Friday, March 22, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 90

As the morning light gradually came streaming into the house, Carla began to see all the ways in which it was not as clean as she would have liked with a big party coming up. Although Annabel took pride in doing her own housecleaning, her standards were not as high as Carla’s, a situation that would have to be rectified.

Carla declared that the day would be devoted to cleaning, and furthermore that no clothing would be worn during the process. And so after breakfast they began to move from room to room, Annabel wearing only gloves and her collar, and Carla nothing at all. Annabel did the bulk of the work; Carla occasionally pitched in, but more often distracted Annabel by fondling or fingering her. More than once this led to them 69ing on the floor for an extended period during which nothing was accomplished.

By late in the afternoon the house was sparkling clean and they had fucked in just about every room. Carla suggested that they go out to a nice restaurant as a reward for their hard work, and so they showered and dressed up, Annabel in a short red cocktail dress and Carla in a relatively conservative black gown.

The restaurant they went to was one of Carla’s very favorites, an upscale Italian place with a creative menu. She had also noticed that for some reason it seemed to attract an unnatural number of beautiful women. This night was no different. The customers included several straight couples, several families, and a few groups of women — but every female in the place, of whatever age, was exquisitely lovely.

The waitress was also a looker, a tall girl with dark hair who could have passed for Carla’s older sister. When she handed them menus Carla saw her gaze linger for a moment on Annabel’s neck. Only then did Carla notice that Annabel was still wearing her collar — she had simply forgotten to take it off. Carla smiled and bit her lip, looking meaningfully into the waitress’s dazzling green eyes.

The waitress — her nametag said “Jude” — met Carla’s stare with a level gaze that nonetheless had something knowing in it. Carla immediately imagined the three of them writhing naked on a bed — she’d never made love to anyone who looked so much like her.

But Jude quickly resumed her professional demeanor and took their drink orders. When she returned with their glasses of wine Carla tried to flirt with her, but she didn’t take the bait — it might have been that she was just too busy, as the restaurant was really hopping. As soon as they’d ordered their meals Jude was off to her next table.

Carla sipped her wine and looked around at the other diners. There were many fine specimens but eventually her eyes settled on two women sitting at the very opposite end of the restaurant. The younger of the two looked to be about Carla’s age and was an absolute stunner — half-Japanese, Carla guessed, with gorgeously soft skin and the face of an angel. She also, Carla noticed, was wearing a collar — though hers was thinner than Annabel’s and had a little lock dangling from it.

The woman she was with was close to Annabel’s age, with dark blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her appearance was very prim and proper but there was something sensual, almost depraved, about her face. Carla decided that the younger woman she was with was her stepdaughter, and also her submissive lover.

Of course Carla’s mind began racing with ideas of all the fun things the four of them could do together. She would start by trading slaves, having Annabel go down on the older woman while the younger one licked Carla’s own pussy. Imagining that beautiful head down between her legs, Carla felt her juices begin to flow.

Just then the older woman turned and appeared to look straight at Carla. Though she rarely felt embarrassed to be caught looking, Carla felt momentarily abashed, imagining that the woman knew everything that had been going on in her head. It turned out she hadn’t even seen Carla and was looking around for her waitress. Still Carla felt chastened and returned to her attention to Annabel.

But now and again during the meal Carla glanced over again at the two women. Their body language definitely indicated that they were intimate — they were sitting very close together, with their heads often inclined toward each other, talking in low voices and smiling enigmatically.

By the time they finished their meal Carla had three glasses of wine in her and was feeling bold. Leaving Annabel at the table, she went out to the car and grabbed two party invitations out of the back seat. Back inside she marched right up to the table where the two women were sitting; they looked at her curiously and waited for her to speak.

“Sorry to interrupt your meal,” said Carla.

“Not a problem at all,” answered the older woman. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

Carla studied the two of them, happy to have a chance to look them over up close and without trying to be subtle about it. Had she seen them before? At Blair’s, at a bar, at yoga? It was possible, but she felt like she would have remembered them. “I’m not sure, to tell the truth,” she said.

“Hmm,” purred the blonde. “You do look familiar. Anyway, what can we do for you?”

Carla sat the invitation down on the table. “This is kind of random, but I’m having a party on the 4th of July, and I thought you might like to come.” She didn’t put any emphasis on the word “come,” but she let it hang in the air for a moment. “It’s always fun to meet new people.”

The two of them studied the invitation for a few seconds. “Our schedule is a little up in the air at this point,” said the older woman finally. “But we might be able to squeeze it in. Thank you for the invitation.”

“You’re welcome,” said Carla. “Hope to see you.” As she turned to go the younger woman favored her with a big smile that warmed her heart and made her tingle between the legs.

Only when she got back to her own table did Carla realize that she’d neglected to introduce herself or to ask the two ladies for their names. She shrugged; she was glad she’d at least made the approach. Maybe something would come of it, maybe it wouldn’t.

The two women left soon after, glancing back at Carla and Annabel as they did and whispering to each other. They laughed and waved before heading out the door.

Carla and Annabel dawdled over dessert and coffee, and when their check finally came Carla left Jude an invitation along with a generous tip. Outside the night was warm and the last rays of sunlight were still lingering in the sky. Carla took a deep breath and pondered their next move.


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