Friday, September 14, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 84

When Carla and Annabel arrived back at home, the sun was just touching the horizon. Carla sat down with her vape pen to watch the sunset as Annabel puttered around in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and wiping off the table.

As the minutes went by Carla began to develop a hankering for something sweet. By the time it was completely dark she had a full-blown vision of what she wanted, and set about making it a reality.

First she had Annabel strip and stretch out face-up on the kitchen table. Pulling Annabel’s limbs out into an X shape, Carla tied her wrists and ankles to the table legs, then grabbed some supplies from the refrigerator. After putting on some music Carla began to decorate her stepmother: a squirt of whipped cream here, a dab of chocolate sauce there, topped off with strawberries and cherries.

When she was finished Annabel made quite the mouth-watering display. But Carla did not indulge yet; instead she got out her camera and took a picture, shooting from a low angle so Annabel’s face was blurry but her naked, garnished body and shiny pink pussy were clearly visible. She sent the photo to Kim along with a text message that said, “Annabel misses you.”

At the time Kim was sitting in her living room at home watching a movie with her parents. For the last couple days she’d been playing the part of the dutiful daughter, and was now well and thoroughly bored. So she was excited to receive a message and opened it immediately, then quickly turned her phone over and hoped her folks wouldn’t notice that she was blushing.

She felt the liquid immediately begin to gush between her legs and knew that she would be on her way to Carla’s shortly. Her parents would be annoyed with her for leaving in the middle of the movie, but they would just have to deal with it; she couldn’t sit still much longer.

Kim’s parents were very conservative and had never approved of her friendship with Carla, whose reputation as a wild child was widespread. They thought that Carla had corrupted Kim, and in this they were not entirely wrong. Kim had been a year behind Carla in school and had idolized her, admiring how self-possessed and free she was. When they met, Kim was nerdy, prim and proper straight-A student with very little social life.

Over time Kim — using the same work ethic she’d previously applied to her studies — began to insinuate herself into Carla’s circle, going to the same parties and frequenting the same hangouts. Carla started to take notice of her, flattered by the fawning attention she got from the cute younger girl. Finally, at an end-of-the-school-year party, they’d ended up in bed together.

This was Kim’s first sexual experience and it was a revelation for her; she had masturbated plenty, but had no idea she could come so hard or so many times. It was also a bit of a disappointment, though — because for her the encounter was a big deal, while for Carla it was just another hookup. For a while after Kim was emotional and clingy, to the point where Carla started to keep her at a distance. Eventually Kim realized that if she wanted to stay in Carla’s orbit she would have to play it cool, not ask for too much.

So instead of trying to possess Carla, Kim tried to be like her, sleeping around and partying hard. Carla didn’t push her in that direction, but didn’t exactly discourage her either, and rather enjoyed watching Kim’s transformation into a bad girl. For the rest of high school Kim lived a double life: obedient and straight-laced at home, wild and promiscuous everywhere else.

The change in lifestyle took a toll on Kim’s grades, and though she still managed to get into a good college, it was not one of the top-tier schools her parents had envisioned for her. In college Kim had pulled herself together, studying hard and getting good grades. But in Carla’s presence she always found herself falling back into old habits.

Over and over Kim had told herself that the next time Carla summoned her, she wouldn’t immediately jump like she always did. But it never went down that way, and it wasn’t going to this time either; Kim was restless and horny, and Carla’s text had gotten her imagination revved up. Saying that some friends were getting together and that she was going to join them, she took her leave, ignoring her parents’ frowns.

Meanwhile Carla had popped open a bottle of Prosecco and adjourned to the living room, leaving Annabel alone with her thoughts. Being in this position — tied up and waiting to see what would happen next — was no longer an unusual occurrence in her life. In fact she found it rather freeing — since there was nothing she could do, she had nothing to worry about. Her mind wandered, thinking of her childhood, her school years, and of recent events; when she tried to think of the future, though, everything was a vague, indeterminate blur.

When Kim arrived about 15 minutes later, Carla poured her a glass of wine and took her into the kitchen. Between sips they began to lick Annabel clean — starting at the edges and working slowly toward the good parts. Annabel squirmed and moaned quietly, eager for some attention to be paid to her throbbing chest and crotch, then sighed when Kim finally leaned over and sucked the whipped cream from her rock-hard nipple.

At last all that remained were streaks of chocolate along Annabel’s inner thighs and a cherry nestled between her pussy lips. These Carla claimed for herself. Kim wiggled out of her skirt and panties and climbed up onto the table, lowering her crotch down onto Annabel’s eager mouth.

Sipping Prosecco as Annabel’s tongue jabbed up into her, watching Carla lap away happily at her bound stepmother’s pussy with a little dab of chocolate still perched on the tip of her nose, Kim had to smile to herself. Say what you might about Carla — she might be a bad influence, but she certainly knew how to have a good time.


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