Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 65

Kat stripped off her skirt and panties and climbed up onto the desk, lowering her pussy onto Sara’s waiting mouth. Holding on to the teacher’s breasts for support, Kat ground down hard, trying to coat Sara completely with her juices. Meanwhile Lexi and Ana knelt by the desk. Each of them held one of Sara’s legs and they opened her as wide as she would go, then slowly they licked their way up until they met in the middle. After sharing a wet kiss they bent down to tongue the teacher’s slippery cunt.

Sara began to moan loudly, and might well have attracted unwanted attention if the sound hadn’t been smothered by Kat’s crotch. The treatment she was receiving from Lexi and Ana distracted Sara from what she had been doing, making Kat momentarily annoyed; but then again, Kat reflected, it was hard to blame her. So finally Kat took matters into her own hands, fingering herself while rubbing her clit on the teacher’s nose and chin until she was finally able to get herself off. When Kat raised herself up to savor the orgasm pulsing through her, Sara’s head lolled to one side, her tongue hanging out and a thin stream of drool running down one side of her chin.

Up to this point Kelly Ann had been watching contentedly, leaning with her weight back against the door, skirt lifted and one hand down her panties. But now she was dying to get involved; she motioned to Kat and they switched places. Kelly watched a climax ripple visibly through Sara as she lifted herself onto the desk and took up the position Kat had vacated. When Sara failed to respond in the way that Kelly wanted, Kelly slapped her face, hard. That got the teacher’s attention – she stuck her tongue out obediently and Kelly rode her face as Ana and Lexi made her come again, then a third time.

Sara was no longer putting forth much effort, so Kelly scooted forward and sank down onto one of her breasts. Kelly quite enjoyed the feeling of the warm flesh pressing into her as she rubbed herself to orgasm. Afterward Kelly jumped off and for a minute they all stood looking down at the slumped form of Sara Valentine, skirt bunched up around her waist, juice-smeared mouth frozen in a lewd grin.

But Sara’s work was not yet done; Adriana had already undressed from the waist down and plopped down in the teacher’s chair to await her turn. Kelly and Lexi gently helped Sara to rise from the desk, then to kneel on the floor before Ana. Ana spread the lips of her freshly shaved pussy and looked down happily at Sara, quite enjoying this feeling of power over the former authority figure. “Eat me, bitch,” she said in a breathy growl of a whisper.

Ana’s pussy tasted spicy and intoxicating, and Sara burrowed into it with renewed energy. “Fuck,” panted Ana, biting her tongue to keep from crying out. Eager to somehow get involved, Lexi straddled Sara and ground against the teacher’s backside, trying desperately to get some friction on her clit. Seeing this, Ana invited Lexi to climb up onto her lap. Being thin and light, whereas Ana was fleshy and solid, Lexi fit easily into the available space.

This gave Sara two wide-open cunts right in front of her, and she was forced to use her mouth and both hands to try to give them the proper attention. Ana gripped Lexi’s tits and bit her neck as the teacher worked away.

With diligent effort, Sara managed to get both girls to come almost simultaneously as they French-kissed deeply and passionately. Three minutes later, the cheerleaders had dressed and gone, leaving Sara Valentine naked on the floor to pull herself together as best she could.


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