Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 23

By the time Annabel was finished servicing Carla, her pussy was on fire. She remained on her knees hoping that Carla would see fit to lick her, or fuck her, or something. She was prepared to beg if she had to.

Instead, Carla stood up and unhooked the leash from Annabel’s collar. “I have a friend coming over in a little bit, so I’m going to get cleaned up while you go downstairs and whip us up a little something.” Annabel obediently stood to go. As she was walking out Carla said, “And when I come down I want to see you looking exactly like this. Hear me?”

Annabel nodded, looking down to where her erect nipples protruded from the bra. She bit her lip, wondering what further events the day might hold.

The kitchen was not particularly well-stocked at the moment but she managed to scrape together some fish, potatoes au gratin, and a salad. When she caught her reflection in the window, she was amazed at what she saw: A collared slave slut in crotchless panties and a nipple-less bra. The sensible part of her was saying “Good lord, girl, cover yourself.” But there was no denying that she looked hot.

Annabel entered into a sort of daydream where she imagined that she was Carla’s wife. Carla came home in a business suit and Annabel met her at the door, dressed exactly as she was dressed now, with a cold martini in her hand. Carla sat down on the living room sofa to sip her drink as Annabel took off her shoes and rubbed her feet. Then she began to make her way upward.

When she got to Carla’s crotch she unzipped the zipper and a thick black strap-on popped out. Annabel licked and sucked it as Carla finished the last of her martini, after which Carla threw Annabel roughly over the ottoman and fucked her senseless.

Carla smiled devilishly when she came down and saw Annabel standing at the stove rubbing her pussy. She was secretly delighted but pretended to be mad. “Did I say you could touch yourself?” Annabel shook her head, looking guilty. “Come with me.”

Carla took Annabel to the living room and bent her over the very ottoman she had been picturing in her fantasy. From a shopping bag Carla produced another of her new acquisitions, a fur-lined paddle. For a minute she rubbed it gently against Annabel’s rear end, then she hauled off and gave Annabel a solid “thwack” on the left butt cheek. It was followed by a matching blow on the other cheek, then she went back and forth until Annabel's ass was glowing a nice warm red.

Carla stuck a hand between Annabel’s legs to feel how wet she was. Very. She coated one hand with juice and made Annabel lick it off. Annabel’s eyes were full of pleading, and Carla was tempted to do her right then and there. But at that moment the doorbell rang.


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