabel as if it was coming from somewhere far away.

As Amira spanked Loren all up and down her back body, every time a blow landed, her flesh bristled and her breasts jiggled like jello for a moment before settling back into stillness. Carla thoroughly enjoyed every second, but Annabel was a little uneasy; she kept picturing herself in Loren’s place. She thought back to when she had been punished publicly at Blair’s; ever though there had been more people there, this seemed more humiliating somehow, because it was more intimate.

But Loren did not look distressed; she seemed resigned, even serene. And she became all the more so as the punishment continued; by the time Amira stopped, dangling the belt from one hand, Loren was positively glowing.

Amira reached down with her free hand and slid two thick fingers into Loren’s sopping-wet pussy. She wriggled them around inside until it was clear that Loren, who was on a hair trigger, was about to come. At that point Amira pulled the fingers out, removed Loren’s gag, and had her lick them clean.

That was all Loren got for the moment. Amira untied her and she stood back from the table, rubbing her wrists and stretching, as Amira recrossed the room. Pointing to Annabel, she said to Carla, “Does this one need any correction?”

Carla sipped her brandy, looking thoughtful as a sly grin curled the corners of her mouth. “Now that you mention it,” she said, “she has been misbehaving a bit lately.”


Friday, January 4, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 86

Since the yoga class was not till late, Carla and Annabel decided to go out to dinner beforehand. After changing into their yoga clothes they drove to a bar and grill close to the studio where the class would be.

All throughout dinner Carla could feel eyes on them — several guys at the bar craned their heads rather unsubtly to get a better look. Carla didn’t necessarily mind men looking at her; she rather enjoyed knowing that no matter how much they wanted her, they would never, ever have her.

Looking over at Annabel, who appeared oblivious to everything but her steak, Carla began to speculate. Annabel had fallen under the sway of first her father, then herself. Would there be others in the future? Would they be men or women? Or would Annabel finally take charge of her own life? Carla was curious to find out, but not in a hurry. There was plenty of summer still to go.

After dinner they took a short walk around the neighborhood and then headed to the yoga studio. This was not their usual place and it took them a minute to find the entrance. By the time they did it was almost time for the class to start; they quickly checked in, then climbed a narrow, winding staircase to a large room lit by only by a handful of flickering candles. The atmosphere was warm and soothing, and both Carla and Annabel immediately felt more relaxed just being there.

Asha was already at the front of the room sitting on her mat, golden eyes shining in the candlelight. She nodded at them but didn’t say anything; she appeared to be in a meditative, almost dreamy state. She looked astonishingly beautiful in a scarlet bandeau and extremely sheer knee-length pants. Carla got excited at the idea that Asha had dressed with her in mind; it probably wasn’t true, but she liked thinking it.

A half-dozen women were scattered around the room, including Dylan, whom Carla had texted during dinner to suggest that she come to the class. Dylan winked at them, then returned her attention to the front of the room as they quietly set up their spaces. Soon after Asha spoke up.

“Welcome, everyone,” she said in a low, husky voice, “to twilight yoga. We’ll be taking it nice and slow tonight. By the end you’ll hopefully feel completely peaceful. If you fall asleep, that’s OK too.”

There was no chance of Carla falling asleep with Asha in the room, though she was visible mostly in silhouette, as were the other women in the class. But strangely enough,  for the first time ever, Carla found herself thinking more about yoga than sex. When the class was over she felt suffused with a sense of serenity and well-being; it was like some magic spell had been cast on her.

Afterwards Carla delivered Asha’s invitation but, not wanting to disturb the hush that had fallen over the room, was hesitant to speak to her. Finally she just whispered “Thank you,” and Asha surprised her by reaching out to hug her. It felt delicious and Carla milked it for all it was worth, savoring the feeling of Asha’s lithe form against her own. But though the attraction was powerful, Carla felt completely calm and patient, confident that everything was going to unfold as it should. After a few seconds she released Asha and turned to go.

She found Annabel and Dylan quietly stowing away their blocks and straps. Carla’s eyes met Dylan’s and an unspoken communication passed between them. Without a word the three of them walked out to the street and went to their cars.

A few minutes later, when Carla and Annabel walked into Dylan’s house, she was already laying on her bed naked. Annabel leaned down to kiss her as Carla spread her legs and began to finger-fuck her. Dylan eagerly pulled off Annabel’s clothes, sucking on her tits then encouraging her to climb up onto the bed. Dylan began to slurp away at Annabel’s pussy as Carla dropped to her knees and took a taste of the redhead’s cunt.

They were laying in bed together an hour later, languid in post-coital bliss, when Dylan’s phone buzzed. She picked it up, looked at it for a few seconds, then muttered “Shit.”

“What?” asked Carla.

“My husband. They suddenly shut down production on the project he’s working on. He’ll be home in an hour.”

“I suppose you’ll be wanting us to leave then,” Carla said somewhat peevishly.

“Unless you want to stick around and help me relax him,” said Dylan with a leer.

Carla frowned and made a face. “Pass.” Glancing at Annabel, who had a faraway look in her eyes, Carla wondered: If I wasn’t here, would Annabel stay? Natural submissive that she was. she probably would have; just the idea of it was enough to make Carla want to give her a good spanking.

Carla and Annabel dressed and wished Dylan goodnight. It still felt earlyish to Carla, so she decided they should have a drink before going home. They drove to one of her favorite lesbian bars and ordered old-fashioneds, taking a seat in a quiet corner as a jazz trio played at the other side of the room.

They had just about finished their drinks when a bartender appeared with a fresh round that they hadn’t ordered. Nodding her head to back and to her left, she said, “From the ladies at the bar.”

Carla had to crane her head to see past a gigantic potted plant to the bar, where all she could make out at first was the top of a dark-skinned, hairless head. Standing to get a better angle, she saw Amira and Loren standing there smiling at her; Amira raised her glass in salute.

A little shudder of excitement ran through Carla’s body. The night had just taken a turn, she could tell.