Thursday, December 19, 2013

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 81

Olivia’s head was buzzing; whatever was in those cookies had now fully kicked in, and it was a strange enough scene to begin with. There was Claire, sprawled out at Mimi’s feet with a towel wrapped around her. There was Lexi, on her knees cleaning her own juices off of Calamity’s strap-on. Olivia realized that her pussy was throbbing, and that without thinking about it she’d been rubbing herself through her dress.

The woman in the hat and suit that she’d been dancing with walked up to The Blonde, and the two conferred quietly for a minute. When they were done The Blonde called for quiet and announced, “Ladies, we have time for one more bout. Who would like to face off against Harriet the Spy?”

Suddenly Olivia felt very hot, like a bright light was shining on her, and a voice in her head was saying “Do it.” She resisted for a minute but when no one else spoke up she finally thought, well, why not? Why the hell not?

“Me,” said Olivia, raising her hand. The crowd applauded and Harriet lifted off her hat – revealing a surprising, glorious mane of black hair that was shaved on the sides – and tipped it in Olivia’s direction. Next Harriet slipped out of her jacket and shirt, revealing heavily tattooed, well-muscled arms and substantial breasts held back by a red lace bra. Underneath her pants, which came off next, were matching red lace panties and taut, powerful thighs.

Olivia, for her part, pulled her dress off over her head and spontaneously decided to just go all the way naked. Her panties were soaked through and the bra would just get in the way, she reasoned. She dropped her bra to the floor and tossed the panties to the crowd, which hooted appreciatively.

When The Blonde signaled for them to start, Olivia was surprised by how quickly Harriet was on her. Her reaction time was not the greatest in her current state, but when Harriet grabbed her by the waist and threw her to the ground she woke up in a hurry. She was already sweating and the sweat flowed freely as she writhed around in Harriet’s grasp, turning herself 90 degrees and getting a hold on the older woman’s muscular thigh.

For awhile there was a stalemate, each wrestler trying to budge the other, neither making progress. From her position Harriet couldn’t get enough leverage to roll Olivia onto her back, but she could reach Olivia’s nipple with her mouth – so she bit it gently, sucked on it briefly, then bit down a little harder.

The combination of pleasure and pain threw Olivia into a state of confusion and she relaxed briefly, allowing Harriet to turn her over. Thinking quickly, Olivia used that momentum to continue rolling and found herself on top with her naked breasts pressing into Harriet’s stomach. Harriet reacted quickly and violently, pushing herself away from the ground with both hands, and there was a short free-for-all that ended with both women on their sides, each one’s head clamped between the other’s thighs.

Olivia had a good view of the red strip of fabric between Harriet’s legs, which was slightly askew, revealing one pussy lip. She would have liked to bury her face in it, wrestling match or no, but Harriet’s legs were strong and she couldn’t move an inch. Harriet, meanwhile, was able to slowly inch her head up between Olivia’s sweat-slick thighs, licking and nibbling as she went. Gradually Olivia began to lose her grip on Harriet’s head, and on reality.

Finally Olivia felt Harriet’s tongue glide across her vulva and instinctively opened her legs, releasing Harriet’s head entirely. Sensing that the end was near, Harriet jammed her tongue deep into Olivia, simultaneously rolling the younger girl over and forcefully sinking her own crotch onto Olivia’s face. Buried in Harriet’s warmth and wetness, the leading edge of an orgasm beginning to rumble through her, Olivia didn’t really notice or care when The Blonde counted her out.

When Harriet finally released her from the pin, Olivia found herself surrounded by Judy, Sylvia, and Calamity, all stroking their strap-ons and and looking down at her. Soon Olivia found herself on her knees with one plastic cock in her mouth and one in either hand as Harriet gripped her hips from behind, aiming the biggest strap-on of all straight at her pussy.

Meanwhile the music had started up again; some of those present were still watching the action on the mat, some were dancing, and some were involved in amusements of their own. When Harriet penetrated her, Olivia arched her back, exhaled sharply, and dropped her head; for a moment she thought she was going to pass out. But then a tremendous rush of energy passed through her and she opened her eyes to see a small butterfly tattoo belonging to Sylvia, who lifted her chin and plunged into her mouth.

From this point on Olivia lost track of what happened when. At some point Lexi came to join them, and she and Olivia ended up in 69 position, dildos thrusting in and out of their holes. Then Claire joined in and they became a writhing mass of bodies. Olivia looked up and there was Mimi, smiling down at them, one hand resting gently on her crotch as she whispered into the ear of the girl in the blue pajamas. Sexy images were being projected on the wall behind Mimi; Olivia saw a naked blonde being flogged by a dominatrix in black leather, then a black-and-white photo of herself and Claire, a quite explicit one.

Somehow this made her feel self-conscious in a way that none of the rest of it had; she briefly wondered what Gina would think of all this. But then the girl in PJs was stepping forward, pulling off her bottoms, and sitting on Olivia’s face as a strobe light began to flash. Soon all was forgotten but the moment and the pleasure.


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