Monday, March 11, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 70

When Jessica and Kat had finished with her Sara lay sprawled across the bed, sweaty and spent, trying to remember exactly how she’d gotten there. Reflecting, she found it hard to believe the degree to which she’d given up control over her own body. Men had always had to work hard to get her clothes off – take her to expensive dinners, buy her jewelry and flowers. But she’d surrendered herself to Jessica almost immediately, like some nympho lesbian slut.

On the one hand it was troubling, and on the other hand she’d never in her life come like she had when being strap-on fucked by Jessica with her face buried in Kat’s pussy. 10 minutes later the spasms were still running through her, and when she felt Jessica’s hands on her she did not hesitate to surrender again to whatever was going to happen to her next.

* * *

Kelly Ann looked up from between Ella’s legs to see Sara being led into the room by Jessica. The teacher was on her knees, hands still bound behind her back, once again ball-gagged. From the collar around her neck extended a leash by which Jessica held her; every time Jessica tugged on the leash Sara lost her balance and could regain it only by crawling forward. In this way they progressed through the living room and out to the back porch, where Samantha and Betty Ann were sunning themselves, sipping on cold bottles of beer.

Jessica handed the leash to Samantha, saying “Kat asked me to deliver this to you.”

Samantha gazed down at the brown-haired, bespectacled, naked woman before her. “Isn’t this the girls’ English teacher?” she asked Betty Ann. “What was her name?”

“Ms. Valentine,” answered Betty. “I always thought she was cute.”

“You want her?” asked Samantha, and when Betty shrugged agreeably, Samantha handed her the leash. Betty yanked on the leash to bring Sara closer, then pulled off the gag and gave Sara a long, probing kiss full of tongue and saliva. Sara’s mouth tasted distinctly of pussy – specifically of Kat’s, though Betty had no way of knowing that.

Kat, meanwhile, had found herself a strategic location and watched from the shadows as Betty used the leash to pull Sara’s head down into her crotch. Kelly crept over next to her friend and they looked on together, fascinated, as Sara began to lap obediently at Betty Ann’s slit.

After taking a long pull on her beer, Samantha held out the bottle and poured the little that remained onto Sara’s back. Leaning over, Samantha ran her tongue down the length of Sara’s spine and licked up the small amount of beer that had pooled in the small of her back. Rolling over onto the warm cement, Samantha positioned her empty bottle on the ground directly under Sara’s crotch. Placing one hand on each of the teacher’s hips, Samantha adjusted Sara so that the top of the beer bottle was pressing against her pussy lips.

Slowly, applying just as much pressure as was necessary, Samantha eased Sara downward until the whole neck of the bottle had disappeared inside her. Then Samantha wrapped her hand around the base of the bottle and began to gently move it around, rotating it from side to side, then pressing it upward against Sara’s lips and clit. Sara went limp for a minute, shaking visibly and dropping her head; Betty Ann had to give a sharp tug on the leash to remind her of what she was doing.

When Sara had made Betty come twice, Samantha took Betty’s place and the leash, and Sara went to work on her. Kat and Kelly, meanwhile, had begun to finger each other, and Kelly felt Kat’s finger stroke her clit as she watched her mother lay down face-up on the concrete, wriggle up underneath Sara, and stick her tongue up into the teacher’s cunt.

Feeling a little weak in the knees, Kelly Ann braced herself against the wall and at the same time felt something brush against her ass. She looked behind her to see Janice, grinning, lewdly stroking the strap-on that protruded from between her legs. Kelly let herself sink to her knees and bent over to present her rear end to Janice. For awhile Kelly continued to watch her mother, Samantha, and Sara go at it as Janice fucked her and Kat rubbed her clit; then she closed her eyes and surrendered to the sensation as Janice and Kat brought her to an orgasm that left her blissfully oblivious.

* * *

Olivia, meanwhile, had been feeling restless and a little melancholy. After practice Kat had invited her to join the expedition to Jessica’s, but she had declined, saying that she was tired. Which was partly true, as she had not been sleeping well, but mostly she just wasn’t in the mood.

After pacing around the house for awhile she finally decided to drive over to the mall, where she wandered around window shopping and thinking. It was foolish of her, she knew, to miss Gina as much as she did. After all, she was 18 and would be leaving for college in the fall; what good would it do her to get attached to a 40-year-old divorcee here in town? There was no future in it, but still there was no denying the truth: Nobody else made her feel the way Gina did, and the bond between them was something more than just sex.

For a moment Olivia thought about calling Gina and asking if she could come over later, but she didn’t want to be a pest. So she continued ambling aimlessly, trying to think of other things; what she really needed, she thought, was some kind of distraction....

Just then she looked up and saw a familiar face. Without conscious intent she had ended up in front of the lingerie shop, and the face was that of Claire, the salesgirl. Claire was smiling at her through the front window of the shop, and waving to indicate that she should come in.