Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 69

As she watched Annalise’s face disappear underneath Ana’s ample derriere, Lexi was struck with a brilliant idea. Returning to the kitchen, she found Annalise’s purse and searched through it until she found the wallet. Riffling through the credit cards, Lexi selected a Platinum Visa card and repaired to her computer, where she called up an adult website and started shopping.

As the sound of soft moans drifted in from the bedroom, Lexi picked out a couple of strap-ons, handcuffs, leather restraints, nipple clamps, a riding crop, a fur-lined paddle, and a few other things that caught her eye. Because Annalise was her neighbor, she knew the billing address; she put in her own house as the shipping address and, since it wasn’t her money, went ahead and sprang for the expedited shipping.

That meant the goodies would arrive on Thursday. In the meantime Lexi went back to the bedroom, where Ana had spun around and was now on top of Annalise in 69 position. She watched Ana’s thick tongue explore Annalise’s pussy, forcing the lips apart and probing inside, then approached the bed and knelt down to help.

* * *

Wendesday Kat decided that she wanted to share her new prize with Jessica, so she told Sara to wait for her at school until after practice, and then she, Kelly Ann, and the teacher walked together to Jessica’s house. Unbeknownst to Kat, festivities had been underway there all afternoon; Jessica had been in a particularly decadent mood that day, made a few phone calls, and found that many of the local housewives were available and in the mood.

It was Jessica herself, taking a break from the action and dressed in a bathrobe, who answered the door.  She graciously invited them in, taking note of the new face – brown hair, glasses, thirtyish, cute – and immediately her well-used pussy begin to moisten again.

The scene that greeted Kat, Kelly, and Sara when they entered the main house was something to behold. Marie was naked on a recliner, body tensed so that her pelvis and chest were both lifted; Jane knelt in front of her, face buried in Marie’s pussy, as Janice fucked her from behind. Janice’s face was knitted in concentration, her forehead was glistening with sweat, and her breasts bobbed gently as she gave Jane the business. On the couch Ella and Serena were 69ing stretched out on their sides; as they were both blond and long, the effect was almost like watching twins go at it, except that Serena had shorter hair and was more muscular.

Out by the pool, Samantha Bowman was on her back on a deck chair, legs planted and pussy raised in the air. She was being forcefully tongue-fucked by Betty Ann Collins, who was kneeling on the concrete. As they watched Betty Ann reached one hand behind her, pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom aside, and used one hand to stroke her red-haired cunt.

Though Sara Valentine had met Samantha and Betty Ann at school, she didn’t recognize them from this angle; but the cheerleaders certainly did, and both immediately turned bright red. Despite everything, it seemed, they were still capable of being embarrassed by their mothers.

Kat was thrown enough that she forgot to introduce Sara to Jessica, so Jessica did it herself, and promptly took Sara by the hand and led her away. This left the two cheerleaders on their own. Kelly walked over to the recliner and leaned down to kiss Marie and suck her tits. Kat sat down on the couch next to Ella and Serena, initially just watching, entranced by their beauty and sensuality. But after a few minutes Ella lifted her head and leaned over to kiss Kat with lips tasting of Serena’s pussy. Soon Kelly had climbed onto the recliner to lower her crotch onto Marie’s face and Kat was naked and writhing in the embrace of the two blondes.

In the bedroom, Jessica had quickly stripped Sara, dropping her blouse, bra, skirt, and panties into a pile on the floor. She pulled the teacher to her and kissed her hard, groping her everywhere, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, and sliding a hand between her thighs. Abruptly Jessica spun Sara 180 degrees and pulled her hands together behind her back; removing the belt from her robe, Jessica used it to tie Sara’s hands together, letting the robe fall open. Spinning Sara back around, Jessica guided her to her knees and tilted her head upward, feeding her one breast, then the other. A minute later Sara found her face covered with Jessica’s wet pussy, which she serviced without hesitation.

* * *

A while later Kat disengaged herself from Ella and Serena. After having three increasingly powerful climaxes, she wasn’t sure she could take another one. She was curious how Sara was getting on, so she wandered through the house until she heard moaning coming from one of the bedrooms.

Easing quietly into the doorway, Kat saw Sara sprawled out on a bed with her butt in the air as Jessica plowed her from behind. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was ball-gagged, her head pressed against the bed. Her face was toward the door but her eyes were closed; her back was arched as she angled her hips to meet Jessica’s thrusts.

When Jessica grabbed a handful of Sara’s hair and drove the strap-on home forcefully, Sara’s eyes flew open and looked straight at Kat, the white visible on all sides of the pupils, radiating a mixture of fear and excitement. A shiver of jealousy ran through Kat and just for a moment she regretted having brought Sara here. People fell under Jessica’s spell so easily; Kat felt, suddenly, like an outsider in this scene.

Just then Jessica’s eyes met hers, and within seconds Kat had shaken off her mood and felt the familiar tingle between her legs. Climbing onto the bed, Kat leaned back against the headboard, spread her legs wide, and reached down to remove the teacher’s gag.



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