Sunday, July 18, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 13

Kat led Adriana up the stairs to Jackie’s bedroom, where the cheerleading coach was lying face-up on the bed — naked, gagged, and blindfolded, with all four limbs tied tightly to the corners of the bed. Doing a double-take, Ana murmured, “What the hell...?”

Flashing a wicked grin, Kat purred into her ear, “Here’s your chance, Ana. To get her back for all the crap she’s given you over the years.” Kat had been witness to all the conflict that had transpired between the two of them, all the way back to freshman year. She knew that Ana was hostile to authority in general, and to Jackie London’s in particular; Ana had long thought that Jackie’s insistence on uniformity and precision stifled her creativity.

But in this moment, Ana was caught completely by surprise. She started inching toward the door, protesting “I don’t know what this is all about, but....”

“Oh, come on, Ana,” cajoled Kat. “I’ll start for you.” Walking quickly over to the bed, Kat raised her hand high into the air and brought it down hard on Jackie’s ass; there was a loud slapping sound and a groan from the gagged woman. “This is just between us. She’s not going to tell anybody, how could she?”

“Well....” Ana hesitated, turning back toward the bed, and Kat could tell she was warming to the idea. Flourishing her hand theatrically, Kat spanked the other cheek, drawing another helpless moan from Jackie. Ana edged closer, feeling a strange attraction. With some encouragement she finally reached out and gave Jackie’s rear a gentle tap.

“No, Ana, like this.” Another hard slap from Kat’s soft hand.

Soon Ana had forgotten her inhibitions and gotten fully into it, pouring out all her frustrations on Jackie’s poor ass, which bloomed a rosy pink. When she finally paused, Kat asked “Now didn’t that feel good?” and Ana nodded.

Kat pulled off Jackie’s blindfold. There were tears in the corners of her eyes, and for a minute Kat felt a little guilty. But it would be worth Jackie’s while in the end, she knew it would.

Sidling up behind Ana, Kat summoned her most persuasive voice. “You know what would drive her crazy?” Ana turned her head and lifted an eyebrow. “Show her your body. You know she’s a dyke, right? She’s always had the hots for you, you know that, don’t you? That’s why she always hassles you, she’s overcompensating.”

Adriana was not sure at all about this idea, but before she could even answer Kat was pulling her uniform off, and for whatever reason Ana just let her do it. She truly did have a magnificent body: smooth mocha skin, big, firm breasts, and the amazing ass that she was justly famous for.

As she stood there naked, Ana was aware of feeling oddly aroused. Her nipples were stiff and she felt a tingle between her legs; she was conscious of both Kat’s and Jackie’s eyes on her body. She caught a glimpse of herself in the bedroom mirror to her left and was pleased with how hot she looked; she stood up straighter, thrusting her chest out even more.

Kat decided it was time to go for it. “You know what would just kill her? Let me lick your pussy.”

Ana’s mouth fell open in astonishment. Until recently, this person next to her had been a somewhat shy girl named Katrina. Apparently, it was a different individual that she was now dealing with.

It was quiet in the room for a moment, but Ana’s mind was racing. She had never had sex with a girl before, though she’d certainly thought about it. And there was no denying she’d been sexually deprived of late; the cheerleaders’ abstinence pledge had hit her harder than most. She had to admit that at the moment, Kat’s suggestion was rather appealing.

Ana gave a barely perceptible nod, and Kat sat her down in a chair that would be directly in Jackie’s line of sight. Dropping to her knees, Kat parted Ana’s muscular, dark-skinned legs and leaned down between them.

She did taste different, and the flavor was all the sweeter to Kat after all the trouble she’d gone to to make this happen. Every part of her plan had fallen into place, and she feasted on Ana’s cunt feeling completely deserving of her reward. Jackie looked on helplessly, desperately wishing she could join in, but knowing how fortunate she was to be witnessing the scene unfolding in front of her.

Kat was getting pretty good at this now, and she gave Ana two seismic orgasms before coming up for air. The heady pleasure and release of tension had changed Ana’s whole attitude. She didn’t take much convincing to go along with Kat’s next idea, which involved two strap-ons.

The two cheerleaders untied and ungagged Jackie, who was completely docile and compliant. Resist as she might, when push came to shove she was putty in Kat’s hands. And it was true that she had long lusted after Ana; what self-respecting lesbian wouldn’t?

Kat positioned Jackie on her hands and knees and turned to Ana. “Which end would you like?”

Ana chose the mouth, so she could see the look on Jackie’s face, and the two girls set about fucking the older woman from both ends. After a while they switched places, then switched back again. Kat was in seventh heaven; this was working out even better than she had planned, and it excited her to feel so in charge of things.

Reaching down to remove Ana’s strap-on, Kat rolled Jackie over onto her back and encouraged Ana to sit on her face. Kat stroked her clit as she watched the dark-skinned beauty lower her pussy onto Jackie’s waiting tongue. “That’s it,” Kat growled in a husky voice, “Grind it on her. Smother her in that big ass of yours.” Hearing Kat talk that way deeply aroused Ana, who soon had a massive orgasm all over Jackie’s face, rubbing her clit on the teacher’s nose. Jackie didn’t let up, though; she wrapped one arm around Ana’s ample butt and tried to get up inside her even deeper.

Now Kat walked over to them, picking up one of the belts that had bound Jackie to the bed. Taking one end in each hand, Kat wrapped the middle of the belt around Ana’s neck and began to slowly pull her head down into Jackie’s crotch. Ana wasn’t sure she was quite ready for this, but something in Kat’s eyes made it impossible to deny her anything in this moment.

Kat watched closely, wanting to be a witness to Ana’s first taste of another woman. Finally Ana stuck her tongue out tentatively and touched it to Jackie’s clit; the teacher’s thighs quaked and a muffled moan escaped from between Ana’s legs. “Come on, Ana,” coached Kat, “stick your tongue inside her.”

Ana obeyed; there was another muffled moan and Jackie wrapped one leg around Ana’s head to pull her closer. Kat looped the belt around Ana’s neck and Jackie’s leg and cinched it, leaving it just loose enough for Ana’s head to stay where it was. Then she walked around to the other side and used her strap-on to fuck Ana’s pussy, Jackie’s mouth, then Ana’s pussy again, and back and forth until both women were reduced to quivering, cum-soaked wrecks.

Only then did Kat take off her strap-on and sit down on the dresser to wait for her victims to come to their senses. But she wasn’t quite finished with them yet; at her request they went down on her together, and Jackie coached newbie Adriana on some of the finer points of pleasing a woman. Kat alternated between looking down at them and watching the whole thing in the mirror, thinking herself the happiest girl in the world.


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