Thursday, March 6, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 84

That Sunday was the coldest day of the season so far, and Jessica stayed in bed late into the morning, keeping herself warm with Marie on one side and Jane on the other. When she finally rose, she found an email from Serena, who had decided to open the yoga studio (normally closed on Sundays) for an “exclusive hot yoga session.”

This perked Jessica right up; she simply could not imagine a better way to spend the afternoon. After a leisurely breakfast she, Marie, and Jane arrived at the studio just after noon to find it filled with familiar faces and beautiful bodies. Serena was there, of course, as were Janice, Ella, Betty, and Samantha. The cheerleaders were represented by Kat, Kelly, and Ana; Olivia and Lexi were still sleeping off the previous night’s revels. Kat had brought along Sara Valentine, who smiled shyly at Jessica, remembering what had happened between them the last time.

Serena had the heat in the studio cranked up into the high 70s, so no one hesitated to follow her example when she removed all her clothes before beginning the class. She set up at the back of the studio; over her head was a large, round window looking out over a hillside. Opposite her was the door leading to the lobby, while the other two walls were covered with mirrors.

As Serena led them through some warmups, the sun was just beginning to peek through the corner of the window behind her, creating a dazzling prism effect that tinted the various corners of the room in different colors. They started going through the various poses, moving quietly, calmly, in unison. Despite the fact that the room was filled with nude women, most of whom had been intimate with one another at some time, the hour proceeded pretty much like any regular yoga class – except about a hundred times better.

For a long while Jessica felt like she was in a trance, gazing into the mirrors at the rows of glorious, sweat-glistening bodies. Heaven must be very much like this, she thought, as her eyes roamed the room fixing on a nipple here, a thigh there, Ana’s plump lips, Serena’s perfect shoulders.

When they were laying in shivasana, Jessica stretched out her arms and legs as far as she could, and when she felt the slightest touch of bare skin on each side, it was like a series of electric shocks ran through her. Afterward everyone murmured “Namaste” and a couple of the ladies had begun to move toward the door when Jessica called them back. Ever since she’d started going to yoga she’d been intrigued by the possibilities of the setting and equipment; and she knew she’d never have a better chance to explore them.

To begin with she paired everyone off. She took Sara as her own partner and matched Serena with Ana, Betty with Jane, Samantha with Marie, Ella with Kelly, and Jackie with Kat. Then she took Sara to the front of the room and began to demonstrate the moves she had in mind.

First Jessica bent Sara over and used a strap to bind her hands behind her back; the other pairs followed suit. Jessica then threaded a second strap around Sara’s butt, across her abdomen, and between her legs. Gradually, Jessica used the strap to pull Sara’s legs apart from behind, exposing her puckered slit to full view. A minute later, Ana, Jane, Marie, Janice, and Jackie were similarly bound and opened. For good measure, Jessica landed a good hard smack on each of Sara’s ass cheeks; a series of responding whacks sounded from around the room as the others followed suit.

Walking over to the corner of the room, Jessica picked up the bag full of strap-ons that she’d had the foresight to bring along and began to distribute them. There was a brief pause in the action as Ella, Betty, Samantha, Kelly, and Kat equipped themselves. Then Jessica planted herself in front of Sara, lifted Sara’s head with one hand, and eased into her mouth. Gulping sounds were audible all around the room as five more waiting mouths were filled.

Now Jessica moved behind Sara and lowered herself gently down until she was sitting on Sara’s lower back. Sara felt a soft, pleasant opening of the muscles there, and also felt the delightful tickle of Jessica’s wet pussy against her skin. This caused Sara to relax even further, and her legs to fall open a little bit more, so that when Jessica stood and turned, she was presented with a gaping pink hole just begging to be fucked.

Jessica was happy to oblige, pushing in inch by inch, one supportive hand on Sara’s shoulder. With the other hand Jessica grasped for another strap, looping it around Sara’s chest and using it to pull her up further, arching and stretching her back. Sara’s mouth fell open and she began to pant as Jessica thrust in and out of her. The same scene repeated itself around the room, the chorus of moans slowly building to a peak. When Jessica reached down to stroke Sara’s clit several times, she cut loose with a great, uninhibited yowl that was soon echoed from all around.

Happening to glance out the window at this moment, Jessica could have sworn she saw a figure moving on the hillside. But when she focused and tried to find it again, she didn’t see anything. Must be my imagination, she thought.

Afterward some of the ladies wanted to exchange roles, and it occurred to Jessica that it might be nice to get fucked. It had been awhile, and suddenly she felt like it might be just what she needed. Looking around she decided that Serena, with her sturdy frame, was the one who could do it right, so she arranged to trade partners with Ana. Handing her own strap-on over to Ana, who gazed hungrily at Sara, Jessica had Serena lie face-up on the mat and helped her to harness up.

Straddling Serena, Jessica took the jutting pink phallus in one hand and eased herself down onto it. Holding onto Serena’s mountainous tits for support, Jessica began to rock back and forth, slowly at first, then with increasing fervor. Ana, meanwhile, had bent Sara over, bound her hands, and plunged into her mercilessly, prompting a protracted moan that drew the attention of everyone in the room.

Sitting up straight, Jessica lifted both hands into the air as if in a sun salutation, then brought them down again, massaging her nipples with one, bringing the other to her mouth. The time of day was such that the sun caught the left side of her body perfectly, lighting it up with a golden glow.

“Harder,” growled Jessica, grinding down harder on the cock, challenging Serena to apply every ounce of her strength in response. What followed was an epic fuck, Serena using all the force of her well-toned hips, legs, and glutes to drive up into Jessica, who held on for dear life like a cowboy on a bull. At last Jessica let out a shrill, high-toned wail – a sound no one in the room had heard come out of her before – as spasms of pleasure wracked her body.

Jessica relaxed and fell back slightly, but a pair of hands caught her from behind. It was Kat, who had suddenly been struck by an idea that she couldn’t resist. Moving quickly, she wrapped a yoga strap around Jessica’s head to blindfold her. Jessica was slow to react, still dazed from the orgasm; next thing she knew her hands were tied behind her back with another strap.

Taking Jessica by the hips, Kat rolled her over onto her hands and knees. Jessica offered no resistance. Her usual strength had left her; she had surrendered herself completely to the moment. Dropping to her knees, Kat penetrated Jessica from behind; she gestured to Ana, who was standing by with a white strap-on dangling from her pelvis. Grinning, Ana stepped forward and pushed the dildo forcefully into Jessica’s mouth.

Over the next hour, everyone in the room fucked the bound Jessica in the pussy or mouth, and some in both. When the gathering finally broke up, Jessica was left a tired, sweaty, throughly sated heap on the floor. At last only Serena remained behind, along with Marie and Jane, who released their mistress from her bonds and helped her to her feet.

Jessica smiled weakly as she began to dress, but by the time she was fully clothed again, she had recovered a large measure of her dignity. Kissing Serena gently on the cheek, she left the studio in silence, flanked by her two servants.


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  1. It took until 84 to finally have Jessica submit mmm maybe Serena is becoming a mistress herself? She and Jessica just have that chemistry? Is Jessica gonna submit to Srena?