Sunday, January 13, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 68

Returning home, Lexi found her neighbor Annalise waiting on the porch, smiling sheepishly. Lexi wondered how long she had been waiting there.

“I saw your dad on his way out this morning,” said Annalise. “He said he’d be gone a couple of days, so I thought I’d bring you something to eat.” She indicated the casserole in her hands, which appeared to contain roasted chicken.

Lexi felt pretty sure that this was not the real reason for Annalise’s visit. Despite the coldness of the day, the older woman was wearing a light blouse that showed off her cleavage, and her nipples were pointing straight out like meat thermometers. Having just had an intense sexual experience with three fellow cheerleaders and an English teacher, Lexi was not feeling horny for once. But the sight of food made her realize that she was extremely hungry, so she opened the door and invited Annalise in.

They walked together to the kitchen where Annalise sat the casserole down and stood looking expectantly at Lexi, her ample bosom heaving. Suddenly Lexi found the transparency of her neighbor’s desire desperate and annoying, and gesturing with a wave of her hand, she said curtly, “Go wait for me in the bedroom.”

Annalise blinked in confusion for a moment, but Lexi’s tone was so matter-of-fact that it seemed perfectly natural to comply. As she left the room Lexi called out after her, “Naked!”

Lexi pulled the top off the casserole and grabbed a small drumstick. It was delicious but not as warm as she would have liked, so after devouring it in a few bites she turned on the oven and put the chicken in to warm up. Then, after stopping briefly in her father’s bedroom, Lexi continued on to her own.

Annalise had obediently stripped and was lying naked on the bed. Still in her cheerleader uniform, Lexi climbed on top and stretched out with her full weight pressing down on Annalise. When Lexi kissed her Annalise moaned and closed her eyes, and it was the work of a moment for Lexi to secure her wrists to the bedposts with two neckties.

Annalise looked up doe-eyed and uncertain as Lexi tied her ankles as well, this time using leather belts. Then Lexi left her and returned to the kitchen, where the smell of the warming chicken tickled her nostrils.

Deciding that it would be fun to share Annalise with someone, Lexi thought of Adriana. The two cheerleaders had developed a strange bond over the preceding weeks. In some ways they were very much alike, in some ways very different. Sometimes they fought, but they were strangely drawn to each other. “Want 2 come over?” Lexi texted Ana. “I have something really good 2 eat.”

Ana arrived about 15 minutes later, just as Lexi was pulling the chicken out of the oven. In the meantime Lexi had returned to her bedroom and changed from her uniform into a bathrobe, on a whim stuffing her sweaty and juice-soaked panties into Annalise’s mouth. She and Ana dug into the roasted chicken with gusto – between cheerleading practice and their session with Ms. Valentine, they had worked up quite an appetite. They ate with their hands, moaning quietly and licking their fingers clean.

When they were done they just sat digesting for a good 20 minutes. Lexi very much enjoyed knowing that the nude and trussed Annalise awaited them in the bedroom. Picturing Ana sitting on her neighbor’s face, she felt her libido begin to stir once again.

Grabbing a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup, Lexi took Ana by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Ana grinned at the sight of the naked woman on the bed. “Who’s this?” she asked.

“That’s my neighbor Annalise,” said Lexi. “She’s kind of a tramp.”

Pulling off Ana’s uniform top and bra, Lexi squeezed chocolate onto both of her breasts and licked it off. It was a delicious combination, so Lexi went for another round, feeling Ana’s nipples stiffen in her mouth.

Now Lexi spread trails of chocolate across Annalise’s chest and nodded to Ana to go ahead. As Ana leaned over to feast Lexi pulled off her robe and dripped the sticky goo onto her own nipples. Lexi pulled the soiled panties out of Annalise’s mouth and replaced them with one chocolatey breast, then the other.

When this course was finished Lexi laid Ana back across Annalise, spread Ana’s legs, and decorated her thighs with syrup. Lexi cleaned most of it off, sliding her tongue gently across Ana’s soft brown skin, then whispered something into Ana’s ear. Ana nodded, spun, and slowly, teasingly lowered her wet pussy onto Annalise’s face.



  1. One remark .... Too SHORT ! ://

  2. Ana and Lexi are just so hot together.