Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 66

After returning home that night, Sara Valentine went for a long walk around the neighborhood, reflecting on all that had happened to her over the last few days. First she had surrendered herself to Kelly and Kat; then she had let Kat and Lexi treat her like a servant and sexual plaything in her own house. Then today she had taken part in a mini-orgy in her classroom with four cheerleaders. What might happen next?

Unbeknownst to her, just at this moment she was right in front of Jessica Braden’s house, and preoccupied as she was she almost walked straight into two young women who were walking the other way. Sara apologized and continued on her way, but after taking a few steps she found herself turning and looking behind her. They were really very attractive girls, one with dark hair and glasses, one with light brown hair in a ponytail. As Sara watched the dark-haired girl leaned over to whisper something in the other girl’s ear and they both giggled.

This was Rose and Rebecca, who had managed to convince Rose’s uncle that another visit to this area would be a good idea, that there was a soul they were making progress toward saving. Hearts pounding, they made their way to Jessica’s door and rang the bell.

Jessica was just finishing her first martini of the evening and was pleasantly surprised to see the two girls on her front porch. She had hoped they’d get the chance to finish what they’d started, and although she wasn’t sure it would ever happen, she’d spent a fair amount of time over the previous couple days planning exactly what she’d do if the opportunity arose.

Setting the girls up in the living room with glasses of lemonade, Jessica excused herself for a few minutes. When she returned, she was accompanied by Marie and Jane — both naked, hands cuffed behind their backs, and wearing leather dog collars with leashes attached. Jessica held one leash in either hand as her two servants crawled on their knees beside her.

“I don’t believe you got a chance to meet my pets the other day,” said Jessica. “This is Rose and Rebecca, bitches. Aren’t they cute?”

Marie and Jane both nodded agreement. “They are very obedient pets, ” said Jessica. Pointing to Marie, she said, “Head on the ground, ass in the air,” and Marie complied. To Jane, Jessica barked “Lick her,” and Jane bent down to thrust her face into Marie’s crotch.

Rose and Rebecca just sat watching, nervously sipping their lemonade. Jessica let things continue this way for a minute, then yanked back hard on Jane’s leash, pulling her head up from between Marie’s legs. Then she handed Jane’s leash to Rose and Marie’s to Rebecca and said, “Do with them as you please. I have to run out for a minute, but I’ll be back.”

With that Jessica strode purposefully out the door and into the street, having decided that she really wanted to get Janice involved in the unfolding action. She could just as well have called but for some reason really wanted to see what would happen in her absence.

It took Janice a minute to answer the door, and when she did she was dressed in a bathrobe. “I was just taking a bath,” she said. “What’s up?”

“I have something you’re not going to want to miss,” said Jessica, and from the look on her face, Janice could tell she was right.

“Give me a minute.”

About 90 seconds later Janice had slipped on shorts and a T-shirt and was following Jessica back across the street. In the living room they found Rose on the couch, naked from the waist down, legs spread wide as Jane ate her hungrily. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly but urgently. As Jessica and Janice entered, Rose’s eyes slid open but she didn’t really seem to see them; she appeared to be focusing on something far, far away.

It took them a minute to find Rebecca, who had taken Marie to one of the bedrooms. Marie was on the bed in a very awkward position with her arms pinioned beneath her as Rebecca tongued her slit with the slow, deliberate demeanor of a connoisseur. This girl has done this before, was Jessica’s immediate thought. But then you never know, she reflected; some people are just naturals.

Jessica and Janice stood in the doorway watching the young girl pleasure Marie, who writhed on the surface of the bed. But Rebecca’s skirt had ridden up around her waist and the sight of her cute little white panties was driving Janice to distraction. Janice knelt down behind Rebecca, pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and slid a finger in, feeling the girl squirm in response. Then she leaned over to take a taste and she and Rebecca moaned in unison.

Leaving them to it, Jessica returned to the living room, where Rose was emitting a high-pitched whimper as Jane sucked on her clit. Jessica eased off her pants and panties and sank down onto the corner of the couch. Opening her legs, she slowly pulled Rose toward her and guided the girl’s head to her crotch. Rose was completely malleable in this condition. Jessica dipped a finger into her own wetness and then pushed it between Rose’s lips until Rose began to reflexively suckle it; from there it was very easy for Jessica to get Rose to start licking her.

For a while the house was filled with soft moans and sighs that built slowly to a crescendo; then a wave of orgasms ran through the building; then it was quiet again. Rose rested her head on Jessica’s lap; Jane sat back on her haunches, wiping her face, which bore a crinkled smile. The mood of peaceful contentment lingered for several minutes.

Then Janice appeared in the living room carrying her favorite strap-on from Jessica’s collection. “Will you do me, Jess? I’ve been needing it really bad.”


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