Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 27

By the time Courtney had finished another glass of red — they were drinking Pinot now — she was raring to go again. They had all been sitting around the living room, naked, drinking and watching some random movie. Carla had been itchy between her legs the whole time — her pussy hadn’t been touched since she had fucked Courtney in the dining room. But she knew that Courtney would get around to it soon enough.

Seeing the way Courtney was looking at her, Carla — who had been sitting with her legs crossed — opened them wide. Courtney needed no further urging. In seconds she was on her knees with her face buried in Carla’s crotch. Shifting positions, Carla was just barely able to reach the shopping bag containing another recent purchase, a brand-new riding crop. She handed it to Annabel and pointed to Courtney’s rear end.

Annabel blushed. Being punished was one thing; that she was getting used to. But dealing it out was another thing. Inflicting pain was not in her nature. Seeing Annabel’s hesitation, Carla spoke up. “Come on now. She wants you to spank her. Don’t you, Courtney?”

Courtney looked up, saw Annabel, saw the crop. “Do it,” she said, and went back to work on Carla’s pussy.

Thus encouraged, Annabel reached out and gently touched Courtney’s rump with the end of the crop. Carla shook her head. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said scornfully.

Steeling herself, Annabel hauled off and tried again. This time the blow landed with an audible crack; Courtney flinched and Carla nodded approvingly. Annabel was surprised at how excited she felt; spanking Courtney thrilled her in some deep-down place she hadn’t known existed. 

As Annabel laid into Courtney with a vengeance, she felt her pussy getting wet. Carla, sensing this, reached over and began to finger her stepmother. Courtney continued to gobble Carla’s pussy, interrupted only occasionally by the riding crop biting into her flesh.

When Courtney’s ass was glowing red, Annabel left off the spanking and began to explore Courtney’s crotch with the tip of the crop. Courtney moaned and tried to rub her clit against the implement’s thin shaft. Inspired, Annabel turned the crop around and penetrated Courtney with the handle.

Carla smiled. Annabel was learning fast. She was turning out to be a most satisfactory slave, obedient but also with some initiative. Carla decided that this summer she would pull out all the stops, live out all her fantasies; the only limit was her imagination.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 26

Walking around behind Courtney, Carla covered her eyes with the blindfold and tied it behind her head. One by one, Carla removed each item of Courtney’s clothing, taking some time to feel her up in between. When she was naked Carla stretched her out on the dining room table and used the rope to tie her ankles and wrists to the table legs.

Carla disappeared out the door and Annabel stood looking down at the bound, naked form before her. This was a new experience for her, to be walking around free while someone else was tied up. It was exciting but a little disorienting. After pondering briefly, Annabel decided to take advantage of the situation; after all, Courtney would never know, would she? She reached down to stroke Courtney’s nipples, then traced a finger through the bound girl’s heart-shaped nest of brown pubic curls.

Just then Carla returned carrying a shopping bag. She had a couple of new toys she wanted to try out. First there was a face dildo with a ball gag on the other side; Carla pushed the ball into Courtney’s mouth and tied the harness around the back of her head. Then there was the new vibrating strap-on, which Carla attached to Courtney’s pelvis.

When Carla was finished Courtney was sporting two long, thick phalluses, one protruding from her crotch, one from her face. Carla straddled Courtney’s head, indicating that Annabel should mount the strap-on, which she did. Soon they were both pleasuring themselves on their respective shafts. Carla enjoyed watching the progression of expressions on Annabel’s face as she rode the vibrating dildo: first her mouth went slack, then her eyes rolled back in her head, then a look of complete and utter bliss transformed her features.

Carla decided that she wanted to experience that herself. She let Annabel work herself to climax, then told her to climb off. Sitting up so the face dildo popped out of her, Carla knee-walked down the table and positioned herself over the strap-on. Holding it by the base, she slowly lowered herself down until her pussy lips were pressed against the harness.

Carla sighed; the vibrating cock felt fantastic inside her. She moved herself up and down, pausing at the top and bottom of every stroke. Looping a finger through the ring on Annabel’s collar, she pulled her stepmother closer. They kissed and then Carla pulled Annabel’s head down to her chest. Annabel obediently licked and sucked Carla’s rock-hard nipples, then Carla yanked on her collar again, pulling her down lower.

