Friday, January 18, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 88

Annabel flushed red and felt, simultaneously, a chill down her spine and a tingle between her legs. She tried to think of what “misbehavior” Carla might be referring to. She couldn’t think of anything, but she had grown up in a religious household and was familiar with the concept of original sin. She knew that what she’d done or hadn’t done didn’t matter at the moment; what was important was what Carla wanted.

Amira extended a hand and Annabel took it, allowing the striking black woman to help her up from the couch. As they walked across the room Annabel had already made up her mind: She was not going to resist but to embrace this moment, make the most of it.

Looking over at Carla, wanting to show what a good and obedient girl she was, Annabel stripped naked and pressed herself against the glass. It felt cool and hard against her erect nipples. Amira gagged and tied Annabel as she had Loren, who meanwhile curled up on the floor at Carla’s feet, availing herself of Annabel’s abandoned snifter.

Annabel took a deep breath and tried to brace herself, but nonetheless she flinched and trembled when the belt dug into her flesh. As Amira disciplined her slowly and methodically, Annabel watched herself in the mirror, hypnotized by the way her breasts bounced with every blow. Carla, meanwhile, had pulled off her yoga pants and started touching herself until Loren, taking the cue, leaned over between her legs.

Did Carla feel a little guilty about having Annabel spanked for no reason? Maybe deep down she did; but for now she was totally caught up in the moment, quite enjoying having her pussy licked while she watched her stepmother get punished.

After awhile Annabel felt herself rise above the pain; the woman she saw getting spanked in the mirror was no longer her. But she thought that woman looked beautiful, strong, and brave despite being bound and submissive. Soon after this Amira dropped the belt and came up behind her, wrapping an arm around her and kissing her neck. Annabel sighed, enjoying the way Amira’s firm breasts and hard nipples felt against her back.

Turning, Amira disappeared into the bedroom for a minute and when she returned, the massive strap-on that she was wearing preceded her into the room. Annabel had leaned forward against the cool glass, closing her eyes and letting the last reverberations of the pain echo through her body. So she was taken by surprise when Amira reached down, pulled her thighs apart, and pushed the long, girthy phallus up into her.

Annabel let out a yell that, even through her gag, echoed through the room loudly (without the gag, it would surely have disturbed Amira and Loren’s neighbors). Loren looked up from between Carla’s legs, a little envious that Annabel was getting fucked before her. Hopefully her turn would come before the night was through.

Amira hunkered down into a wide-legged stance so she could thrust up into Annabel, driving the blonde a little harder into the glass with each thrust. Annabel came like a freight train once, twice, three times, and just when she felt like her insides were being turned into jelly, Amira pulled out.

Loren immediately crawled over and began to lick the strap-on clean. She knew what her mistress liked and hoped that she would immediately be rewarded. But after letting Loren lick and suck for a minute, Amira pushed her away and ordered her to untie their guest, then walked over and took a seat in the big overstuffed chair across from where Carla was sitting.

Carla glanced over at the sizable dildo standing up from between Amira’s legs, feeling an urgent itch between her own. Across the room Loren untied Annabel’s hands and took her arm, helping her to walk somewhat gingerly back over to the couch. As she sat down Carla looked over at her, then back at Amira.

For a long moment it was quiet in the room. Carla knew what she wanted to do, but she didn’t want Annabel to see her do it. First she located Annabel’s yoga pants, which she used to bind the older woman’s hands behind her back. Then she used her own pants as a blindfold, making sure that the rather damp crotch was strategically located over Annabel’s nose.

Satisfied with her work, Carla walked over to Amira and climbed up onto the chair. Placing one knee on either side of Amira’s lap, she maneuvered so that her puckered pussy lips were kissing the tip of the dildo. Her eyes and Amira’s met, and something passed between them; it seemed that they understood each other. Taking a deep breath, Carla slowly lowered herself onto the meaty shaft.

Loren, meanwhile, took advantage of Annabel’s helplessness by pushing the older woman’s head down between her legs. Well-trained as she was, upon smelling a wet pussy that needed her attention, Annabel stuck out her tongue and went to work.

After less than a minute, Carla was shuddering into a climax. For an interval that seemed very long but wasn’t, she was completely still, letting the pleasure pulse through her body. Then she began slowly moving up and down again as Amira pulled off her top and her bra and srarted aggressively squeezing and fondling her tits.

Loren had now moved into 69 position atop Annabel, lapping gently at Annabel’s pussy as she ground her crotch down onto the older woman’s face. Amira took hold of Carla’s hips and lifted her into the air, high enough that only the tip of the dildo was still inside her. In this position Amira was able to reach Carla’s breasts with her mouth, and she took the time to suck and nibble on each nipple before forcefully pushing Carla down again, driving the strap-on all the way up inside her.

Carla howled loudly enough that Annabel, whose head was clamped tightly between Loren’s legs, wondered what was going on. Carla kept moaning through a second orgasm, then a third, as Amira cupped her ass with one hand and used the other to stroke her clit. When she finally climbed off Carla was dizzy and sure she wasn’t going to walk right for a few days, but she was buzzing with bliss from head to toe.

Loren wanted more than anything to take Carla’s place atop the enormous member, but before she could untangle herself from Annabel, Carla had dropped to her knees and unharnessed it. So Loren could do nothing but watch as Carla spread Amira’s legs, bent forward, and started to lick and kiss the black woman’s muscular thighs.

Amira leaned back and picked up her glass of brandy as Carla began to pleasure her, feeling more than entitled to some compensation for all the work she’d done. But after a few minutes Carla paused in her ministrations and stood up. For two days now she’d had an image in her mind of Amira’s bald head burrowing between Annabel’s legs, and she’d been wondering what that felt like.

Carla had always been agile, and all the more so now that she was doing yoga. So it was not too difficult for her to climb up onto the chair and arrange herself upside-down with her knees resting on Amira’s shoulders. In this position she resumed licking Amira’s pussy and was rewarded with the sensation of smooth skin against her thighs and a thick, strong tongue pushing its way inside her.

Loren found this such a lovely sight that she thought it unfair for Annabel to be deprived of it. When she pulled off the blindfold Annabel blinked and her vision was blurry; it was hard for her to tell what she was seeing. But her eyes gradually focused in on the tableau before her, and when they did she gasped; it was an astonishing sight, worthy of being preserved as a sculpture, she thought.

Annabel and Loren sat watching, rapt, as Amira and Carla gratified each other. They seemed to be competing to see who could make the other come harder. Amira had the advantage of her large and powerful tongue; Carla was helped by the fact that all the punishing and fucking she’d done had worked Amira up into a highly excited state.

In the end, you’d have to call it a tie — there was no winner, and certainly no loser.

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