Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 27

By the time Courtney had finished another glass of red — they were drinking Pinot now — she was raring to go again. They had all been sitting around the living room, naked, drinking and watching some random movie. Carla had been itchy between her legs the whole time — her pussy hadn’t been touched since she had fucked Courtney in the dining room. But she knew that Courtney would get around to it soon enough.

Seeing the way Courtney was looking at her, Carla — who had been sitting with her legs crossed — opened them wide. Courtney needed no further urging. In seconds she was on her knees with her face buried in Carla’s crotch. Shifting positions, Carla was just barely able to reach the shopping bag containing another recent purchase, a brand-new riding crop. She handed it to Annabel and pointed to Courtney’s rear end.

Annabel blushed. Being punished was one thing; that she was getting used to. But dealing it out was another thing. Inflicting pain was not in her nature. Seeing Annabel’s hesitation, Carla spoke up. “Come on now. She wants you to spank her. Don’t you, Courtney?”

Courtney looked up, saw Annabel, saw the crop. “Do it,” she said, and went back to work on Carla’s pussy.

Thus encouraged, Annabel reached out and gently touched Courtney’s rump with the end of the crop. Carla shook her head. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said scornfully.

Steeling herself, Annabel hauled off and tried again. This time the blow landed with an audible crack; Courtney flinched and Carla nodded approvingly. Annabel was surprised at how excited she felt; spanking Courtney thrilled her in some deep-down place she hadn’t known existed. 

As Annabel laid into Courtney with a vengeance, she felt her pussy getting wet. Carla, sensing this, reached over and began to finger her stepmother. Courtney continued to gobble Carla’s pussy, interrupted only occasionally by the riding crop biting into her flesh.

When Courtney’s ass was glowing red, Annabel left off the spanking and began to explore Courtney’s crotch with the tip of the crop. Courtney moaned and tried to rub her clit against the implement’s thin shaft. Inspired, Annabel turned the crop around and penetrated Courtney with the handle.

Carla smiled. Annabel was learning fast. She was turning out to be a most satisfactory slave, obedient but also with some initiative. Carla decided that this summer she would pull out all the stops, live out all her fantasies; the only limit was her imagination.


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