Saturday, July 17, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 12

Walking though the hallway between classes, Kat saw Adriana and was struck by a painful pang of lust. Ana was wearing painted-on jeans and a top that really tested the schools dress code, and she had such a sexy sway to her walk. She wondered what Ana would taste like; would it be different from the white and Asian girls she had been with so far? She needed to find out, but how to go about seducing her? How did guys do it? She couldn’t just ask Adriana to the movies and make a move on her in a darkened theater. She needed a plan.

* * *

In cheerleading practice that day, Ms. London was sharply critical of Adriana on several occasions. They had always had a contentious relationship, because Ana thought very highly of herself and sometimes did not work very hard at learning the routines or being on time for practice. She also did not take criticism well, and on this particular day Ms. London was really riding her. At one point Ana almost quit the squad right there and then, and after that Jackie went easier, but she still had a couple of pointed comments about what Ana – and the rest of the girls, for that matter – thought were very minor mistakes.

Afterwards, Kat stuck around until everyone else had left, not failing to sneak a few surreptitious glances at Ana as she changed. Then she went to Jackie London’s office, where Jackie was standing at the printer trying to get a piece of paper unstuck.

“You did a great job, Kat told her. “Actually you might have overdone it a little. But it made me hot watching you piss her off. Come here, I have a reward for you.” Sitting down on Jackie's chair, she lifted her skirt and spread her legs; she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Kelly Ann, meanwhile, had gotten halfway home and then remembered she was supposed to invite Jackie to Jessica’s party on Friday. She couldn’t tolerate the thought of disappointing Jessica, so she walked back to school only to find the door to Jackie’s office closed. She could see that the light was on, though, so she knocked on the door on the off chance Jackie was still in there.

“Who is it?” a voice asked sweetly. It wasn’t Jackie London's voice, though. It was...Kat’s?


“Kelly Ann Collins!” said the voice. “Well come on in!” Then she said something else that Kelly couldn’t quite make out; this was her murmuring “Back to work, you,” and pushing Jackie’s head back down between her legs.

Kelly opened the door and walked in. There was Kat, sitting behind Jackie’s desk with a Cheshire cat grin.

“Where’s Ms. L?”

Kat pointed down at the desk. Walking around to a different angle, Kelly could see that the cheerleading coach was on her knees under the desk, her face buried in Kat’s crotch.

“Jesus,” said Kelly, and immediately closed and locked the door. Her adrenalin started pumping hard. This was so dangerous, but so hot. What should she do? She strained her ears for any sign of activity nearby; the cheerleaders were all gone, and the custodian wouldn’t come until later. 

“Come here, Kelly,” said Kat, patting the surface of the desk. Kelly couldn’t help herself. She splayed out on the surface of the spacious desk and lifted her skirt for Kat, who immediately pulled Kelly Ann’s panties aside and began to lick her as her juices dripped on their teacher’s desk.

* * *

Once Kelly Ann finally went home, not failing this time to convey Jessica’s invitation, Kat embarked on the next stage of her plan. She texted Adriana that there was an emergency squad meeting at Ms. London’s house that evening. This was not unprecedented, and given what had happened that day, might not have been a bad idea. But when Ana arrived for the meeting, she found only Kat waiting for her.

“Where is everybody?” Ana asked.

“The other girls are coming later. But right now, come with me. There’s something I want to show you.”

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