With Annabel licking her clit, Carla was able to come three times in rapid succession, after which she declared herself satisfied. She stood up, removed the strap-on from Courtney, and put it on herself. She spread Courtney’s pussy lips and poised the head of the dildo between them.

After teasing Courtney with the tip for awhile, Carla abruptly drove her hips forward, impaling Courtney on the massive shaft. Courtney moaned through her gag and pulled on the ropes holding her to the table, but she was tied so tightly that very little movement was possible.

Carla told Annabel that she should climb up onto the table and take advantage of the face dildo. Annabel hesitated; this was all so new and strange to her. Suddenly she felt a little guilty about taking advantage of Courtney this way — though clearly Courtney was enjoying it, mewling like a kitten as Carla pounded into her.

Annabel was still thinking when she felt the impact of the paddle on her rump. “Go!” said Carla, and Annabel scrambled to obey.

Closing her eyes, Annabel ground herself down on Courtney’s face. Suddenly she was pulled forward as Carla once again tugged on her collar. Soon she found herself stretched out across Courtney with her head between Courtney’s legs.

Carla pulled out of Courtney and pushed the juice-slick dildo into Annabel’s mouth. Annabel struggled to accept it and was just staring to gag when Carla withdrew and jammed it back into Courtney’s cunt.

Annabel watched from inches away, fascinated, as the dildo went in and out, in and out of Courtney’s pussy. Sensing that her assistance was wanted, Annabel extended her tongue and touched it to Courtney’s clit; immediately she felt Courtney spasm beneath her. That got Annabel going, and soon she was coming too. She closed her eyes and suddenly her mouth was being penetrated again.

Reopening her eyes, Annabel gazed up at Carla, who had a look of mischievous glee on her face. Again she slid the dildo out of Annabel’s mouth and resumed fucking Courtney. They kept at it this way for awhile, with both Courtney and Annabel having numerous orgasms.

When Carla finally untied Courtney, removing the blindfold and face dildo, she had a glazed, far-away look on her face. After a minute she sat up and looked around, blinking, as if trying to remember where she was. Then Carla helped her to her feet and she stood there looking wobbly, like a baby deer taking its first steps.

Carla glanced over at Annabel, who also looked a little shaky, then back at Courtney. They were both positively glowing with post-orgasmic euphoria. Smiling, Carla put an arm around each one and the three of them adjourned to the living room for another glass of wine.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 25

Courtney went after Annabel like a woman who’s been stranded in the desert, desperate and dying of thirst, and finally finds water. She cleaned off the ice cream, licked and sucked both nipples, then dropped down between Annabel’s legs. She pushed Annabel’s legs apart, revealing a glistening pink pussy peeking out from between two strands of black fabric, and stuck one finger inside. Soon Annabel was slumped back in her chair with mouth hanging open, moaning helplessly as Courtney tongue-fucked her.

Carla looked on, somewhat bemused, as Courtney devoured her stepmother’s cunt. “Yeah,” she thought, “you’re so straight.” She decided that Courtney deserved to be punished for being such a hypocrite, so she went into the living room and got her new paddle.

When Carla returned to the dining room, Courtney’s face was buried so deep in Annabel’s crotch that she had no idea what was coming until the first blow landed on her rear end. Taken by surprise, she paused briefly in her ministrations to look back at Carla. Then she smiled sheepishly and went back to work.

Carla lifted Courtney’s skirt, pulled down her panties, and resumed spanking her bare ass. Seeing no reason to hold back, Carla let all her years of irritation be felt in the force of the impact. Courtney flinched a little every time the paddle landed, and let out the occasional grunt, but could not be distracted from her pussy-eating. She probably would have stayed down there all night if Carla hadn’t finally pulled her away and kissed her, tasting Annabel’s juices on her lips.

“Annabel, clear this table,” ordered Carla, and Annabel scrambled to obey. Carla poured Courtney and herself fresh glasses of wine and they sat back to watch as the scantily-clad blonde transferred the empty plates and leftovers to the kitchen.

