Monday, April 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 21

Katya guided Annabel’s head to where she wanted it to be, which was down between her legs. It was pungent down there, and warm, and sticky. Annabel stuck out her tongue and took a taste.

This was her third pussy, and she was discovering that each one was a little different. Katya’s didn't look, smell, or taste like Carla’s or Kim’s. It seemed to have a very distinct and complex flavor; then again, Annabel was also high as a kite.

Annabel licked all around, occasionally pushing her tongue inside to explore what it was like in there. Katya moved her hips and rubbed against Annabel’s face, sometimes grinding her clit against Annabel’s nose.

When she came Katya released her grip on Annabel’s head and Annabel rocked back on her knees, losing her balance and almost falling over backward. When she righted herself she saw that Carla was standing there right next to them wearing a strap-on. This one was white and quite impressively long. Pushing Annabel's head back into her crotch, Katya took the shaft of the strap-on in her hand and began to lick and suck it.

Annabel had an inkling of what was coming next, and she was not disappointed. She felt Carla behind her, prying her pussy lips apart, then penetrating her with the tip of the dildo. Pausing from her ministrations, Annabel gasped loudly as she was filled up; but then Carla took a handful of her hair and yanked her forward, reminding her of what she was supposed to be doing. Annabel obediently resumed eating Katya’s pussy as Carla hammered into her.

Again Annabel had the sensation that she was floating above, looking down at herself. There she was on her knees, naked, hands bound behind her with rope. She was performing oral sex on a woman she barely knew while her stepdaughter penetrated her with an artificial penis. A week ago, she’d had no idea that anyone did such things, let alone that she herself would be doing them soon enough.

Then Carla reached around to touch Annabel’s clit and she was coming — and coming and coming.... The orgasm seemed to go on forever; every time it started to die down, Carla would touch her again, and away she’d go.

Annabel was in a daze for awhile after that. When she returned to her senses she was on her back on the floor, sweaty and spent. It took her a moment to remember where she was, and then suddenly there was a figure looming over her: it was Carla, looking tall, strong, and glorious, naked as the day she was born. She knelt over Annabel in a way that made it clear what needed doing.

Enveloped by the now-familiar scent of her stepdaughter’s pussy, Annabel began to slurp away eagerly as Carla ground her hips, pushing the back of Annabel’s head down against the floor. Meanwhile Katya crawled between Annabel’s legs, eager for a taste of the older woman's blond cunt.

Pleasurable as this was,  Annabel soon found herself in a bit of a struggle. She couldn’t really breathe with Carla’s crotch smothering her face and knew she wouldn’t be allowed to come up for air until she’d made Carla come. But she was continually distracted by what Katya was doing between her legs, and Carla was so slippery wet that she had a hard time navigating. She found Carla’s clit, then lost it, then found it again.

When Carla finally came she gripped Annabel’s head between her legs so hard that for a second Annabel thought her skull was going to pop. Mercifully, Carla soon climbed off her and Annabel took a big gulp of air. Seconds later she was coming too. The orgasm started in her clit and radiated out to every one of her extremities, making her whole body quiver.

After Katya untied her they all dressed and went into Katya’s kitchen for tea and cake. Someone walking into the room right then would have thought it was an average, everyday social visit – three women sitting in a kitchen eating, drinking, and talking. But if they’d stuck around they’d have noticed a pronounced marijuana-and-pussy smell in the air.

Before they left Katya again opened the top of her coffee table and pulled out a smaller, but still impressive, ziploc bag filled with the same purple-and-green buds. She handed it to Carla, who asked, “How much do I owe you?”

“Well, with your, um, special discount,” said Katya, looking over at Annabel, “call it a hundred.”

Carla opened her purse and handed the money to Katya, shooting a wink at Annabel, who blushed. Katya and Carla hugged and then Katya embraced Annabel and kissed her on the cheek. “Come again anytime,” she said.


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