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Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 85

Kim spent the night but left early, needing to catch a flight for a family trip to Hawaii. She took the party invitation that Carla had given her, promising that she’d be there, since she would be back from her trip on the 3rd.

Carla and Annabel slept in, then had a long and luxurious breakfast. Carla had a craving for pancakes with chocolate chips, and Annabel whipped some up. When they were done Carla checked her list of people she wanted to deliver party invitations to; Katya was up next. Carla took a hit from her pen and sat down to think about how to make this errand fun.

After a couple minutes it hit her. And so it was that late that morning Annabel found herself in the passenger seat of Carla’s car wearing a metal bikini. She seemed to be having new experiences like this all the time lately, and as usual, she felt at once embarrassed and excited. Discomfort took the lead briefly when they pulled into the parking lot of a hardware store and Carla quickly hopped out and went inside.

Annabel was mindful of eyes on her, and felt more exposed in this costume than she would have felt in a regular bikini that covered less. But her primary concern soon became the sun, which was quickly heating up the metal against her skin. She cracked a door open while trying to remain inconspicuous, feeling a bit like an abandoned dog.

When Carla returned she was carrying a short length of chain with clips on either end, which she used to bind together Annabel’s wrist cuffs. She then turned on the engine and cranked up the AC, providing Annabel some much-needed relief but causing her skin to get all goosepimply.

A few minutes later they pulled up in front of Katya’s. Annabel hesitated; though there was nobody around that she could see, she knew she would feel awkward walking down the street in her present state. But when Carla came around and opened her door, she realized that she had no choice; she swallowed her misgivings and climbed out of the car. Carla took Annabel by the elbow and began to lead her toward Katya’s, bound hands dangling in front of her.

Just then a man in his 40s emerged from a door across the street and froze in his tracks, as if unable to believe what he was seeing. Annabel blushed and turned her head, paying attention to what was in front of her and not what was behind her, as they turned up the path to Katya’s door.

Carla knocked on the door and a few seconds later Katya appeared, squinting in the sunlight as she looked Annabel up and down. “I know you’re a big Star Wars fan,” said Carla. “So I brought you a present.”

Katya laughed and invited them in. They sat down in the living room and had a smoke while catching up on what had happened since they saw each other last. Though Carla did most of the talking, Katya hardly took her eyes off Annabel. She was in fact a huge Star Wars aficionado and had always had a special fondness for Princess Leia’s bikini — though Annabel was much more generously proportioned than Carrie Fisher.

When they were good and high Katya disappeared into her bedroom for a few minutes. She returned wearing a Darth Vader helmet and black cape, along with a long-sleeved black T-shirt. She also had on skin-tight black leather pants that displayed a sizable bulge in the crotch.

Walking over to stand in front of Annabel, Katya said, in the deepest voice she could muster, “Kneel before Lord Vader.”

Annabel obeyed, and Katya reached down and unzipped her pants, allowing a formidable black strap-on to pop out. After glancing over at Carla, who gazed back blankly — Annabel shouldn’t need to be told what to do — she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip, then ran it up and down the whole length of the shaft.

Taking a firm grip on Annabel’s head, Katya pushed the head of the dildo between her lips and down into her throat. Annabel gulped and tried to take it all, as Katya stood imperiously with her head thrown back. From Carla’s vantage point behind her, she looked for all the world like a Sith Lord getting a blowjob.

After watching for a few minutes Carla was dying to get involved; this was just too good. “I need to get in on this,” she said. “Do you have any other costumes?”

Katya shrugged. “Not really. I’m always Darth for Halloween.”

“Never mind,” said Carla as she began to strip. “I’m another slave girl, OK?”

Katya could have sworn that her plastic phallus stood up a little taller and prouder at that moment. It was very unusual for Carla to be willing to take a submissive role, but apparently she was in a playful mood. When she was naked she knelt next to Annabel and took the shaft of the strap-on in her hand, looking up at Katya’s mask as she began to lick it.