When the table was clean Carla patted her lap and Annabel obediently sat down on it. Carla sat sipping her wine, stroking Annabel’s nipples and then her crotch, thinking, planning her next move. She looked over at Courtney, who she knew was putty in her hands at this point; Courtney returned her gaze expectantly, wondering what was coming next.

When Carla made up her mind she whispered something into Annabel’s ear, and Annabel leapt up and disappeared from the room. She returned a minute later with a blindfold and some rope. Courtney assumed that these were for Annabel, but she was wrong.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 24

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Carla. “Answer it.”

Somewhat sheepishly, given the way she looked, Annabel went to the door. Carla’s guest was a very pretty young woman about her same age with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses.

“Hi Courtney,” said Carla. “This is Annabel.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Courtney matter-of-factly, as if this was a totally normal everyday interaction, as if Annabel had not answered the door dressed in nothing but a bra that revealed her nipples and skimpy panties that her blond bush was peeking out from underneath.

“You too,” said Annabel.

“OK then,” said Carla, “now that we’ve got the preliminaries out of the way, let’s get a bottle open.”

Carla had known Courtney for years; they had been in the same high school class. But they had a strange relationship. They had slept together quite a few times over the years, but Courtney still insisted on maintaining that she was straight. She came from a very conservative family and was in a deep state of denial about her sexual identity, Carla thought. But every time she got a few glasses of wine in her, she ended up in bed with a girl; Carla herself had been the beneficiary of this phenomenon on more than one occasion.

Just the other night, at a friend’s party, Carla had run into Courtney for the first time in a while. Courtney had been drinking white zinfandel and they’d ended up fucking in one of their host’s spare bedrooms. The thing of it was, because Courtney expressed her true desires so infrequently, when she did, she really went all out. Carla had never had her pussy licked like Courtney did it; the girl was a tiger in the sack. And she was super-cute besides, with yummy tits and a sweet little rump.

Still, Carla found herself continually annoyed by Courtney’s saying that she was straight. She didn’t like that Courtney couldn’t be true to herself, and resented the fact that she acted like being lesbian was wrong. Carla flew her dyke flag proudly and looked down on people who didn’t. She was happy to tell anyone, anywhere why she liked girls better than boys; it seemed perfectly obvious and natural to her.

Even so, her recent experience with Courtney made Carla think it would be worthwhile to get Courtney and Annabel together, open a few bottles, and see what happened. In truth she was pretty sure what would happen, but the fun was in the details.

For starters Carla opened a nice bottle of burgundy; no white zin was going to be drunk in her house, even if it did help her get laid. She poured a nice tall glass for Courtney and slightly smaller ones for Annabel and herself, and they stood around talking in the kitchen as Annabel finished cooking.

During dinner Carla noticed that Courtney’s gaze kept wandering over to Annabel’s nipples, which were fully erect throughout the meal. Courtney finished her wine and Carla refilled it; soon they had killed the first bottle and started on a second. The more Courtney drank, the more she fixated on Annabel’s boobs; not that Carla could blame her, as they were quite stunning in that bra.

For dessert they had ice cream, and Carla couldn’t resist playfully dabbing a little onto one of Annabel’s nipples and leaning down to lick it off. Then she put a little on the other nipple and looked over at Courtney, who was well into her third glass by now. Courtney licked her lips and hesitated just a second before lunging at Annabel’s chest.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 23

By the time Annabel was finished servicing Carla, her pussy was on fire. She remained on her knees hoping that Carla would see fit to lick her, or fuck her, or something. She was prepared to beg if she had to.

Instead, Carla stood up and unhooked the leash from Annabel’s collar. “I have a friend coming over in a little bit, so I’m going to get cleaned up while you go downstairs and whip us up a little something.” Annabel obediently stood to go. As she was walking out Carla said, “And when I come down I want to see you looking exactly like this. Hear me?”

Annabel nodded, looking down to where her erect nipples protruded from the bra. She bit her lip, wondering what further events the day might hold.

The kitchen was not particularly well-stocked at the moment but she managed to scrape together some fish, potatoes au gratin, and a salad. When she caught her reflection in the window, she was amazed at what she saw: A collared slave slut in crotchless panties and a nipple-less bra. The sensible part of her was saying “Good lord, girl, cover yourself.” But there was no denying that she looked hot.

