Monday, April 24, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 26

Walking around behind Courtney, Carla covered her eyes with the blindfold and tied it behind her head. One by one, Carla removed each item of Courtney’s clothing, taking some time to feel her up in between. When she was naked Carla stretched her out on the dining room table and used the rope to tie her ankles and wrists to the table legs.

Carla disappeared out the door and Annabel stood looking down at the bound, naked form before her. This was a new experience for her, to be walking around free while someone else was tied up. It was exciting but a little disorienting. After pondering briefly, Annabel decided to take advantage of the situation; after all, Courtney would never know, would she? She reached down to stroke Courtney’s nipples, then traced a finger through the bound girl’s heart-shaped nest of brown pubic curls.

Just then Carla returned carrying a shopping bag. She had a couple of new toys she wanted to try out. First there was a face dildo with a ball gag on the other side; Carla pushed the ball into Courtney’s mouth and tied the harness around the back of her head. Then there was the new vibrating strap-on, which Carla attached to Courtney’s pelvis.

When Carla was finished Courtney was sporting two long, thick phalluses, one protruding from her crotch, one from her face. Carla straddled Courtney’s head, indicating that Annabel should mount the strap-on, which she did. Soon they were both pleasuring themselves on their respective shafts. Carla enjoyed watching the progression of expressions on Annabel’s face as she rode the vibrating dildo: first her mouth went slack, then her eyes rolled back in her head, then a look of complete and utter bliss transformed her features.

Carla decided that she wanted to experience that herself. She let Annabel work herself to climax, then told her to climb off. Sitting up so the face dildo popped out of her, Carla knee-walked down the table and positioned herself over the strap-on. Holding it by the base, she slowly lowered herself down until her pussy lips were pressed against the harness.

Carla sighed; the vibrating cock felt fantastic inside her. She moved herself up and down, pausing at the top and bottom of every stroke. Looping a finger through the ring on Annabel’s collar, she pulled her stepmother closer. They kissed and then Carla pulled Annabel’s head down to her chest. Annabel obediently licked and sucked Carla’s rock-hard nipples, then Carla yanked on her collar again, pulling her down lower.

With Annabel licking her clit, Carla was able to come three times in rapid succession, after which she declared herself satisfied. She stood up, removed the strap-on from Courtney, and put it on herself. She spread Courtney’s pussy lips and poised the head of the dildo between them.

After teasing Courtney with the tip for awhile, Carla abruptly drove her hips forward, impaling Courtney on the massive shaft. Courtney moaned through her gag and pulled on the ropes holding her to the table, but she was tied so tightly that very little movement was possible.

Carla told Annabel that she should climb up onto the table and take advantage of the face dildo. Annabel hesitated; this was all so new and strange to her. Suddenly she felt a little guilty about taking advantage of Courtney this way — though clearly Courtney was enjoying it, mewling like a kitten as Carla pounded into her.

Annabel was still thinking when she felt the impact of the paddle on her rump. “Go!” said Carla, and Annabel scrambled to obey.

Closing her eyes, Annabel ground herself down on Courtney’s face. Suddenly she was pulled forward as Carla once again tugged on her collar. Soon she found herself stretched out across Courtney with her head between Courtney’s legs.

Carla pulled out of Courtney and pushed the juice-slick dildo into Annabel’s mouth. Annabel struggled to accept it and was just staring to gag when Carla withdrew and jammed it back into Courtney’s cunt.

Annabel watched from inches away, fascinated, as the dildo went in and out, in and out of Courtney’s pussy. Sensing that her assistance was wanted, Annabel extended her tongue and touched it to Courtney’s clit; immediately she felt Courtney spasm beneath her. That got Annabel going, and soon she was coming too. She closed her eyes and suddenly her mouth was being penetrated again.

Reopening her eyes, Annabel gazed up at Carla, who had a look of mischievous glee on her face. Again she slid the dildo out of Annabel’s mouth and resumed fucking Courtney. They kept at it this way for awhile, with both Courtney and Annabel having numerous orgasms.

When Carla finally untied Courtney, removing the blindfold and face dildo, she had a glazed, far-away look on her face. After a minute she sat up and looked around, blinking, as if trying to remember where she was. Then Carla helped her to her feet and she stood there looking wobbly, like a baby deer taking its first steps.

Carla glanced over at Annabel, who also looked a little shaky, then back at Courtney. They were both positively glowing with post-orgasmic euphoria. Smiling, Carla put an arm around each one and the three of them adjourned to the living room for another glass of wine.


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