Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 24

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Carla. “Answer it.”

Somewhat sheepishly, given the way she looked, Annabel went to the door. Carla’s guest was a very pretty young woman about her same age with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses.

“Hi Courtney,” said Carla. “This is Annabel.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Courtney matter-of-factly, as if this was a totally normal everyday interaction, as if Annabel had not answered the door dressed in nothing but a bra that revealed her nipples and skimpy panties that her blond bush was peeking out from underneath.

“You too,” said Annabel.

“OK then,” said Carla, “now that we’ve got the preliminaries out of the way, let’s get a bottle open.”

Carla had known Courtney for years; they had been in the same high school class. But they had a strange relationship. They had slept together quite a few times over the years, but Courtney still insisted on maintaining that she was straight. She came from a very conservative family and was in a deep state of denial about her sexual identity, Carla thought. But every time she got a few glasses of wine in her, she ended up in bed with a girl; Carla herself had been the beneficiary of this phenomenon on more than one occasion.

Just the other night, at a friend’s party, Carla had run into Courtney for the first time in a while. Courtney had been drinking white zinfandel and they’d ended up fucking in one of their host’s spare bedrooms. The thing of it was, because Courtney expressed her true desires so infrequently, when she did, she really went all out. Carla had never had her pussy licked like Courtney did it; the girl was a tiger in the sack. And she was super-cute besides, with yummy tits and a sweet little rump.

Still, Carla found herself continually annoyed by Courtney’s saying that she was straight. She didn’t like that Courtney couldn’t be true to herself, and resented the fact that she acted like being lesbian was wrong. Carla flew her dyke flag proudly and looked down on people who didn’t. She was happy to tell anyone, anywhere why she liked girls better than boys; it seemed perfectly obvious and natural to her.

Even so, her recent experience with Courtney made Carla think it would be worthwhile to get Courtney and Annabel together, open a few bottles, and see what happened. In truth she was pretty sure what would happen, but the fun was in the details.

For starters Carla opened a nice bottle of burgundy; no white zin was going to be drunk in her house, even if it did help her get laid. She poured a nice tall glass for Courtney and slightly smaller ones for Annabel and herself, and they stood around talking in the kitchen as Annabel finished cooking.

During dinner Carla noticed that Courtney’s gaze kept wandering over to Annabel’s nipples, which were fully erect throughout the meal. Courtney finished her wine and Carla refilled it; soon they had killed the first bottle and started on a second. The more Courtney drank, the more she fixated on Annabel’s boobs; not that Carla could blame her, as they were quite stunning in that bra.

For dessert they had ice cream, and Carla couldn’t resist playfully dabbing a little onto one of Annabel’s nipples and leaning down to lick it off. Then she put a little on the other nipple and looked over at Courtney, who was well into her third glass by now. Courtney licked her lips and hesitated just a second before lunging at Annabel’s chest.


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