Sunday, August 26, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 62

Things had just started to get really interesting – Jessica had managed to get Rose to go down on Rebecca, and was moving into position to straddle Rebecca’s face – when there was a loud ringing. Lifting her head from her friend’s crotch, Rose located her phone and studied it for a few seconds.

“It’s my uncle,” said Rose. “He’ll be wondering where we are.”

And with that the moment was over – Jessica knew there was no sense pushing her luck and having this uncle coming snooping around. She helped the girls find their clothes and politely showed them to the door. “Come back any time,” she said cheerfully. “Any time at all.”

When they had gone, Jessica returned to her her movie and masturbated absent-mindedly – not really intending to come – until Marie and Jane returned home, much later than expected. Jessica was in the mood to dole out a little discipline, so she immediately had Marie and Jane strip naked, then cuffed their hands behind their backs and had them kneel over the living room couch. Pulling out her flogger, Jessica prepared to give her two servants the punishment they deserved.

* * *

Adriana was restless that night. Unsure what to do with herself, she had tried to go to bed early, but been unable to sleep. Finally she had climbed out of bed, gotten dressed, and slipped out a window. She wasn’t sure why she did that exactly; she just didn’t feel like explaining where she was going or what she was doing, because she didn’t know.

She spent awhile just wandering the streets, looking at the sliver of moon that was visible, not quite sure what she might be looking for. Then she turned a corner and just happened to be walking past Jackie London’s house when Jackie pulled up in her black SUV.

Jackie had spent the weekend alone at her parents’ cabin in the country, thinking hard about what had happened to her life lately. After a great deal of reflection she had decided to swear off sex with cheerleaders. She worried about what it had been doing to her appetites, that it was causing her to be unable to enjoy the “normal” pleasures in life. And of course she also worried about getting caught, about what it would do to her career and livelihood. On the whole stopping seemed like the prudent thing to do.

And then she pulled up in front of her house and saw Adriana standing on the sidewalk, and her heart immediately started pounding. They exchanged greetings and when Jackie started unloading, Ana offered to help her carry stuff into the house. One thing led to another and the next thing she knew, Jackie was lying naked next to a similarly nude Adriana, spent and satisfied, covered in sweat and girl juice. Part of Jackie felt ashamed at her weakness, but the parts that mattered were purring like a kitten.

* * *

Jessica had just taken a few tentative whacks at Marie’s rump when the doorbell rang. Putting down the flogger, Jessica strode to the front door and looked curiously through the keyhole. For a moment Jessica felt anxious; was it Rose’s uncle, come to make a scene about what had happened? But no, when the automatic porch light kicked on, it revealed a pretty face framed by blond hair – Serena, the yoga teacher.

When the door swung open Serena smiled nervously. “Hi, Jessica,” she stammered, her uncertain body language making her appear smaller than her statuesque six feet. “I, um, just happened to be driving by and thought I’d say hi. Is this a bad time?"

Jessica grinned. “Not at all. Just having a quiet night at home. Come on in.” Jessica turned and Serena followed her to the living room. Jessica watched Serena’s face as she took in the sight of Marie and Jane cuffed and naked, bent over with their asses up; her eyes went wide and her cheeks flushed bright red.

“I was just taking care of an important household chore – keeping these two misbehaving sluts in line. Perhaps you’d like to help?” Without waiting for an answer, Jessica handed Serena the flogger and proceeded to arm herself with the tawse. “You have a preference?” asked Jessica, and when the blonde shrugged, did a quick eenie-meenie-miny-moe before laying a resounding blow on Jane.

Serena joined in by flogging Marie, hesitantly at first but with increasing enthusiasm, enjoying the way the girl’s butt wiggled when she smacked it. After a few minutes they switched and Serena somewhat hesitantly brought the flogger down a few times on Jane’s already bright-red rear. When she stopped altogether for a minute, feeling guilty, Jane looked back over her shoulder and spoke the first word Serena had ever heard her say: “Harder.”

That started Serena gushing between the legs, and she resumed her work with renewed enthusiasm, swinging the flogger with one hand while reaching the other down into her panties. For awhile they got into a nice rhythm where Serena would smack Jane on the ass... Jane would groan in response... Serena would run a finger across her clit... and the cycle would start over again. Finally Serena had a rippling, bone-shaking orgasm that brought her to her knees. Her vision went all blurry for a minute and when it returned it was focused on Jane’s glistening sex. Serena leaned down to taste it, her head swimming as she buried herself in the pungent scent and overwhelming wetness.

When she came up for air Jessica was standing over her wearing a strap-on that dangled just inches from Serena's face. Misunderstanding Jessica’s intent, Serena took the dildo in one hand and ran her tongue up the shaft. Smiling, Jessica let her continue for awhile, impressed with how much of the monster she could make disappear down her throat. Then she handed Serena the other strap-on that she held in her hand. A minute later Serena was pounding into Jane from behind as Jessica fucked Marie; both women were grunting loud enough for the neighbors to hear, or so it seemed because soon Janice appeared, having let herself in upon finding the door unlocked.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Janice quickly stripped and positioned herself on the couch so Marie could lick her pussy as Jane sucked on her tits. By the time this scene played itself out it was quite late and everyone was tired. Janice and Serena made their way home and Jessica curled up in bed with Marie beside her and Jane sleeping at their feet. Elsewhere Kat, Kelly, Sara Valentine, Adriana, Jackie, Olivia, Gina, Ella, Lexi, and Annalise were all turning in. It had been a long day, but a good one.