Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 64

On Tuesday Senior English was the last class before lunch. Sara Valentine was slightly more composed than she’d been the day before, but anyone who was paying attention – as Kat certainly was – noticed that she spent the entire class sitting behind her desk. This was uncharacteristic for Ms. Valentine, who liked to stand up and wander around the classroom as she engaged in discussions with the students.

Kat smiled to herself because she knew exactly what was going on. Before leaving Sara’s house the night before, Kat had gone through her closet and found the shortest skirt in it, a black tube skirt that Sara had bought in a moment of boldness but never actually worn in public. Tossing it onto the bed, Kat had told the teacher, “Wear this to school tomorrow.” Turning to go, she had added, “No panties.”

After telling herself all night and over breakfast that she would do no such thing, Sara was surprised to find herself dressing as instructed. She wore a very conservative high-necked top as if that would somehow compensate and went to school extra-early, hoping that no one would see her. Fortunately she had made it to the classroom without running into anyone except a cleaning lady, who seemed preoccupied.

All morning she had remained seated behind her desk, feeling nervous lest she for some reason be required to stand up. She prayed there would not be a fire drill, today of all days.

When the bell rang the class filed out, except for Kat and Kelly (Lexi, as a transfer student, was in a different English class). After making sure that the door was closed, they approached Sara’s desk. Kat motioned for the teacher to stand. “Let’s see.”

Her face reddening, Sara stood. Seeing the skirt, Kat nodded and said “Good girl.” She reached one hand under the skirt to confirm that Sara was naked down there, sliding it through the teacher’s fur and briefly cupping her pussy. Then she straightened out the skirt and turned to go. “Wait for us here after school,” she told Sara. “Practice will be short today.”

With that she and Kelly went to lunch, leaving Sara with a dilemma: she was hungry and needed to pee. Fortunately she had some granola bars and peanuts in her desk. After eating she poked her head out into the hallway and seeing no one around, she quickly scurried to the ladies’ room, which fortunately was close by. Adriana happened to be in there applying lipstick in the mirror. Sara got in and out quickly, but Ana did not fail to notice her unusual attire.

Back in the classroom Sara breathed a sigh of relief. She was distracted all afternoon but made it through. As the final bell approached she felt both excited and apprehensive, and when the class left she sat alone at her desk, trying to grade papers but not making much progress. Finally about an hour later the door opened and in came Kat, Kelly, Lexi, and Ana.

Kat closed the door behind them. She knew that it didn’t lock, and also was aware that something had to be done about the medium-sized window in the door, which faced the hallway and would make it all too easy for someone to look in. She had a plan, though: They would take turns standing next to the door, covering the window and providing a physical barrier that would keep anyone from walking in on them, or at least slow down any interloper long enough to buy some time.

She and Kelly had already discussed this, and Kelly had agreed to stand guard first. She leaned against the door facing into the room as Kat, Ana, and Lexi approached Sara Valentine.

The teacher’s heart was thudding loudly in her chest. She had a feeling that what was about to happen here would be very risky. Opposite the door the classroom had three big windows that looked out on an open field. The blinds were closed, and the field was in a remote corner of the school that was rarely visited; still, Sara felt exposed and vulnerable. Although she would have had a hard time admitting it, Kelly felt nervous too. She wondered if Kat was starting to take things too far again, exposing them all to unnecessary risks. But at the same time her pussy was throbbing and she wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

Standing next to the desk, Kat motioned for Sara to stand. When she did, Kat quickly spun her and bent her forward over the desk. Lifting the teacher’s skirt, Kat forced a hand roughly between her thighs. “Nice and wet,” noted Kat, “just as I expected.”

Spreading Sara’s legs wide, Kat continued to rub and finger her as she writhed on the surface of the desk. Kat was very much enjoying demonstrating to the other girls the depth of the teacher’s submission. She took her juice-slick hand and jammed it into Sara’s mouth; Sara obediently sucked and licked it, hardly believing that this ripe nectar could have come out of her.

Now Kat pulled off Sara’s top and bra and spun her again so she was on her back on the surface of the desk. Sara lay wide-eyed looking up at the cheerleaders, wondering what they were going to do to her. Whatever it was, she was powerless at this point to prevent it; she was in the grip of a force she couldn’t resist.



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