It was quite a powerful feeling to have two girls on their knees in front of her, and Katya enjoyed every second of it. But eventually enough was enough; it was time for somebody to get fucked. She rolled Annabel onto hands and knees and, after a bit of difficulty, managed to remove the bottom of the metal bikini.

Feeling large and in charge, Katya ordered Carla, “Give her your pussy to lick.” Carla did as she was told, scooting over in front of Annabel and spreading her legs. Annabel began to eat her as Katya took hold of the strap-on and drove it forcefully into Annabel’s gushing-wet hole.

Katya craned her head to watch Annabel’s boobs bounce in the metal bikini top as she was being fucked. This was just about the sexiest thing she’d ever seen, and she was on the point of coming without being touched; all it took was brushing the tip of her index finger across her clit to trigger a stupendous orgasm. This seemed to set off a chain reaction, with Annabel coming almost right away, then Carla.

Feeling parched and hot under her mask, Katya went to the fridge to get a beer, then realized she wouldn’t be able to drink it. It would have to wait. When she returned to the living room Carla was laying on the rug with her legs spread wide, pink slit glistening with arousal. “Fuck me, Lord Vader,” she said.

Katya obliged her, instructing Annabel to sit on Carla’s face as she was being fucked. Again Katya delighted at the rhythmic motions of Annabel’s breasts as she moved up and down on Carla’s tongue. It was weird for Annabel to look across at the impassive face of the villainous Lord Vader; and also kind of sexy, but ultimately distracting. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensation of Carla pleasuring her.

After two more rounds of orgasms they untangled themselves. Katya stood up, took off her harness and pants, and sat down on the couch with her legs spread. Carla had to pee, and when she came back, she stood for a while watching Annabel bury her face in Darth Vader’s crotch — not something you get to see every day.

At this point Katya decided she’d had enough of the mask, which was heavy and stifling. Taking it off and setting it aside, she asked Carla, “Would you get me a beer?”

Returning with a bottle in each hand, Carla sat down on the couch next to Katya. Katya downed half of the beer Carla handed her in one swig, then leaned her head back against the top of the couch. Lifting up Katya’s shirt, Carla dripped a little beer on each of her nipples, then licked it off.

A trickle of beer had escaped between Katya’s breasts and down her chest; Carla traced it with her tongue. Arriving at Katya’s belly, she got a delicious whiff of the scent rising up from between the blonde’s legs. So she continued to lick her way down, finally touching the tip of her tongue to Katya’s clit.

Katya climaxed immediately and convulsively, barking out a Russian curse word and digging her nails into Carla’s shoulder. Then she sighed, sipped her beer, and sat back.

Annabel remained on her knees, looking radiantly sweet and innocent. How did she manage to look so innocent, Carla wondered, with her face covered in another woman’s pussy juice and a dark blond cunt hair stuck to her upper lip? It was like she had some inner core of purity that couldn’t be touched. Reaching out her hand, Carla brushed the hair away, then leaned down to give Annabel a hard kiss on the mouth.

Afterward, Katya decided to sketch Annabel just as she was, wearing only the metal bikini top. She put on a robe and got her sketchbook as Carla got dressed and went to the kitchen to make them a snack. When she returned the sketch was already done; the face was a bit vague, but the bikini top and Annabel’s pubic hair were portrayed in loving detail.

When it was time to go Carla helped Annabel put her bottom back on and they exchanged hugs and kisses with Katya. When they got to the car Carla found Katya’s party invitation still sitting on the back seat; she had forgotten all about it. She quickly delivered it and they headed home.

Thinking ahead to their plans for that evening, Carla got a mental image of Asha and smiled. It was excellent news that the yoga teacher had agreed to attend the party; Carla was that much closer to attaining her goal. But she tried not to get ahead of herself — there was a lot to do between now and then.


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