Friday, January 25, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 89

Carla and Annabel slept late and lingered over breakfast. Neither one of them said much as they drank tea and ate eggs and toast — in their minds both of them were replaying scenes from the previous night, which had been a long and eventful one.

In the afternoon Carla wanted to go shopping for yoga gear. This was how she was when she had a new passion — she enjoyed the process of acquiring all the necessary equipment. She and Annabel drove to a specialized store where she bought mats, blocks, blankets, and more straps than she really needed. This last item fascinated her, so she had to have one of every kind that the shop sold.

Upon returning home they adjourned to the living room to do a few poses — naked, of course, since at home they had that option. It was a pleasant way to pass the time.

At one point when they were in downward dog Carla did something she’d always wanted to do in yoga class — wriggled underneath Annabel and lay there looking up at her, not touching, just admiring her gorgeous body. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was a little slick, looking wonderfully delicious, but Carla was in ho hurry — she wanted to savor every second of this session. Finally she leaned up and placed one kiss on each nipple and one on Annabel’s blond mound, then returned to her own mat.

They moved gradually through every pose they could think of, ending up on boat pose, with hands in the air behind their backs. Annabel had her eyes closed, as she often did, and so was not aware of Carla coming up to her until she felt something being wrapped around her wrists.

Annabel opened her eyes and looked back over her shoulder at her stepdaughter, who was smiling while tying off the strap to bind Annabel’s hands behind her. Leaning down, Carla rested her full weight on Annabel, pushing her into the ground, planting kisses on her ears, neck, and shoulders. Then Carla abruptly pivoted and came to rest sitting in front of Annabel with her legs spread, presenting her pink, puckered pussy.

Annabel did not hesitate to dive in. She had become highly aroused during the naked yoga session, and was more than ready for some action. She had Carla coming almost immediately, but Carla quickly sent her back to work. Annabel dutifully kept at it until Carla had come twice more and had pussy juice running down her butt-crack onto the floor.

Finally satisfied, for the moment at least, Carla stood up and threw two more yoga straps over her shoulder. She helped Annabel up, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. There she pushed Annabel face-down onto the bed and used a strap to tie each of her ankles to a bedpost — the long way, so that her flexible legs were spread as far as they would go. In this position her lewdly exposed pussy looked like a ripe, juicy half-peach.

Carla dropped to her knees for a taste. She had intended to tease Annabel for a while, maybe including a spanking, but she found herself greedily devouring that delicious cunt. She hooked a thumb inside, stimulating Annabel’s clit with her fingers, her tongue stabbing here and there. Poor Annabel came over and over and over until she was left whimpering quietly, body wracked with spasms that seemed like they’d never stop. And Carla was just getting started.

* * *

Carla left Annabel tied to the bed as she went downstairs for a cold drink. Between the yoga and their exertions afterward, she’d worked up quite a thirst. She realized that Annabel must have too, but it would be hard for her to drink from a glass in her current position, and Carla didn’t want to untie her just yet.

So Carla filled a bowl with water and took it upstairs, where she sat it down near Annabel’s head. Annabel drank gratefully, if somewhat awkwardly. Carla hadn’t necessarily set out to make her stepmother look like a dog, but she enjoyed the sight of it. “Bitch,” she muttered under her breath.

“Hmmm?” said Annabel.

“Never mind,” said Carla. She knew what this particular bitch needed right now. She went to her bedside table and began to rummage through the drawer, looking for the right strap-on for the occasion. She finally settled on a pink one that was not her biggest, but had an upward curve to it that she thought would stimulate Annabel in interesting ways.

After harnessing up Carla stood idly by the window for a minute, stroking the shaft of her cock, letting Annabel think about what was going to happen next. Annabel gazed over at her admiringly, struck by the incongruous silhouette of her ample breasts and enormous phallus. Just for a moment she found herself wishing that it was a real, live, throbbing member. But on the other hand, despite everything, Carla was absolutely and without question a woman. Annabel wouldn’t dare think of changing anything about her.

Carla crossed the room to take up a position behind Annabel, whose eyes tracked her until she was out of sight. Taking a deep breath, Annabel braced herself, but Carla entered her very gently, sliding in millimeter by millimeter.

Even so, it wasn’t long before Annabel was screaming loudly and uninhibitedly as Carla pounded into her. The curved dildo was touching her in some unexpected places and she almost felt like she had to pee; but bound as she was there was nothing she could do about it. And then she was coming, a multistage orgasm that seemed to start somewhere far away and crash over her like a wave.

Annabel closed her eyes for a minute, feeling suddenly empty as Carla pulled out. But when she opened them again the dildo was staring straight at her with its one eye. She gamely opened her mouth and took it in, getting a big mouthful of her own juices. As she sucked Carla leaned over her and began to swat her on the rump, one cheek then the other, back and forth and back and forth.

Carla kept up this rhythm even as she moved back around and slid the strap-on into Annabel’s pussy again, then reached over and untied Annabel’s left leg, pivoting her onto her side for a different angle of penetration. Annabel sighed, then giggled; some entirely new parts of her womb were being touched, and it was a funny, ticklish sensation.

Annabel’s laughter turned to ragged panting as Carla fucked her harder and deeper, holding her hips and grinding with relentless force. She looked up helplessly at Carla and seemed to be trying to say something, but couldn’t get any words out. Carla began to sense that she was on the brink of a truly momentous climax but just couldn’t quite get there.

After changing her angle of entry again, Carla finally gave up, dropped to her knees, and with three quick licks to the clit sent Annabel over the edge. Annabel’s thighs squeezed around Carla’s head, quite unconsciously, but hard enough and for long enough that it was all she could do to pry them apart before she passed out.

Trying to catch her breath, Carla stood up and went to the bathroom for a glass of water. When she came back Annabel was laying there with half-open eyes, gazing vaguely toward the window, but appearing mentally to be somewhere else altogether. She was well taken care of, but Carla herself felt the need to come again before she got on with her day.

She was in the mood for something different, something special. She went to her bedside table and dug through all her toys until she came across her Hitachi vibrator, which hadn’t been out of the drawer in quite a while. She switched it on to test the battery, and got a little thrill when it started to buzz in her hands.

Unharnessing her strap-on and setting it aside, Carla took a seat in the chair next to the window and spread her legs. Annabel looked on in dazed half-consciousness as Carla vibed herself to orgasm, then went for a second, third, and fourth. Finally Carla forced herself to turn off the little machine and put it down. That was the problem with vibrators — they were all too efficient, and next thing you knew you were too desensitized for regular sex. She remembered now why it had been in the drawer for so long.

After washing and drying the vibrator, Carla buried it deep enough in the drawer that she wouldn’t find it again for a while. Contentedly whistling a tune, she untied Annabel’s ankle from the bed, then freed her hands. Snapping the leash onto Annabel’s collar, Carla led her downstairs on her hands and knees. There Annabel set about making dinner while Carla checked her phone. They both were quite content in their roles, and had everything they needed for the moment.


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