Annabel entered into a sort of daydream where she imagined that she was Carla’s wife. Carla came home in a business suit and Annabel met her at the door, dressed exactly as she was dressed now, with a cold martini in her hand. Carla sat down on the living room sofa to sip her drink as Annabel took off her shoes and rubbed her feet. Then she began to make her way upward.

When she got to Carla’s crotch she unzipped the zipper and a thick black strap-on popped out. Annabel licked and sucked it as Carla finished the last of her martini, after which Carla threw Annabel roughly over the ottoman and fucked her senseless.

Carla smiled devilishly when she came down and saw Annabel standing at the stove rubbing her pussy. She was secretly delighted but pretended to be mad. “Did I say you could touch yourself?” Annabel shook her head, looking guilty. “Come with me.”

Carla took Annabel to the living room and bent her over the very ottoman she had been picturing in her fantasy. From a shopping bag Carla produced another of her new acquisitions, a fur-lined paddle. For a minute she rubbed it gently against Annabel’s rear end, then she hauled off and gave Annabel a solid “thwack” on the left butt cheek. It was followed by a matching blow on the other cheek, then she went back and forth until Annabel's ass was glowing a nice warm red.

Carla stuck a hand between Annabel’s legs to feel how wet she was. Very. She coated one hand with juice and made Annabel lick it off. Annabel’s eyes were full of pleading, and Carla was tempted to do her right then and there. But at that moment the doorbell rang.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 22

On the ride home Annabel wondered: If Carla had used her to get a better deal from Katya, did that make her a whore? She supposed that it did; the idea was at once mortifying and oddly thrilling.

The sun was going down as they pulled up in front of the house. Carla dropped Annabel off and headed right out again — she had plans for the evening. 

Inside, Annabel walked around the house in a bit of a daze, still a bit stoned and just generally discombobulated by all that had happened. After awhile she heated up some leftovers and went to eat in front of the TV.

More and more it seemed that, when Carla wasn’t around, Annabel didn’t quite know what to do with herself. She sat there watching show after show until almost midnight, but barely paid attention to any of it. More often she was thinking of Carla, wondering where she was, what she was doing, who she was with. Annabel hated to admit it, but she felt jealous.

After brushing her teeth Annabel got into bed, where she tossed and turned, images and sensations from the day running through her mind. She had to rub herself off more than once before she could finally fall asleep.

In the morning she tiptoed down the hall and peeked into Carla’s room; nobody home. Someday, maybe, she’d find out where Carla went and what she did all night.

After breakfast Annabel headed to the yoga studio. In the hallway she ran into Dylan, and this time she was actually able to carry on a conversation. It was just chitchat about the weather and the yoga teacher, but still it made Annabel happy; Dylan was sharp and funny and easy to talk to.

In class Dylan set up next to Annabel, and more than once Annabel found herself distracted by the beautiful body beside her. Dylan’s yoga pants were very tight and very sheer, and at one point during a Warrior pose Annabel was pretty sure she caught a glimpse of red pubic hair.

Afterwards they walked out together and stood for a minute on the sidewalk. Dylan pointed down the street and said, “Well, I’m over here. See you next time.” Annabel said goodbye and watched her walk away, feeling like there was something she was supposed to say or do, but not knowing what it was.

Back home, Annabel got her book and stretched out on a deck chair to read. She had just come into the kitchen for a glass of lemonade when Carla appeared, loaded down with two handfuls of shopping bags. “I’ve been shopping,” she said, rather unnecessarily. She tossed her head in the direction of the living room and said “Come with me.”

In the living room Carla put her bags down and started pawing through them. She looked over at Annabel and said, matter-of-factly, “Get undressed.” Annabel took off her shorts and T-shirt, looking over at Carla expectantly. “All the way,” ordered Carla.

Once Annabel was naked, Carla produced what at first appeared to be an ordinary pair of black lace panties. But when Annabel put them on, it became apparent that they were open at the crotch, leaving her pussy exposed.

