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Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 36

After leaving the Dean’s office, instead of heading back toward ABD House, Miss White turned left and walked into town. Right at the edge of campus there was a quiet bar where she ordered a Manhattan and took a seat on the back patio, brooding.

Even if Kristin and Jenny agreed to this assignation with the Dean, did that make it right? At some level she would be whoring them out to save her own skin. Yes, it was also for the benefit of ABD as a whole, but this did little to soothe Miss White’s troubled conscience.

She went back and forth about what to do, but by the time her second drink was gone, she’d decided to simply lay out the situation for Kristin as clearly and honestly as she could. Kristin was smart and level-headed, and this would not be the first time Miss White had relied on her judgment.

Simply coming to this decision cheered Miss White up, and she was feeling optimistic as she made her way home. Back at ABD House it was pizza night, and she quickly downed two pieces before asking Kristin to come to her office for a talk.

Kristin listened intently, a serious look on her face, as Miss White explained what had happened in the meeting and what the Dean had proposed. Afterward Kristin had only one question: “Is she cute?”

Miss White grinned, the tension that had been gripping her dissipating somewhat; leave it to Kristin to get right to the heart of the matter. “She’s a handsome woman,” answered Miss White, and gave Kristin a physical description of the Dean.

Kristin nodded. “Let me talk to Jenny,” she said. As with the Janet Lee situation, she felt it was only right to involve Jenny in the decision. Jenny’s boundaries had been pushed back a long way in a short time, but it was important to Kristin that she not feel taken advantage of.

When Kristin left Miss White caught up on her email and checked the camera feed from the basement, where Jodie was laying back on the couch, gloriously naked with a chemistry book propped up on her stomach. After about 20 minutes the phone rang.

“Yeah, we’ll do it,” Kristin said.

Miss White thanked her and hung up. Feeling relieved, she flirted with the idea of paying Jodie a visit. But the moment wasn’t right; suddenly she was feeling very tired. So she poured herself a nightcap, picked up a book, and went up for the night.

* * *

The nest day, feeling like making the Dean wait as much as she could, Miss White waited until almost 5:00 to pick up the phone. When the secretary put her through, she said simply, “OK.”

The Dean knew immediately what this meant. “My house,” she said. “9:00 sharp, Friday night.”

Miss White hung up and again felt a little twinge of guilt. But what could she do? They would just have to play this out.

* * *

For the rest of the week Kristin, Jenny, and Miss White were all nervous about the upcoming assignation with the Dean. But it was exciting too. Kristin and Jenny, titillated by the prospect of what might transpire, had the best sex they’d had in weeks.

Thursday night Miss White found herself unable to sleep. After tossing and turning for awhile she put on her bathrobe and went down to her office. Playing around idly on her computer, it occurred to her to see what Jodie was doing.

Turning on the camera feed, she saw Jodie laying back on the couch, naked as always but with a blanket covering her from the waist down. One hand was stroking her erect right nipple as the other held a phone sideways in front of her face.

The phone was facing away from the camera, so Miss White couldn’t see what she was watching, but it had to be something sexy. As Miss White watched Jodie’s right hand traced down her belly and disappeared under the blanket, then began to move around underneath.

This was more than Alexis White could stand. Getting up from her desk, she made a beeline for the basement. By the time she walked into the room, Jodie had pushed the blanket down and spread her legs, frigging her pussy furiously.

When she saw Miss White, Jodie momentarily froze. It wasn’t the first time she’d been caught masturbating, but this situation was different. Their eyes met for a few seconds; the expression on Miss White’s face was neutral, but the glimmer in her eyes spoke volumes. Jodie resumed rubbing herself, more slowly now, as Miss White approached her.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, Miss White grasped the hand holding Jodie’s phone and angled the screen a little toward her. A tall, dark-haired woman stood gazing down imperiously at the two naked, handcuffed blondes on their knees in front of her. She was clad from the neck down in form-fitting black latex and a matching black strap-on dangled from her pelvis.

Jodie and Miss White watched together as the blondes leaned forward and ran their tongues along the length of the dildo, then took turns sucking it. The dark-haired woman stood still as a statue and then, suddenly — moving quickly and decisively — spun the blonde on the left around, bent her over, and penetrated her with one swift motion.

Miss White untied the belt of her robe and let it fall open as the dark-haired woman onscreen rolled the second blonde onto her back, arranging her so that the one who was being fucked could lick her pussy. Sexy as this was, Alexis White had not come down here to watch porn; she gently took the phone from Jodie’s hand and sat it face-down on the arm of the couch. Taking the hand that Jodie had been masturbating with, Miss White brought it to her mouth.

Staring straight into Jodie’s eyes, Miss White sucked each fingertip in turn, savoring the sweet taste of the younger woman’s pussy juice. When the hand was clean Miss White brought it to her crotch while thrusting her own hand between Jodie’s legs. For a few minutes they rubbed and fingered each other, their own moans joining those that could still be heard from the face-down phone.

Finally Miss White stood, shucked off her robe, and let it fall to the floor. She climbed up onto the couch, straddled Jodie’s head, and sank her pussy onto Jodie’s eagerly extended tongue.

For a long moment Miss White just rode Jodie’s face, rolling her hips in figure eights, her juices coating Jodie’s nose and chin. This felt delicious and wonderful, but Jodie’s wet slit was beckoning, and Miss White didn’t wait long before bending down for the 69.

Jodie’s whole body shuddered as Miss White began to lick her, and she had trouble focusing on what she was doing. Miss White didn’t mind; she knew that giving pleasure could be just as satisfying as receiving it. It took her less than a minute to coax an orgasm from Jodie, whose moans of helpless ecstasy were music to Miss White’s ears.

Miss White decided that she would use all of her knowledge and skill to make Jodie come as many times and as hard as possible. Partly to prove a point, and partly just because she could. She gave Jodie just the right amount of time to recover from her first orgasm before inserting one finger and feeling around inside. Jodie squirmed and arched her back, eager for more, and Miss White played her like a violin — bringing her slowly, gently, teasingly to a second climax.

At this point Jodie tried to resume servicing the pussy poised above her, but was soon distracted by Miss White’s lips brushing her clit. She tried again after the next orgasm, and the one after that, and the one after that; each time she lost her train of thought when Miss White’s ministrations resumed. Eventually she just gave up and let the pleasure wash over her, each wave a little stronger, until finally she wasn’t sure who, were, or what she was anymore.

Sensing that she’d done all she could, Miss White climbed off and looked down with satisfaction at the spent, glassy-eyed figure on the couch. Jodie was still technically conscious, but couldn’t have put together a coherent sentence to save her life. After covering Jodie with the blanket, Miss White brushed her hair back out of her eyes and kissed her on the forehead, then sat down across from her.

Slowly, methodically, Miss White fingered herself to a powerful orgasm as Jodie looked on with heavy-lidded eyes. Then she put her robe on and went back upstairs to bed.

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