Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 83

It wasn’t easy for Olivia to make Mimi come; she was at an awkward angle, didn’t have the use of her hands, and couldn’t see a thing – not to mention that she kept getting distracted by Sylvia tanning her ass and thighs with the riding crop. But she eventually did it, and was rewarded with a very satisfying series of shuddering moans, along with fingernail marks on her shoulder that would remain visible for more than a week.

Mimi took a minute to rest and pour herself a new glass of Champagne, but she was far from finished with the two cheerleaders. She pulled Olivia down off the sofa and onto her knees, and bent her over so that her head was between Lexi’s legs. Smelling Lexi’s pussy nearby, Olivia grasped what was wanted of her, stuck out her tongue, and got to work.

Watching Mimi’s eyes all the way, ready to stop immediately if her mistress desired it, Mia now slipped out of her kimono, climbed up onto the table, and covered Lexi’s mouth with her freshly shaved pussy. Mimi sat back and sipped her Champagne, very much enjoying this scenario: the blond cheerleader tied to the table, blindfolded, her crumpled uniform gathered above her waist and below her bust; the Asian cheerleader, on her knees servicing the blonde, blindfolded also and with her skirt hiked up to reveal a bright red ass; and of course Mia, who from this angle could have been Olivia’s sister, pinching her own nipples as she rolled her hips to get more pleasure from Lexi’s tongue.

Claire sat with her legs spread wide, desperately finger-fucking herself, sweat beading on her forehead. Mimi gestured to Emily, who returned a moment later with two strap-ons. After helping Mimi and Sylvia into the harnesses, Emily was allowed to kneel and moisten the artificial phalluses with her tongue and mouth. When they were ready, Sylvia took up a position behind Mia, Mimi behind Olivia. Sylvia bent Mia forward and penetrated her just as Mimi slipped into Olivia.

Claire could wait no longer to get involved, dropping to the floor and wriggling underneath to lick Olivia’s clit as Mimi fucked her. This caused Olivia to come quickly and violently – once, twice, three times – after which Mimi simply rolled her aside and plunged into Lexi. Mia and Lexi were now in 69 position as Mimi and Sylvia alternately filled their mouths and cunts.

At last Mimi and Sylvia stepped away and sat down on a couch, sweaty and grinning, leaving the two younger girls in a tangled heap on the table. Mimi signaled to Emily, who appeared swiftly with a fresh bottle of champagne, poured glasses for her mistress and Sylvia, and dropped to her knees to clean the various juices off their strap-ons.

After a few minutes Mia rose, walked shakily over to where Mimi was and sat down heavily, a faraway look in her eyes. This left Lexi alone on the table, disheveled and dazed, her pussy gaping helplessly open. Olivia moved to untie her but Mimi said sharply, “Wait.”

Acting on unspoken instructions from her mistress, Emily fitted a face dildo onto Lexi as Mimi unfastened her harness and shook out of it. Moving slowly and deliberately, with a panther’s grace, Mimi stood and knelt on the table straddling Lexi’s head. Gripping the dildo with one hand, she positioned it between her pussy lips and sank down gradually until they were kissing Lexi’s face.

Now Emily gestured for Olivia to stand and fixed up her clothes so she looked once again like a cheerleader rather than a debauched fuck toy. Then Emily outfitted Olivia with a face dildo as well, and as Mimi moaned softly while grinding down on Lexi’s face, Olivia dropped to her knees and obediently pushed her new appendage into the blond cheerleader.

Ten minutes later Lexi was finally released,  but only after she’d given Mimi two orgasms and had two more of her own, moaning urgently through the apparatus covering her face. After being helped to her feet by Emily, wobbling like a baby doe standing on her own for the first time, Lexi sat down beside Olivia, who wrapped one arm around her and pulled her close. Olivia kissed her friend softly on the forehead, feeling satisfied and warm, yet also somehow unsettled, as if something was going on beyond her comprehension.

* * *

Just as the first rays of dawn were lightening the sky, Claire walked Olivia and Lexi to where the cars were parked, only to find that her battery was dead. Claire asked Olivia for a ride home, and Olivia said “Sure.”

Lexi sprawled out in the back, sighing in contented exhaustion, and Claire took the passenger seat, asking for permission to smoke in the car. Olivia reluctantly agreed, knowing she was already in trouble for coming home so late. Claire cracked a window, sat back and took a puff, exhaling thoughfully. “I bet you’ve been wondering about all the mirrors,” she said.

“Well, sort of,” answered Olivia. “What do you mean?”

“They’re all one-way mirrors. Mimi’s husband watches everything that happens in that house.”

Olivia nodded. That explained the feeling she’d had; now that she thought about it, she’d sensed unseen eyes on her all night long. The idea was at once chilling and thrilling; it added a whole new dimension of weirdness to an already strange night, one that she would not soon forget.



  1. Finally new chapters. I like to see more of Harriett and Olivia together as well as Harriett interacting with Claire, Lexi , and Kat (Who Mimi already tasted, but Kat would love Harriett). I see them all going on vacation maybe on a boat with Mimi.

  2. we've missed you :)