Friday, January 4, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 86

Since the yoga class was not till late, Carla and Annabel decided to go out to dinner beforehand. After changing into their yoga clothes they drove to a bar and grill close to the studio where the class would be.

All throughout dinner Carla could feel eyes on them — several guys at the bar craned their heads rather unsubtly to get a better look. Carla didn’t necessarily mind men looking at her; she rather enjoyed knowing that no matter how much they wanted her, they would never, ever have her.

Looking over at Annabel, who appeared oblivious to everything but her steak, Carla began to speculate. Annabel had fallen under the sway of first her father, then herself. Would there be others in the future? Would they be men or women? Or would Annabel finally take charge of her own life? Carla was curious to find out, but not in a hurry. There was plenty of summer still to go.

After dinner they took a short walk around the neighborhood and then headed to the yoga studio. This was not their usual place and it took them a minute to find the entrance. By the time they did it was almost time for the class to start; they quickly checked in, then climbed a narrow, winding staircase to a large room lit by only by a handful of flickering candles. The atmosphere was warm and soothing, and both Carla and Annabel immediately felt more relaxed just being there.

Asha was already at the front of the room sitting on her mat, golden eyes shining in the candlelight. She nodded at them but didn’t say anything; she appeared to be in a meditative, almost dreamy state. She looked astonishingly beautiful in a scarlet bandeau and extremely sheer knee-length pants. Carla got excited at the idea that Asha had dressed with her in mind; it probably wasn’t true, but she liked thinking it.

A half-dozen women were scattered around the room, including Dylan, whom Carla had texted during dinner to suggest that she come to the class. Dylan winked at them, then returned her attention to the front of the room as they quietly set up their spaces. Soon after Asha spoke up.

“Welcome, everyone,” she said in a low, husky voice, “to twilight yoga. We’ll be taking it nice and slow tonight. By the end you’ll hopefully feel completely peaceful. If you fall asleep, that’s OK too.”

There was no chance of Carla falling asleep with Asha in the room, though she was visible mostly in silhouette, as were the other women in the class. But strangely enough,  for the first time ever, Carla found herself thinking more about yoga than sex. When the class was over she felt suffused with a sense of serenity and well-being; it was like some magic spell had been cast on her.

Afterwards Carla delivered Asha’s invitation but, not wanting to disturb the hush that had fallen over the room, was hesitant to speak to her. Finally she just whispered “Thank you,” and Asha surprised her by reaching out to hug her. It felt delicious and Carla milked it for all it was worth, savoring the feeling of Asha’s lithe form against her own. But though the attraction was powerful, Carla felt completely calm and patient, confident that everything was going to unfold as it should. After a few seconds she released Asha and turned to go.

She found Annabel and Dylan quietly stowing away their blocks and straps. Carla’s eyes met Dylan’s and an unspoken communication passed between them. Without a word the three of them walked out to the street and went to their cars.

A few minutes later, when Carla and Annabel walked into Dylan’s house, she was already laying on her bed naked. Annabel leaned down to kiss her as Carla spread her legs and began to finger-fuck her. Dylan eagerly pulled off Annabel’s clothes, sucking on her tits then encouraging her to climb up onto the bed. Dylan began to slurp away at Annabel’s pussy as Carla dropped to her knees and took a taste of the redhead’s cunt.

They were laying in bed together an hour later, languid in post-coital bliss, when Dylan’s phone buzzed. She picked it up, looked at it for a few seconds, then muttered “Shit.”

“What?” asked Carla.

“My husband. They suddenly shut down production on the project he’s working on. He’ll be home in an hour.”

“I suppose you’ll be wanting us to leave then,” Carla said somewhat peevishly.

“Unless you want to stick around and help me relax him,” said Dylan with a leer.

Carla frowned and made a face. “Pass.” Glancing at Annabel, who had a faraway look in her eyes, Carla wondered: If I wasn’t here, would Annabel stay? Natural submissive that she was. she probably would have; just the idea of it was enough to make Carla want to give her a good spanking.

Carla and Annabel dressed and wished Dylan goodnight. It still felt earlyish to Carla, so she decided they should have a drink before going home. They drove to one of her favorite lesbian bars and ordered old-fashioneds, taking a seat in a quiet corner as a jazz trio played at the other side of the room.

They had just about finished their drinks when a bartender appeared with a fresh round that they hadn’t ordered. Nodding her head to back and to her left, she said, “From the ladies at the bar.”

Carla had to crane her head to see past a gigantic potted plant to the bar, where all she could make out at first was the top of a dark-skinned, hairless head. Standing to get a better angle, she saw Amira and Loren standing there smiling at her; Amira raised her glass in salute.

A little shudder of excitement ran through Carla’s body. The night had just taken a turn, she could tell.


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