Sunday, June 27, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 11

After showering, Kat left Jackie London’s house to walk to school. Feeling newly fearless, she had asked for a ride, but Jackie had demurred, worried that someone would see them arriving together.

She happened to be walking by Kelly Ann’s just as Kelly came out the door, so they started walking together. “You look beautiful today,” said Kat. “And that ass! Like a ripe peach.” She reached out and squeezed Kelly’s butt.

“Cut it out!” hissed Kelly Ann, looking around to see if anyone was watching. “What’s gotten into you, Katrina?”

“Call me Kat.”


“It just suits me better, OK? And you know damn well what’s gotten into me. It’s gotten into you, too. In and out and in and out.”

Kelly shook her head disapprovingly, but couldn’t suppress a grin. “You’re something else, you know that?”

At lunchtime Kelly was alone in the bathroom near the gym when Kat came in. Kelly was standing at the sink drying her hands, and Kat walked up to her friend and wrapped her arms around her from behind. “Let me lick your pussy,” she whispered in Kelly's ear. “We can go right over there and no one will be the wiser.”

Kelly pushed her away. “Get ahold of yourself.”

Kat shrugged. “You know where Olivia is?”

But Olivia was eating with a group of people so Kat, feeling frustrated, walked over to Jackie London’s office. Jackie wasn’t there, but her door was unlocked and her laptop was on the desk. There were no windows in the office, so Kat closed the door behind her and started looking for lesbian porn. After a few minutes she found a video of a schoolgirl in uniform dominating her teacher. She tied the teacher’s hands behind her back with a belt, spanked her, fucked her with a strap-on, and made her eat pussy. Kat had two quick orgasms watching this, and intentionally left it open on the desktop when she went to class.

The afternoon passed quickly, and in cheerleading practice Kat found herself staring at Adriana – Ana for short – one of the few dark-skinned girls in their school. Adriana was a senior and her parents were from the Dominican Republic. She was universally acknowledged as having the best body among the cheerleaders, with a magnificent ass that made men follow her down the street wherever she went, and had what the girls on the squad called “Beyonce hair.” Watching her move, the way her hips shook and her butt swayed when she danced, Kat knew she had to have her.

But today would not be the day. After practice Kat found a text from her mother: “Worried about u. come str8 home.” She had known she was pushing her luck by coming home so late and leaving in the morning without checking in, and while she was slightly annoyed with her mom for treating her like a kid, it was good to know she was paying attention.

Kat spent a quiet evening at home to appease her mother and fell asleep early, the sleepless night finally catching up with her. But she was up before dawn, feeling refreshed and horny, her head full of images from the porn she’d watched the day before. She ate a quick bowl of cereal and walked briskly to Jackie London’s house. The door was unlocked again, and this time the cheerleading coach was still asleep.

Moving around quietly, Kat found a belt, and by the time Jackie woke up, her hands were already bound behind her back. Kat gagged her with a pair of panties and sat astride her on the bed. “Did you like the present I left you yesterday?” she asked.

Jackie nodded submissively, still not quite sure what was going on, but happy to see Kat and not feeling inclined to struggle. Kat flipped her over on her stomach and slapped her hard on the ass. “You’re a bad, bad girl, aren’t you? Sleeping in the nude!” Kat spanked her again. “And you’re a bad teacher, too!” Slap. “Fucking your students! Bad!” Slap.

There was no way Kat could have known this, but Jackie had always loved being spanked, and also loved being talked dirty to. Kat’s treatment had her juices flowing profusely right away, and this did not escape Kat’s attention. She slapped Jackie’s ass as hard as she could. “And now your pussy’s getting wet! You are just shameless!”

Slipping one finger inside Jackie’s slippery cunt, Kat looked around the room for likely hiding places. She had to squint her eyes because there was still very little light at this time of the morning, but she spotted a drawer on Jackie’s dresser that was slightly ajar and walked over to it, drawing a dejected sigh from the gagged teacher. But Kat’s wish was granted: There was a strap-on in the drawer, and she immediately set about getting into it. She took her time about the process, though, enjoying the look on Jackie’s face as she realized what was about to happen.

Still on her stomach with her hands bound behind her back, Jackie inched her way to the edge of the bed, where Kat ungagged her and brought the tip of the strap-on to her lips. Jackie opened her mouth and sucked it down obediently. Kat found herself really enjoying looking down and seeing that pretty head move back and forth on the phallus jutting out from between her legs. It was a very powerful feeling. It was an even more powerful feeling when she spun Jackie around, pulled her up onto her knees, and plunged the dildo into her. The loud, involuntary moan that came out of the teacher was quite a beautiful thing. Kat gave it to her with everything she had, really losing herself in the moment, almost knocking Jackie right off the bed at one point.

She eased up a bit after that, and when she reached around and stroked Jackie’s clit, the teacher came like she’d had 50,000 volts run through her. She actually bit through her own lip a little bit, and when Kat leaned down to kiss her she tasted blood. She liked the taste, though, and even sucked the bleeding lip for a long moment. This was exactly the sort of thing they told you not to do in health class, she realized, but then she thought hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. She wasn’t going to neglect the last scene of the movie, so she pulled off the strap-on, climbed onto the bed, and presented Jackie with her extremely wet pussy. Jackie set to work on it eagerly, gratefully, and a little awkwardly with her hands tied behind her back. It took awhile for her to get Kat off but neither of them minded; the world seemed far away and they had a nice, leisurely time of it.

Afterward Kat untied her teacher and they lay entwined on the bed for a long time, gathering their energy for the day ahead. Then they showered rather more quickly than they had the day before – it was almost time for school.

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