Monday, September 3, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 63

Monday was an awkward day at school for Sara Valentine. Her first class that morning was Senior English, and remembering what had gone on between Kat, Kelly Ann, and herself the previous night, she had a hard time concentrating. For the most part she studiously avoided both girls’ eyes but every so often she’d catch a glimpse of one or the other and immediately blush, or feel a distracting tickle between her legs, or both.

Then at lunch she turned the corner into the cafeteria and there was Kat, staring right at her, biting into a peach. A look passed between them that made Sara feel weak in the knees; she stumbled and very nearly fell over. Sitting next to Kat was her fellow cheerleader Lexi, and seeing the embarrassed look on the teacher’s face, Kat leaned over and whispered something in Lexi’s ear. Sara recovered and turned toward the counter only to almost bump into Kelly, who was returning with a tray full of food. Kelly favored her with a huge smile and subtly but unmistakably ran her tongue across her upper lip.

Sara bought herself a salad and immediately retreated to her classroom, where she closed the door behind her, then sat down and picked at her food with a swirl of thoughts running through her mind. Had that really been her last night, offering herself shamelessly, eating pussy like some rampaging lesbian slut? She wondered what would happen next... she half-expected Kat and Kelly to appear here and now, strip her naked, and have their way with her right in the classroom. She was kind of disappointed as the hour wore on and nothing happened; she let her mind wander and got a mental picture of herself sprawled across the desk as Kelly licked her and Kat sat on her face. She was on the point of sliding one hand down her pants when the bell rang and students began filing in for the next class.

When school ended Sara packed her things and went home as quickly as possible. She lived close to the school so before long she was safely in her living room. She kicked off her shoes and stretched out on the couch, staring at the ceiling and trying to settle down her scattered brain. She had been doing that for 90 minutes or more when she was startled out of her reverie by a sound from the front of the house.

Sara hadn’t locked the front door behind her, so she’d only just stood up when the knob turned and it opened. In walked Kat, followed by Lexi. They’d come straight from practice and were in their cheerleader uniforms, both still a little sweaty.

Kat grinned at Sara. “Hi, teach,” she said, closing the door with a flourish. “You know Lexi, right?”

Sara nodded.

“We’d like to hang out here for awhile. Maybe you could get us something to eat? And some lemonade or something, practice was tough today.” Sara found herself reflexively obeying; she had turned toward the kitchen and taken a step when Kat stopped her, looking her up and down. “Clothes off, please.”

Sara hesitated for just a moment. This was really not a good idea... she should stop this now while she still could... but the steely look in Kat’s eyes melted her resistance. Sara stripped off her blouse and pants and laid them on the couch. Kat gestured impatiently. “Everything.”

Moments later Sara stood naked before the two cheerleaders, nervously avoiding Lexi’s gaze but somehow unable to escape it. Lexi’s eyes glittered mischievously as she took in the sight of the teacher’s lovely curves and large nipples. “OK, go ahead,” ordered Kat, and Sara flushed bright red as she again turned and made her way to the kitchen.

She poured two glasses of lemonade and got together some bread, cheese, and fruit. When she returned to the living room Kat was laying back on the couch, skirt lifted and panties off, with Lexi’s head buried between her legs. Kat gestured for Sara to put everything down on the coffee table, then pointed toward the corner. Hardly believing what she was doing, Sara walked to the indicated spot and stood watching as Lexi licked and gently bit Kat’s inner thigh. Resting one hand on Lexi’s head, Kat motioned downward with the other and Sara obediently sank to her knees.

Kat casually sipped her lemonade and snacked on the food Sara had brought as Lexi continued to snack on her pussy. A couple times Kat lifted Lexi’s head, fed her a grape or two, then pushed her back down to continue.

Sara could feel the juices trickling down her thighs and it took every ounce of her self-control to stay where she was... but somehow no other action was possible just now. Lexi penetrated Kat with an index finger and started lapping eagerly at her clit until Kat began to shake and let out a long, slow moan that took a full minute to rise, peak, and then subside.

Raising her head from between Kat’s legs, Lexi reached for her lemonade and drained it in one gulp. Then she and Kat shared a deep, open-mouthed kiss and Kat whispered in Lexi’s ear, drawing a giggle. Lexi stood and very deliberately peeled off her top, then her bra, then her skirt, then her panties, which she flung away in Sara’s general direction. Sitting down next to Kat, Lexi spread her legs wide, and Sara could do nothing but stare at her juicy, glistening slit. Lexi used both hands to spread her labia, revealing the moist pink gateway inside.

At this point Sara was literally breathless, her mouth hanging open. Just when she didn’t think she could take a second more Kat gestured for her to approach. Sara crawled over on her hands and knees until she was poised between Lexi’s legs. She took a deep breath, drinking in the ripe scent of Lexi’s arousal, her eyes glazing over; then Kat nodded and Sara dove in.

Instantly Lexi began the loud howling that she was notorious for and dug her nails into Sara’s shoulder blades. Distracted by the noise and the task at hand, Sara took no notice of Kat opening up the gym bag she had brought with her, and was taken completely by surprise when the tip of the strap-on pushed between her pussy lips.

Sara braced her hips to meet Kat’s thrust, and soon she was completely impaled. Now it was her turn to moan like a wounded animal. She tossed her head back and briefly met Kat’s eyes. Entranced by their calm liquid blueness, Sara drunk in their beauty for as long as she could before Kat pushed her head back between Lexi’s legs.


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