Friday, April 21, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 25

Courtney went after Annabel like a woman who’s been stranded in the desert, desperate and dying of thirst, and finally finds water. She cleaned off the ice cream, licked and sucked both nipples, then dropped down between Annabel’s legs. She pushed Annabel’s legs apart, revealing a glistening pink pussy peeking out from between two strands of black fabric, and stuck one finger inside. Soon Annabel was slumped back in her chair with mouth hanging open, moaning helplessly as Courtney tongue-fucked her.

Carla looked on, somewhat bemused, as Courtney devoured her stepmother’s cunt. “Yeah,” she thought, “you’re so straight.” She decided that Courtney deserved to be punished for being such a hypocrite, so she went into the living room and got her new paddle.

When Carla returned to the dining room, Courtney’s face was buried so deep in Annabel’s crotch that she had no idea what was coming until the first blow landed on her rear end. Taken by surprise, she paused briefly in her ministrations to look back at Carla. Then she smiled sheepishly and went back to work.

Carla lifted Courtney’s skirt, pulled down her panties, and resumed spanking her bare ass. Seeing no reason to hold back, Carla let all her years of irritation be felt in the force of the impact. Courtney flinched a little every time the paddle landed, and let out the occasional grunt, but could not be distracted from her pussy-eating. She probably would have stayed down there all night if Carla hadn’t finally pulled her away and kissed her, tasting Annabel’s juices on her lips.

“Annabel, clear this table,” ordered Carla, and Annabel scrambled to obey. Carla poured Courtney and herself fresh glasses of wine and they sat back to watch as the scantily-clad blonde transferred the empty plates and leftovers to the kitchen.

When the table was clean Carla patted her lap and Annabel obediently sat down on it. Carla sat sipping her wine, stroking Annabel’s nipples and then her crotch, thinking, planning her next move. She looked over at Courtney, who she knew was putty in her hands at this point; Courtney returned her gaze expectantly, wondering what was coming next.

When Carla made up her mind she whispered something into Annabel’s ear, and Annabel leapt up and disappeared from the room. She returned a minute later with a blindfold and some rope. Courtney assumed that these were for Annabel, but she was wrong.


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