Next Carla helped Annabel into a matching black lace bra that had openings in the middle of each cup for her nipples. Annabel sometimes had trouble bra-shopping, but this one fit perfectly. Carla nodded her approval. “I thought you were a D-cup.”

From another bag Carla fished out a black leather collar with alternating metal studs and what appeared to be diamonds. Annabel wondered how much she had paid for it. On the front was a metal ring like the one on a dog collar, and next to it was stitched the letter “C.”

“This is for you,” said Carla, brushing back Annabel’s hair and fastening the collar around her neck. “I want you to wear this whenever you’re here at the house. It’s a reminder of who you belong to.”

Instinctively, Annabel objected — not to the implication that she was now Carla’s property, but on practical grounds. “But your father....”

Carla waved her hands. “Fine, you don’t have to wear it when he’s here. But otherwise I don’t want to see you without it.”

Annabel blushed at the realization that she was going to do it. She was going to do Carla’s bidding without question. She couldn’t help herself.

Carla got out the leash she’d bought, a six-foot length of black leather, and hooked one end to Annabel’s collar. She started to lead Annabel from the room, but after a few steps she stopped, looking back with a stern expression. It took a few seconds for Annabel to figure out what Carla wanted; when she did, she dropped immediately to her hands and knees.

“Good girl,” said Carla. She led the crawling blonde down the hallway and up the stairs to her bedroom, where she sat down, lifted the plaid skirt she was wearing, and slipped off her panties. Spreading her legs and settling into a comfortable position, Carla tightened the leash inch by inch, bringing Annabel to where she could make herself useful.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 21

Katya guided Annabel’s head to where she wanted it to be, which was down between her legs. It was pungent down there, and warm, and sticky. Annabel stuck out her tongue and took a taste.

This was her third pussy, and she was discovering that each one was a little different. Katya’s didn't look, smell, or taste like Carla’s or Kim’s. It seemed to have a very distinct and complex flavor; then again, Annabel was also high as a kite.

Annabel licked all around, occasionally pushing her tongue inside to explore what it was like in there. Katya moved her hips and rubbed against Annabel’s face, sometimes grinding her clit against Annabel’s nose.

When she came Katya released her grip on Annabel’s head and Annabel rocked back on her knees, losing her balance and almost falling over backward. When she righted herself she saw that Carla was standing there right next to them wearing a strap-on. This one was white and quite impressively long. Pushing Annabel's head back into her crotch, Katya took the shaft of the strap-on in her hand and began to lick and suck it.

Annabel had an inkling of what was coming next, and she was not disappointed. She felt Carla behind her, prying her pussy lips apart, then penetrating her with the tip of the dildo. Pausing from her ministrations, Annabel gasped loudly as she was filled up; but then Carla took a handful of her hair and yanked her forward, reminding her of what she was supposed to be doing. Annabel obediently resumed eating Katya’s pussy as Carla hammered into her.

Again Annabel had the sensation that she was floating above, looking down at herself. There she was on her knees, naked, hands bound behind her with rope. She was performing oral sex on a woman she barely knew while her stepdaughter penetrated her with an artificial penis. A week ago, she’d had no idea that anyone did such things, let alone that she herself would be doing them soon enough.

Then Carla reached around to touch Annabel’s clit and she was coming — and coming and coming.... The orgasm seemed to go on forever; every time it started to die down, Carla would touch her again, and away she’d go.

Annabel was in a daze for awhile after that. When she returned to her senses she was on her back on the floor, sweaty and spent. It took her a moment to remember where she was, and then suddenly there was a figure looming over her: it was Carla, looking tall, strong, and glorious, naked as the day she was born. She knelt over Annabel in a way that made it clear what needed doing.

Enveloped by the now-familiar scent of her stepdaughter’s pussy, Annabel began to slurp away eagerly as Carla ground her hips, pushing the back of Annabel’s head down against the floor. Meanwhile Katya crawled between Annabel’s legs, eager for a taste of the older woman's blond cunt.

Pleasurable as this was,  Annabel soon found herself in a bit of a struggle. She couldn’t really breathe with Carla’s crotch smothering her face and knew she wouldn’t be allowed to come up for air until she’d made Carla come. But she was continually distracted by what Katya was doing between her legs, and Carla was so slippery wet that she had a hard time navigating. She found Carla’s clit, then lost it, then found it again.

