Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 76

Standing up on the bed, Olivia peeled off her bra, then her panties, and tossed them away onto the floor. She moved to stand over Tara and gracefully lowered herself down until her pussy was poised over Tara’s luscious mouth. Tara raised both hands to pull Olivia’s pussy lips apart and began to tongue her skillfully and energetically. Olivia’s body shook and her breasts bounced as Tara held her around the waist, driving her tongue as deep inside as it would go.

Claire meanwhile had moved down between Tara’s legs and gone to work there. After Olivia came, spasming forcefully, her whole body felt weak; she let herself sink down on top of Tara and spent a minute running her nose through the older woman’s soft, downy pubes. Then she stretched out her tongue and helped Claire push Tara over the brink.

Rolling off, Olivia found herself drifting into a pleasant twilight sleep. When she opened her eyes again, she saw Tara standing beside the bed holding the camera and wearing a strap-on. Claire was on her knees, sucking the plastic cock as she looked up into the camera. When she had gotten a half-dozen or so shots Tara put the camera down, turned Claire around so her chest was on the bed, and took her from behind.

Olivia saw Claire’s mouth contort into an “O,” her hands gripping the sheets, sweat beading on her forehead. For a time Olivia was content just to watch, and then she scooted closer and pushed her crotch into Claire’s face. Tara smiled, and Olivia saw her glance at the camera, then decide to let it go. Instead Tara wrapped her right arm around Claire’s right leg and pulled her farther open, driving the dildo in deeper. Claire grunted and before long she climaxed intensely, panting helplessly into Olivia’s crotch.

Tara looked up at Olivia, grinning like a wolf. Pulling out of the sprawled-out Claire, Tara stood, took one big step forward, and sunk the strap-on deep into Olivia’s mouth. Taken by surprise, Olivia gagged a bit, but soon adjusted and was even able to take down another inch, bringing her lips almost against Tara’s pelvis. Olivia gazed up doe-eyed as Tara fucked her mouth, then abruptly threw her forward across the Claire’s prone form.

Lithe and catlike in her movements, Tara scampered over behind Olivia, gripped her tightly, and plunged into her. With a few quick, decisive thrusts she brought Olivia right to the edge of orgasm; the Asian girl’s eyes began to roll back in her head. But just at the crucial moment Tara held back, letting Olivia dangle right on the precipice.

Groaning with frustration, Olivia reached down to try to finish herself, but Tara caught her hand and pinned it behind her. The other one soon joined it; then Tara held both of Olivia’s wrists with one hand and continued fucking her – but this time slowly, with long in and out strokes. Speeding up a little, she again brought Olivia right to the point of climax, again denied her. Muttering, almost inaudibly, something that might have been “Goddamnit,” Olivia struggled to escape Tara’s grip, but fruitlessly; Tara had all the leverage and her thin arm was surprisingly strong. And truth be told, Olivia didn’t really want to get away; both of them knew that.

Giving up the effort, Olivia let her head fall, and felt something soft tickling her cheek. Claire’s pubic hair. Her head was resting right on the redhead’s pelvis, so just to give herself something to do, Olivia stretched out her neck, nuzzled into Claire’s crotch, and began to lap away gently. Claire moaned quietly and let her legs fall open; she looked half-conscious, at best.

Using her free hand to give Olivia a solid whack on the butt, Tara once again began moving the strap-on back and forth in Olivia’s pussy, as slowly as she possibly could. Gradually she let the speed build up, and just as Olivia got close again, Tara stroked her clit and she exploded – thrashing, screaming, calling for Jesus – then lay still.

As Olivia lay there looking angelic, eyes closed and smiling dreamily, Tara found the camera and took one last shot – a beautiful portrait, just of her face.

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  1. What will Tara do next? Also Mistress Mimi has been MIA what is going on with her want to see her and Kat go at it again this time add in Kelly for extra sexy fun.