Thursday, July 4, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 75

Inside, Claire and Olivia returned to the closet to change into bras and panties as Tara set up her camera in the living room. Tara photographed them lounging around on the couches, watching TV, listening to music, reading. Then they changed outfits and Tara took some shots in the kitchen as they made spaghetti.

At one point Tara had Claire take her top off and stand facing the stove as Olivia stood next to her, reaching down into the pot to sample a strand of spaghetti. It was a highly erotically charged moment, especially when Olivia looked down at Claire’s ripe, rounded tits, the nipples standing up tall and proud. Looking up, she met Tara’s eyes, and the older woman gave her a knowing smile. Then Tara leaned back down to the camera and snapped off a few shots, licking her lips with satisfaction, obviously delighted at the results she was getting.

When the spaghetti was done they decided to sit down and eat, Claire still topless. As she was taking her last bite a big dollop of tomato sauce fell off her fork and landed on her right nipple. She and Tara exchanged a glance, and moving quickly Tara retrieved her camera and recorded the moment for posterity. Smiling, staring straight at the camera, Claire lifted her own breast with one hand and slowly licked it clean.

For a second Olivia thought she was going to faint; Oh my God that is so fucking hot, she thought. She had already been horny and now she felt like she had a temperature of about 110. Tara looked up from the camera and swallowed audibly. “OK,” she said, “let’s move to the bedroom.”

On the way Claire and Olivia visited the closet for another costume change, and this time Olivia yielded to the impulse to lean down and suck Claire’s rock-hard nipples. Claire did not resist, but neither did she reciprocate, instead slipping into black lace panties and bra as she handed Olivia an identical white outfit.

The master bedroom was cavernous, dominated by a canopy bed that looked like something out of 1001 Arabian Nights. Tara arranged the two girls in a state of artful repose on the bed and took some shots. Then she began moving them around with verbal commands. For a while she had them lay on opposite sides of the bed, which was almost like being in two different time zones. Olivia looked over at Claire; she was achingly lovely, her skin glowing in the soft light, her red mane spilling across her back. In her mind’s eye Olivia saw Claire spread her legs, pull the crotch of her panties aside, and slide an index finger into her gushing-wet pussy.

“Move closer,” Tara instructed. The girls scooted closer and Tara clicked a few shots. “Closer.” Click, click, click. “Closer.”

Now they were pressed against each other, spooning. Olivia could feel Claire’s nipples pressing against her back. She was breathing heavily, her own nipples painfully hard against the bra, juice flowing freely between her legs. Claire kissed her on the shoulder and she moaned; a few seconds later Claire had rolled her onto her back and Olivia felt Claire’s lips on hers, Claire’s tongue pushing into her mouth.

As Claire licked down Olivia’s neck and began to suck her nipples through the bra, Olivia was dimly aware, somewhere in the back of her mind, that Tara was still taking pictures. In the moment, it felt perfectly normal and natural. She may not have been thinking entirely rationally, or indeed thinking at all. One of Claire’s hands glided up her inner thigh and cupped her crotch, and she felt a moan rumble through her throat that sounded like it was coming from someone else, somewhere far away.

Claire licked her way down Olivia’s stomach and across her hipbones and thighs. Arching her back, Olivia felt Claire’s tongue pressing into her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties; then Claire moved the fabric out of the way and Olivia felt herself being penetrated.

Looking up, Olivia could vaguely make out, as if through a haze, the shape of Tara, operating the camera with one hand as the other hand moved around inside her pants. Then Claire’s tongue brushed the tip of Olivia’s clit and Olivia cried out, gripping Claire’s head with both hands and grinding against her.

Slowly, by degrees, without ever stopping her work on Olivia, Claire shifted position so that she was on top of Olivia in 69 position. Following Claire’s example, Olivia first kissed and licked her through the black lace, then rearranged her panties to get a taste of the real thing. She closed her eyes and feasted joyfully on Claire’s soft flesh and the nectar flowing from it.

A few minutes later, Olivia sensed something moving near her, and opened her eyes to see Tara, camera in hand, taking close-ups of her tongue-fucking Claire. A flash went through Olivia’s mind – this image on the internet, and what that would do to her life – and something in her imploring look must have gotten through to Tara, who smiled gently and put the camera down. Tara leaned forward to kiss Olivia, sucking her lips and tongue, tasting Claire on her. Releasing Olivia, Tara ran her tongue across Claire’s slit, and a powerful shudder ran down the length of the redhead’s body.

Now Tara stood and stripped slowly as both girls watched patiently. She was taut, elegant, slim with an almost boyish quality — but hers was unquestionably a woman’s body. Her nipples were not wide but very long, and her black pubic hair was wispy and delicate. Tara climbed onto the bed and spread herself out full-length, gazing sweetly into Olivia’s eyes, and without a word being spoken Olivia knew what she needed to do.


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