When Carla finally came she gripped Annabel’s head between her legs so hard that for a second Annabel thought her skull was going to pop. Mercifully, Carla soon climbed off her and Annabel took a big gulp of air. Seconds later she was coming too. The orgasm started in her clit and radiated out to every one of her extremities, making her whole body quiver.

After Katya untied her they all dressed and went into Katya’s kitchen for tea and cake. Someone walking into the room right then would have thought it was an average, everyday social visit – three women sitting in a kitchen eating, drinking, and talking. But if they’d stuck around they’d have noticed a pronounced marijuana-and-pussy smell in the air.

Before they left Katya again opened the top of her coffee table and pulled out a smaller, but still impressive, ziploc bag filled with the same purple-and-green buds. She handed it to Carla, who asked, “How much do I owe you?”

“Well, with your, um, special discount,” said Katya, looking over at Annabel, “call it a hundred.”

Carla opened her purse and handed the money to Katya, shooting a wink at Annabel, who blushed. Katya and Carla hugged and then Katya embraced Annabel and kissed her on the cheek. “Come again anytime,” she said.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 20

Next thing she knew, Annabel found herself on her hands and knees naked — save for her socks — on a sort of platform at one side of the room. Pulling Annabel’s hands behind her back, Katya tied them together with a length of rope, then tied that rope off to a hook in the ceiling. In this position Annabel’s hands were lifted straight up the air behind her, forcing her to bend forward for balance, but not quite allowing her to touch the ground. It wasn’t painful, exactly, but it was awkward and uncomfortable.

Going back to sit beside Carla, Katya fired up the pipe again and filled her lungs all the way with smoke. Then she walked over to where Annabel was, knelt down, and again took Annabel’s chin in her hand. Pressing her lips forcefully against Annabel's, Katya exhaled, breathing the smoke into Annabel’s lungs.

Annabel coughed, feeling suddenly lightheaded and a little giddy. Carla shook her head. “Such a waste of good dope,” she said. Firing the lighter she added, “Hold it in your lungs this time.” She took a hit and did the same thing Katya had just done, blowing a stream of second-hand smoke down Annabel’s throat.

With effort, Annabel just barely managed to hold it in. Carla stepped away as Katya came forward and jammed a ballgag into Annabel’s mouth. This forced Annabel to exhale through her nose, white clouds billowing through both nostrils.

Annabel closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She suddenly became aware that music was playing in the room, something classical and intricate. Had it just started, or had it been playing the whole time without her noticing? She didn’t know.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw something alarming: Katya was holding a whip, waving it slowly through the air as if testing it. Annabel’s eyes bulged and she gulped, whimpering through her gag. Surely they must be kidding, she thought, they couldn’t possibly.... when, crack, the whip smacked against her rear end.

Annabel looked over pleadingly at Carla, whose expression was remote. Finding no help there, she shifted her gaze to Katya, whose eyes were gleaming demonically. There was a fire in those eyes, something ancient and primal; it was too much for Annabel, who averted her eyes just as Katya again raised the whip.

Fortunately for Annabel, Katya was an expert. She knew how to cause pain without real damage, and even painwise she took it easy on Annabel, dealing her glancing blows on the rump, back, and thighs. That didn’t stop Annabel from moaning pitifully or tears from forming at the corners of her eyes. Worse than the pain was the knowledge that she was in this situation voluntarily; no one had put a gun to her head.

Annabel breathed a sigh of relief when Katya finally left off, curling the whip into a coil and sitting it down. Her skin burned where it had been hit, but after a few seconds the pain began to transform into a warm feeling that was almost pleasurable.

Katya untied the end of the rope from the ceiling hook and took it with her to the couch. There Annabel watched as Katya pulled off first her boots, then her jeans, then the black panties underneath. She had a substantial crop of dark brown pubic hair, but it was neatly trimmed into a perfect triangle.

Picking up the rope, Katya began to twist it around her hand, forcing Annabel to knee-walk toward her. When she was directly in front Katya released the rope, spread her legs, and gripped the back of Annabel’s head with both hands.