Friday, September 7, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 83

After taking a few seconds to think, Monica said, “I found a couple very, um, interesting masks in an old box this week.”

“Do tell,” said Carla, and Monica disappeared into the warehouse for a minute. When she returned she was carrying two old-fashioned masks, ornate and vaguely Satanic, each with a phallus several inches long in place of a nose.

A few minutes later Annabel and Courtney found themselves laid out on the plush carpeting, still naked, bound, and gagged but now also masked. Monica gestured to Carla to indicate that, as the guest, the first choice was hers.

After tossing back the rest of her glass of wine, Carla sat it down and stripped off her T-shirt, jeans, and panties. Sinking to her knees straddling Courtney’s head, she positioned herself so that her crotch was right above the little penis protruding from Courtney’s mask. Holding on to Courtney’s breasts to brace herself, she slowly lowered herself down onto the shaft until her pussy lips were kissing the mask.

Carla sighed and wiggled. The nose-cock was not the biggest, but it felt nice, and was bent at enough of an angle to give her some good friction on her clit. Watching Carla grind, Monica shucked off her dress — she was indeed totally commando underneath — and knelt over Annabel. Soon she and Carla were both moaning quietly as they pleasured themselves on their respective masks.

Carla’s gaze drifted down to Courtney’s nest of brown pubic curls; it looked wonderfully soft and inviting. Though Courtney’s ankles were tied together, Carla was able to splay her knees apart to reveal a glistening pink pussy. Carla leaned forward, nuzzled her nose into Courtney’s bush, then started to hungrily gobble her wet cunt.

Monica recognized a good idea when she saw one. She did likewise with Annabel, and now there were two pairs of women locked in fervid 69s, with Courtney and Annabel thrusting their masks upward as warm liquid dripped onto their faces.

Carla lifted her head from between Courtney’s legs and glanced over at Monica, who turned to meet her eyes. They grinned at each other and kissed, tasting their partners’ juices on each others’ mouths. Their tongues met and explored, saliva running down their chins, then they broke away and resumed eating their respective pussies.

A few minutes later all four of them came almost simultaneously, their bodies quaking in unison, Carla gripping Courtney’s butt cheeks and Monica biting Annabel’s thigh. Annabel giggled and Courtney sighed, then there was a brief period of total stillness and peace.

Finally Carla and Monica sat up and looked at each other. “Switch?” said Carla, and Monica nodded. They changed places and did it all over again, with Monica humping Annabel’s face and Carla Courtney’s. The orgasms took quite a bit longer this time, and for a good while there was no sound in the room but moaning, slurping, and the slap of flesh against flesh.

When it was over Carla and Monica climbed off, moving somewhat gingerly. After untying Annabel and Courtney they took some time to look at costumes. There were several Wonder Woman outfits to choose from, and after trying them on Carla settled on the oldest one. It was tight in the bodice but the visual effect was quite pleasing, and it had a nice pair of golden wrist cuffs as accessories.

As Monica wrapped it up Carla wandered around trying to find a costume for Annabel. She wanted something revealing, and after a few minutes she happened across a metal Princess Leia bikini. She had Annabel try it on and it fit perfectly. At Carla’s request Monica managed to find a pair of wrist cuffs similar to the ones that came with the Wonder Woman costume, but smaller and in a bronze color that matched the bikini. Carla was delighted; their outfits would look good together, but not too matchy-matchy.

By this point the bottle of rosé was history and everyone’s stomach was starting to growl, so they all decided to go out for Thai food. One of Carla and Monica’s favorite places was just down the street.

During dinner Carla was delighted to receive a text from Asha. She didn’t have plans for the 4th, she said, and would love to attend their party. Carla texted back, “Would love to bring u an invite. When are you teaching again?” Asha responded that she would be teaching a candlelight yoga class the next night. Carla said “See u then!” and, feeling celebratory, ordered a bottle of nice champagne for the table. Everything was going just according to plan.

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  1. great chapter :) such fun reading about the masks