Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 82

Sated and exhausted at last, Olivia, Claire, and Lexi retreated to the quiet kitchen for a cold beverage. Then Claire led the way up the side stairs to a rooftop hot tub, where they soaked and looked up at the stars. Claire lit up a hand-rolled cigarette and offered it to Olivia, who passed, then to Lexi, who took a big draw and coughed a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke into Olivia’s face.

Maybe a half-hour later they heard footsteps on the stairs and Mimi’s maid Emily appeared, looking mildly frantic. “Oh, there you are,” she said. “I’ve been looking all over for you three. The mistress would like you to join her for a glass of Champagne.”

Claire snorted. “Isn’t Champagne usually for the winners?”

Emily shrugged. “I just work here.”

Slipping into robes, they followed Emily downstairs. They found Mimi in an enormous, sparsely furnished room where one big round table was surrounded by a circle of sofas and end tables. The light, which was rich but muted, came from wall sconces and again one wall was completely covered by a mirror, making the room seem to extend off into infinity. The other walls were decorated with whips, chains, riding crops, and other instruments of punishment.

Sylvia a.k.a. The Predator was there, Champagne in hand. Sitting next to her was Mia, who had earlier been wearing pajamas but was now in a kimono, as was Mimi. Mimi gestured for the new arrivals to sit, and Emily poured them all glasses.

“Valiant efforts, all of you,” said Mimi, raising her glass. “Cheers.”

They all drank, and Mimi then turned her attention to Lexi. “What was your name, sweetheart?”


“And you came with Olivia, yes?” Lexi nodded. “How do you two know each other?”

“We go to school together.”

“Where do you go to school?” asked Mimi.

Lexi answered, and as the conversation continued, it eventually came out that she and Olivia were cheerleaders. Mimi immediately froze, here eyes wide. “Are you really cheerleaders?” she asked. Lexi and Olivia both nodded. “Oh, my,” said Mimi, sitting her glass down. Her eyes shot over to Emily. “Do we have any cheerleader uniforms?”

“I think we do,” answered Emily.

“Get them.”

Emily went off on this mission while Claire took the two girls to a bathroom, where she washed and blow-dried their hair. Emily appeared some time later with two sets of pom-poms and two cheerleader uniforms. They didn’t quite fit and didn’t match – one was maroon and yellow, the other blue and gold – but Lexi and Olivia looked quite sexy in them anyway. When they returned to where the others were, Mimi’s eyes lit up.

“Well well well,” she murmured, sipping her champagne, looking the girls up and down. “OK,” she said at last, “cheer for me.”

Olivia and Lexi complied, doing a short routine that ended with them leaping in the air, waving their pom-poms overhead. Neither was wearing a bra, so their breasts continued moving for several seconds after they finished.

Mimi and the others applauded, after which Mimi picked up her half-full Champagne glass, downed it in one gulp, sat it down again, and stood up. “Now come over here.”

When they complied Mimi spun the two cheerleaders around, positioned them on their knees, and motioned to Mia, who returned shortly with two blindfolds, two ballgags, and two pairs of handcuffs. Soon Olivia and Lexi were both bent over the sofa, gagged and blindfolded with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Mimi lifted their skirts, pulled their panties down to their knees, and reached for a riding crop.

“I’ve always wanted to punish cheerleaders,” said Mimi as she landed the first blow on each ass in turn. “The ones in my high school were not very nice.” She continued until both girls’ butts were nice and red, then bent down to make sure they were hot as well. While she was there she slid a hand between each girl’s legs, and was pleased to find that they were wet and sticky down there.

At Mimi’s behest Mia and Emily stood Lexi up, uncuffed her, and stretched her out face-up on the table. They tied her wrists and ankles to the table legs so she was spread-eagled as Mimi pulled up her top to expose her breasts and snapped on nipple clamps. Lexi whimpered softly as Mimi slid her fingernails up and down the girl’s soft inner thighs, then moaned helplessly as Mimi ran one finger between her pussy lips while simultaneously tugging on the nipple clamps.

Mimi fed the wet finger to Mia, who sucked it clean then looked at Lexi’s crotch and back at Mimi as if to say “May I?” But Mimi wanted Lexi to marinate a while longer; instead she turned her attention to Olivia, who was wondering what might be going on behind her.

Olivia felt a warmth as Mimi sat down next to her. Pulling off Olivia’s gag, Mimi opened her kimono and drew the cheerleader’s head to her chest. Sylvia, tired of just watching, picked up the riding crop and applied a series of stinging little taps across Olivia’s thighs and crotch.

Mia, meanwhile, leaned over Lexi and played with her nipple clamps while licking up and down her ears, shoulders, and neck. Looking over at Mimi again for approval, and this time getting a nod of assent, Mia unfastened Lexi’s gag, popped it out of her mouth, and replaced it with one breast, then the other. Wanting to taste Lexi’s nipples, Mia now lifted off the clamps and commenced to lick and nibble the inflamed teats.

Mimi guided Olivia’s head down across her stomach and between her legs, which she opened wider to give the cheerleader better access. Directly across from them Claire sat rubbing her pussy with one finger, and behind her stood Emily, moving nothing but her eyes as she took in the scene before her.


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