Sunday, December 2, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 67

Always the polite hostess, Jessica agreed. As Janice helped her into the strap-on she thought about Rose and Rebecca, wondering if she might get to fuck one or both of them later on. It seemed like almost too much to ask for, so Jessica decided to put it from her mind, concentrate on the task at hand, and hope for the best.

Once the artificial cock was securely in place, Janice dropped to her knees to suck it. She made quite a production of the “blowjob,” licking up and down and around, using both hands, and skillfully making most of the enormous shaft disappear into her mouth. Rose and Jane watched attentively as Janice lifted her mouth off the dildo with a loud pop, spun around, and bent down to present her rear end to Jessica.

Jessica reached down to pry Janice’s pussy lips apart and poised the tip of the strap-on between them. She teased Janice for awhile, trailing the cockhead around her vulva and brushing her clit with it, before pushing the first few inches in. Janice grunted and braced herself, arching her back to get a better angle.

At this point Marie and Rebecca appeared from upstairs, and all four of the other women sat or stood around watching the pas de deux between Jessica and Janice. It was like a combination wrestling match and dance performance – Jessica leading the way, setting the rhythm, confident and masterful; Janice responding, using her hips to gain maximum friction, crying out like an animal as she was penetrated deeper and deeper.

After climaxing twice – the second time with screams that would’ve made a passer-by think someone was being murdered inside – Janice sprawled out on her back on the floor. “Thanks, I needed that,” she said.

Jessica stood looking around the room. She locked eyes with both Rebecca and Rose, feeling uncharacteristically indecisive. How far was too far in this situation? It was entirely possible these girls were virgins, after all.

Rebecca solved Jessica’s dilemma for her by walking over and laying down on the couch. She spread her legs and looked right into Jessica’s eyes with an expression that left no doubt about what she wanted. (In truth she was not a virgin, for reasons that she preferred not to discuss. But at the moment she was glad, because she wanted this very badly.)

Even so, Jessica took her gently, easing in little by little. Almost immediately Rebecca’s eyes rolled back in her head and she began to pant: “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.”

Then her voice was muffled as Rose’s pussy settled down onto her face. Jessica shook her head. So thoroughly corrupted, so quickly. It was almost a shame.

* * *

Gina and Olivia knew that this would be their last night together for awhile, as starting the next day Gina would be on mom duty. So Gina made a special dinner and afterwards they were sitting in the living room when Olivia saw a pink shopping bag she didn’t recognize. “What’s in the bag?” she asked.

Gina blushed. “I did a little more shopping today.”

Olivia started looking through the contents and it soon became clear what kind of shopping: She found handcuffs, leather restraints, nipple clamps, a blindfold, and a strap-on. “Oh, my,” whispered Olivia, coloring a little herself.

Olivia looked up at Gina and their eyes met. What followed had a feeling of inevitability, as if they had worked out in advance every detail of what was going to happen. Gina stood and undressed slowly and deliberately, stripping off her dress, then her bra and her panties. When she was naked Olivia stood and approached her. After a long, soft kiss she spun Gina around and cuffed her hands behind her back. (From the very beginning of their affair it had never been in doubt that Olivia, though the younger of the two, was the dominant one.)

Next came the blindfold; when it was on Olivia lowered Gina to her knees and sat beside her. She carefully applied the clamps to Gina’s erect nipples, drawing a sharp intake of breath from the older woman each time.

Pulling off her top and bra, Olivia brought Gina’s mouth to her chest, guiding her to one breast, then the other. Gina suckled hungrily; she was definitely excited at this point, Olivia could smell that for sure.

Suddenly breathing heavily, Olivia stripped off the rest of her clothes, spread her legs, and pushed the blindfolded woman’s head down between her legs. Knowing that Gina couldn’t see her, Olivia was rougher and more forceful than she would have been normally; the rush of power made her extremely wet, and Gina eagerly lapped up the nectar dripping from her crotch.

Olivia moaned loudly and mashed her pussy into Gina’s face until the combination of Gina’s nose, tongue, and lips brought her to orgasm. Then she pulled away and stood looking down at her friend, lover, and former employer. Gina was bent over, slowly wiggling her hips from side to side, clearly in need. Olivia placed one foot between Gina’s legs so Gina could hump it, which she did gratefully, rubbing her wet pussy up and down Olivia’s shin.

Meanwhile Olivia reached for the strap-on. It took her a minute to figure out how to work the harness and when she did she spent a minute just playing with it, flicking it with her finger and watching the unfamiliar shape bob up and down between her legs. Then she sat back down on the couch and brought Gina’s head to the dildo. Gina licked all the way up the length of the shaft and took the tip into her mouth, then slowly swallowed more until she started to gag. Olivia reached down to finger herself with one hand as she enjoyed the sexy sight of blindfolded Gina sucking her plastic cock. With she other she tugged at the nipple clamps, drawing a series of desperate-sounding little groans from Gina.

Still Gina was circling her butt in the air, and finally Olivia decided it was time to give her what she needed. Olivia stood and moved around behind Gina, knelt down, and lifted the tip of the strap-on to Gina’s pussy lips. Gina wasted not a second, immediately sliding backward to impale herself on the shaft. Worked up as she was, Gina took her fucking eagerly and loudly, pushing back with her hips until her pussy lips were pressed against Olivia’s crotch. When it seemed that Gina was about to come, Olivia held her hips tight and finished her slowly, prompting a long, sustained climax accompanied by gasps, cries, and helpless moans.

Olivia wasn’t done yet, though. After giving Gina a minute to recover, Olivia took the older woman by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. There she uncuffed Gina’s hands, laid her out on the bed face-up, and used the leather restraints to tie her arms and legs to the bedposts. This time she removed the blindfold and looked Gina in the eyes while fucking her, gently at first then building to a crescendo so intense that Olivia feared the bed would collapse.

Afterward Gina lay staring up at her young friend with a dreamy look in her eyes. Her ex-husband had been good in bed, but had never made her come like that. Never would she have guessed that it would take an 18-year-old cheerleader to truly satisfy her.



  1. AWWWW YEEES ! Too long, too long.... Make more soon ^_^ till then <3

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  3. I love it when Jessica shakes her head at her disappointment about Rebecca being so easily corrupted.... I'm inclined to agree with her, not very catholic of her, oh and too soon..... Basically ... I love it !!!

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